Increase your Website Traffic For Free

Increase your Website Traffic For Free

Increase Your Website Traffic For Free!

Answering questions from people I work with or participating in forum discussions the question “how do I get free traffic to my site?” is probably the most asked question next to how do I find a profitable niche?

The techniques that I am going to discuss in this article “Increase your website traffic for free” can be used to drive free traffic to either a new or established website. I look forward to any feedback,  input or any questions that you may have regarding this article, enjoy the article, cheers Mike.

There are a few methods that you can use to increase your website traffic for free that  produce very good results.  I have found over the years as an affiliate marketer that I consistently fall back on a proven traffic generation technique called content marketing.

Why Content Marketing?

Content marketing is probably the most effective way to increase traffic to your website for free. Content marketing is a very simple traffic generation technique that requires zero cash outlay and only a little determination, discipline. Many internet marketers prefer other paid traffic generation techniques over content marketing do to it’s labour component but I prefer a little sweat equity over the financial risk that some paid traffic generation techniques pose.

If you compare the results that content marketing can achieve in comparison to that of various paid traffic generation techniques such as purchasing traffic from traffic exchanges or  embarking on a pay per click campaign or Goggle Adwords for example you will quickly see the benefits of using content marketing as your “go to technique” to increase your website traffic for free.

There are many risks associated with the paid sources of traffic I mentioned earlier, costs can exculpate quite quickly if you are not careful using pay per click with no guarantee that you will see any increase of traffic to your website. On the other end of the spectrum content marketing is completely free all you need is some investment of your time.

I have found over the years that content marketing not only increases your website traffic but the traffic you do generate has a much higher conversion rate than most paid traffic generation techniques.

How Does Content Marketing Increase Your Website  Traffic?

Content marketing is a simple process of creating posts that are “keyword rich” these posts utilizing strategically positioned keywords are created in a way to catch “Google’s bots” attention,  which will get your content/posts positioned high within search engine results, Google, Yahoo and Bing are search engines where your posts could be indexed.

When you are using content marketing to increase website traffic for free you want to choose subject matter that relates to your niche. By producing multiple posts on your chosen niche and feeding them out on a regular schedule to search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo you are essentially building a net or what internet marketers refer to as a funnel of content that will draw visitors to your site and your offer.

Take for example this post, if I did my homework and picked a topic that had a decent amount of traffic and low competition there is a good chance that this post would rank high in Google and increase my website traffic for free, a good expectation for a post would be 500-1000 visitors a month, due the math,  if you have 50 posts averaging 500 views a month you will start seeing a nice stream of traffic, not just any traffic I might add, but targeted traffic!

Here’s a screen shot of a keyword search I did before I wrote this post on how to “increase your website traffic for free” . This advanced research told me this was a good post to write and if all went well and I achieved a high ranking for this post I would be looking at some decent traffic.

You Must Use A Keyword Tool When You Engage In Content Marketing!

A keyword tool is essential when you engage in content marketing. When writing articles with the goal of increasing website traffic for free you must use a keyword tool for the best results, I use Jaaxy for my keyword research. Using a keyword tool allows you to choose a keyword phrase or topic that will have a really good chance of getting on the first two pages of Google, the first two pages of a search engine is where you need to be to get the highest volume of free traffic to your website, only 7% of all internet users search past the first two pages of search engine results so you can see where you need to be to get traffic.

Enrolling in some training to learn basic SEO techniques is a great investment when using content marketing as a way to increase website traffic for free. Don’t think you have to break the bank on SEO training, there are programs out there that charge an arm and a leg for SEO training, $100 a month and upwards.  I am here to tell you that SEO training can cost as little as $50 a month or you can dig around and find some free training. I have provided a link below where you can have free access to some internet marketing training no strings attached, enjoy and learn for free!

Get Your Free Training here!

Posting Helpful Content On Forums Can Increase Your Website Traffic For Free!

Posting On Forums Is A Great way to increase website traffic for free as long as you go about it with the intent to educate and inform.  If you go to forums with the intent to increase your website traffic you will more than likely come across like a salesman killing your chances of increasing traffic to your website.

People that go to forums that are driven by personal gain stand out like a sore thumb, you need to be genuine in your approach when posting or answering questions in forums, people need to trust that your information is for their benefit not simply for you to garner a sale.

Always approach posting on forums with the intent to educate or help forum users with their problems. Being genuine and trustworthy is the best way to conduct your online business and build your brand, in the end this genuine approach will help you attract more followers and create more engagement with you at the centre of conversations in the forum.

What’s The Best Forum for Increasing Traffic To Your Website For Free?

Personally I like Quora as my got to forum, if used properly Quora can increase website traffic for free with a little participation.  Not only is the traffic you get from Quora free but it can be very targeted traffic. I participate in Quora on a regular basis answering questions that I feel will help aspiring bloggers, not only do I get traffic from Quora which I can see looking at my Webmaster tool analytics stats but I get personal gratification anytime I can help a budding blogger. It helps when you love what you do,  I love seeing new bloggers reach new levels of success.

Quora isn’t the only forum I participate in, there are many forums that you can also post content in such as Stumble-upon, Reddit and LinkedIn.

Using Social Media Platforms Are Great Ways To Increase Website Traffic

When I write a post I also post a small commentary and a corresponding link on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, Stumbleupon, Twitter and Reddit. You have produced the content now get it out to the masses. Using Content marketing and social media together makes for a very effective and free marketing campaign, if done right the combination of these two marketing techniques will increase your website traffic immensely for many years to come. What people don’t realize is, content that you produce today has the potential to work for you for years to come so a little investment in time now will pay huge dividends in the future of your blog.

My Final Thoughts

If you use the three techniques that I have mentioned above they are all you will need to increase your website traffic for free. I use these techniques on a daily bases I do use paid traffic generation techniques but don’t buy traffic through traffic exchanges nor do I recommend you go that route either, traffic exchanges provide traffic all right, but not traffic which is traffic that doesn’t convert to sales or engagement in the way of comments.

Be disciplined in your marketing approach, use these three techniques I mention above and you will definitely see an increase in website traffic.






3 Replies to “Increase your Website Traffic For Free”

  1. Hello Mike:

    I just read your post on Increasing Your Website Traffic For Free. It was very helpful for me personally. I am relatively new to affiliate marketing and I am always looking for ways to learn and to make my business successful. You have some great tips that I will incorporate into my business. Also, I am a big believer in Jaaxy and use the tool everyday. Thanks and best to you.


  2. I have been blogging for only a little while, so I am still learning. I thought that getting traffic to my website was going to be hard. I also thought that I had to pay to get the traffic that I needed, and that way, people would buy through my website and I would make a profit. I really like the idea of getting free traffic and I will try your keyword research tool. I also want to ask, what is the minimum number of words that I need in my articles and reviews to rank good in Google?

    1. Hi Reyhana, since Googles algorithm changes this year (panda) quality of content is even more important which goes hand in hand with the length of the post. The amount of words that should be in your post is based on what it takes to get you message across in a detailed manner. I run anywhere from 1000 words to 3000 words, really just depends on the topic. I wouldn’t focus on the word count too much anymore, just make sure your post offers value. Cheers Mike.

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