Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners? – Depends On Where You Look!

Is Affiliate Marketing For Beginners? – Depends On Where You Look!

real or fakeHow Do You Know That Affiliate Marketing Is Real?

Over the years of reviewing a multitude of affiliate marketing training offers I can see why many are skeptical. The Internet is littered with a wide array of  programs and products that have been specifically designed to take advantage of newbies lack of knowledge in affiliate marketing milking them for every penny before the newbie figures out they were on a wild goose chase. Program creators prey upon our every desire even if that means pitching you partial truths, not outright lies, but stretching the boundaries of truth to the max.  Enticing advertisements that promise results with no effort, boatloads of cash a day, no website needed, no investment, on autopilot. These are just a few examples I am sure you have seen advertised when it comes to affiliate marketing.

How do you know that affiliate marketing is real when you see such a wide fluctuation in program costs and training delivery models? What does a legitimate opportunity for beginners in affiliate marketing really look like? What do you really need to start and run an affiliate marketing business?

These are the questions you need to find answers to if you have any chance of making affiliate marketing your dream job. Affiliate marketing is one of the most versatile, high reward low cost ways to make money online. When you are done reading this article ” is affiliate marketing for beginners” you will have a clear and honest assessment of how to become an affiliate marketer using the most direct and cost effective route possible. You will know what your affiliate marketing training costs should be, what training you will need and what your end cost will be to operate your own affiliate marketing business. I will also give you a brief summary on how affiliate marketing works.

What Do I Need To Start Affiliate Marketing?

You will be happy to hear you don’t need any experience whatsoever! I know you have heard that with many make money online offers but just hear me out.

I am not saying you can start affiliate marketing without any training but you don’t need vast knowledge of computers or knowledge of the Internet. When I started affiliate marketing I couldn’t even send an email, sounds a little far fetched but it is true, I never thought I would make a living online never imagined the income I would be making while working from home. You always hear promoters sell a program by saying “no experience required” which is the case for most opportunities online but what they don’t say is that there will come a point where you will need to learn something and that learning curve can be steep for some people myself included.  With affiliate marketing you will need someone at some point to separate the fact from fiction which I am going to do hear with this post. Yes you can start with zero experience but you will need to learn a set of skills to be successful and you will need some tools to participate as an affiliate marketer.

jaaxyTools Needed To Participate In Affiliate Marketing?

You will need a website! I know you see it all the time “No website needed” stating that you don’t need a website to participate as an affiliate marketer or make money online which is simply not true. You will need a website to get the maximum exposure or maximum benefit from the massive volumes of internet traffic. Think about this for a moment, why participate on the internet if you have no website? , Why limit your opportunities? If you have no website you limit your online exposure which in turn will greatly limit your online potential to generate traffic and as an affiliate marketer generating as much traffic as you can is your ultimate goal.

Unethical marketers will tell you that a website isn’t needed to make money online knowing full well that a website is a must, instead they will try and sell you some slick push button bogus money making system. Think about this for a second,  where do you think you found that “no website needed” sales pitch? You got it, from an affiliate marketer’s website! This is what always cracks me up about these easy to use systems that unethical marketers promote, they are not actually using these systems themselves to sell their product online they are using a website which they say isn’t needed.

Building a website is so simple these days there’s no reason to be hesitant about creating one, they have made the process almost as easy as paint by numbers. Here’s a video on how simple it is to create the main structure of a website using a WordPress website builder in less than a minute!

build a website video

If you took the time to watched this video you would see that setting up and installing a WordPress website is very simple and nothing that you should shy away from. The program that I endorse offers a free membership in their program that comes with 2 free WordPress websites and your choice of ant twelve theme styles, hosting for your website is also free so you really have nothing to lose if you want to give making a website a go!

There are only two others tools you may need and they are a keyword tool and autoresponder. The keyword tool I would suggest using right out of the gates but the autoresponder is only required if you are embarking on an email campaign which isn’t a requirement to making commissions as an affiliate marketer.

Keyword tools like Jaaxy are used by affiliates to find high traffic low competition keywords that they can use in their content so that their content will be seen by the masses,  the higher your post or page ranks in the search results usually corresponds with the amount of traffic that you will generate from that content. I am not going to go into any detail on keyword usage only to tell you that if you want to find success as an affiliate marketer you had better have a keyword tool in your tool box!

So there you have it you really only need a few tools to make money as an affiliate marketer, website and a keyword tool!

Affiliate Marketing Training

Training is by far the most important aspect of making money as an affiliate marketer. Training can cost you thousands a year or as little as $400 a year, there are monthly options as well which may fit someone’s busy lifestyle and want to work on their IM endeavours when they have adequate time but don’t fool yourself it will cost you something for your training.

Don’t freak out and think $400 a year is a hefty fee what you get for that $400 is basically all you need to run an online business, you will get hosting and as many websites as you can run all included in your yearly fee this is a common offer on the internet.

A important note make sure that you get access to WordPress website templates I find they are by far the most user friendly and they have many plugin options that will give your site a very professional look. Hosting is not all made equal either make sure you go with hosting that backs up your website on a daily basis this is very important do to the fact that hacking websites is a common problem on the internet these days and you don’t want to lose years of work from inadequate hosting security.

My training was in the $400 a year range with all my hosting keyword tool and websites included so when you break out the actual training component it was only costing me around $20 a month which is a steal for having 24/7 support access to lots of experts and a community of close to a million members. You can check out the program I used to get my start in affiliate marketing here!

I am not a fan of paying thousands to learn affiliate marketing, yes you may find some good mentors out there but many will put a high price tag on training to give you a sense that there is great value in their offer when the reality of it is that affiliate marketing training is pretty generic really comes down to the quality of support  you receive that tips the scale between success and failure.

How Long Will It Take To Make Money Online?

Results vary when it comes to making money online as an affiliate marketer, some make money as quick as a month in but on average I would say four months is the norm for generating any significant amount of income. The niche you choose and the time you allocate to your training and the traffic you generate will all influence how quickly you start generating significant income online.

I hope this article helped you understand what it takes to start affiliate marketing and find success.






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