Is Infinity Profit System A Scam?

Is Infinity Profit System A Scam?

This is a quick Infinity Profit System review. By the end of this Infinity Profit System scam review you will have a clear indication whether this business opportunity offers a legitimate chance to make some significant income online, enjoy the read, Mike.

Infinity Profit System At A Glance!

This is the first paragraph that will start to outline whether the Infinity Profit System is a scam or not by peeling back the layers to uncover the true opportunity that awaits you inside the IPS program.

In Infinity Profit Systems own words it is pitched as a “complete franchise business model”. I will get a few glaring observations out of the way first.

I started my research by just looking at the IPS website which establishes in my mind whether this offer has potential, if a website is amateuristic in nature, low budget, or misleading then these are obvious signs that we don’t need to dig any deeper. I have to say Infinity Profit System creators have done a good job when to comes to first impressions. On the surface the IPS offer doesn’t scream scam but looks like a legitimate opportunity, their website looked pretty professional, had a nice flow and didn’t look cheap at all which is a bonus if you are trying to sell this offer to others. The IPS home page video lacked any substance or inkling of what you will be buying into, it had no meat to it which I feel is a necessity if you want to prime your audience into buying in. The promotional video was full of fluff offering an inspirational message which I didn’t get the relevance of, you would think they would use this opportunity to detail their products and how these products would be of benefit to you the buyer. This raised a question, do they actually have credible products to offer!

 What Is the actual IPS franchise business model ?

What I found frustrating about the Infinity Profit system offer was the inability to get real concrete information on their packages offered. Information regarding their offers were very vague.  If I have a problem discerning what the offers entail you can be assured that prospective buyers that you are trying to convince to buy will feel the same which is a big snag in the IPS offer, no one wants to put in credit card info to later find out that the packages that Infinity Profit System offer don’t meet their needs.

Here is the Infinity Profit System main menu on there home page…

infinity menu

To my astonishment this turned out to be the only page on the site. Normally with a legitimate offer when you click on a topic that you want to explore in a menu you will be redirected to a page that gives you a complete explanation on that topic, with the IPS main menu area when you click on the various topics you are referred to vague generalities found on the main website landing page which is a head scratcher to say the least. I clicked on “people having success” which moved me to an area on the same page lol, then I clicked on “products” which once again moved me to an area on the same page lol again, I clicked on “about” and, well you guessed it, I was redirected to another area on the same page. Why have a menu with menu headings when everything is found on the same page, doesn’t make any sense to me and really raises the first red flag. It turns out there is only one link on the main home page that will redirect you to another page and that is the re sellers link ” become a reseller” I will touch on this topic after we look at what products are available for re selling opportunities and whether there is value or opportunity for resale with these packages.

The Infinity Starter Package

infinity starter

I agree with some of what is being said in the starter package material and that is the part where they say that people wanting to promote a business rely on social media to heavily which is a huge mistake do to the fact they over estimate the reach that social platforms offer for website or product exposure. Social media is just one tool in an Internet Marketer’s toolbox, no different if you were a carpenter and had all these tools at your disposal but set out to build a house with only a hammer in hand, well we all know how that would end!  What the Infinity Profit System creators are saying here is you need a website to maximize exposure, which is very true, whether this platform will serve that purpose is another question.

Here is what is included in the starter course offer..

  • Be Yourself ( you can find this info free from other sources)
  • Build Your Strength ( You can find this free from other sources)
  • Imagine Your Future ( You can find this info free from other sources)
  • Selling Yourself ( once again free elsewhere) 
  • Who Is Your Audience ( Free elsewhere)
  • Seo Powered Blogging Platform ( standard with any WordPress website platform)
  • Plus More ( not really sure what the plus more is)

As you can plainly see this package really doesn’t offer much in the way of valuable material that can’t be found anywhere on the Internet so I think this would be a hard sell.

Infinity Business

infinity business

I am not sure where businesses will see the value you in what essentially is an emailing platform that can be purchased for half the monthly fee elsewhere from programs such as Aweber, how to create and maintain email lists via website newsletters and free giveaways are easily sourced on the Internet free.

Infinity Corporate Partnership

infinity corperate

You will really need to know your game if you think you are going to sell this offer to the corporate business world. You will need to have some pretty good credentials behind you to pass this one off, not a realistic chance if you ask me!

What Tools Do You Get To Aid In Selling The IPS Packages?

There is only one small section on the home page that redirects you to another sales page and that is a link that says ” become a reseller” When you click on this link you are taken to a page where there is a brief explanation of what you will have access to and what you will end up paying for reseller rights.

Here’s some info I found….












This is where the Infinity Profit System offer starts going a little sideways in my opinion. The values stated for the services and tools you will receive to aid you in promoting Infinity packages are absurdly overstated.

My Final Thoughts

Well this is what you have been waiting for, the Infinity Profit system isn’t a scam in my opinion but it doesn’t look like a business opportunity that I would recommend to people looking to make money online


The hook behind the Infinity Profit System offer is you will receive 100% commissions from your sales of their products but you have to buy these products to qualify for the right to sell them, this means you will be $125 out of pocket every month if you choose to purchase and promote the first 2 packages plus your $10 administration fee. This a massive hole that you put yourself in on a monthly basis, this is not a business opportunity I would recommend for any new marketer.

I feel the only realistic option would be to promote the starter package and even at that I didn’t see a lot of value in this package. Wealthy Affiliate, Weebly, Godaddy all offer superior blogging platforms with competitive pricing structures.

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