Juice Plus – How To Make Money Selling Supplements

Juice Plus – How To Make Money Selling Supplements

Established: 1970 (40 years)

Founder: Jay Martin

Website: www.juiceplusvirtualfranchise….

Juice Plus Products

If an MLM business is what your’re looking to invest in, your’ll have no trouble finding copious amounts of direct selling companies to work for. Luckily for the health and wellness enthusiasts, almost 40 – 50% of those companies focus on some sort of health, wellness, or supplemental products that boosts healthy living. Juice Plus is one of these companies.

Of course, this makes total sense, since Forbes magazine claims the health and wellness industry will be worth well over 60 Billion dollars come 2021 so now is the time to get in before this market is totally saturated.

Juice Plus takes on a new and creative approach to selling vitamins to consumers, using actual dried fruits and veggies pumped into a capsule. Within my juice plus review I will go into more detail on juice plus products and their attributes and how to get started with juice plus.

Let’s take look at Juice Plus…

Juice Plus; The Company

Located out of Collierville, Tennessee, Juice Plus carries a line of supplemental dietary products that contain fruit and vegetable extracts. The capsules are then fortified with added vitamins and nutrients. Juice plus offers a one of a kind product not found anywhere else that I could find offered in the industry.

Jay Martin’s mission statement was to create a company that would “inspire healthy living around the world”. Jay Martin was a school teacher turned entrepreneur who originally created the National Safety Association (NSA) in 1970. They started with selling home emergency equipment door-to-door, and soon moved into water filtration. Although NSA still sells home emergency equipment among other products such as their Juice Plus line, they stopped selling their water filtration products in 2007.

The company did an about face when it went from being called National Safety Associates (NSA), to branching off and morphing into what is now known as Juice Plus which was created in 1993.

In 2012 the company took another small shift when they branched off with the “Tower Garden Food Growing System”, never a dull moment with Jay at the helm. This is a product that looks like a long tube and is designed to grow and produce better and faster food anytime of the year, anywhere under some less than optimum conditions.

Currently, Juice Plus operates in over 20 different countries and stands behind their 6 core beliefs:

  • Longevity
  • Authenticity
  • Quality
  • Community
  • Simplicity, and
  • Being approachable.

Getting Started With Juice Plus

Of course with any company, they hope that your’ll try their products first as a customer. It’s hard to sell and promote a product that your haven’t tried yourself and are truly passionate about.

When first sign up your will have a rep assigned to your, at this stage your have the option of letting your rep know that your are interested in becoming a distributor once your’ve tried the products.

If your do decide to join, it’s a straight up $50 dollar fee to get started.

What’s great about Juice Plus is your’re not expected to carry any inventory. Juice Plus doesn’t follow the standard brick and mortar concept. Instead, Juice Plus handles all the background operations such as producing, packaging, shipping, billing, collecting and customer service. Your job is to simply sell, sell, sell.

I like this because it doesn’t require your to purchase and hold onto product. Most MLM offers require a purchase of some sort.

Juice Plus Products

The Juice Plus products come in several forms; complete, capsule, and chew able. As I mentioned above, Juice Plus packs tons of concentrated fruits, vegetables, and nutrients into different forms for easy, on-the-go supplementation.

The “complete” product line is a whole-food based beverage mix that is meant to provide balanced nutrition in every scoop. It can be used as a pre-workout, a breakfast drink, or late night snack. It also comes in bars.

The capsules and chewables are packed with 20 different fruit and veggies to get your the most nutrition in the smallest form.

Their most popular, and flagship item is their Orchard and Garden Blend in capsule form.

Juice Plus Compensation Plan

There are basically 4 different ways in which your can earn money as an independent distributor with Juice Plus. As your grow, your’ll move through the ranks and have the potential to earn even more money. The video below will give your an in depth understanding of how to be profitable with Juice Plus, I have also provided your with a short run down on the compensation plan following the video.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/hJdvM_V5HuM” frameborder=”0″ gesture=”media” allow=”encrypted-media” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Here’s what the various ranks look like:

  • Distributor;
  • Direct Distributor;
  • Virtual Franchise;
  • Sales Coordinator;
  • Senior Sales Coordinator;
  • Qualifying National Marketing Director;
  • National Marketing Director.

Retail Sales

You get a certain percentage for retail sales from Jucie Plus products. You max out your earning potential on retail sales when your hit the rank of Sales Coordinator, but have the potential of making anywhere between 6% and 22% commission.

In order to move yourself through the ranks, it would depend on the amount of customer sales and people your recruit into your team.

Performance Bonus

You receive this bonus as a Virtual Franchise, and it is added up each month up to 5 different generations. You would see this bonus depending on the amount of Independent distributors your have added to your organization.

Promote-Out Bonus

This bonus is active once your become a Sales Coordinator. When someone your’ve recruited moves through the ranks and hits the Sales Coordinator as well, your’ll receive 4% of their down line in sales.

Business Incentive Bonus

When your achieve Senior Sales Coordinator your’ll be able to earn a bonus off of your entire organization, usually equal to 5-20% of the monthly earnings. This is subject to team structure, earning requirements, and has a max payout allow

Support, Tools and Training

Juice Plus has done a pretty good job at making their distributors feel supported. Between not having to sit on inventory or deal with payments, to having your own (limited capability) website, Juice Plus tries to make it easy for their distributors to be successful selling their products.

Juice Plus leaves their communication lines open for calls or emails to their business support teams, as well as regularly hosting leadership conferences and training sessions. You’ll be assigned a business partner, who can help your grow and manage your team. In addition to that, there are regular local Prevention Plus health education meetings with doctors and health professionals from all around.

As a Juice Plus distributor, your gain access to your own personalized website, social media pages to share and engage with, and IPad apps to better sell and promote products.

Your given some brochures, and access to a virtual mobile and desktop office to manage business and sales.

If you have basic knowledge on how to build a website your promotional options and your audience is unlimited. You can add promotional videos to your website just like I did below quite easily. I strongly suggest getting some internet marketing training that will teach quite quickly how to market Juice Plus to the masses online using a simple website.

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What Distributors Are Saying

One thing is obvious, Juice Plus customers are extremely defensive of their product. Either that or 90% of the people on any review site, job review etc are only distributors. Regardless, your won’t find many negative reviews on the product itself, except for the few people that claim it’s not any better than any off the shelf product.

Those who are successful at sales and marketing seem to really enjoy the atmosphere at Juice Plus, but mention it is very top-heavy. Distributors mention that if your someone who gets distracted easily, this may not be the job for your. It’s still a full time job trying to sell these products to customers (as with any product).

The Better Business Bureau

Juice Plus has a “A+” rating and is accredited by the BBB. They have only had 12 complaints over a 3-year span, and the issues are very minimal. All complaints have been reconciled by the company.

What I Like About Juice Plus

  • Not required to carry inventory
  • Support and tools are easily accessible
  • Simple product line (easy to focus your selling)
  • Product is priced well for what your get (normally approx $30 – $40 for 60 servings)
  • Inexpensive start up.

What Could Be Better About Juice Plus

  • Better chance of success with previous sales experience
  • Not a well-rounded vitamin such as a multi-vitamin would be
  • Small product list can also lead to difficulty selling
  • Compensation plan doesn’t offer many opportunities to make good money until your move up a few ranks


Overall if your’re looking to get into multi-level marketing within the health and wellness industry, this could be the opportunity for your.

Juice Plus has done a good job of keeping themselves out of trouble, and despite being slightly top-heavy (as are many MLM companies) operates a well run company.

The one aspect of Juice Plus that I really enjoyed was not having to carry any inventory. This makes it substantially easier to sell products quickly and efficiently as your’re not waiting for an order to arrive to claim sales.

The compensation plan was difficult to find, and is lacking in depth. It would be difficult to make a good income until your move a few ranks up. In addition, I’ve never seen a retail profit commission cap at a certain rank before. This forces your to focus more on recruitment than selling in my opinion.



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