Killer Content System Review

Killer Content System Review

I recently checked out the Killer Content system by Socrates Socratous to see if this was a system that focused on easy content marketing or just another hyped up dissapointment.

Painful Opening Killer Content Sales Video

I have to say getting through the opening sales video presented by Socrates took every ounce of my willpower and was my biggest challenge doing this review,  the whole time I was hanging in there hoping that the final product was going to be worth the pain I had to endure listening to Socrates play by play video on how his system wasn’t going to disappoint and wasn’t like other “bullshit” systems!

I made it through all income statement claims and then the bomb dropped, Socrates actually gave a brief description of what his revolutionary system actually was. This is something that rarely happens in the world Internet Marketing, so thumbs up to Socrates for that.

What Is The Killer Content System? 

The Killer Content System is an automated process for the application of content on your website, as Socrates explains you don’t even need to know English to use his system. Socrates system works on the premise that you can quickly generate multiple sites adding automated content known as PLR content ( private Label Rights content)  creating multiple revenue streams in the process, more exposure more traffic is the theory behind the Killer Content system, this system is actually eerily similar to a high profile system on the Internet called Google Sniper  created by an Internet Marketing phenom named George Brown.

  Killer Content May Be A Rankings Killer

The one concern that I see  for Socrates and his Killer Content system is the use of PLR material or computer generated content. In it’s day computer generated content was a widely used way of adding content to a website that increased the website’s exposure in a multitude of niche topics very quickly.

Fast forward to modern day Google and a series of algorithm changes made by the search engine giant has really limited the usefulness of computer generated content. Google’s programmers have made changes to their algorithms which sniff out auto generated content and when found can have a negative effect on your website hurting it in the rankings.  Google is looking for originality and authoritative content which PLR content has always struggled to imitate.

There’s More Cons Then Pros To This Offer

If you’re a newbie to Internet Marketing this deal looks legit and in many ways is. The product does offer something for your money which is $37 after a $10 discount. The Killer Content System does deliver a concept and a few tools to support it. Unfortunately your $37 doesn’t give you a few key ingredients to get this offer from the conceptual stage to the implementation stage.

First off every site you create you will need to purchase a domain name for your site, this will cost you in the range of $4.99 – $14.99 annually. Next you will need a place to host your websites which could run you up to $25 a month. This all adds up over time and if you are producing multiple sites your bill is going to grow.

I just want to touch on the PLR content for a minute, most PLR content is laden with spelling mistakes, broken english and in many cases makes no sense whatsoever. Making a connection with an audience is what is important, many who try Internet Marketing fail for one simple reason,  they never focus on the most important element of Affiliate marketing and that is building relationships with your readers,  PLR content in many cases will not have that effect.

Computer generated content isn’t SEO optimized so when Google crawls your site they won’t find relevant keywords that will help your content rank.

There is no mention of any type of support,  you will need some type of support don’t you think?

My Final Thoughts

Socrates hit the nail on the head when he stated “content is king” he is absolutely right. Good content that ranks is what makes a website’s owner rich, whether you have advertisers wanting to advertise on your site because they like your content or you convert your traffic into sales because you connect with your readers,  good content will always produce results.

Having a website, producing content is definitely a realistic and lucrative opportunity but there are many techniques that need to be applied before you will see success. Once you learn these techniques you will always have them and with that you will always have an opportunity to make some good income online.







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  1. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for your informative review on Killer Content System. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hi Paul thanks for leaving your thoughts on my review and I wish you all the best with your website, it looks great, your doing a great job keep up the good work, cheers Mike.

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