Jaaxy Review – The Most Powerful Keyword Research Platform Around

Jaaxy Review – The Most Powerful Keyword Research Platform Around

Read why my independent Jaaxy review

OWNERS:  Kyle & Carson of Wealthy Affiliate
WEBSITE: Jaaxy.com
COST:  Trial period of 30 FREE searches , then $19.00 monthly.

I have wanted to do a Jaaxy review for sometime now.  I believe every product needs an honest critique, good or bad, and that is what I have set out to do here.  My Jaaxy review is an independent review.  At this time I am not an affiliate promoting Jaaxy and have no monetary benefit from this review. Having said that,  I must admit,  I personally use Jaaxy on a regular basis as my main keyword research tool.

What is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy is a full suite of online marketing research tools.  It includes an incredible keyword search platform, a site rank checker, keyword list manager, affiliate program finder, niche finder, domain availability checker, competition analyzer, and many other highly beneficial tools for anyone in the online business or Internet marketing field.

Jaaxy is totally Affordable

Jaaxy deserves  a 10/10 for affordability due to the fact that the $19.00 monthly fee is a drop in the bucket compared to what you actually get in terms of USABLE data for your online business.

With Jaaxy you are getting competition data that no other keyword tool or research suite out there offers.  You can find 100’s or 1000’s of keywords with just a few searches and uncover keywords that you can use for you business immediately.  Most other tools out there give you absolutely useless data that you cannot make any use of.  Jaaxy is giving you data that you can use to make decisions RIGHT NOW and implement them on your website.

For $19 a month for the PRO account, you are getting a tool that will allow you to run your entire business from, acquire awesome rankings in the major search engines, and determine what to focus your time on when publishing content on your website.

For $49 a month for the ENTERPRISE account, you’re getting “instant everything”.  You’re getting 100’s of keywords analyzed instantly for you where you see the competition for these keywords in real-time.  This is incredible useful keyword data provided to you in seconds.  Jaaxy enterprise will even find you domains with every keyword search you do.  Every thought about buying and flipping domains?  Jaaxy ENTERPRISE offers you the ability to do this and buy up domains that you never would have through would be available.

Get Jaaxy for Free!

Jaaxy’s affiliate program offers the traditional style payout but you are also provided a choice to redeem free credits that go towards your future usage of Jaaxy. You can refer others to Jaaxy and when they create their Free accounts, you earn more searches!  This means that even if you are a FREE users, by sharing, or recommending Jaaxy to others you can essentially use it for nothing!

I give Jaaxy a score of 10/10 for Affordability.  Both the $19/mo PRO account and the $49/mo ENTERPRISE account are so valuable that you will completely forget about the monthly dues because you will be taking your marketing to new heights.

Jaaxy Gives You The Edge With Website Serps

Jaaxy gives you an advantage when it comes to knowing who your competition for article or post ranking will be and if you have the authority rank to move ahead of theses search results. Jaaxy has an option that allows you to view details such as your competitons word count, internal and external links, Alexa ranking and more. Other than the Alexa ranking these different variables are important factors in knowing if Google will give you the upper hand when it comes to beating your competition in the page rankings. Not only is the amount of competition that your article will face important but the quality of competition is equally important. It can be difficult to beat out .coms and established authority sites in search rankings. Jaaxy will give you all the information needed to make an informed decision in regards to whether it is worth your time trying to rank under a certain search.

Here is a screenshot that I did while researching prescription eyeglasses. First I found a low competition title for my article which shows green for good. Monthly searches look great, competition at 174 looks good ( under 200). The next screenshot takes my research a little further, I now want to know the quality of competition that my article will face and whether I can make it on the first page of a Google search. Website serps will show you the top ten search results and give you detailed info on these results.

cheap glasses

website serps

As you can see I have clicked on the first search and word count, links on site, backlinks, Alexa rank are all available for your viewing. This information is very valuable in deciding whether your chances of ranking high are legitimate.

Results are Absolutely Reliable

Jaaxy gets another 10/10 in  reliability of it’s Data.  The data that Jaaxy offers isn’t inflated, it doesn’t come from just one source, and it’s not purchased from a third rate data mining company that most of the “competition” gets their data from.  Jaaxy provides you with keyword search data based on what you can actually expect to achieve.  This is not just a Google tool, or a Yahoo tool, or a Bing tool.


…because you do not only rank in Google, or Yahoo, or Bing.. you rank in all of the search engines at the same time, so the search data that is provided to you from Jaaxy are estimates of what you can achieve in the REAL WORLD.

I’ve done a lot of testing with Jaaxy and I can find hundreds of awesome keywords that get many monthly searches in all the major Search engines, and I can actually rank for them!

I am a real life case study for Jaaxy because I use it and this is why I can give it 9’s and 10’s out of a 10 point ranking scale.  I use the Jaaxy, I rank in the search engines, and my business continues to grow.  While I do all of my learning, training, and get coaching and support at Wealthy Affiliate, I do all of my keyword and market research at Jaaxy.

Drilling down on your target niche or article

Here are two examples of how I use Jaaxy to structure my keyword content to achieve better rankings! I use a feature in Jaaxy that shows me exactly where my posts rank. I then look at keyword density and evaluate how relevant my material was in this post. Analyzing data such as this will help me achieve better rankings in the future.

jaaxy tool


jaaxy searchjaaxy neurs







Reliability is another 10/10 and you will realize this the very first time you perform a search.  Go ahead and get yourself 30 free searches at Jaaxy and see for yourself why I rank it so high.

Yes, there is training and support

Support and training is offered through the Wealthy Affiliate Community

Most of my posts are intended for people just entering the online marketing business and Jaaxy is a tool that all new marketers should have.   All of the training, support, and coaching at Jaaxy happens via the Community at Wealthy Affiliate (see my full review here).

It’s a powerful thing when you have the right data, and know exactly what to do with it.  Jaaxy + Wealthy Affiliate is absolutely the most powerful combination of platforms anywhere in the world.

No Keyword Research Platform comes even close to Jaaxy in terms of getting your website ranked at the top of the Search engines

No Training Platform is even remotely in the same league as Wealthy Affiliate.

Put these together and you’ve got everything at your fingertips!

I give Jaaxy a 9/10 for training simply because the program its self is not where the training happens.  The good news is that the extensive and awesome training happens at Wealthy Affiliate which is entirely free to join and use!

How Does Jaaxy Actually Perform? 

I had to give Jaaxy a perfect score for performance. Unlike other keyword research tools Jaaxy doesn’t  rely  solely on Google for it’s data. Google has a habit of changing in mid stream rendering any tool useless until changes can be made to catch up.

Another trick that I have read about recently is that Google for some unexplained reason has a tendency at times to inflate it’s search results. This makes for some very unreliable data if your keyword research tool uses Google data exclusively.

While doing my Jaaxy review I realized there are many keyword tools on the market but unfortunately for newcomers to the online marketing field these tools are using old data and are overburdened with non relevant accessories .

I found that using a tool like Jaaxy gives me the piece of mind that I am basing my decisions on current data. Current keyword relevance is essential to my  online business. When doing my reviews I need to look at not only the product I am reviewing but also how it stacks up against it’s competitors to get a real picture of how this  keyword tool performs.

In comparison to some of it’s competitors Jaaxy is all about performance and little about the ” wow” factor.  Jaaxy doesn’t spend its resources in creating smoke and mirrors special effects like some of their competition. Jaaxy uses state of the art technology but avoids the use of complicated charts and graphs. This is not a flaw, this is actually a design feature that was mandatory in the creation of Jaaxy.

When you first join Jaaxy, you will notice is the absence of complicated graphs and charts. This a meat and potatoes product built to make your business better, it’s not loaded with useless distractions that waste your time or can confuse you.

Go ahead and grab yourself a Trial account today so that you can see for yourself.

11 Replies to “Jaaxy Review – The Most Powerful Keyword Research Platform Around”

    1. Hi Monte thanks for stopping by. Jaaxy is still one of the premier keyword tools on the market. I use Jaaxy on a daily basis when I am writing content or my various websites, if you aren’t using a keyword tool like Jaaxy when you publish content for the internet you’re missing the boat big time! Keyword tools such as Jaaxy allow you to find titles for your content that have lots of traffic and very little competition, an internet marketer’s dream.
      If you are promoting a gambling website for example, or writing posts about gambling and you want to have your posts rank well in Google you need to choose keywords that will help your websites content ultimately achieve a first page ranking, only 7% of all internet searchers go past the first page when they search for something. Keyword tools such as Jaaxy make the task of hitting a first page ranking very achievable. As an affiliate marketer getting a first page ranking usually turns into a nice payday, I wouldn’t write content without first looking for my topic titles in Jaaxy, it would be like throwing darts with a blindfold on. Hope that helps Monte, have a great day Mike.

  1. Pretty nice post. I just stumbled upon your weblog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    I wasn’t sure what a keyword tool was and what it was used for now I know thanks to you.

    1. Hi Mona, Keyword tools are essential to blogging without one you will have a hard time getting your blog posts viewed. Keyword tools help you find keywords that have little competition with high traffic which is critical, Jaaxy is probably the most accurate Keyword tool I have personally used, have a great day Mike.

  2. Hai Mike
    I’m Anil, would like to know how to work on online marketing. I’m from KERALA in INDIA, would like to get your help to start up. Please can you provide me how to start.

    1. Hi Anil, You will need some training Anil I won’t lie to you it does take some work but it is real and you can make some great money working online. You could join Wealthy Affiliate and from there I could help you through their training and at the same time you could possibly start making an income online while you learn. If this isn’t a option you like then just leave me a message and I will see what we can dig up for you, cheers Mike.

  3. Thank you for the Very helpful info on this keyword tool, I will give it a try, hopefully I will start to rank a little better with it’s help.

    1. Hi Lucio I use Jaaxy with every post I write, I want people to see it and that’s where Jaaxy comes in it helps me rank high in Google giving me great keywords that I use within my Titles, best of luck with Jaaxy I know you will see it’s true advantage when you use it, cheers Mike.

  4. Superb post but I was wondering if you could write a litte
    more on this subject? I’d be very grateful if you could
    elaborate a little bit more. Many thanks!

    1. Hi Jasper I will be coming back to this post down the road I have quite a bit of new material I have to write about but I promise I will upgrade the info here, cheers Mike.

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