Is Online Sales Pro A Scam – Or Does It Deliver Traffic As Promised

Is Online Sales Pro A Scam – Or Does It Deliver Traffic As Promised

I will start by saying I am not a Online Sales Pro affiliate so this is a real Online Sales Pro review. If you Google OSP you will find that the first two pages are all positive reviews done by affiliates, personally I don’t recommend anyone pay to promote a product, that’s a scam in my mind. There are thousands and thousands of free products to promote online without paying someone to promote their product, so that’s the first strike against OSP for me.

Traffic generation is one of the biggest hurdles a internet marketer faces when trying to get potential customers to their offers. There are many companies that have indentified the need or the opportunity that exists when it comes to traffic generation services. Online Sales Pro is one of those outfits.

OSP was developed to help internet marketers with limited to advanced skill levels drive targeted traffic to their websites or offers. I am going to dive into this traffic software offer and see if Online Sales Pro is just another scam software product that falls short of it’s claims and hype or actually delivers traffic as promised.

I hope you get some valuable info out of my Online Sales Pro review and like always I welcome your thoughts, opinions and your experiences with this product, cheers Mike.

A Little Online Sales Pro Background?

Online Sales Pro is owned and operated by LeadLine, LLC, a company based out of Tucson, AZ. Leadline also has under their umbrella products such as LeadOwl and White Label Systems. Its rather difficult digging up info on Leadline ,  they like to keep a low profile.

Online Sales Pro was created in 2013 as a web-based lead generation system which also enables the software purchaser to create customized landing pages, implement optimized sales funnels and offers list building features while offering integration of autoresponders . The idea behind the software was to help individuals capture online traffic and turn that traffic into leads for their business.

Online Sales Pro created an easy-to-use system, which could be managed either through an App on your phone, or from your desktop. From there you can manage your leads, have sales and lead generation notifications and access other stats.

An Online Sales Pro membership includes a large variety of landing page templates which are compatible for most languages, they say all languages but a few are only available in English. OSP makes reference to over 500 templates so we will have to take their word on that one!


How Does Online Sales Pro Actually Get Leads?

As i mentioned earlier Online Sales Pro is a web based software program that is supported by a training platform. What you will hypothetically learn to do with this software is create a complete and effective sales funnel which uses landing pages or lead pages with built in opt in features that will allow you to capture leads and visitors emails for future sales opportunities. You can also use these sales pages as a tool to send people directly to your offer or website. OSP also offers training on traffic generation from social media platforms such as, Facebook, Twitter, G+ and Reddit just to name a few.

Online Sales Pro states that you need zero tech skills which to be honest I find a bit of a stretch, I personally haven’t found anything to do with internet marketing that you don’t have to have some tech abilities unless you have access to really good step by step training platform which I don’t feel OSP is quite there with yet.

Along with the creation of a complete sales funnel OSP offers “real time Tracking”  through their mobile App,  you will be notified as your sales funnel captures leads and have the ability to reach out to your leads right away. OSP does have the ability to capture quite a bit of data that will help you optimize your funnel for maximum effect.

Here’s a little intro to OSP, pretty crappy Youtube video, doesn’t really go into much detail on the OSP offer but gives you a little insight into their product.

You will notice OSP mentions in this promotional video that you can create your own website,  but really this is only a simple one page website type of application, more of a glorified sales page than anything.

What You Can Expect To Get With OSP

If you have minimal experience online, OSP does offer some training in the form of video tutorials and text tutorials but I don’t feel this is a beginners offer at all,  even though OSP does push it as one. The training primarily focuses on getting traffic from social platforms. Here’s a breakdown of what you get with your

Basic Online Sales Pro membership…

  • 500 Landing Pages
  • Social marketing training
  • Sales and marketing training
  • Access to domain services
  • Mobile freindly App
  • Community and OSP support desk
  • Sales funnel
  • built in autoresponder or integrate your own autoresponder
  • Training to manage your leads
  • Lead management system

Online Sales Pro MVP Membership ( yes there is an up sell )

  • MVP affiliate commission;
  • Exclusive training on list building;
  • Private MVP Facebook group;
  • Priority when it comes to getting support or help;
  • Early access to new templates and features

What’s This all Going To Cost You?

The basic Online Sales Pro membership will cost you $37 a month or $297 annually. This doesn’t include if you need a website or hosting for your own domain. One thing that I feel is critical to online succes is a keyword tool which is nowhere to be seen in this offer.

The Online Sales Pro MVP membership will cost you a whopping $97 a month or $997 a year (ouch) Definitely not worth it in my opinion!

How’s The Training With OSP?

Here’s a snapshot of the training that is offered some of which is actually sourced from elsewhere. You could find a lot of this training absolutely free if you know where to look!

Check out the program I recommend for free training here!

Just to explain what is offered, training within Online Sales Pro includes basic training in areas such as social media training, sales and marketing training, and team training. The training is delivered through articles, videos and community forums. The core of the training is split into modules comprising of approx 8 videos each. As I think i mentioned previously the bulk of the training revolves around social media marketing and managing your leads.

The push on social media is prevalent, as right next to the modules are marketing guides in PDF form to teach you how to use different social media sites to generate traffic and leads.

There’s also a tiny bit of training on how to create a sales funnel. After that the training is relevant to using the software and creating your landing pages.

Support Offered Through Online Sales Pro

Whether you are MVP or a regular subscriber, you’ll have access to an online Facebook community for support, motivation or questions. Last time I checked there were roughly 27,000 members.

Online Sales Pro also offered help via email chat, or phone depending on your plan.

Why Are There So Many Positive Reviews?

As a business opportunity or from an affiliates perspective some may view Online Sales Pro as a good opportunity to make some money, not me! If you look at the image below you will see what you will make if you promote OSP off every membership you can manage to sell. You want to know the funny part in all this, every affiliate I saw reviewing and promoting OSP were using websites that weren’t created using OSP’s platform,  nor were they using landing pages to get perspective buyers to their OSP offer, they were using what is most effective for converting traffic and that is “targeted content marketing” , something that really isn’t covered to any extent in OSP’s training.

Affiliates of OSP are paying $25 a month to promote tools they don’t even use themselves, that’s a hmmmm! Moment for me and should be for you also. You have the option of becoming an Online Sales Pro affiliate. However, you have to be a Online Sales Pro subscriber before you can promote Online Sales Pro for commission.

Who Is Online Sales Pro For?

Ideally I’d say this software is for people who are somewhat familiar with online marketing, not for newbies and even then from an experienced affiliate marketer point of view I don’t see a lot of value in buying this stuff. You can get a free autoresponder from outfits like Mialchimp (who I am not an affiliate for). Mailchimp is just one of many free autoresponder providers.

On the sales page end of things you can create free sales pages with the likes of wix ( not an affiliate for Wix either). You could also build your own landing pages with Leadpages (not an affiliate) who offer step by step landing page creation for very reasonable rates plus  they offer a free 14 day trial.

Would I Use Online Sales Pro?


I have been in the internet marketing game for roughly 9 years now and I have never used landing pages or paid for autoresponding services. I always recommend to people who are fairly new to online marketing to keep their costs as low as possible when they first start out and that basically means just using every free method or tool they can get their hands on. The last thing you need to do is weigh yourself down with high overhead costs do to buying tool suites and services that really aren’t necessary for getting traffic to your offer.

My opinion, which obviously varies from many of the other reviews I have read is, you don’t need to incur costs like Online Sales pro will add to your monthly overhead , especially given the fact that results aren’t by any means guaranteed. OSP used to offer a free 7 dat trial but have recently pullled the trial which raises questions for me. My experience reviewing products is, programs and products that offer “true” free trials usually have confidence in their product.

Hope you got something out of this Online Sales pro review, please leave me any questions or your experience with this product that may help to better inform my readers, have a great day Mike.


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