How To Supplement Retirement Income by Blogging

How To Supplement Retirement Income by Blogging

Getting close to retirement and starting to add up those sources of retirement income? I can personally attest to doing the same as I near retirement.

If your like me and have a pension which I would consider just “OK” then its time to start looking for some way to supplement your retirement income. I am fortunate to have found blogging in 2010 and have built a nice recurring income from working in blogging over the years.

The Advantage Of Getting Older And Wiser

As we get older we tend to gain more of life’s experiences, which is actually an asset when it comes to making an income from blogging. I help people of all ages create income earning blogs, what I have found is, the people that have the most time here on earth usually have the easiest time finding topics to blog about because of their life’s experiences.

I am not saying that everyone that is closing in on retirement has a wealth of life experiences, nor is this a prerequisite to building a blog to supplement your retirement income, it’s not!

A Blog Can Be About Anything

Finding a niche (interest you want to blog about) for many can be a difficult process. The more life experience you have usually translates into more ideas for a blog. Take me for example, close to 60, I have done quite a few things in life which offered me a myriad of topics to blog about, all you need to do is figure out a way to create a blog that you can monetize.

You don’t need to be a world traveler, it could be a blog about raising a family, fishing, being a grandparent, dealing with current age related issues, it could be about finding ways to make supplemental income. Really, the list of topics for creating a blog about ones life’s experiences are endless.

I don’t Have Any Interests, I Guess Blogging Is Out!

Finding a niche to participate in for people that haven’t had a lot of exposure to different things in their lives doesn’t mean you can’t start an income generating blog. When I am faced with working with someone who doesn’t feel they have any hobbies or interests they can tap into, I have one simple question I ask them. What would you be interested in learning about? If you have something that has always interested you, but haven’t actually done or have any experience with, then this is your chance to learn and earn!

If you are one of those people who think you have no interest to blog about, I created that you may find helpful on finding a niche to work in. Have a look at this post on finding a niche.

Not An Expert On Your Topic, Don’t Worry!

When you look around the internet you see what looks to be a ton of authoritative blogs. People have a tendency to assume that people who created these authoritative blogs started out as experts on the topics they are discussing, for the most part this is not so!

I personally know bloggers, including myself, that found topics that they always wanted to explore and decided to turn their new experiences into a blog. I had a blog on weight loss when I first started out in blogging. I Learned so much about weight loss over the years while my weight loss blog grew in authority, all the while earning income.

After I had exhausted topics on weight loss that I could write about, I moved on to creating a blog on fishing. When I say I exhausted topics to discuss, I mean, I was literally reaching for topic material. My last weight loss post was on “weight loss for menopausal women” Not exactly in my wheelhouse, given that I am a guy who new very little about menopausal women except for my wife’s re-enactment of the exorcist from time to time, she’s going to kill me if she reads this, lol.

My last days in the weight loss niche is a good example of a person who doesn’t have any experience on a topic, yet can write a post that offers value to their readers. As long as you can research and pull all the information together to help educate and inform your readers you can blog about any subject.

As your knowledge grows and you investigate and write on topics in your niche, your expertise in your niche will grow hand in hand with your blogs development. You will become an expert in time, this is inevitable. I learn something new every time I write a blog post, whether it is on writing content that ranks high in search engines or free methods of generating traffic, there is always something that I gain from my research on a topic.

You Don’t Need Any Writing Experience To Blog

The majority of people who I have helped start profitable blogs didn’t have any type of formal writing training, including myself. If you think you need to be technically solid and really have a solid foundation in grammatically proper writing you couldn’t more wrong. See, that probably wasn’t proper English!

When I first started out I tried to be that perfect writer, took me all day to write a simple post because I thought it needed to pass an English professors critique. I can tell with all honesty that writing technically perfect content was a complete flop for me! I received very little, if any visitor engagement, no one was commenting on my subject material because it was so dry, it didn’t make any connection with my website visitors.

I have a buddy who is a “big fish” in affiliate marketing /blogging. The best advice the big fish gave me after critiquing one of my blog posts was, write like you are talking to your buddies, don’t try and be so perfect, you’re boring the crap out of me. He went on to tell me that most people use a lot of slang in their conversations, most people don’t speak perfect English, so why are you trying to write perfect English?

Once I wrapped my head around the concept of writing like I talk, I found that it was much easier to write blog posts,  my website visitors engagement went through the roof. Why? Because they found that I was relatable, not perfect, but relatable, and that’s what you want when you are blogging.

How Much Money Can you Make Blogging?

There are two questions that I get asked by people who are just starting out in blogging. First one is, how fast does it take to Start making money from my blog? Second question is, how much Money can I make from my blog? Both of these questions don’t have definitive answers.

How much you make in blogging boils down to how competitive your niche is,  how hard you work at it,  and what your expectations are going into blogging.

When I first started blogging my revenue expectations turned out to be quite low. My income expectations from blogging were to make a recurring truck payment of roughly $400 a month from my blog. Turns out I made this payment quite easily within the first 4 months of my blog being in operation. I knew quite a few people who started roughly at the same time as I did,  as they were fellow members with the blogging platform I used to get my start in blogging. A few members had beat me to the punch and earned income from their blogs a little sooner than I did, but some after a year in were still looking for their first taste of income from their blog. This didn’t make a lot of sense at the time but after a few  conversations on what each person was doing in relation to their blogs development, it became quite evident that work ethic and time allocated to blog development were key factors when it came to how much and how fast you generated income from your blog.

Do You Need computer experience to build a blog

If you read my about me page on this site you will see that I stated I didn’t even know how to send an email when I first got into Affiliate marketing/blogging, that isn’t an exaggeration, I was computer illiterate. I am not going to say there isn’t a learning curve, there is, but the blogging platform that I joined laid everything out in a step by step process. Probably the most important thing about getting into blogging if you have zero computer skills is having access to great support, which I did.

I was working a full time job and had a few hours after work and my days off to work on my blog and having timely support was critical. There were many times I could have thrown up my hands and probably would have quit if it weren’t for getting answers to my questions literally with in seconds or minutes. If I can tell you one thing, look for a blogging platform that puts an emphasis on offering lots of support mechanisms that you can tap into. Look for live chat support in conjunction with community and administrative support.

Building a blog these days has become quite an easy task with lots of built in short cuts that once would require many manual tasks just to complete one application. Performing Multiple tasks to achieve one application have now been replaced with a simple click of your mouse.

Can I Start My Blog Through Blogger, Wix or Weebly?

If you want to make money from your blog you won’t want to use free website building platforms like Blogger, Wix or Weebly.

The reason you don’t want to use these platforms are for a few simple reasons. Wix and Weebly for instance run websites on sub domains (website address), they don’t offer the ranking power that a WordPress website like this one for example offers, where you can have your own domain that has better ranking power. Ranking power is critical if you want your content to be seen by the masses online.

Another disadvantage of using the above mentioned website building platforms is, they offer unique website building software that isn’t transferable or compatible with other website building platforms for the most part. You want a website building platform that offers expandability and portability as your blog grows. Wix, Weebly and blogger are limited when it comes to plugins that can increase your blogs visitor engagement and experience while on your site.

The First Step Is The Biggest!

We can kick this blogging for retirement can around until you feel comfortable, but what gets people what they want in life is acting and not waiting to feel comfortable.

I made blogging for retirement income my reality because I dove right in,  suppressed my fears of failing which I must admit were pretty strong given my lack of computer skills. In the end I took those important first steps and looked for the right training that would help me create an income generating blog. I now own a few sites that generate income, including the one you are on right now.

It didn’t happen over night, so don’t wait until you are needing the money, it takes time to generate enough traffic that you can monetize your website. All I can say is,  it’s totally possible to make a nice supplemental income, not to mention a nice living from blogging,  so don’t be afraid, you have nothing to lose and a sweet retirement lifestyle to gain.

I hope this post helps to motivate you to create the retirement you deserve. Please leave me any comments or questions you may have. I offer free help to any person looking to create a money making blog, no experience required. Have a great day Mike.



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