Laid Off To Paid Off Review

Laid Off To Paid Off Review

“Laid Off To Paid Off Review”

This is a quick review of a popular program known as Laid Off To Paid Off, catchy name for a program has a nice ring to it so let’s start digging and see if the content of the program allows for a nice ring at the cash register, in your favor of course! Enjoy the read!

lotpoWhat Is Laid Off To Paid Off?

I will start by saying Laid Off To Paid Off is the product of an Internet Marketer named Bryan Winters. From what I can see Laid Off To Paid Off was developed to provide what I would consider a modified sales funnel for ZNZ Big Cash ( Zip Nada Zilch) a program that I have reviewed in the past. ZNZ Big Cash is a trial offer program where you get an opportunity to participate in trial offers on various services and products which in turn offer credits for completion of that trial offer.  One of the perks of completing trial offers are prizes and your eligibility to recruit other people into ZNZ  ($20 commission paid) after you have fulfilled your required trial offers.

sales funnelWhat’s a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a  a program designed to sell products or programs. In this case I believe Brian is using Laid Off To market and provide access to the real offer which is ZNZ Big Cash.

There are numerous upsell offers you will need to navigate through to get to your final destination which is the ZNZ Big Cash program.  These upsells are optional they are pitched in a fashion that alludes to the need for these products ” if you really want to make money.”   Here’s a short list of offers that are pitched inside LOTPO…..

 CashBlurbs: This is stated as optional at $20 a month. With this product you will be eligible for commissions off this product if someone clicks on your link that will be applied to what they refer to as the backend.

 Charlie Page’s Directory Of Ezines: This offer will cost you a whopping $197 so that you can place adverts on Ezines. Basically this is you paying $97 for a system to sell a system.

 Ad Swaps: A product that allows others to advertise on your email list. This product is a video viral generator.

How Does Laid Off To Paid Off Benefit You?

No money required: If you get through the up sells without biting you still have to find enough trial offers at ZNZ to complete 1 full credit, doesn’t sound like much but I couldn’t find enough free offers to reach my credit. Also keep in mind many off the offers are trials that lead to monthly subscriptions and if you don’t keep a close eye on them you might end up paying for a monthly subscription, in some cases you may end up in longer contracts.

  No Training required: Having no training going into this deal in my opinion is probably going to be your biggest mistake, this is a seasoned marketer selling you on stuff because you have no training or experience in Internet Marketing.  You are taking a person’s word on what you need to make money online so you should thoroughly check out what is being pitched to you.

 Free customized website from LOTPO:  From what I saw the same website that you are on is your site with an affiliate link added, not sure if I would consider that a customized website of your own.

My Final Thoughts On Laid Off To Paid Off

I am pretty confident from testing out ZNZ  that you could make money referring people to ZNZ but using a system like Laid Off To Paid Off I think you could get away with going straight to ZNZ Big Cash and bypass the up sells in the Laid Off To Paid Off offer.




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