Lead Lightning Review

Lead Lightning Review

I am going give you my thoughts on Lead Lightning a program developed by Neil Guess. I will give you my unbiased opinion on whether this product is worth the advertised price of $7 one time fee, enjoy my Lead Lightning Review. 

I do want to mention I actually purchased Lead Lightning and gave it a try,  so I know what I am talking about in this Lead Lightning review, you can count on an accurate and honest review.

Any questions or comments please leave them below and I will get right back to you.

What is Lead Lightning?

Lead Lightning sells an automated lead capturing system designed to generate automated leads for your product or to make commissions promoting Lead Lightning. If you have heard the term leads, this is another word for traffic, traffic that Lead Lightnings Marketing funnel will hopefully convert for you. There are a multitude of lead generating programs selling their wares to prospective buyers, Lead Lightning is one of the cheapest offers I have seen to date.  Lead Lightning has been around for quite a few years now so it does have a proven track record and obviously its longevity speaks to its ability to attract new members, but will their success work for you . Here’s what your first decision looks like when you enter Lead Lightning doors….

As you can see from the screen shot you have two choices, promote Lead Lightning or Lead Lightning and your product.

If you choose the link to promote Lead Lightning and your own product you will enter your website address  (URL) to your offer. This will add your offer to the banners and campaigns you run inside Lead Lightning. For example, if I wanted to promote this website I would enter https:/avoidonlinemarketingscams.com and it would be built into any Lead Lightning promotions. The problem that I have found so far is that, all the advertising is based on Lead Lightning, not your product. You only get a small “visit site here” blurb in the advertising, this is great if your promoting Lead Lightning, but obviously not that great if you are using Lead Lightning to promote your own product.

Who Really Benefits From Joining Lead Lightning?

– People Wanting To Make Money Selling Lead Lightning

Anyone who has basic Affiliate Marketing training under their belt could make a few bucks promoting Lead Lightning, not a lot, but a little. The key with this program is to get people to lead Lightning and then let their marketing funnel do the rest. They have a pretty decent funnel in place that pitches up sells that you could make more than your $7 per head if you know how to get people to Lead Lightning. I feel  you will be disappointed if you think you will get the training inside Lead Lightning that will allow you to generate the traffic you need. It takes a lot of traffic to make money with a $7 offer. Over the years I have promoted a multitude of low entry fee programs, sending a lot of traffic to these products with little to show for my efforts. Even with my experience, trying to make money from a low entry fee product is a tough go unless you can get people to go for the higher priced packages which you also have to buy into to get the higher commissions.

– If You Have Your Own Product

Lead Lightning is pitched as a program to generate leads for any product, people who want to find prospective buyers for their products or services, to be honest your product will come second to the promotion of Lead Lightning. You will notice this once you start to stumble around inside the program and see that all the prompts are pushing you towards upgrading.

Lead Lightning is a sales funnel all on its own,  you will get an idea how it all works by just following the prompts inside the Lead Lightning offer. When you enter Lead Lightning you are funnelled through steps that hit you with offers right off the get go. You are given choices which entail making greater commissions promoting Lead Lightning. Its pretty tempting to want to upgrade so that you qualify for the higher commission, especially if it’s off a $497 sale.

My advice here is don’t bite!

You’re going to be enticed to buy into these higher commission packages but I suggest if you are thinking of joining Lead Lightning, try and make as many $7 sales as you can before you dig into your pockets for more money, see how much traffic you can generate using the Lead Lightning training, I think you will find that you generate very little traffic using their traffic generation techniques.

If you are buying in under the $7 membership to promote your own offer, it’s not worth it in my opinion. If you buy the upgrades, then do it for the right reason, to make commissions off of Lead Lightning. In my opinion they’re only good for reselling purposes, I don’t see the value in the upgrades for promoting your own product, you don’t need all the time wasting initiatives that will in my opinion not produce the results you are looking for.

I will be straight up with you, I feel you’re going to lose your shirt if you go in and buy into the higher packages without basic skills in online product promotion.

I am not trying to sway you one way or another. Have a look at Lead Lightning and you will see what I am talking about.

  Here’s What Your $7 Membership In Lead Lightning Gets You

I am a pretty critical reviewer and I can say that for $7 there’s quite a list of services, not much in the line of tools, a traffic generation tool for online use and a traffic generation tool for offline use that I do have some reservations about their effectiveness, that’s about it.

Lead Lightning offers a few services, some of the stuff is just filler in my opinion, but a few services none the less. Here is a quick overview of services under the $7 buy in.

You get access to a variety of links and banners that you can use in your ad campaigns and on social media platforms. Here’s one that has my affiliate link embedded in it.You can post a banner like this on your website, social platforms or any place that they will allow it. Facebook is getting pretty sticky on this type of stuff, so you will be looking at using paid advertising that opens up another can of worms.

Clicking on the image below would take you into Lead Lightning under me where I could help you get the most out of Lead Lightning rather than Lead Lightning getting the most out of you!

Lead Management: if you click on the leads tab you will see everything that is available to you under manage your contacts. You have the ability to send up to 30,000 emails with this system as well as the following…

Training: under the training tab you are directed to The Power Lead System which is free, but you will need to create another user name and password to access the training. I found the training decent but a little outdated. One thing that stuck out right away was that they mentioned G+ in the training which isn’t available anymore. They also mentioned a few traffic generation techniques using facebook that could get your Facebook account suspended under Facebooks new rules. Here’s is what the training area looks like. All the headings have drop downs that offer a few sub headings and even more options.

You will find a lot on Youtube marketing in the training area (10 modules), Facebook marketing, little bit on email marketing and lots of phycological babble or filler on motivating your team.

You get some training on buying “paid advertising”. In my opinion this is a “dangerous area” to venture into unless you really know who your audience is and how to target them. Basically you really should good understanding on how paid traffic works which I feel isn’t adequately explained in the current training.

In the training Lead Lightning routinely uses terminology such as keyword phrases, Keywords, buying cycles, paid traffic, email swipes, short codes, embedded links, domains and sub domains, and lots of affiliate marketing specific terminology that I feel is great if you already have some basic Affiliate Marketing training.

Lead Lightning Compensation Plan

Here is a look at what commissions look like with the various memberships.

Starter membership: This is the $7 membership that got you through the door, you will receive $6 for anyone that signs up under you.

Silver Membership: This is a $29.97 monthly membership that will earn you commissions of $15 a month for any recruit that pays the monthly $29.97  fee.

Gold Membership: $53.97 is the monthly membership which allows you to receive a recurring monthly commission of $20 as long as the recruit purchases this package and stays enrolled. If someone buys gold they get silver free so they might as well buy the gold membership.

Diamond Membership: This is a one time payment option on top of one of the previous membership options. You will receive a one time commission of $100 on the sale of this membership.

Platinum Membership: This is a one time payment option that will cost you $497, your commission from a sale of this membership is a one time commission of $400

Keep in mind, these are the up sells you will face when you walk through the virtual doors of Lead Lightning. This kind of puts into perspective what you get for your $7. If the $7 membership gets results, why all the other packages? Different levels of membership are things I look at to evaluate an offer, is it set up to make money for you or for them?


When people look at offers or platforms like Lead Lightning they look at the shiny stuff and low cost, they don’t consider the fact that they may need some help, which you will. Help in this offer is lacking to say the least. To keep costs down outfits like Lead Lightning offer support through a Facebook group. The strength of a Facebook group is the experience of the participants and shear numbers of attendees. The numbers and experience level just aren’t great for this group.

When you are looking at any offer, look at their support first and product last. Platforms that have communities with large active memberships and good experience levels are the best for support, bar none.

Need A Lead Lightning Guide – Click Here

Taking The Plunge!

If you decide to take the plunge with Lead Lightning you will find the sign up process a little distracting. When you first go to sign up they have all the up sells on the right side of the offer with a check mark saying, “yes” I want access to these products. Prices for these packages go right up to that $497 upgrade, so I was kinda having a bird thinking I might be inadvertently be buying all of these packages. I had to look at it hard to make sure I wasn’t buying all these packages when I gave my credit card number lol. Checked my receipt and I only got billed for the $7, thank god! So it’s all good, your safe.

My Parting words!

Lead Lightning isn’t a scam, it’s a legitimate offer, but not one that I would proceed with caution unless you have some affiliate marketing training going into it, to get the training you really need to promote this offer with success means up grading to the higher priced packages which is pretty costly for affiliate marketing training. Lead Lightning’s $7 entry fee is what I would consider a lost leader, it is designed to lead you to higher priced offers within the sales funnel they have created. Lead Lightning will work, just keep in mind there are up sells and that $7 entry level is purely that. If you have the right training you could do quite well with the Lead Lightning offer.

Hope this review shed a little “light” on the Lead Lightning offer, leave me your comments or questions below and I will get right back to you, have a good one Mike.

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  1. Hi Graham, sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately your comment made it to the spam folder which is why this reply took so long.
    I just want to start by saying your objective to help veterans is very noble, people like you give humanity hope!
    Yes, wealthy Affiliate has lots of affiliates. I am an affiliate for many companies that I feel offer value and offer a legitimate chance to make substantial income online.
    I started online in 2010 and many things have changed in that time. Now more than ever the way you make money online has changed dramatically. As Goggle changes their augorythims so goes your strategies to reach the masses online.
    Auto responders and funnels are becoming less important as you need to get your message out there first to get the traffic so that your funnel can do its thing.
    Pay per click has once again become the most prevalent way to reach your audience. You see this when you do searches.Look for something online and the first thing you see are ads that litter the first page where marketers get the bulk of their traffic. I am definitely game for helping you but I feel you really need to use a platform that will offer 24/7 support. I would be happy to help where I can at no cost, save the money for the disabled vets.
    All the done for you stuff is quite expensive, it’s much more cost effective and not that difficult to build funnels and get a cheap auto responder. You don’t need costly services to make money online.
    I wish I could be more of a help but, if you want to make money online you are best to work your way through training that will take you from start up to making income, there are no short cuts, I would be suspect of anyone who tells you otherwise.
    You can stop by and ask me any questions and I will do my best to walk you through things or offer my opinion on platforms you are looking at.
    Please don’t buy into “easy” and quick solutions, they are created to take money, not generate it!
    I am here anytime so don’t hesitate to come back for help. Have a great day Mike.

  2. Hi Mike
    Thanks for your input. I almost got suckered into the $29/mth without realizing it; It’s very sneaky. I wanted to try out the $7 deal with the hope of making commissions of people joining in at the basic membershio. Then i noticed that there was a free trial for 7 days so i thought why not- if i find out this program is really bad then i could cancel it. So i went for it and the payment portal was really fast ( it’s funny that the computer can be as autistic as can be in moving when it comes to payment- it goes really fast- hmm i wonder who is giving it the juice. Anyway I read the fine print just in the nick of time- they are going to charge me $29 month after the 7 day trial was over- I was never informed about this upfront. So that was a bit of a shock- so while it was processing- i quickly exited out.
    Thankfully there was no charge showing up in my bank account. Another cunning move is that they wanted to store my credit card details for “future purchases”. i always refuse this especially when someone wants to deal with your credit card instead of paypal. They must be getting a lot of cancellations.
    Mike I was wondering if you can give me some pointers about my website. It’s a blogger site promoting affiliate products- I spend a lot of time on it and I am trying to get it to transferred to a wordpress site. As there are far more functions in a wordpress site. Although i did find blogger.com to be far more simpler.
    I hired someone from fiverr for 5 bucks to do the basic seo and to index it. I really dont know what he has done apart from the stylish SEO reports he sent me showing me what he has done. Bottom line- after one month- the site has yet to be indexed.
    Please let me know how I can make improvements and how I can transform it into a WordPress site. If I am not mistaken there might be a plugin that helps with the conversion.

    1. Hi Gabe I am glad you found my review in time to save you a few bucks. Like I mention in my Lead lightning review, you really need to know affiliate marketing to make any money even trying to get someone to buy a inexpensive $7 membership.
      Fiver is good for certain things but sourcing out tasks like basic SEO and indexing isn’t something you should farm out, you need to learn how to build SEO into your content so that you can save costs over time. All it takes to get a new site indexed is about 10-15 posts that are SEO friendly. I just created a new website and had it indexed in a couple of days and had only 6 posts on it.
      Make the investment in a little training so you can do these things on your own and you will make some great income online and not have to farm anything out.
      Blogger is a platform that Google created which is great for the hobby blogger but not so much for a person who wants to monetize a blog. It isn’t hard to transfer to the WordPress website building platform. What you will need first is hosting for your new WordPress site before you can get things rolling.
      You can get cheap hosting through Bluehost. The only issue I would have with Bluehost is, you will need some training to get the most out of your WordPress website, Bluehost won’t give you that. I would look at a place like Wealthy Affiliate who offers affiliate marketing training and uses WordPress for their websites. This is the platform that I got my affiliate training from, this is actually a WordPress site hosted with WA.
      You will need to choose a theme that you like but after that they will take care of the transfer of data for the most part. If you go through bluehost it’s a little more involved but not much, still just a click of a button for the most part. You won’t get the same look as you have with blogger, that stuff won’t export, but the data will.
      Whatever option you use let me know when its done and I will give you a hand getting it indexed. I don’t have any conditions on my help, its always free!
      Great decision to transfer your site now before you got to far into it, can’t believe someone would take your money to optimize your blogger site, not surprised it hasn’t indexed yet, not the best platform for indexing and high ranking websites.
      Like I said, let me know when you get set up with WordPress and I will give you some tips on getting it indexed quickly and generating some traffic, cheers Mike.

  3. Thanks for this great review Mr. Mike. I’m new to affiliate marketing, and I I registered for a course through an online coach that painted unrealistic image of affiliate marketing to me. I was promised to make money in the first 24hrs of opening an click bank account without using a website or laptop (I bit and I registered for his course with huge sum).
    When I see no progress, I hosted my website feoma six and I got a laptop, yet I haven’t earn a dime for the past month. I was patient and continued learning till I stumbled up on this lead lightning. I find it enticing so I’m up to do some research before I part with my $7 and thank goodness your site was what I first saw on Google and here I am. Thanks again for the review.
    The help I need from you is to guide me on setting my website as you will have noticed I have lot to do.
    And secondly help me with advice to succeed with affiliate marketing. Thanks I’m Hafiz.

    1. Hi Hafiz, for starters you have chosen a really nice theme in Lyrical. What’s also nice is you are using WordPress as your website building platform, this is the only website building platform I use. WP offers great flexibility and functionality which makes it very easy to work with even for the most inexperienced.
      I see you are looking at the online money making niche. Pretty competitive niche but with the right training you can set your self apart from the rest. You should always start with your main structure. Write your about me page and make it personal, add a picture of yourself, people need to know who they are trusting with their money. Getting people to part with money isn’t easy, not even $7. People in general are pretty guarded these days when it comes to making investments in money generating ideas, for good reason.
      I can work with you if you like. You can get a free membership on an affiliate training platform that I am a member we can work one on one using their tools and services. You already have a site so all you need is access to a keyword tool and eventually an autoresponder but that is all I virtually use to make a nice income online.
      It always gives more grey hair, which I don’t need more of, when I see people get taken advantage of and told that training and services should cost a lot, they don’t! $29 a month for a year and that’s all you need, that’s less than $300 for the year which is your hosting, website, keyword tool and all your training. There are no other costs, no one should be paying more than this, I never have. I make thousands a month for a $29 investment, any other tools I need I source out for free.
      Here’s a link for a free membership, “click here Hafiz”. Once inside look me up, my profile name is Mike Lambert. Look forward to working with you.
      You don’t need to join this platform if you are just looking for a little help here and there, I am willing to pop in the odd time to give you some ideas and feedback, my help is always free! Have a great day Hafiz, cheers Mike.



    1. Hi Ajoy, In my opinion and from my experiences promoting Lead Lightning, Lead Lightning is more of a referral program where your goal is to try and pitch the program to others. Inside are up sells, that’s a fact. You really need to have more access to training if you want to buy into the upgrades.Lead Lightning will work if you want to promote your own product but that’s not really Lead Lightnings mission. Personally I would pay the $7 and use what training you do get and push the heck out of the $7 gig. It isn’t a stretch to get 100 sales a day. Achieve these numbers and then move up.
      WA is $29 bucks a month if you go yearly. This is a drop in the bucket for what you get. You get everything you need and no up sells for that $29 bucks a month. You can promote any product using any marketing technique possible, it’s all taught at WA. I promote WA and Lead Lightning as well as a bucket full of other offers making a nice income every month, really anyone can do this, even you Ajoy.

  5. Hi Mike, as a beginning Affiliate Marketer I went out to look for an e-mail-autoresponder. Asking for hacks in a Facebook-group someone mentioned me LeadLightning. I have my own domain for which I am a believer in. Going over the video’s of Mr. P I more and more got the feeling of a MLM then of a service of an email-autoresponder. A lightbulb went on when I realized the video’s of Mr Palmer were only about the multi-level ‘opportunity’ and not what I was looking for: a trustworthy autoresponder for my business (without the frustration of having ‘teammembers’). If I would be an Affiliate for my own niche, and had the idea of starting something from and from my own, then why on earth would I suddenly be interested in having a ‘crew’. Distraction of my main goals. The second lightbulb went of when I realized nothing actually was said about the email-autoresponder. Not a mentioning anywhere about deliverability, open rates, CTR. That’s when I went looking for reviews. It was quite difficult to find you under ‘review LeadLightning’, however I can’t thank you enough for your article.

    1. Hi Dennis, thanks for your comment and your thoughts, they will help my readers come to an informed decision on lead Lightning. What you have described is exactly why I don’t recommend Lead Lightning unless you are prepared to join so that you can promote their product, it really is all about promoting their product when the dust settles.
      I see in your comment you mention an email-autoresponder, if it were me and just starting out I would look for the cheapest I could find because your list won’t be that big yet. I would look into Mailchimp’s free option. You get for free up to 2,000 subscribers and can send up to 12,000 emails for zero cost.
      Affiliate marketing can be done very inexpensively when you first start and scale your tools as you grow, many make the mistake of loading up on expensive tools to start and the expense kills their business very quickly. Keep your costs low to start, many tools can be found for free. The only costs you need to start are hosting for a website and access to a keyword tool. I wouldn’t invest in a autoresponder until I had a decent amount of traffic coming to my site. The same philosophy applies to promoting Any MLM opportunity, this can also be done very cost effectively by sourcing out free services and tools.
      Lead Lightning is good if you want to take a few of their services and use these to promote your product but it really is about getting as many people as you can through the doors. You can make some money promoting Lead Lightning, that’s what I would use it for, I actually do, lol.
      Thanks again for your comment and good luck with your affiliate marketing business, lots of opportunity out there, cheers Mike.

  6. Mike! Thanks for the info. I am a SAHM and thinking lead lightning had contracts with certain companies and I would just be sending out pre determined marketing info and making some extra cash as they got clicked on etc…

    I have been working on my husbands site. And would love to generate traffic for his company. handyhux doodlekit.com

    What do you think of its basics? Would anything benefit me in gaining knowledge and training from any of these MLM type marketing sites.

    1. Hi Huxel, few things I would like to touch on. I checked out the site you have been working on and before you look at ways to drive traffic I would build out your content a little more, there’s no need driving traffic to something that won’t convert traffic, so I would start there. Second I would really think about building a business or website on a sub domain such as Doodlekit.com. The problem with free platforms such as Doodlekit to build websites is you actually don’t own your website and all that work you put into it hinges on the success of the Doodlekit platform, these websites aren’t portable so you loose all your hard work. One other draw back with working on a subdomain is you don’t actually own your website name so you can’t effectively build a brand. Someone could register a domain like Handyhux.com which is available at this moment to purchase and steal any traffic you have y ranking higher in search results.
      .com’s carry more weight with ranking in search engines so you always want to get your hands on a .com when possible. My advice, don’t pit to much effort into your website, get your own domain and build your site on WordPresses platform, it’s free, you own it, and it’s portable. I can help you with this for free of course if you need any more info on how to go about doing this!
      Lastly people go to Lead Lightning thinking they are going to help them drive traffic to their offer but the reality of it is, the only thing you will focus on in lead Lightning is trying to recruit people to join lead Lightning, not your product. You can use Lead Lighting services to help drive traffic to your own product but that would be secondary in my opinion.
      What you need is a platform that teaches you how to drive traffic to your offer, not one that teaches you how to sell it’s product. Hope that helps Huxel. Need any help or have more questions don’t hesitate to ask me, love to help, good luck Mike.

  7. This a great review, I almost got suckered in but you put in perspective. The $7 fee is just to get you in the door for various upsells. Thank you for your words of wisdom. I noticed your offer to review someone’s site for them, I would love it if you could give me some feedback on my site if possible. The site is AdamEnterprisesOnline.com.

    Thanks again for your review.
    Catherine Adam

    1. Hi Catherine thanks for stopping by! Yes Lead Lightning isn’t what it appears to be and you must be ready for paying out extra costs if you want to proceed any further in their program, the $7 fee is basic entry fee but one I recommend people stick to until they have the proper training.
      I do offer free help and I have looked at your website. You have done a great job Catherine but I do see why you are struggling to get traffic. I am not a fan of your theme and you need to use an image optimizer like Kraken. This is a free plugin you can get for WordPress sites. Your front page image is to large and will over time hurt your rankings with search engines, they penalize you for slow loading images. The next thing I noticed is your front page scrolling blog roll has some back end issues, easy fix, you just need to go into setting under appearance and make sure your blog roll is actually linking to your posts, at the moment it is showing your posts can’t be found which will hurt your traffic if people land on your home page.
      Lastly your keyword selection isn’t very good I did a keyword search for traffic and completion for your titles and with a new site like yours you should stay under 150, even better under 100 for a QSR score ( competition) for your posts. Traffic scores shouldn’t be that relevant when you are first starting out with a new blog, competition should be your main focus,
      New sites have very low ranking power so you need to choose your titles wisely selecting low completion keywords yet keywords that still target your market. I have many examples that I can email you if you like. I took your titles that had competition scores of over 300 in some case which will never get a high ranking and no traffic as a result and found alternatives that had competition scores of under 100 with traffic in the thousands.

      I hope this gives you some insight into why you are struggling getting traffic to your website, these are all easy fixes that I don’t mind helping you with, my free offer still stands. Have a great day Catherine thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

      P.S I think you should set up a bunch of social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, Stumbleupon and instal a free social sharing plugin that way when you post an article you can share that article with a simple click of a button to all your social accounts, nice to have a well balanced marketing approach!

    2. Well making $6 profit on a $7 sale is pretty good! I would just keep it at $7 and not try to upsell it any!!

      Try to just “Keep It Simple Silly!!” KISS!!

      Chuck M.

    3. Hi Chuck, I agree to a point. Yes, I recommend people stay at the $7 membership and at the same time learn how to promote products online and make a living off Lead Lightning and other products combined. Don’t just settle for the low hanging fruit, climb the fridge tree man!

  8. Just curious if anyone else noticed how the percentage of commission drops from the silver to the gold membership. I sign 2 people up at silver to get back what I’ve spent, but at gold I have to sign up 3 people to get my money back. Hmmm

    1. Hi Tammy seems a little backwards that’s for sure. I guess where they are going with this is, if you buy the gold package you get the silver for free, so maybe they see this as some type of trade off.

  9. hello,

    I am new to.online marketing and i highly appreciate this review of lead lightning since you said it is a good program that a beginner can take several lessons from.

    Is it a good idea to join with that high amount since i am begining from zero infact i am just setting up my blog niwir.should i start with the small starter of $7 ?

    1. Hi Dave, actually what I do say in my review is if you are going to join Lead Lightning join for $7 and utilize the training offered under that membership but don’t bite at the up sell, there is no value past that point in my opinion. Lead Lightning isn’t the best program  by any means but you can make some coin at promoting it.

  10. Well done Mike, you quite good elaborate what the members to expect of Lead Lightning of their membership in future. You indicate that the initial membership fee of $ 7 is only a ticket to the future costs that they expect if they accept membership in Lead Lightning. You also point out that despite the solid costs that you would have with membership here, you should not expect much in return. If someone, despite this review, would like to risk non-inventive expenses, let him try it. Each decision is taken by itself. Cheers, Dragi.

    1. Hi Dragi, the whole point of a cheap introductory entry fee is to get you through the door, works if you’re promoting it!

    1. Hi Steve, I started my online career using Wealthy Affiliates platform. The reason I started with WA was actually by fluke but it turned out to be a good decision. What I got from WA was the basis for making money online promoting products. The WA platform teaches you how to promote any product using a website to reach your audience and from there you can promote anything with success. MLM products, Amazon products, service orientated products, basically anything that pays you for your promotional services.
      I have worked in a few niches over the years such as weight loss, make money online, binary option fraud collection services, board games.
      Using Wealthy Affiliate to get started gave me a really good idea of what I needed and what I didn’t need to make money online. They offer everything you need to know about affiliate marketing and offer the best opportunity to start making an income online. Over the years I have sourced out free or inexpensive training offered by individuals and platforms such as Chris Farrell, Mark Ling, Neil Patel, Dan Brock, Russel Brunson and Anik Singal, Shaw Academy and Udemy utilizing their unique areas of expertise.
      You may look at this list and say it must have cost you a fortune but really it cost me very little, why? Wealthy Affiliate like I mentioned previously gave me the knowledge and the ability to make money and really understand what areas I could expand on to make even more money and most of the internet superstars I mentioned above offer some sort of free or inexpensive training in various areas whether it be free webinars or inexpensive training. Many programs I would join just for a month and seek out the information I was specifically targeting and staying away from areas that I knew offered little value to me.
      If you read many of my reviews you will see a clear pattern. Many of the programs I review achieve my “approved status”. Does this mean I recommend them, no, but they do provide many components that offer some component of value. Programs that I don’t recommend are either just funnels for other products or offer very little value in my opinion.
      So to recap I would use WA to get started and start making some income and really learn what is needed to make money online and slowly branch out and specialize in various areas of marketing which at this time you can afford and recognize. The misconception is that you can use just one program completely for your online money making aspirations but to fully maximize your online potential you will need to recognize and utilize valuable training. Hope that helps Steve, have a good one Mike. You can read more on Wealthy Affiliate here!

  11. Lead Lightning does not look like an MLM to me, it looks like a pyramid scheme. It may look like there is a product, but the product is used by recruiters to recruit. If the emphasis is on recruiting, then the whole system will come crashing down for sure. There needs to be a product that can be sold to consumers, from where the commissions will come from. But if the only thing to do is to recruit, then I will pass on this. I have been in an MLM program and it’s not for me.

    1. Hi Reyhana, I am not sure if I would classify Lead Lightning as a pyramid scheme, they do have a product in a sense. Lead Lightning offers a service which is a product. It is sold with the idea you can use it to promote any product but not sure if I would go that far. I am a member and do promote it, but mostly as a referral offer that you can make money from.

  12. This is great review of the common type of beginners mistakes that can easily be made by those jumping online and trying to struggle to make an income. The leads are important but watered down leads serves no good intent for a specific niche such as traffic exchanges and similar sites to acquire these leads

    1. Thank you for your thoughts on Lead Lightning Andrew, appreciate you taking the time Andrew. You are right in saying that traffic isn’t all made equal and just because an outfit promises leads they mean nothing unless they are from your targeted audience, have a good one Mike.

  13. Seven dollars does seem like an extremely low price for marketing training….but the guy on the video (in your image) has been the front face for several poor products in the past…did you know this?
    I’m unsure whether or not his name is Neil Guess – but I am sure I wouldn’t go near any of his products. Where did you learn your marketing education?

    1. I Chris, yes, I know Neil has been behind a few products to date. I received my initial training through Wealthy Affiliate where many online affiliates got their training, Great platform that teaches you to promote any product. No emphasis is put on promoting WA even though you have that option. I know of many affiliates that promote various products, myself included. We all make a good income online from multiple revenue streams. You never want to have all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Making sure you have multiple income streams is critical to having longevity online. I am always looking at new offers from online merchants wanting me to partner up as an affiliate. I make sure I give them a thorough going over to see how they support their affiliates. the goal in this game is to make money. The online merchants job is to keep their affiliates by providing good support and conversions.   

  14. I knew Ted Gross from the Warrior Furum. This is a scheme without a base because basically there is no product. You don’t need to buy it. The problem with this method is that you can’t sell something which you haven’t tried yourself. And the worst part is that there are a lot of upsells. I don’t know how it is possible that so many people are falling into this trap. For the average person it will be just a waste of money.

    1. Hard to argue with you, you have some valid points. I will say that Lead Lightning I feel overstates it’s abilities but it is a good program for making commissions, not so much for promoting other products.

  15. Ted Gross is telling you that the system is for promoting Lead Lightning to others. The emails loaded in the auto-responder are for selling the same system you purchased to others. There is no need to buy it if you want to promote any other business. The catch is, you can’t sell what you didn’t buy. If you are a newbie you can’t resist the up-sells being promoted by Warriors’ forum gurus such as Ted Gross. These guys can sell you snake oil and you will happily pay for it. If you don’t have a method of driving traffic to your affiliate links then you must know you are donating your $7.

    1. Thanks for commenting Amos you are exactly right. The $7 fee is just a cheap introductory price that gets people through the door. The $7 fee looks very attractive to people who are working on a tight budget but it’s a slippery slope my friend!
      Once you get in and the up sells start rolling it is very hard to pass up the opportunity to make more money, the sad reality is you will end up spending yourself into a deep hole without a solid background in online promotions. If you haven’t had success promoting products online this program won’t be any different for you, so keep your $7 and walk away, learn how to promote products online first then “maybe” look at this product again when you have the right training under your belt.

    1. I agree I like to use Paypal myself. Lead Lightning is a legit outfit, I had to pay with my visa which I wasn’t that comfortable doing but it all worked out well.

  16. Hello Mike, can I use lead lightning to promote my mom’s business, she’s a real estate agent working for CIR realty?…

    1. Hi Michael, realistically you could start out with lead lightning it’s only $7 to join but you really will need a website and knowledge of affiliate marketing to successfully promote your moms Realestate business. Be really careful not to buy into any up sells if you can’t do anything under the $7 fee then move on, don’t get sucked into buying more options.
      My suggestion would be to get a little training in affiliate marketing, free training that is and learn how to promote your moms business to the internet public.
      Here’s some absolutely free training that you can access and it will give you a really good idea what it takes to promote products online with success. This is a 10 unit work at your own pace training platform that will have you build a free website and show you how to use that site to promote your mom’s Realestate business.
      Click Here Michael to access the free training!
      Don’t hesitate to stop by and run any other opportunities by me first, good luck Mike.

  17. Thanks Mike for this. I am a newbie as well but all that attracted me in lead lightning is the so cheap $7 that can market MY PRODUCT. I just want to MARKET MY PRODUCT please! The $6 commission doesn’t catch my fancy, neither does the up sell make any meaning to me, but just to use it market my online network marketing company. Will the system really do this? Or how can I make it do it if it wouldn’t do it?

    1. Hi James, if you want to market your MLM product you need to learn a little about affiliate marketing which will give you the skills to promote any product online with success even your own MLM offer.
      Here’s a link to some free training that will show you how to promote your offer without any worry of up sells. You will learn how to build a website and attract visitors to your offer.
      Check it out its absolutely free click here! Let me know how you make out cheers Mike.

  18. As always what you see is not always what you get after joining. The only leads RED HOT as they mention are the ones you are getting to sign up on the program.
    Then you have a chance of promoting yours when you send them the link.
    Overall did nothing more for me than taking my $7 could have got a good meal and felt better for it.

    1. I guess the fortunate thing Stephan was it only cost you $7 to find that out many spend upwards of thousands to learn a lesson, good luck in your future endeavours cheers Mike.

  19. Hi Mike, thanks for the insight into this MLM program. As you said $7 is very appealing, and that is probably the big catch especially for people that doesn’t have much money and crave for extra cash. It does sound like pyramids schemes. It may work fine for the experts or people that know how to generate online traffic. For guys like me that are starting the online business, it surely can be a downfall.

    1. Hi Mel yes the $7 initial fee is appealing but that is just the start of what could cost you a few bucks by the time the dust settles. I wouldn’t go as far as to classify Lead Lightning as a pyramid scheme I don’t feel they meet that criteria but you do need to know that the $7 isn’t the end price you will pay if you buy into the up sells, thanks for commenting have a great day Mike.

  20. You never read up on too much information about avoiding scams online. I appreciate these sites every time I come across them especially ones like this useful information. Lead lightning does appear to be a legitimate offer even though the character does look a bit cheesy on the video. Just spending seven dollars does not hurt much to find out just how legitimate this offer is.

    1. Hi Taquee, the problem I have with Lead Lightning isn’t its $7 entry fee which does look enticing its what happens once you are inside, the $7 gets you the right to spend more money not much more, thats pretty well it in a nutshell. Thanks for taking the time to comment Taquee.

  21. Its funny this almost sounded like a real internet marketing company. Almost was I suppose. The mlm world is in need of a transparent overhaul in my opinion. They should be based on excellent products, and take a limited number of affiliiates to make sure the quality and not the quantity of marketing lends itself to productive and lasting efforst.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment for my readers Andrew very insightful comment.

  22. Sounds like something similar to a separate product known as MOBE. Except with Lead-Lightning, the cost to join is lower and MOBE is more in the category of high-ticket affiliate marketing. Agreed that the $7 is a good lure to get people with a tight budget into the program. What I fear is exactly what you had describe, upsell after upsell. And it preys on people’s greed and hope that they could achieve more. Appreciate the review!

    1. Thanks for leaving your thoughts for my readers Merrill you have made some very good points, cheers Mike.

  23. Hi, Mike. I enjoyed your review of LeadLightning. It was a program that I wasn’t aware of in the past, although I have seen plenty of similar programs and found that they don’t work very well for what I am trying to do online. Traffic that isn’t targeted just results in a higher bounce rate and less time spent on your site, which can also result in lower rankings with the various search engines. So I think I will be avoiding LeadLightning, thank you again for bringing the site to my attention.

    1. Hi Christopher great comment you obviously know a thing or two about internet marketing. You are right traffic is not all made equal and lots of non relevant traffic that doesn’t take the time to check your site out and just leaves because they actually aren’t interested in what you have to offer can actually hurt your sites ranking with search engines such as Google. Thanks for the comment have a great day Mike.

  24. The guy in the video is Mark Gross. He’s a great guy with a LOT to teach about marketing. Having said that, he has made a lot of his money by creating tons of products that are similar to one another but with different names and slightly different features. Like you said, it isn’t a bad thing, but there are way better alternatives to what Lead Lightning offers without the up sells.

    1. Thanks for your input Brandon I am sure my readers will appreciate it, cheers Mike.

  25. Hi Mike. Thanks for this review on Lead Lightening.
    A short cut to getting loads of relevant traffic is an internet entrepreneur’s dream.
    Your explanation of the different level costs proves, for me, that this system is designed to work for those who focus on recruitment.
    I think there should be a special name for recruitment schemes like this. MLM can work but if it depends on recruitment, it only works for those at the top of the tree.
    Thanks for a lucid, easy to follow review, which is more honest than Lead Lightening’s approach.
    Well done for your exposing of rather devious schemes like this and for the programs I see you have given an approval rating.

    1. Hi Happy, good handle! I feel objectivity is important there are very few outright scams online just programs that have good and bad aspects and if you know the facts going in it just makes it that much easier to understand what you will get from the program. With Lead Lightning its all about understanding the $7 initial fee is just the tip of the iceberg and you will have to eventually open your wallet. Have a good one, cheers Mike.

  26. really easy to read review. I really enjoyed learning about the MLM company you reviewed. I like the way you broke down the text with questions. It makes it all very digestible. I wasn’t too big on the image you chose at the top, it slightly confused me a little. The pages on your menu could be better organised, starting from the most relevant so About you should be towards the far right. I love the way you title your posts, super fun and creative.

    1. Hi Lolaking I am always open to any suggestions that will help my readers have a better experience when they visit my site, thanks for taking the time to point out a few issues that I can address, cheers Mike.

  27. These types of online business opportunities are really hard to pass up the small initial fee of seven dollars. It’s really hard to say no afterwords because in my mind I’m always thinking “well I already put in some money I might as will put in a little more.” Thank you for the layout and the review. Though it is only seven dollars I do not think that is worth it for what it offers. It seems like there’s really no way to make money unless you’re really good at convincing people and I am not that great

    1. Hi Adriana, every one antsy fixate on getting leads when it’s not solely about getting leads but people should be focusing on getting targeted leads, these are the leads that convert to sales. A person who knows how to target people in the right stage of the buying cycle is way further ahead than a marketer who is consumed with getting any leads even if they are not relative to what they are selling. Trust me $7 won’t teach you that! Have a good one Adriana and thanks for your thoughts, cheers Mike. 

  28. I absolutely agree with you, Lead Lightning Review is an MLM – because the focus of the training and main portion fo the ‘product’ is to get you to sign other people up.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have a ‘commision spitting machine’, who wouldn’t? But back to real life and $7 might look cheap, but as you say, it’s the crazy over-priced, good for nothing upsells they keep shoving in your face after that!

    Thanks for a brilliant and honest review.

  29. Hi Mike,

    Lead Lightning seems a typical company that is only interested in getting you signed up for a minimal fee. These add on’s or upsells is a lot of money, you as mentioned need to promote Lead Lightning massively to recoup your investment.
    Also if you are not completely convinced that Lead Lightning is a great company with good ideas to promote, it will just cost you a lot of money. I accept it is not a scam but Wealthy Affiliate is a much better option in my opinion.
    Thank you for a very fair, informotive post.


    1. Thank for your input John. Yes, Lead Lightning has a cheap introductory price but Really what do you get for that? Not much in my opinion! Have a good one John, cheers Mike.

  30. Hi there,
    Thanks for this great review and well done on alerting people about this business. It looks a little too good to be true, to be honest. Although you don’t condemn this product, you are not exactly shouting from the rooftops either about this co.
    There seems to be a lot of upsells and it goes from a paltry $7 initially all the way up to $500.
    I fell for a few of these in my time and this one looks like it has a similar appeal.
    Thanks again for alerting us about this biz,
    Well done
    Cheers Phil Browne

  31. Hello, Mike. Thanks for the comprehensive review of Lead Lightning. When you told about fee $7, I thought that it is a low price and something more needs to show up.
    Later on I understand that it is just beginning. It is a pity, when excitement disappears, people see that they need to buy more memberships or services in order to succeed.
    It is not fair for newbies who look for real opportunities earn money online. For me it seems jungle where everybody fights for survival.
    Thanks for sharing your findings, I will stay away Lead Lightning because it can strike wallet pretty hard. Uh!
    All the best, be healthy and wealthy, Nemira.

    1. Hi Nemira thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts. Yeh the $7 membership fee is really just the bait in this situation it’s not the real offer by any means. Have a great day, cheers Mike.

  32. Hey Mike, thanks for writing this review on Lead Lightning. I think it’s terrible that there are programs like this out there. Lead lightning may not be a scam, however, it does not provide a way for the average person to earn a living. Therefore, it’s a waste of time and money. 

    1. The Internet is chalked full of offers like Lead Lightning and they not scams but you really need to understand that cheap offers usually have a catch someone where down the line as does Lead Lightning, have a good one Mike.

  33. Hi Mike, just finished reading your review of”lead lighting”. Yes the $7 membership does sound extremely appealing. But as I read further into your review of lead lighting I see that the $7 is just to get you in. And exactly as you said there goes the many up sells that they (lead lighting) and many other programs have….thanks for a great review.

    1. Thanks Quang for taking the time to comment, yes the $7 membership fee is really just a lost leader which will eventually lead , no pun intended, into the real costs that follow if you want to participate in the real opportunity.

  34. Oh thank you very much.

    I was about to get my fingers burnt. Someone online told me how great this program was, with a very easy strategy to make money.

    He didn’t mention that I was going to have to recruit to make money with this program. I’m happy I was able to look the program up before joining. And you are right, they are targeting people who are new to the online world.

    I was looking for a way to make money and this guy pushed the lead lightning program on me. I hate multi level programs because I heard they are hard to make money with.

    1. Hi Dave, Lead Lightning is a recruitment based offer and you need to know how to market online to have some success.

  35. Hello Mike,
    Im new to IM. I looked at the WA home page for an overview. In the IM model described on the home page, there is no mention of an autoresponder system. Is my observation correct? And if Im wrong, is the AR included in the free trial? Thanks.

    1. Hi Danjuma, No WA doesn’t provide an autoresponder if you need one you would have to source that out with a provider like Aweber.
      WA’s training focuses on building your presence in a niche utilizing a website, a autoresponder is only needed if you start an email campaign. General correspondence with your websites visitors is handled through your WordPress websites normal function which allows you to engage visitors through comments or email correspondence.

  36. Mike,

    You failed to mention in your review about all of the training provided by Lead Lightning. With the silver membership, you get 2 training programs that sell online for over $300 each. There are also several modules that teach the member about Facebook ads, solo ads, SEO, and lots more.
    I also am able to promote my primary business on the back end.
    Thanks for your review but it needs to include all the facts.

    1. Hi John I think my review is pretty accurate I don’t go into too much detail on what the various levels include for the simple reason that these are upsells that feed off the $7 one time membership which to honest I am not big on. The $7 fee is the first part in the Lead Lightning sales funnel, the lost leader so to speak and the part I feel has the real value if any!
      Lead Lightning promotes the fact that you can make good money online using their platform and the cost to do this can be achieved with a one time fee of $7. What you are pitching within your comment John is one of their many upsells ( silver package $29.97/month) which is a far cry from the $7 one time fee that many will go in under with the impression that this is going to make for an income windfall.
      I feel the multiple upsell offers that the program presents to the $7 members are predominantly focused on the referral income potential from your downline rather than the tools that can be of use for marketing online.

      Silver membership: $29.97/monthly, payout: $15 monthly commissions on new memberships,

      Gold membership: $53.97/monthly, Payout: $20 monthly commissions on new memberships,

      Diamond membership: $147/ monthly, Payout: $100 commissions on new memberships.

      Platinum membership: $497 monthly, Payout: $400 commissions on new memberships.

      I like to be objective John but personally don’t see great value for your dollar in these upsell offers from an internet marketer’s perspective. An example of this is the customer management system that Lead Lightning promotes as one of its perks is something that if you look around you can find free options, SuiteCRM and Insightly CRM software are examples of customer management systems that do offer a free option. If you’re looking at an email system that can become an autoresponder there’s MadMimi.
      My Lead Lightning review focuses on the initial Lead Lightning offer which is advertised for a $7 one time fee, the program offers very little in the way of promoting your own business under this offer and primarily focuses on the benefits from the promotion of lead lightning which I feel leads the member into all the various levels of upsell memberships if they want to maximize their income potential. Thanks for your comment John and the chance to clarify my rationale behind how I approached this review, cheers Mike.

  37. Hello Mike I am a complete newbie in the affiliate marketing arena. I was thinking about Lead Lightning to help me figure out how to promote my niche. I already have the website ready to go I just need to promote it to generate income can you give me some advice? I was thinking that Lead Lightning would show me how to do it. I am not interested in promoting Lead Lightning I guess I need a funnel and some leads would like your recommendation. Thanks

    1. Hi Allen if you are a complete newbie then I would suggest getting some basic training in affiliate marketing before using Lead Lightning then you will know how to effectively use what Lead Lightning offers.
      If you do decide to take the plunge into Lead Lightning then make sure you stay with the $7 entry offer and stick to it. The program is designed to entice you to upgrade but there is little benefit for promotion of your website.

    2. Hello Allen, I have just signed up with Lead Lightning and I have to say that their training videos are not up to date with their current system. When you go to the training area and look at some of the videos you will notice that the back office in those videos look nothing like the real back office.

  38. Mike,
    Thanks for saving me money and a lot of time trying to get something out of Lead Lightning. I have been thinking about doing IM for a long time, but other business always got in the way. Now that I am getting ready to start the process, your information will be invaluable.
    All the best,
    Mike (yes, I too have that great name!)

    1. I am glad I could be of help Mike. Internet Marketing is a great job or should I say lifestyle. I couldn’t ask for a better way to make a living work, I work when I want and from where I want and I can’t complain about the money either. You won’t regret looking at getting into Internet Marketing you will be blown away by what it offers, good luck in your future IM endeavours, cheers Mike.

  39. Just got off one like this one, but very expensive called Project ##$$$##. Their Ultimate program cost $5000 and I hardly had the $47 basic for membership. After testing the system and seeing that their autoresponder was set to promote the business, and even send e-mails advertising high commission programs on my behalf, and seeing their “coaching” program which cost $5000 nothing better than my free YouTube coaching videos, I decided to quit and sign with one of the big autoresponders, pay for website, and pay for a new e-mail address instead of using free ones.

    I might test drive this system and see if I can make a dollar or two, on the side. Will check your program too. What I learnt in life everything is a scam. It’s just that if your conscience stops you, do not be part of that; like I couldn’t promote a $5000 programme knowing that it was complete fake

    1. Hi Bonga, If you bought into a program that offered coaching and some training that cost $5000 I could see how you would be skeptical but not everything online when it comes to Internet Marketing is a scam, yes the majority of the stuff out there is bogus like training that asks for $5000 or help for $5000 when it should be free!
      I think most people really don’t have a clue what it takes to make money online and there are many who will take advantage of that lack of knowledge. The program I recommend offers free access with free training, 10 lessons worth with free help and free websites to build and free hosting. You get all the opportunity to ask as many questions of the members as you want all 400,000 of them.
      You don’t have to pay an outrageous sum of $5000 to learn internet marketing and make money online the members will tell you that.
      The program I recommend has a zero upsell policy, you pay for nothing extra inside. If you like what you are doing and see that it has potential to make you money you can go premium and get everything they have to offer which costs $47 a month, very transparent, no hidden costs, no scam!
      Having to pay for anything before you give it a really good try is not advisable. If a program has confidence in what they are providing then they will have faith that people will find value in their offer if they get to try it for a good amount of time. The program that I recommend has an unlimited starter membership, no trial period fee, no end date, no credit card info, don’t like it simply walk away, can’t see how that could ever be considered a scam! Cheers Mike.

    2. I can see how a $5000 program might seem like a scam. Sometimes that’s exactly what those high-ticket products are. Not always, though. There are some very good coaches and mentors out there who charge that kind of money for a few coaching sessions, and it’s well worth it. It all depends on what program you decide to go with. I have seen $2000 products that were total crap, and I have seen $20 programs that were totally awesome. That’s why it’s important to read several reviews and learn all you can about a product before you purchase. Another thing that’s great is that nowadays if you are not satisfied with a purchase most products offer at least a 60-day money back refund period. As for Lead Lightning, I own the product myself and I have to say it’s a great investment for $7. You get a ready to go, complete funnel and it even allows you to promote your own business opportunity if you wish. The squeeze page converts very well, even using cold traffic. This is also a very detailed review, which is helpful. Mike covered just about all you need to know and none of it is “fluff,” either. Good job.

    3. Thank you for your input on the Lead Lightning product and your overall perspective on Internet marketing training in general Chris, my readers will benefit from what you have said.
      I do agree that there are overpriced training options as well as valuable training being offered and that is why I started this site quite a few years ago.
      When you are starting out in Internet Marketing ( the online money making game) how do you really know what will work and what is just garbage designed to separate you from your hard earned money, you don’t! Even “honest no fluff reviews” are hard to come by these days most are sales pitches disguised as reviews.
      Unfortunately product reviews have become effective tools used by affiliates when promoting their products, reviews can be a key component in an affiliate marketers sales funnel.
      In the case of Lead Lightning I have heard over and over again “it’s only $7” how can you go wrong?
      The problem isn’t with the $7 for the entry level offer it’s more with the fact that this low fee is designed to set the hook for the higher priced packages that all revolve around promoting Lead Lightning.
      The product isn’t bad but like I have said before you need to have some skill set to understand how to achieve the desired results, make money.
      I know when I started I had no clue what the recipe for success online was and what tools I needed to make money online, fortunately I did find the training I needed but not before I had wasted a ton of money and a whole pile of valuable time.
      I guess where I am going with this is yes there are good and bad programs and good and bad reviews but really how would a newbie to Internet marketing really know? You won’t, reviews can be the biggest sales pitch going they convert the best for affiliates that use them as sales sequays.
      I have purchased many programs to review and yes most have a money back guarantees but what Chris didn’t mention was that many will charge your credit card automatically fro a much higher fee once a trial period is over and it is very difficult to get your refund back after that point, many programs I wouldn’t dare give my credit card info to.
      There is a lot more to finding good Internet marketing training then trying out programs offering money back guarantees, good and the bad offer 100% money back guarantees, that’s standard these days. unfortunately you won’t know until it’s too late if your chosen program is one of the good ones or not, unless of course you read my reviews first!
      In my experience a good program offers a free trial with no stipulations, a good program isn’t afraid to show what they offer and let you make the decision, no credit cards!

  40. Hi MIKE thanks a lot for this review. I’m a total newbie in the online marketing business & don’t no where or how .to start. pls i need your help Thanks Uche.

    1. Hi Uche I would suggest checking out this free starter course and really see what online marketing is all about. You will get to create 2 WordPress websites learn how to find a product or choose a niche to promote and get the training you need to make that website into an income generator for years to come. Have a great day Uche, cheers Mike.

  41. Hello Mike! I’m a newbie. Was about to sign up with Lead Lightning but decided to check it out first. Glad I landed in your Review site. Great review. Truly appreciate it. Seriously taking your advice to have my own website.

    1. Hi Billy thanks for leaving some feedback. Building your own website is a great option to explore, you can build a website quite quickly add some content on any interest and turn that interest into online income. If you learn how to promote any product using a website you will be in control of your own future not linked to the success or failure of any given program or product. Building sites and selling products is something I have done for years, I have no boss, I sell what I want and if I don’t like the merchant’s terms I move to another merchant it really is that simple. Have a great day Billy, cheers Mike.

  42. Message from helpdesk, after my email about stop spam me.
    I must delete my account 2 times to get my money back, and still i have id and my data in system.

    lead lightning program consultant

    “Your the freakin idiot who opted into a lead capture page then
    wonders why you get follow-up emails… DUH!!!!

    I’m simply pointing out how stupid you are, and all you
    can do is grunt and rack your brain for the word ‘Retard’.

    Well… that shoe fits far better on YOUR foot.”

    1. Wow! Thanks for sharing Elninio. This is such a degrading and disgusting reply to someone in need of help. I have many readers Elininio and your comment will definitely raise the eyebrows of many looking to participate in the Lead Lightning program.
      Don’t give up, keep hounding them and hopefully they will do right by you, let me know how you make out, Mike.

  43. Mike, this is a really great review. I agree with you 100% that in order to be successful with Lead Lightning you need to be an experienced marketer. The whole idea of the $7 front end product is to get you into the program so you can then be upsold to joining Power Lead system, which is the actually MLM.

    Lead Lightning is basically just one squeeze page that you send traffic to and when peopel sign up the email followup series they get is designed to sell them Lead Lightning. However, if you want to make more than just the $6 commission for selling Lead Lightning, you need to upgrade to a Power Lead System member.

    I test drove the entire program a couple of months when I upgraded to Power Lead System Gold level. I was able to make a little bit of money, but only because I already have an existing list of over 20K. I think that for somebody just starting out with no list it would be very difficult to succeed with PLS.

    All in all, if you are new to Internet Marketing and you want to get your feet wet, then I say go for it and pick up Lead Lightning. However, newbies should understand that the potential to make a full-time income from Lead Lightning is limited because unless you upgrade to PLS all you can get are one-off $6 commissions.

    In my opinion if you don’t plan to upgrade and become at least a Power Lead System Gold member, then I wouldn’t bother. If you are going to be sending traffic to a squeeze page, then you should be sending it to your own squeeze page so you have control over your leads and when/what you mail them.

    Like I said, Lead Lightning is alright, but only if you plan to upgrade and dive head first into Power Lead System. As far as the tools that you get with PLS like the funnel builder and the autoresponder, they are mediocre t best. If you want to do it right then I would suggest to any newbie to get their own domain and web hosting and their own autoresponder account from one of the bigger companies.

    Squeeze pages are easy enough to come by, and there are plenty of companies that offer fantastic squeeze page templates. The bottom line is that Lead Lightning is a good idea if you want a ready made marketing system and you are OK with it’s limited function.

    1. Thanks Chris for taking the time to leave such a detailed comment for my readers. You have stated some great points. I believe there is money to be made selling MLM’s, yes! Having a targeted list takes time and if any of my readers are looking at the terminology Chris was using such as Funnel Builder, autoresponder, squeeze page, list building then you are in way over your head and really need to thoroughly understand the function and implementation of these tools before you jump into any MLM offer because you will have a hard time finding that kind of in depth training in most MLM opportunities.

    2. Hi Chris

      Thanks for your response to this review, I have benefited a lot.
      I was trying to get PLS and after reading this, I will think again.
      Thanks to Mike too for the review.

    3. I am glad Kavinah the review helped to shed a little light on Lead Lightning and ultimately the Power Lead System the program that you were interested in, good luck with your future research, cheers Mike.

  44. Hey Mike. I’m really happy with this review. It has been the only one that actually helped me realise that if I want to make my own money, without all the lead and traffic schemes, I don’t have to rely on someone else. I am a beginner and have already bought a couple adpacks in Traffic Monsoon, but I’d really appreciate it if you could give some advice and set me in the right direction?

    1. Hi Lace I am glad you liked the review!
      Unfortunately many newcomers get drawn into selling an MLM because it is pitched as easy, not complicated and the complete deal which is pretty enticing, all you need to do is promote it, problem is most MLM’s suck at teaching you how to market online, reason being is the cost to put together training and support is a very expensive component and most aren’t willing to make that investment, it’s strictly economics for them.
      99% of people entering the online money making game have it all backwards and that’s why there’s such a high failure rate. What people need to do is learn how to promote products and then hit the MLM’s if that’s what they want, find MLM’s that have good products that people need and market the hell out of them.
      The successful guys in MLM, many I know personally, are Internet Marketers first and MLM promoters second that’s the recipe for success, it makes sense if you really stop and think about it. The problem is MLM’s get to you before you realize this and thus the high rate of failures. Learn how to promote any product using all the Internet marketing techniques and tools at your disposal this will separate you from the other newbies who fail because they don’t know how to reach their target audience after they run out of family and friends to sell too.
      Internet Marketing training won’t cost you anymore than what you are paying for ad packs or what have you in the long run it will probably cost you less for the simple reason you can earn while you learn. I hope that helps Lace I know looking back and knowing what I know now I would have failed without having training first, best of luck in your future endeavours. Let me know how you are making out with traffic monsoon I am going to be reviewing them soon and would like your input on how you feel, cheers Mike.

  45. I just want to tell to every person who come to see reviews on this site, there is no product or program can make you money without doing anything.
    From my 4 years experiences in Online marketing, I’ve got only one answer that is 99% of Make Money programs can make you real money only if you are a Serious person to take massive action and follow until the end.
    So, my suggestion is Never search for Negative reviews on the programs that you are seeing. As long as you are looking for negative reviews, you’ll never make any money. Because you are doing the wrong way.

    1. Hi Paul, you are absolutely right there is no push button system or buying leads to increase traffic to your product (lead Lightning) most of the leads people get sucked into buying aren’t relevant to the traffic they need to make sales so they end up just wasting their money. There are lots of sites out there that do negative reviews that’s true, but at the same time most of the negative reviews are justified, I would guess that well over 90% of all make money online products and programs offered on the net are bogus, plain and simple! I am not going to give someone a hall pass just because it might seem like I write negative reviews all the time, for the most part these make money online schemes are utterly worthless Paul. My site is called “avoid online marketing scams” for a reason it’s needed! There are tons of crappy and bogus programs that you get no value out of, yes there are a few decent ones which I have reviewed and have given them the green light but they are far and few between.
      Your advice on don’t look at negative reviews is a little skewed in my opinion Paul, from my experience if you look for positive reviews 9/10 times these reviews are sales pages in disguise, this advice will be setting people up to get ripped off so I would have to say coming from an experienced marketer such as yourself I feel you are giving readers some very poor advice Paul, thanks for your thoughts Paul, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Dave I am a big believer in building your own website and getting your own traffic that way your business will always be your own. You can always gest blog and do the Google plus thing or Facebook to get traffic and potential referrals. Have you tried pay per click marketing? If you know what you are doing and what audience you are targeting then pay per click can drive targeted traffic to a site. Sorry man in my opinion there are no shortcuts, build up your website don’t rely on others to do it for you, never works, hope that helps, Mike.

  46. Thanks Mike for this reviews, it’s really helpful, am a newbie in affiliate network and am learning from your experiences. Best regards

    1. Hi Akram, thanks for the comment. I see you have a blog if you ever need a Free website critique and I have some spare time I don’t mind giving some input on website techniques that might help you build your website into a profitable online business. ‘No” this isn’t a sales job someone gave me a few minutes of their time once and it helped me immensely so I like to pay that forward, cheers Mike.

  47. You make some valid points about buying leads and how they are not always leads that convert do to their lack of relevancy I was once the victim of paying for leads that generated nothing but useless traffic so that’s why I won’t buy into anything like Lead Lightning.

    1. Thanks for the comment Benjamin. Yes you are not the only victim of the lead generating hype, people buy access to leads all the time, paying hundreds of dollars for lists that pay off in disappointment, thanks again Mike.

    1. Thank you Ed, went and had a look at your blog “nice” love your content very sincere and helpful, thanks for stopping by to read my review, cheers Mike.

  48. Hi Mike
    Thank you for your honesty, how about traffic monsoon? How can one succeed without spending too much money? I’m there and I just bought two ad packs and I only want to spend when I get commissions from those AdPacks and then I realised purchase. I saw a lot of people spend lots of money just on AdPacks. What is your view, thank you

    1. Hi Lisa, from my point of view I would use caution when it comes to your involvement in ad click schemes including Traffic Monsoon. The creator of Traffic Monsoon has quite a few failed program launches under his belt that have since closed up shop and moved on so I don’t like the track record for starters. Here are a few programs started by Charles Scoville that have gone the way of the Doe Doe bird reportedly closing with some members not getting paid, Infinitybux.com, TviPtc.com, Foreverbux.com, BuxUnleashed.com, Ultimatepowerboost.com, Wealthenginex.com, ULaunchFormula.com. Buxsecure.com, Powerfulbux.com. I wish you all the best Lisa if you have anymore questions please feel free to fire away, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Bibhuti, I assume you are referring to what I do for work online? I am a Affiliate Marketer, I have websites that drive traffic to merchants websites if someone makes a purchase when they get to these merchants sites I get a commission in most cases 40-50% of the purchase price, Amazon pays quite a bit less 4-10% but they offer a ton of products and people make multiple purchases when they get there.
      I make a great living online with very little expenditures all I pay for are domain registries for my websites and hosting, that’s it! Online training programs will try and suck you into buying tools such as autoresponders and many other tools they deem essential but that is just a pile of B.S. All I use is a keyword tool and nothing else so making money online in my cases is very inexpensive.
      I got my training at Wealthy Affiliate where I am still a member do to the fact there training is always the most current, they do ZERO upselling, in other words they don’t do sales pitches on tools you don’t need to make money online, hope that answered your questions, cheers Mike.

  49. Thank you for the review. I really appreciate it. Finally, some honest reviews without a sales pitch. I love it. Keep up the good work and be encouraged.

    1. Hi Duren, I am very happy you found my reviews honest this is an aspect of writing reviews that I always strive towards, thanks for commenting, Mike.

  50. Thanks for the information Mike. Trying to start in the IM business is tough and can be costly. Lead Lightning almost got me too, but thanks to sites like this one I was able to better inform myself about getting started in the IM business without a big financial risk. It’s crazy to me how all these sites are taking advantage of newbies and sucking us dry. I did find this free site LOTPO that is connected with another site ZNZ. ZNZ is a trail offer site and after you complete enough trail offers (two or three) you receive credit for completing an offer and they pay $20 for every person you refer and does the same. It takes less than $20 to receive offer credit and it’s only a onetime thing. ZNZ even informs you when someone uses your referral code helping you start a list. In my opinion LOTPO is way better than Lead Lightning and is the best system for a beginner to use.

    1. Hi Ordell I love the way you start your comment but to be honest I don’t share your opinion of the program “Laid Off To Paid Off” I am just in the middle of doing a review on this program and what I can tell the readers it is full of upsells and as for it being “FREE” this is absolutely “NOT” the case, LOPO states that most of these offers are free, but from what I saw less than 10% were free and most require some sort of money to participate.
      For any of my readers please don’t bite on this one my “Laid Off To Paid Off” review will be done very shortly and you will see why I am not a fan of this program, cheers Mike.

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