Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review- How Does It Compare To Google’s Keyword Tool?

Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review- How Does It Compare To Google’s Keyword Tool?

This is going to be a quick comparison review of Wealthy Affiliates keyword tool called Jaaxy and the keyword tool supplied by Google.  Most would think that Google being an actual search engine would own the marketplace when it comes to providing the most accurate and resourceful keyword tool on the market so let’s find out, enjoy the read!

What spurred me on to write this post was one of my readers left a comment on an post I had written called “Wealthy Affiliate – The Ugly Truth”, they wanted me to write a comparison review, ( in plain English) lol,  I always strive to write in plain English due to the fact that it is my native tongue,  I do know my grammar leaves a little to be desired lol! Anyways here goes my best effort at a review in plain English.

I am not going to start this comparison on a point to point basis because and then change over to a more rambling style of comparison so I will start with cost….


Jaaxy cost: $19 month/ enterprise plan $49 a month

Google Keyword tool:  Free with a Google adwords account. A Google adwords account is a pay per click program that allows you to place ads on Google for cost, people click on your ads and you get charged a fee per ad clicked.

Obviously Google has it hands down with the FREE offer.

Language Parameters

Jaaxy: English Only

Google Keyword Tool: Offers the ability to change the way you see your Google adwords account by managing your language in your account set up.

User functionality

Although the Google Keyword tool has the advantage in the cost if you are a Google adwords member and also the edge in offering more language parameters I found the Jaaxy keyword tool to be much more user friendly. Navigation, keyword list building, expanding keyword relevancy and building keyword campaigns were much easier with Jaaxy than with Google’s keyword tool.

Much of Google’s keyword tool function revolves around its integration with Google adwords which makes the simple process of finding  building campaigns based on results found for keyword competition, monthly search stats, and filing keywords found by drilling down on related keywords not only more complicated but in many cases not possible inside the framework of Google’s keyword tool platform.

Instead of you doing the search and having the keyword tool offer up related keywords you are pigeon holed with Google’s Keyword tool into picking from categories unlike Jaaxy where you can simply punch in your search phrase or word and you are presented with many related results. Here is a 5 minutes in total search I did for a student that was looking into building a website on Organic Coffee, this person was looking for keywords to write blog posts on to help his site rank and offer his readers an authoritative experience at the same time , I quickly did a search and saved these keyword phrases to a file as shown in the first screenshot in one easy application. The second screenshot is what I stored in this file within that 5 minute period…

jaaxy coffee

jaaxy coffee results

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I quickly exported this list to my student and he had all the low competition reasonably decent monthly searched keyword phrases to start building his website’s content to achieve the desired rankings in Google.

Google’s Keyword tool doesn’t give you these seamless user functions. Your compiled keyword lists need to be managed outside Google’s keyword platform utilizing excel spreadsheets and external documents which really complicates the functional ease of finding and storing relevant keywords. Here is what you will find when you go to do a keyword search using Google’s keyword tool..

google keyword tool

Compare the above search to a search in Jaaxy below….

jaaxy comp

Simply type in any search phrase and you will not only get quick and accurate search results but as you can see on the left Jaaxy gives you many related terms that with a click unlock so many more keyword variations, ease and functionality that Google’s keyword tool doesn’t offer.

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 Why Search results May Vary!

If you do a results comparison between Jaaxy and Google you will find some drastic differences in some cases due to the following reasons….

  • Google’s keyword tool is designed for use in Google’s search engine unlike Jaaxy that was designed to pull data from all search engines making it much more accurate when trying to rank in all search engine results.
  • Google’s keyword tool will use your browser information which will skew your findings if you don’t clear your browser before use in many cases.
  • Google’s keyword tool offers in many cases really obscure and irrelevant keyword search results do to the fact that it will go many pages deep pulling up keywords that have very little relevancy demonstrated by their low page ranking results whereas Jaaxy only uses the most relevant keyword search results.
  • Google’s keyword tool only gives you results based on broad suggestions breaking searches down into categories instead of using any word or phrase that you could possibly think of. Jaaxy on the other hand allows you to enter any word or phrase you can possibly think of and Jaaxy will automatically give you a ton of related keywords.
  • Google’s keyword tool is designed to go hand in hand with “Google adwords” a pay per click advertising platform that tends to complicate the tools application and user friendliness.

Jaaxy Offers A Few More Options

Jaaxy is completely integrated to allow you to use your keyword results to find available domain names related to your keyword search right there on the same screen with a click of a button, this function will also allow you to register a domain name through their venue quickly and with ease.

Alphabet soup method: Jaaxy offers what they call an Alphabet soup component where you pick a keyword term and hit the Alphabet soup icon and your keyword will automatically be preceded or followed by words starting with the letter A all the way to the letter Z, a quick example of this would be the organic coffee example, all I would do is enter that phrase push the Alphabet soup icon and watch Jaaxy deliver keyword results with combinations of words added to my keyword search such as, “organic coffee sold on Amazon” going right through relevant combinations using the alphabet saving you a ton of time in the process.

Video tutorial training included: Easy to follow step by step video training is included with Jaaxy explaining all the available functions and their applications.

This was just a quick comparison between Google’s keyword tool and Wealthy Affiliates keyword tool Jaaxy. I hope this review helps you find the keyword tool for your needs,  these are both very good keyword tools both offering  different options for your Internet marketing needs.



7 Replies to “Jaaxy Keyword Tool Review- How Does It Compare To Google’s Keyword Tool?”

  1. Thanks for the article. I had thought Google’s results might be more trustworthy, but I hadn’t thought of how Jaaxy would use data from across search networks, and how the browser history could effect google results. V interesting.

    1. Hi Jack thanks for taking the time to leave me your thoughts. Jaaxy and Google eesentially use the same information but it’s the features that make me lean towards Jaaxy and is the reason why I personally use Jaaxy. I think that Jaaxy is a great fit for anyone looking to get top rankings for their content as well as finding keywords that are relevant to your niche. This will allow you to create relevant content that will help you dominate your niche. Here are a few attributes that Jaaxy provides…

      Alphabet Soup
      Saved Lists
      Search History
      Search Analysis
      Affiliate Programs

      These are some cool features that really help. I have over 100 saved lists on various topics I want to eventually cover. I spend one day a week doing my keyword research saving my lists as I go. This way when I am ready I just start writing content with my saved keywords.
      Any content I create I can use the search function which will tell me where my post ranks in Google, Bing and Yahoo.
      Alphabet soup function takes any keyword and ads everything in the alphabet to that keyword starting with “a”. If I entered “make money” it would compile a list of topics starting with A, like “make money at home”.
      Affiliate programs will pull up any affiliate programs associated with your keyword search.
      These are just a few highlights that Jaaxy offers so in my opinion it is a very sound and useful keyword tool that will help any affiliate marketer achieve good ranking and find some pretty obscure keywords. Have a good one Jack, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike,
    Would you please put an image of the google search result also? I see the result from Jaxxy but not from google.

    Please keep up the good work in not being a scammer.


    1. Hi I will for sure, just a note to use Googles keyword planner you need to have a Google Adwords account and I really found the keyword planner to be quite awkward to use in comparison to Jaaxy, Longtail pro and SemRush for example even though it does offer a free basic service. Thank you for the heads up didn’t realize I missed an example of Google’s keyword planner, cheers Mike.

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