How To Use A Keyword

How To Use A Keyword

For any one who doesn’t know what a keyword is or the importance of keywords when creating content for a blog or website  I am confident after this article you will know “how to use a keyword” to maximize your article or page rankings in Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines and drive huge volumes of traffic to your website in the process. There is no credible or more reliable way of getting massive amounts of “targeted traffic” to a website.

You will notice I highlighted targeted traffic, traffic is not all made equal, if you hope to make money from your traffic, in other words,  direct your traffic to buy something then you need targeted, people who are actually interested in what you might be promoting.

So here we go, enjoy the read and by all means leave me your comments please!

The Importance Of  Keywords In Blogging

Many new bloggers start out using blogging platforms or website building platforms that offer what is pitched as a professional looking website with hosting which leads many newcomers to the conclusion that it is really a simple procedure but this is far from the reality of blogging.

Cheap website building offers in most cases offer very little in the form of training that pertains to anything outside the simple setup instructions which eventually proves to be a huge problem for new bloggers. Wannabe bloggers are led to believe that “if you build it they will come Ray”. Unfortunately for website builders they may be thinking they are working on their dream of living of the profits and popularity of their website but as they soon find out they have very few or no visitors coming to their ball park, this is where the use of keywords come into play!

Statistics show that only 7% of people searching will go past the first page looking for information. Therefor knowing how to  use a keyword and keyword phrases effectively is critical to generating high volumes of traffic and can’t be overstated when it comes to the success of your website.

What Is A Keyword?

A keyword is a term that people type into a search engine such as Google to find something that they are searching for, hopefully if you choose your keywords correctly it will be your post that they click on first resulting in a visitor. An example of a keyword phrase would be the title of this post ” How To Use A Keyword”. If all falls into place and I was successful at selecting and applying keywords relevant to my topic title then I have a pretty good chance that Internet users searching for this topic will see y post somewhere on the first 2 pages of search results on this particular topic.

My goal is always to have my content rank on the first page of a search result. This of course doesn’t always happen for varying reasons, maybe the content I am adding is a deviation from the usual content that my website focuses on,  but if you choose your keywords properly and strategically place your keyword selections in your content your chances are greatly increased.

Can There Be Too Muchtoo-much-of-a-good-thing-620x465 Of A Good Thing When Using A Keyword?

Most new marketers go overboard when using keywords. New Marketers tend to use a very high concentration of keywords or none at all, feast or famine type of deal . What happens when you use to high of a concentration of keywords?  Bloggers lose their audience’s attention and fall out of favor with the host search engine with over usage of keywords. Your content will start to make no sense and the message that you are trying to give your readers will suffer.

The ideal concentration that all new writers/bloggers should set their sites on would be no lower than 1.5% keyword usage  and should optimally not exceed 2.5% keyword concentration. A concentration level of keywords higher than 2.5% could potentially lead to Google and other search engines labeling  your article as spam!

Keep The Balance When Using Keywords

balancing-act-elephant1Your goal should be to keep your  audience captivated  and engaged while reading your article and not subjected to an onslaught of keyword mumble jumble. It is one thing to go after a high page ranking with relevant and meaningful keyword usage, it is totally another animal to put keywords in when for the sole purpose of achieving a high page ranking.

Over usage of a keyword phrase will in the end be your downfall, yes you may get some traffic with a decent page ranking,  but this will not make for a happy reader when they land on your page and read rambling garbage. The whole point of writing and bringing people to your website is to inform your audience, teach your audience something,  and keep them coming back for more helpful information. If you are trying to make money from your website which most people want to then your content needs to ride that fine line of keyword usage and engaging content that makes sense to your readers.

Where To Place Keywords!

The first place you should see your keywords or keyword phrase is in your chosen blog post title. Search engines obviously look at your title first and then scan your content for relevancy, it’s not a rocket science using keywords, many selling SEO techniques will make it out to be but it is a simple process, nothing you should shy away from.

The next place you should see your keyword phrase or keywords are in your first paragraph, after that I like to incorporate some keywords in my paragraph titles. This is a really easy way to get your keywords into your post and also stay on topic. I like to use questions for my paragraph titles, this ensures your readers are being informed and at the same time you are increasing your keyword usage without it looking out of place.

Well, What Do You Think?

You be the judge!  Consider what you have just read! I made good use of the keywords and keyword phrases below while still trying to keep on topic and hopefully give you some knowledge on the proper usage of keywords when writing posts or articles.

1) Keyword concentration

2) keyword

3) Keyword  phrases

4) Usage of keywords

5) Keyword usage

6) Level of keywords

7) How to a use keyword

8) Right keywords

9) Concentration of keywords

10) Targeted keywords

You might be able to find more combinations,  but these are just a few keywords that my content may hopefully rank high under.  Just listing the keywords I used is a strategy that can be implemented if it makes sense to do so. To research my keywords for competition and monthly traffic I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy. I like Jaaxy for its accuracy, simplicity and speed, it dials in on how much competition there is for these keywords and what traffic I can expect to get from these keywords. Check out my review of Jaaxy




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  1. I was reading your article and wondered if you had considered creating an ebook on this subject. Your writing would sell it fast. You have a lot of writing talent.

    1. Hi Ratcliffe thank you for the vote of confidence. I haven’t given an ebook much thought I am quite busy as an affiliate marketer which keeps me quite busy but thank you for the kind words, cheers Mike.

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