How To Write Great Blog Content

How To Write Great Blog Content

If you want to write great blog content then there are a few techniques that I feel you should consider using to create informative and engaging blog content.

It All Starts With The title

You need to choose your blog post title wisely. When I say this I mean you need to use a keyword tool to find a title that will generate a decent amount of traffic and yet face as little competition as possible which a keyword tool like Jaaxy will help you determine. You also need to keep in mind that your title needs to be captivating or give a clear snippet of what your audience can expect to learn from reading your post.

Avoid These Common Mistakes When Writing Great Blog Content

The details are what differentiates great blog content from bla, bla ,bla boring material. Here are a few tips that you should follow and avoid when writing your content for your website.

♦ Don’t use crazy text colours thinking that it will attract your reader’s attention, studies actually show that bold text colours actually act as an irritant not a stimulant, so stick with “black”,  you want your audience to stay focused on your message and not be distracted by Un-wanted details.

♦ Avoid using colour for your background setting, your black text should go on white, (kiss)” Keep it simple“.  Black on white allows your reader an enjoyable experience, concentrating on your message,  not your font and background colour.

♦ Just as I did in the previous sentence use bold lettering when it makes sense to. Many people overuse this technique which takes away from it’s effectiveness. Use this feature too much and your readers won’t perceive bold lettering as an indication of something of importance!

♦ Avoid large volumes of text. Keep your paragraphs short and sweet using breaks, headlines and images to break text up. When adding an image to a post,  add additional text while editing your image so that you get a little more SEO bang for your efforts. To your right you can see that you can add keyword rich captions to your images and descriptions while in the “edit image mode” that will help your images rank with Google and other search engines.

♦ Obviously this is a no brainer, don’t use PLR material in the place of original blog content. PLR content (private label rights) is computer generated content for hire. Usually produced over seas, contains broken English and poor Grammar. There is no way to effectively tell whether this is partial or complete duplicate content or not. I haven’t seen any computer generated material yet that is worth the money or your time. The whole point of blogging is to make a connection with your audience, computer generated content will not make that connection. If you don’t feel comfortable writing content there are many sources where you can hire out for writers, and it won’t break the bank!

♦ Don’t keyword stuff. We all know the importance SEO and incorporating keywords into our articles, no point wasting your time writing a blog post if nobody will see it! Keyword stuffing is by far the most abused “worst blog post Practices” out there. When bloggers set out to write great blog content they always have in the back of their minds keyword frequency, and rightfully so, but this can be accomplished in a way that makes sense. It wouldn’t hurt to read my blog post on SEO quick tips for newbies, this will give you an idea on how you can get your article to rank and at the same time have it make sense.

idea-plan-actionWriting Great Blog Content Starts With A Plan

When I set out to write blog content I always have a plan on where I am going to start my blog post and where it will finish, what I want to discuss and a jumping off point. Here are a few things you will want to consider when setting your blog post up.

First I determine what is the purpose of  my blog post?  How I will get this message across to my readers?

A typical blog post will open up with a quick introduction. Once you break the ice with your reader then its time to start answering their questions.  You want to incorporate your keyword phrase somewhere in your first paragraph. Answering the questions that you feel your readers will want answered, this will be the framework for your blog post.  Your readers questions or even the answers to your readers questions become your topic headers.  Once you get your topic headers figured, set them out on your page in H1 or H2 header font, set your topic headers out as questions or statements and start filling in your content, it’s really that easy.

Quick Tip – When your post gets indexed have a look at where your keyword was picked up by Google, this will be highlighted within the text that Google uses as your snippet. If you watch this you will see a trend on where Google is picking up your keyword or keyword phrase.

Filling In Your Topic Headers

This believe it or not is the easy part! All you have to do now is answer the questions or explain your headers and you will be well on your way to creating engaging blog content. Remember! Avoid big volumes of text,  use more headers, images or bullet point form to achieve this.

humor-pete-is-that-you-chick-to-fried-eggHumour Is A blog Posts Best Friend!

By my standards this blog post has been quite dry! I like to use some type of humour when I write, this really gives the reader a sense of realism, I want my readers to know that this is a real person relating to real life,  I don’t want my readers using toothpicks to prop their eyelids open just to get through my blog post, my goal is reader engagement, not reader disenchantment.

There are different types of humour, some I recommend and some I don’t. Profanity in some cases can be considered a form of humour but this isn’t a practice that I would suggest you use,  you risk alienating a certain faction of your audience when your goal should be to appeal to the broadest audience possible.

The best type of humor is lifes experiences, make it real and your readers will be engaged.

Don’t Try And Be Something You’re Not!

When I first started writing blog content I tried to write for an audience that I thought wanted very precise analytical content, I bombed! My experience taught me that I didn’t have the character to pull it off. I am an “average joe,” I like a good party, watch the World cup, super bowl, Stanley Cup playoffs with my buddies. I coached my kids sports teams when they were growing up, like all types of outdoor activities, my wife says I am a follower, yes,  I am happy playing that role!  Does that sound like a precise, analytical type to you? Nope!

Don’t fake it, it will come through in your writing even with your best attempts to hide it,  this will cause a content identity crisis, known as “CIC syndrome”, Nah! I just made the syndrome part up, but the content identity crisis is real.

Should I Use Slang On My Thang?

Slang is actually a useful tool when trying to connect with an audience. Slang makes up a big part of everyday conversation so leaving slang out of your posts could give your blog content a foreign feel. I use slang in many ways, Nah, yeh, nope, yep, nada, you name it I use it, ya know. The best advice I ever received was to write like I was talking to my buddies and that advice has served me well, and by my readers feedback and sales I have made over the years is a testament to it’s effectiveness as a reader engagement mechanism.

Don’t Fill Your Blog Post With Fuff

Keep your blog content relevant. To maximize your SEO power your blog posts should be 800-1500 words but if this can’t be done without adding a bunch of unrelated crap then don’t write the post, I don’t know about you, but I don’t like wasting my time reading garbage!

thoughtfulIf You Only Remember A Little 

Try and keep all this info that I mentioned in mind and you should be able to write great blog content that captivates your audience. There are many other components that are needed so that your content will be seen by as many eyes as possible. I benefited from great teachers and you can too.

Check out the program that was instrumental in teaching me how to write engaging blog content that ranks high in search engines like Google. CLICK HERE to read more on the program that will help you create engaging content that will bring your blog to the next level.



14 Replies to “How To Write Great Blog Content”

  1. Do you known a place or person where i can outsource the article part? i am do not write articles at all.
    Great article writing, i wish i could do that.

    1. Hi Carlos, yes there are many places that one can hire freelance writers to take care of the content generation. Wealthy Affiliate is a platform that teaches people how to create blogs and also do affiliate marketing. WA has many members that write articles for people in affiliate marketing/blogging.
      Freelancer and upwork are other writers for hire platforms.
      If you are thinking of trying a free membership with Wealthy Affiliate this is where I would outsource my writing, which I have from time to time.
      Hope that helps answer your question Carlos, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your structured tips about improving blog post writing. Some small tips can make a huge impact on the rankings.

    I also find it easy to break up the blog post in headers. most of the time with a certain keyword I have way to many topics to discuss. Once the topics are defined the writing goes naturally and it can kick start your writing instead of beginning with the intro.

    Thanks for being to the point.

    have a good one!

    1. Great input Michael you have made some really good points that I am sure my readers can implement, have a good one Mike.

  3. When I first started writing content online, my two biggest mistakes I made was stuffing too many keywords into my blog, and (this one is my personal opinion) I was too dry and boring.

    I wondered why no one would visit my website, but after some trial and error, along with a few good trainings from industry experts, I came to the conclusions you spelled out perfectly here on your post.

    Great ideas in input, thanks!

  4. Great post, Mike and I shall start putting some of your advice down on paper. I particularly liked how you teach to use slang when writing our posts.
    You mentioned the program that taught you how to write Blog posts. This would be something that would interest me and will sign up for your free course.
    Thanks, Jeff.

    1. Hi Jeff,Wealthy Affiliate  offers a free membership and is the place where I got some valuable training on how to write engaging content that also ranks high in search engines. Thanks for reading my post, have a great day Mike.

  5. Hey just wanted to say I have been in a few IM training programs and I have never had this topic explained as well as you just did, good on you! I will have a look around and see what other material I can benefit from.

  6. Mike – you the man! I love your approach to writing and I’ve spent the last half hour or so going through your pages!

    Great website and great tips. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


  7. This is a really great article. You have made a great article there can help people with better understand how to write their blog. Keep up the great work

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