Human Proof Designs’ Done For You Niche Affiliate Websites : Full Review

Human Proof Designs’ Done For You Niche Affiliate Websites : Full Review

I have been reviewing make money from home programs for quite a few years now and it seems like I have been giving quite a few programs my stamp of approval lately. After an in depth Human Proof Designs review I have to say this program is one of the coolest programs I have reviewed in some time. As an affiliate marketer I found myself salivating over some of the features that Dom Wells ( owner of HDS) and his crew have incorporated into his Human Proof Designs offer, from pre built niche WordPress websites to custom written content for your website, the list goes on!

Enjoy my Human Proof Designs review and like always I welcome your opinions, comments and any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

Having A Hard Time Getting Into The Affiliate Marketing Game?

Let’s face it, life is busy for the majority of us, and affiliate marketing takes time and expertise to be successful. Human Proof designs is a brilliant concept that I wish I would have thought of myself. HDS is looking to appeal to time strapped or struggling affiliates looking to excel in a lucrative affiliate marketing industry. If you have the money, a lot of money, HDS offers everything you will need to get an affiliate business off the ground, actually, you will be more than just off the ground with what HDS has to offer, you will be instantly in the game and ready to start making money!

What Does Human Proof Designs Offer An Aspiring Or Struggling Affiliate?

HDS offers a host of services and tools that will help any affiliate needing that leg up on their competitors. Here are a few “done for you” services that will make an affiliates life easier and possibly their bank account bigger, that is after you have paid your HDS bill!

Done For You Fully Optimized Affiliate Niche Websites, starter or premium packages ranging from $998-$1298

  • profitable niche sites built for you
  • Extensive Keyword Research goes into every site
  • Guaranteed 100% Original Content
  • On-Page SEO
  • Unique content and design and never re-produced
  • Done for you websites, choose from Starter or premium packages

Have a closer look at Human Proof Designs Websites here!

Along with tons of ready made quality niche websites like you see to your right, Human Proof Designs also offers ebook writing services where they can produce an ebook to your liking within 14 days. You can choose a topic or they will pick a topic related to your niche.

writing services, Only $199

  • Convincing, straightforward content
  • Well-researched and accurate information
  • 8 professional photos relevant to your topic
  • 100% Original
  • Correct grammar and no spelling mistakes
  • Unlimited revisions until you are satisfied with their product
  • 3000 word minimum

Content Writing Services

Human Proof Designs offers a few content creation services…

Monthly Article Subscription Service, $89-$464 month

  • Premium quality articles.
  • Fully optimized, every article is search engine ready.
  • Proofread, edited, no filler.
  • Unique, no article is the same
  • Completely automated service, includes researching topic, editing and links built in delivered to you and published on your site.
  • 2000-8000 keyword researched posts

Have A Closer Look At Content Packages Here!

Article Packs,from $89-$279 per month

  • You choose from 8,000,16,000 and 20,000 word packs
  • Posted directly to your site on a schedule that is search engine friendly
  • Keyword researched
  • professional stock photos
  • Edited, uploaded, and formatted
  • 1000 word articles
  • Less than $50 an article which is a great price for quality SEO friendly content
  • Native English

Are you like me and have the time to learn yourself and want to save a pile of money, all you need is a platform to provide the tools and training all in one convenient place with lots of support?

Check out the program that gave Dom and myself the tools and knowledge to build money making websites and create content that ranks, click here!

Pbn link building services $159-$399 month

Scratching your head on how and where to put your links to drive targeted traffic to your site, this service does all that for you.

  • Private Network links
  • quality articles with relevant links built in
  • Anchor text advice

Amazon Affiliate Training Course $7

This is by far the best thing I liked about the Human Proof Designs program because it’s the least expensive thing you will find, an Amazon affiliate training course. If you don’t do anything with HDS I would strongly suggest if you are looking at flipping products on amazon you can’t beat the value and the priceless training you will get with this course. I had a quick peek at this Amazon affiliate training course and from an experienced affiliate marketers standpoint all I can say is you got to try it out, lots of great training, great tips and valuable information that will help you succeed with Amazon!

Is Human Proof Designs The Right Program For You?

Let’s be honest, not everyone has the kind of doe to throw around for HDS services,  but everything I looked at that Human Proof Designs offers is of pretty good quality but their sites don’t come with Guarantees,  so you could see yourself throwing away a considerable amount of cash in a heartbeat if you don’t know how you utilize your new site. There’s lot to finding success as an affiliate marketer and thinking you can buy yourself into affiliate marketing is a huge mistake. You need to have a really good understanding of affiliate marketing to make use of any built for you services.







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  1. Wow! This sounds like an amazing service! It’s especially great for someone who works full time and wants to grow their passive income part-time quickly. I love how you addressed the common problems people have building and growing their online business and provided a solution that makes sense. Thanks for sharing, I’ve never heard of this. You learn something new every day online!

    1. Hi Annie, Human Proof Designs offers a great service and it isn’t cheap. The one caution I want to add is, you really need to have a strong background in affiliate marketing before you buy any products like websites for example. The reason I say this is because you still need to know how to drive traffic to your website so it doesn’t help one bit if you buy a pre built website but don’t know how to get traffic to it. Websites by themselves don’t draw traffic it’s your content and social marketing that brings the traffic to your websites.

      Have a good one Annie, thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  2. I’ve never heard of a service that not only writes articles for you on a month to month basis but also offers photos and uploads the articles to your website as well! I know you recommended it, but I feel it would hurt one’s credibility because the “voice” behind the website itself would be lost. I’m sure their writing service is fulfilled by many writers, right? But the $7 Amazon course does seem promising. I’m always very scared of online scams! So thank you for reviewing this one.

    1. Hi Chase thanks for commenting. I get your point with not producing your own content but it really depends on the niche you are involved in. If you are involved in a niche that is personal in nature or a niche that requires a really personal connection with your audience then hired out content may not be the deal for you. 

      The other side to this is, when you start to make money as an affiliate marketer the natural progression is to hire writers so you can expand you presence online , the difference here is, you hire writers that write with your style in mind, I have two writers that work for me and as long as you are very specific on your needs things can really work out nicely. 

      Thanks for leaving your thoughts, cheers Mike.

  3. Hi Mike
    Thanks for letting us know about the many systems available on the internet. The human proof design will be very useful for part-time affiliate marketers who are having time constraints. When we start earning more, I think it will be better to reinvest in such schemes.I am new to affiliate marketing and a part-timer. But price-wise it looks little costlier. When I start earning more I think I should use such platforms to save time and publish more.
    I think I should undergo Amazon Training.
    Can you tell How this platform will help newcomers?
    Thanks for a great review.

  4. Hi Mike,

    I love reading good reviews of products and services. There are so many out there that I’ve not heard of and HDS is one of these.

    For the busy person who has some money to splash around, this sounds like the perfect solution.

    Like you, as I was reading what HDS offers, I kept on thinking how much I’d love it if I had somebody else to do some of those tasks for me, especially all the research that goes into creating quality content.

    The only problem I foresee here for someone who is brand new at affiliate marketing, is that they will never learn how to do this for themselves. That means they will have to continue being dependent on resource like HDS. Great for them as a company of course. What do you think?


    1. Hi Mark, Human Proof Designs offers some nice looking sites but they are very expensive in my opinion, great if you don’t have any time but for the cost you could take three years to build out an optimized site yourself. Personally I feel the whole process of building your own site and understanding optimized content is experience you won’t get with buying a ready made affiliate site, not to mention the jury is out on how well these sites perform with search engines, have a great day Mike.

  5. Hi Mike
    Thanks so much for sharing your review of HPD, I have not(upto now) read any HPD reviews online, I`m not even sure how I got to your site.
    Now I`m lucky I have used HPD services on more than one occasion and must admit, they offer so much compared to what other sites out there offering the same(not quite) service.
    Having said that, although I`d recommend HPD any day, I can no longer afford their price, when I first bought a site from Dom after a friend recommended him, the sites were going for $299 which at the time I thought were really expensive, later he increased the price to $499 and I thought wow this is way too high, still, I managed to order a site(once again).
    But after he doubled the price once again last year, I can`t justify spending so much money to buy a website.I could have recommended him in the past, but for now, I`m not so sure, the price is way too high.Still, if anyone can afford it, then I`d say go for it.
    Thanks for sharing.As said, I`ve not come across HPD review anywhere so I was really surprised to find your site.Great post and really informative.

    1. Hi Roamy, nice to hear that you have had experience with Dom’s offer and nice that you have taken the time to share with my readers.

      I know the cost seems high, but if you have the money and no time I still feel it’s a good fit for some. Lots of people want to generate income as fast as possible and buying an search engine optimized site such as Human Proof Designs offers I feel is the way to go for many.

      If you have time and very little money obviously this isn’t the golden ticket for you, in this case I would recommend Wealthy Affiliate . You can build a fully optimized affiliate website using a step by step process thats very easy to follow, I actually built this exact website using WA’s training so there are options to building a profitable online business on a budget. Thanks for stopping by Roamy have a good day Mike.

  6. Hi Mike!
    I have read several of your reviews for affiliate marketing programs and products. I wish I could say that I had a wickedly awesome story to tell, but sadly I don’t. I have tried wealthy affiliate with similar results to other people. The training material is good, but when asking questions, I didn’t receive information that would allow me to understand the process and replicate it for myself. My brain continues to come back to affiliate marketing as something that I would like to pursue, especially now that I will be losing my full time job. I am the type person that learns best by doing things and then being able to ask questions to understand the whys of something. Essentially, I work best with a mentor. Do you have bandwidth for an additional student? If not, what would you consider the top 3 programs for someone that has a little bit of experience?
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Kim hope you are having a good day! I hear what you are saying you’re not alone in regards to getting rolling in affiliate marketing, it can be tough getting going. There’s pretty good learning curve and quite a few tricks to getting that first sale, but I still think it is the best way to make a good living online, it just takes some time to get to that “rinse and repeat” stage, but you will get there.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a solid training platform but you touched on a really important point and that is, you really do need a go to person as your “last resort” if you are having a hard time getting answers or you’re stuck. I am actually a member at WA and work with quite a few people through their platform, it’s how I got my start online. In saying that I do get quite a few members coming to me for help brought in under deadbeat members who lack commitment to their referrals who are in it simply for the buck, I never turn anyone away looking for help.
      Honestly I like WA but Human proof designs is a pretty good program also with many different options, so is Authority Hacker. I have reviewed hundreds of programs and these three offer the most comprehensive platforms and I feel offer the best chance for success. They don’t try and sell you stuff you don’t need and are put on by honest people.
      I can appreciate the fact that you need a person to work closely with, I was that way myself that’s why I am more than happy to answer any questions that you may have, you can reach me through my “about me page” and ask any questions you may have, but you do need a platform of some kind to follow as a basic guideline.
      Basically the three programs WA, Human Proof Designs, and Authority Hacker offer similar platforms. You can read my reviews here on this site.
      Affiliate marketing is affiliate marketing and doesn’t really vary in the approach even though some will try and tell you different, build a website and attract visitors using various techniques.
      Authority Hacker is a little more advanced with their training, more for the advanced marketer I feel. I found Human Proof Designs to be very user friendly and is set up to appeal to a variety of experience levels. I like the fact that they offer so many cool options. You can buy a done for you website that come fully optimized and look really good if you have the money. Human Proof Designs is run by a guy named Dom Wells who is an amazing marketer and has put together a great course which has everything in it that will lead to a profitable site.
      What I like with Human Proof Designs for example is they offer done for you articles you can purchase, keyword packs if you want at reasonable prices. For example if it were me I would buy an article that they have fully optimized and just use that as a template for future posts.
      I don’t buy posts but have developed a template that I basically just follow for every post that I know ranks. I test to see what ranks using various techniques and see what Google likes today for example and follow that template until Google gives me a crappy ranking and go back to the drawing board, write a few posts in various formats and see what ranks, that’s my next template. Lots of tricks I would be happy to show you as your training evolves, really doesn’t matter what program you pick, the training like I mentioned is pretty standard.
      So if you pick a program after reading the reviews I did let me know and I will be here to add the extras tips or walk you through any issues you are having, these are the things I think that will make the difference for you. I don’t ask for anything just that when you do “make it” just help someone if they come to you. I would have never made it if someone didn’t take the time for me, look forward to hearing from you and hope that my answer made sense, talk soon Mike.

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