Learn How To Make Money With A Blog

Learn How To Make Money With A Blog

Free Yourself From The Day To Day Grind

I know you have looked around the internet and seen many cool blogs that are probably making someone a pretty good income, well now it’s your turn to take action and join the many who are making money with a blog!

In no time flat you can change the direction of your life and start earning some consistent income from the comfort of your own home by following Nike’s advice and “just do it”.

How A Chance Meeting Turned Into A Crazy Lifestyle

Years ago I started to search online for ways to make money, I was tired and my body was beat down from consistently holding down two jobs, I knew there had to be an easier way, and there was.

After trying multiple make money from home opportunities I finally came to the realization that there were more people trying to take my money than actually were there to help me make some.

I had seen many blogs while I was researching ways to make money online, many sites stated that they were making money and on the surface I could buy into that,  but I was getting to the stage where I didn’t believe anyone anymore, I was jaded and at the brink of quitting.

If it weren’t for a chance family get together and running into a new member to our family I probably wouldn’t live the life I live today. Turns out this new addition to our family was a freakin rock star in the blogging world who for some unknown reason took a non tech, manual labour type of dude and decided he was going to make a successful blogger out of me. I think he might regret that decision now LOL!

How I Created My First Blog

First thing my “new best friend” lol did,  was enrolled me in a comprehensive training program called Wealthy Affiliate, (read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate here) that gave me all the tools, which you don’t need many, and a step by step system that would allow me to find a profitable niche/area of interest that I could participate in, mine was weight loss. Wealthy Affiliate offers everything you need there are no extra costs, everything comes with your membership. The nice aspect of joining Wealthy Affiliate is they have a free starter membership so you can try blogging out for free, no credit info is required, don’t like blogging, just walk away, you lose absolutely nothing just a little bit of your time!

Join Here Under A Free Starter Membership, I Will Be Your Mentor!

Was It Easy to Create My First Blog?

To be honest I had to work at creating my first blog, it didn’t come easy even though it was step by step training. I was almost 50 when I started blogging and had zero experience online, didn’t even know how to send an email so the deck was stacked against me. It took perseverance, determination and in some cases a hell of a lot of patience, on my wife’s part lol.

Keep The Legs Moving You Will Hit The End-zone!

What I did learn about creating my first blog was, there is a bit of a learning curve but once you get past that original shock of doing something for the first time it really does become a rinse and repeat type of deal. Never thought I would ever hear myself say those words but, almost eight years later and I have an unbelievable lifestyle all do to my blogging career.

It Took about 3 months and then the money started to roll in from my first blog. The money didn’t roll in fast and furious but it did start to roll and as I built out my website with more and more relevant content the traffic started to build and so did my bank account. Results will vary there isn’t a set time frame that you can expect your blog to start generating income but for me I have always looked at the first 3-6 months and I was looking for some type of income from a blog.

More On The Training That Gave Me My Dream Job!

I want to give you a little more info on the step by step that got me started blogging. I really don’t think I could have done it without Wealthy Affiliates starter course. I was green as they come and their course was the right fit for me. I needed someone to take me by the hand and help me build something, and they delivered!

Here’s a screen shot of the exact course that allowed me to create my first of many profitable blogs. This free course has 5 packed full levels of valuable step by step information that will help you create a money making blog. There are 10 lessons in each level.

Below is a sneak peek inside level 2 “building your own traffic producing website”

This whole training program is designed so that once you are done you will have a fully functional website with money making opportunities. It’s a simple process as you can see below.

Things You Will Learn In This Course!

I am not going to go into great detail but for your benefit I will touch on a few things you will achieve in this 5 level course for creating a profitable blog.

  • Learn how to build a website from scratch using a step by step blueprint.
  • Learn how to create engaging content using a platform called “site content”. This offers pre done templates so you can create SEO friendly posts for your website.
  • Learn how to use a keyword tool to find high traffic low competition keywords to base your posts on.
  • Learn how to use social platforms to drive traffic to your blog
  • Learn various ways to monetize your blog
  • Find a profitable niche
  • Find lucrative affiliate programs that will pay you to promote their products and services for the highest commissions.
  • Learn how to sell on Amazon
  • Learn all aspects of SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Email marketing
  • Learn how to drive huge volumes of traffic to your blog
  • Learn how to choose your website name
  • Learn how to find and build lucrative affiliate relationships
  • Learn how to outrank your competitors sites

These are just a few important aspects of creating a money making blog that you will learn in this course. I am literally just scratching the surface with what this course offers, and it’s all available to you under a free starter membership, so why procrastinate?

Get Your Free Starter Membership Today!

 You Can Expect More With This Training?

Wealthy Affiliates blogging course comes with everything you could possibly need to create a money making blog. You have access to a keyword tool, content creation platform, domain name registry ( website name registration), 24/7 support, 800,000+ member forum, for support and free access to WordPress website building platform and premium website templates.

That’s Just A Quick Look Into how I got my start online. If your interested in creating a profitable blog I am here to help. Join me in Wealthy Affiliates blogging course where you will work under my supervision, I am there every step of the way. Start today by clicking the button below to set up your free starter account, have a great day Mike.


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  1. hi mike
    thank you so much for helping me – you have gone above and beyond in helping me with my business
    its so amazing to know that there are people on the internet that are willing to GIVE freely without trying to sell stuff or ask for stuff in return – i can see why you are so successful
    keep up the great work !

  2. Hey Mike, I want to have an online income and this Wealthy Affiliate program interests me.
    I’m from Portugal. does the system work well here and will I have some kind of limitation working from here?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi Rui, Wealthy Affiliate teaches you how to promote products online for commissions which can be done in any region of the world that has internet access. Hope that answers your question, let me know if you need any more answers about affiliate marketing for example I am here to help, cheers Mike.

  3. Hi Mike – I’ve been reading over the information on your site and giving serious consideration to enroll with WA. I like that you thoroughly explain the process and your honesty regarding WA. In one of your replies to a potential client you stated, “The one thing about the free starter account is that your website will be hosted on a sub domaine..” For the Free Membership , would you mind giving an example of what a URL would look like. Thanks

    1. Hi Rhonda thanks for your question. A sub domain would look like “avoidonlinemarketingscams.siterubix.com” if it were registered to you the siterubix would be dropped. This isn’t a big deal your site still gets indexed with Google for example and you still get internet traffic the same as you would with your own registered site but eventually you want to have your site so it’s transferable, you own the content and can always transfer that but the actual website name itself you don’t own. What I suggest to people building the free sites is choose a website name (domain name) when you have decided on a niche to promote and register it that way you can build your free website using that name for your website. If you build a free website and later find out that your website name is already taken it kind messes with the whole theme you are running with.
      Here’s an example, if you do a website on reviewing low carb diets for example and you are affiliated with some low carb diet but when you come to buy your domain name everything that relates tools carb diets is taken well you have a situation that’s why people I work with I help them find a niche and choose a website name which only costs $14 a year to have and that way you are set build the free site get the most out of the free training course and that way you are ready to move to the next level which is owning your own site and you don’t miss a beat even if you want to transfer that content to another site under your actual website domain. Hope that helps answer your question, hope I get a chance to work with you Rhonda, cheers Mike.

  4. Hi mike. I am from india. There is no free trial available for india. Only monthly and yearly membership are available. Whether I should choose monthly or yearly. I don’t have that much money to pay for yearly membership. I can afford for monthly membership. So is there any difference in tha way of coaching for monthly and yearly membership. Which will be better for me

    1. Hi Depaashire, no there is no difference in services at all you have full access whether it be yearly or monthly. You will work hand in hand with myself and have the support of the community there are no extra fees or up selling. You will have access to every bit of training and tools needed to succeed online. Hope that helps answer your question, look forward to the opportunity to work with you Depaashire, cheers Mike.

  5. Dear Mike I am a paid member of WA and I like the way you present yourself I am a newby. I need a mentor. Could I cancel my membership and join under you ?

    1. Hi Wendell thank you for reaching out. We all start out at the beginning some have more experience going in as others but that really doesn’t mean much. Yes, you can cancel and join under me if you would like but you will need to use a different email address and possibly a different ip address not quite sure on the last.
      Just so you can have some insight on the newbie thing I have had quite a bit of success working with new WA members to date. One that comes to mind and should give you some encouragement is a young guy I worked with named (Jesse). We worked together to create a fitness blog, Jesse was really interested in fitness. Jesse posted in WA not long ago that he was up to $15000 a month recurring income from his fitness website which is a pretty decent income for a guy who new absolutely nothing when he started his training.
      When I started working with Jesse he was trying to pay his way through college. Jesse had no experience or concept of affiliate marketing but he had drive and that’s all you need the willingness to change your life. I worked with Jesse on his basic website structure and gave Jesse a simple easy to use format for his blog posts that assured him that his content was SEO rich and would rank high. I like to critique members basic website structure and first few posts and after that it just becomes a simple rinse and repeat process.
      If you are willing to put your first foot forward I would be happy to work with you to build a successful online business. Whatever the end result I wish you all the best and don’t hesitate to reach out to me for help if you get stuck, cheers Mike.

  6. Mike,

    I have gone through the first 2 lessons for the most part but will probably go back and review a couple things just to make sure I haven’t skipped anything. Do I continue on or what do I do after that. Most of it is pretty self explained so far from what I can gather but I know the questions are going to start coming.

    1. Hi Tim great job, yes you keeping going there are 10 lessons and a lot more training you have access to under the free membership so fill your boots. I am right there with you so you can ask me any questions you like. You are linked with me so I will get any questions you have, just leave any questions on my profile and I will promptly answer them. You will see I get lots of questions from people I work with so feel free to read the questions and my answers they may be of some benefit as you progress with the training. This training platform also has live chat which we can use to talk back and forth in real time if you like, whatever fits your schedule and comfort level for learning.
      If by chance you need an answer immediately and you don’t want to wait, which you shouldn’t, I would recommend using the community. There are tons of experienced internet marketers that will answer any questions you have so you should never have to wait for any answer.

    2. Hi Mike

      If I go premium and have my on domain can I send my own articles to this website or is the hosting done through WA. Also can Facebook Ads be used for this thanks?

    3. Hi Jamie, if you are a premium member you own your website it is not a sub domain of WA, yes it is hosted at WA but that has zero bearing on what you can do with your website/websites. You can put anything on your site you wish and your site is totally transferable. You are allowed as many sites as you can handle with no extra fees.
      Yes you can use Facebook ads in conjunction with your website.
      Website themes supplied are WordPress websites which are in my opinion the most versatile on the market, because of their model with so many contributors they are always adding new plugin options, security updates and better user functionality. WA’s hosting backs your website up daily and is very secure against hacking.

      I never suggest to anyone to go premium until they have taken full advantage of the free starter membership and feel they want to bring it to the next level, really look around and actual build your website, if you want to go premium after that then fly at it but have your niche in place and main website structure built first, if it feels good then go premium.
      You can set your domains DNS to WA hosting in two easy steps so that won’t be a problem. WA has their own domain registry also so you can transfer your domain if you wanted to their registry. I have transferred some of my Godaddy domains and a Namecheap domain to WA because I like the fact that their fees don’t change year to year. Godaddy gave me a good rate for the first year but the second and third year the fees ramped up and I was invested in my domain so they kind of have you at that point.
      Hope that helped answer some of your questions, any more please feel free to stop by and ask away, cheers Mike.

  7. Mike,

    I signed up this afternoon and began the program. I’m very excited to join this affliliate program and know I will learn a lot for a change.

    1. Great news Tim I am stoked to start working with you. I look forward to helping you create an online income that will provide for you and your family for years to come, talk soon Mike.

  8. Apparently replying to my comment to reply to yours don’t go though. Lol. Here it is again.

    Thanks Mike. I’m considering joining. Is it possible to make money with the free starter account? I’m asking because otherwise I would want to take advantage of the discount if I could go premium within the first week, but if I stay free and can make money and upgrade later, the cost would pay for itself and I’ll know I’ll make a profit. If I were to upgrade within that week, I would need to hold off starting until I have the funds. If I do stay with the free account, are you saying I can privately send you emails to ask questions?

    Also, let’s say I choose a niche that I’m interested in, but don’t know a whole lot about it yet, like pet photography. Would I just research what to write or do I need to personally know the information?


    1. Hi Sara, yes it is possible to make money on the free starter account but it really depends on how you progress and that we won’t know until you get started. The one thing about the free starter account is you that your website will be hosted on a sub domaine. When you get rolling you will want to have your own domain for various reasons such as transferability.
      Everyone progresses at various rates and your niche and its competition are a big factor in how fast you create income, also how much time you have to work on your website.
      I used to help people via email but I found it wasn’t very efficient for me or the person I was helping, in many cases I need to refer to training material and go over screen shots and so on and email doesn’t really serve the people I work with.
      Time management you will learn is critical when working online a day can get away from you quite quickly. This is why I use this course for training, you get one on one time whenever you want with me but you also have access to well over 400,000 internet marketers 24/7, you don’t have to wait for me to answer your question which allows you to work at your own pace. Many internet marketing training platforms make you wait to unlock the next lesson, not with this program. Making you wait for the next lesson is hidden under the guise that it helps you retain the material better but in reality it is stringing you out so that you pay for a membership longer.
      Lastly, this is probably the most misunderstood thing about internet marketing/blogging. You don’t need to have knowledge or be an expert on your niche, what you do need is the ability to research your niche as you go along. No one starts being an expert on a topic they learn as much about a topic and grow intellectually as your blog grows.
      For example I know nothing about stopping flea bites on pets but I have the ability to look into the topic and then write a post on it and in the end I am not only building out my pet blog but personally I am becoming more knowledgeable on pets in general.
      When I first started out quite a few years ago I started in a pretty competitive niche ” weight loss”. I subscribed to university newsletters and major research think tanks forums so that I could write posts on various emerging weight loss research and before I knew it I was pretty knowledgeable on the topic of weight loss. I had very credible info from credible sources and really gained a following and quite a bit of sales because I was trusted and offered valuable info on my site. So bottom line is you grow with your website and before you know it you will really know your niche inside and out.
      Hope that answers all your questions Sara, hope I get the chance to work with you, cheers Mike.

  9. I’ve been waiting for a couple of days now while my reply is “awaiting moderation”, so I’m trying again without the reply because it did not take anywhere near this long the first time.

    Thanks for your feedback Mike. I’m not sure if I can add content to my website or if I’m allowed to. I don’t know how to find out too and if I did, it probably wouldn’t look good. When I first got my Domain Name, I tried adding content, which was suggested, but it didn’t look right. I don’t think I can add pages either. The site is only for people to order, nothing more. I don’t think I’m free to add whatever I want. I did look into it, but I still don’t know how to do it. I got my Domain Name from GoDaddy.com. As of today, my Younique business has been suspended though because I didn’t place enough orders, so my website is kind of useless at the moment until I can reactivate it.

    I do have social media and post about products mostly in my business page on Facebook. I can post my link freely there, as well as on Instagram, which I share to Facebook, and on Google +. The problem is no matter what I try, I hardly get any orders and I’m just supporting myself, which I can’t keep doing.

    So, as far as the monthly cost, are you saying I only need it as long as I need to ask questions? Is that the only thing I won’t have access to if I no longer pay for it?

    And if I were to join, (I’m still on the fence) I probably would want to try building a website so I have additional income, even if I can get my Younique business running again.

    Thanks again.

    1. Hi Sara not sure why your comment is stuck in limbo probably went to the sites spam graveyard but I got this one ye ha!
      If you want to start from scratch which I do suggest then I would go in under the free starter account this way you can take your time and get a niche picked out and build the structure of your website which is a pretty straightforward process, basically a paint by numbers type of deal.
      A free membership has no expiration date the only thing with a starter membership is you don’t have your website hosted under your own domain which one day you will want. There is even more free training to access other than the 7 day free course so it’s worth the time to look around. You will have one on one contact with me so you can ask all the questions you want and if you think it’s not you’re thing you just walk away, no payment info or anything like that is required so it’s a pretty cool experience without worrying about your credit card being charged after a certain time period. If you want free access here is your link “click here to work with me” Hope to get the chance to work with you Sara and by all means even if you don’t please feel free to stop by and ask me any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

  10. Mike,

    I’m glad I have found your site and the Free 7 Day Online Marketing course which I plan on signing up for shortly. It will probably take more than seven days to get through but I hope to get the essentials completed in that alloted time. At the present time I have very limited income as I’m on social security with no additional income to fall back on. I have tryed affilate marketing years ago but was way to expensive and I couldn’t make a go of it. I have a small hobby of turning pens and need a way to market those so I was thinking of going this way with it if that was possible or maybe finding some other product to market first if that would help me. I have no idea on domain names and how to get traffic to a website. Nobody wants to tell me how and they want me to pay hundreds for it. I’m willing to take the time it takes to learn if somebody will at least point me in the right direction. Thank You

    1. Hi Tim glad you stopped by! Affiliate marketing shouldn’t be expensive at all to participate in and in your case I would just do the free starter course and see how you like it. Its pretty straightforward training, step by step actually and you will have me to guide you and answer any questions you may have.
      On a limited income I would take your time with the free starter course and build a website with my help it’s really quite easy and we will also find you a profitable niche to dig into.
      Look forward to working with you Tim if you decide to check it out, cheers Mike.

    2. Mike,

      I’m convinced this is the route I should go and want to sign up within the next week possibly earlier. I only need to know how much one on one there is during that week so I make sure I have the time set aside for that.The rest I can easily handle.

      Thanks TimVisser

    3. Hi Tim this is a very flexible training platform that you can work through at your leisure, I am around throughout the day and into the late hours of the evening, it’s 12am and I am answering questions so hopefully this answer makes some sense lol. There will always be someone that will answer any questions you have so you never have to worry about that. You’re my last question of the night or should I say morning, my wife is dragging me to the gym in the morning so I had better get my beauty rest lol.
      You’re going to learn a lot in this course Tim, you will learn to build a website, find you a profitable niche to participate in and make a great income that will give you the lifestyle and freedom that you deserve, it’s going to be a great experience.
      Look forward to working with you Tim, cheers Mike. P.S any more questions feel free to ask away!

  11. Hi Mike,

    You’re the third person I’ve come across while looking into Lead Lightning, which lead me here. You seem like you might be more knowledgeable than the other two though. One offered a discount if I were to get the premium membership before the end of the 7 days. Is that true, no matter who you sign up under? The first month would be $19 under that person otherwise.

    Anyway, years ago I tried niche marketing, well, technically I never got past setting it up. I believe I had to get Web hosting and such, which I wasn’t informed about when signing up and couldn’t afford the extra cost. As far as picking a niche, I had no clue what to write about and if I’m remembering right, it was a long confusing process to find out if my niche would work. I believe I looked into dog training or something with animals. I’ve tried a couple of different online opportunities over the years and have lost money on most of them. I probably still have that account with the niche marketing, but I have no clue what website it is now. 

    This program seems to be different and easier to understand I hope. I do have a business though. I’m an independent Younique Presenter and I sell high end makeup and skincare products. Our goal is to Uplift, Empower, and Validate women. As a presenter, I have a free website where people can order, so technically I don’t have to have on-hand products, which I don’t have much anyway. I’m not that successful yet. It wasn’t required, but I got a Domain Name and forwarded my website to it to make it easier for customers to remember my website. So, how would it work if I were to use this as my business? Can it be done? Will I need another Domain Name? Otherwise, I don’t know what niche to get into. My main interests are animals and photography. I don’t know anything about photography yet, but hope to get a camera next year with my tax refund, unless I can start making money sooner. If it’s not about my business, I wouldn’t know what to write in which ever niche I choose.

    I’m also on a very limited income and unless I know I’m making some money, I don’t think I can afford monthly payments. It sounds like I need the premium membership to succeed, but the week long trial, so to speak, isn’t long enough to decide if this will make any money. How would I know in that first week if I’ll make money and it will be worth it? I wish they would allow you to look at the program for a month before having to decide and rush into paying just to get premium membership.

    Also, if there is any other information that I can look into before signing up for free, that would be helpful. If there are examples of someone using their online business similar to mine, as far as sales wise, it would be helpfull to see what it looks like. 

    I will appreciate any help and advice you can give.


    1. Hi Sara thanks for stopping by, you have asked some very good questions so this is going to be a lengthy read I am afraid lol!
      I am not sure what niche marketing program you joined before but WA is a lot more than just niche marketing per se.
      The biz op you are now involved in is a good program but like many MLM opportunities they are notorious for handing out generic websites, which in Youniques case are very nice but once again the problem with these websites is it’s like owning a plane but you don’t know how to fly it! Websites are an effective sales tool if you can get traffic to them.
      Don’t take this as a slight on you Sara because it is not I give you all the credit in the world for having the kahunas to start your own business selling Younique products, when I review an MLM my biggest message I have for prospective members is, before you jump in head first learn the basics of internet marketing that way you have the whole world to sell to and the knowledge to pull it off, you’re not just a glorified door to door salesman with costly merchandise you can’t move.
      Ok now that my little spiel is out of the way let’s get to your questions.

      I am not going to string you along and tell you that you need to go through the whole building a website, finding a niche deal that the free starter membership provides training on if your website has the capability to add content in the form of posts on topics related to your products. If your site has the capability to add pages and posts then I feel what you need is a little training on how to create content and learn a few traffic generation techniques.
      Do you use social platforms to promote your products? Does your site have a social share plugin so people can share your posts? You can’t just drop links to your site on social platforms, they will eventually ban you! What you need to do is write content on issues that relate to your products like the benefits of moisturizing your skin to slow down aging for example, this is something I could help you with. Creating informative content is how you get on forums and offer quality advice and at the same time drop your link. Another way to get visitors to your site is to guest post on different websites.
      I know if you were looking at Lead Lightning you are looking to get leads to your website but that program is a funnel into some more costly upsells and in the end I feel it will just cost you money.
      You need to learn how to target people in the right stage of the buying cycle.
      The problem with many MLM supplied websites is they have zero ranking power with Google, you literally will never see them because in Google’s eyes they don’t offer any value to the internet public, they are just fancy sales pages which Google shuns, that’s why I cringe when MLM’s offer websites that have limited capabilities and no traffic generation techniques, you might as well hand out business cards, would be more effective.
      I work with quite a few people who offer a wide range of beauty products, having a working relationship with younique is nice and they seem like a very good ethical company but I feel to be successful selling their products you either need to know how to market online or you are really proactive selling offline.
      So here’s what you need to look at…
      1) Your domain name is just fine, yes you can definitely use it.
      2) Check and see if your website allows you to install plugins
      3) Check and see if your website will allow you to add content
      4) Learn how to create content for your site that will draw people to your site when they read it.
      5) Get involved in social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, G+ and any forums that will allow you to drop links.
      6) Install a social plugin and get people to share your site.
      There’s much more I and WA can teach you on generating traffic to your site and creating some pretty amazing sales at the same time but as you can see it does take some time and you more than likely will have to be premium to really get into the areas of training that will benefit your current situation. Yes I believe WA does offer a first month bonus of $19 if you sign up for premium while enrolled in their free starter membership and after that $49 a month, I might add their free starter membership has no expiry date you have access to it as long as you like. You can get your free membership here if you like which will link you with me!
      I feel it is realistic in your case with some prior experience and taking into consideration that your done for you website has the ability to be customized that two months would be sufficient to learn some traffic generation techniques, so $68 total investment should allow you to effectively promote your beauty line, keep in mind this all hinges on putting in 100% effort.
      When you are a member at WA you don’t pay extra for hosting or anything that you may need to run a website, WA offers an all inclusive membership no hidden costs, unlike many internet marketing training programs.
      I hope that answered your questions Sara, feel free to stop by if you have any more, cheers Mike.

  12. Hello Mark,
    My name is Shelly Sims I just retired from the U.S. Army after 25 years of active service. I am now at a cross road on what can I do to keep active LOL ! My wife showed me this site and I love the ideal of working from home, I ask for your mentor ship to get something on the road my background is logistics. Hope to hear from you.

    Shelly Sims

    1. Hi Shelly congratulations on completing 25 years of service, what a great accomplishment. Time to turn the page and start a new chapter in life and of course keep you busy at the same time, lol.
      Internet marketing offers many opportunities and will expose you to some pretty interesting and foreign disciplines, nothing that can’t be overcome with a little determination. For a lack of better words I would be happy to be your “mentor”.
      Most people I find have a bit of a mental freak out when I use the words “Internet Marketing”, people tend to think, here we go, I am going to need a bloody degree to participate when in reality this couldn’t be further from the truth. Internet Marketing is just a flashy handle for learning how to promote stuff online for money, not so intimidating when you put it that way!
      I think you’re really going to like IM and your background in logistics can easily be used as a starting point to find a lucrative niche that you can participate in if you so desire. This is a fresh start for you Shelly so we can also look at any area that may interest you, have a hobby, a passion, why not make some money from it? We will go through this process together until we find what fits.
      There’s a free course that I utilize that gives you two free websites and hosting and free access to a keyword tool which is everything you need to do IM and in the process make money online. I add one component to this free course and that’s my help, free of course. I actually work with quite a few people Shelly, I encourage you to sign up for the free membership and check out my profile “mike Lambert” which shows correspondence between myself and people I am working with. This will give you some insight into what you will be doing and how it all comes together, if it’s not your thing or doesn’t look like it will interest you just walk away.
      You will see real life questions from people I work with and my answers to these questions. This is real life stuff so you can’t just pluck success off a tree like so many will lead you to believe, it takes a bit of work. IM isn’t everyones cup of tea and you will see by the interaction on my profile that everyone has their own rate of comprehension, expectations, hurdles and success.
      Look forward to the opportunity to work with you Shelly and watching some of that “can do” Army mindset in play.
      Just click here and you will have access to me and the course, have a great day Shelly, cheers Mike.

    1. I am glad you found this free starter program also Chris, I hope you will find this course as useful as I did. I used this exact course to get started in internet marketing. Need any help at all or have any question please don’t hesitate to come back here and ask, I like to pass any knowledge I have on to people looking to break into internet marketing, cheers Mike.

  13. Hi Mike, I just came across your review of Sniper X, thank you for saving me money! I had seen it years ago and it sounded familiar but when I saw that dude, I remembered….. Anyway, after being stolen from and scammed out of $18,000, and all of the revenue it would have made, by my wholesaler who supplied my merchandise to my Amazon FBA account, I lost everything and had to sell everything I owned and declare Chapter 7. Now, I still have not a dime to my name 🙁 I read your above comments about starting to sell affiliate products and would love some help getting started. But, I have not a dime to my name. I am lucky to be living with a friend for free but still have no income. I am a 55 year old woman (still feel 30 🙂 but I do need help so I can get my own place, some self-respect back, and pay off the 30K I owe the IRS for living off of an IRA when I got scammed and stolen from. Will you help me? I would surely appreciate it! Happy New Year and thank you in advance!

    1. Hi Robin sorry to hear of all the difficulties you have had in the past sad to hear stuff like that happens but writing and looking into offers online unfortunately you are not alone. There are very few legitimate ways to make money online, lots of scammers!
      I like affiliate marketing because there is zero risk, you don’t own or buy any merchandise. You are simply a director of traffic, for that service you earn commissions, very simple, no surprises. Don’t like what you see in an online merchant just walk away, hook up with a different online merchant.
      The free course I mention in this post is the exact course I took to start my affiliate marketing career, it is absolutely free so having no money isn’t an issue, plus you will work directly with me. I have been making money as an affiliate marketer for many years now and know what it takes. I always did manual labor type of jobs until I got introduced to affiliate marketing so if I can do this anyone can. Just click the link at the bottom of the post and you will work directly with me. I am honest in saying you don’t need a dime to get started or even see if affiliate marketing is your thing. You will build a website that you keep, it’s yours. You will also learn how to promote products and build affiliate relationships with merchants and you are ready to start earning. I hope you decide to work with me Robin, have a great day Mike.

  14. Hi Mike,
    I too also already have an active account with WA
    But was interested in joining under you but it will not allow me, even with a different email. I found it a little difficult to maneuver through the courses with all the links with in and to follow a set coarse.
    Do you have suggestions where I can do the coarse in 7 days, how many hours would be needed to complete coarse in 7 days?
    I appreciate your help or any advice you may have for me!
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Veronica, you actually have as long as you want to complete the course and work on your online business, you don’t lose access only the ability to ask questions. There are a few critical components I help the people I work with complete. I help members that I work with in the initial 7 days find a profitable non competitive niche, this is by far the most critical stage to making money online as an affiliate marketer. Next I help them choose a website name (domain name). After that I help members build the main structure of their website and create their first piece of content. By helping new members get to this stage in 7 days they are off and running with very few if any obstacles in their path to creating income. The first piece of content I help the with serves as a template for future content, they will follow that same structure for most of their future content. When they feel comfortable they can put their own touch on their site and content but there is absolutely no need to do this. By this point you will have content ranking with Google and your website will be indexed with Google.
      I am more than willing to help you through this site Veronica. You can always come back with niche ideas and I can look into them for you. I am actually creating a page on this site where you can ask me to help find a profitable niche. It’s really up to the program participant on how long or how fast they want to work at the program, when I started I worked full time and only had my days off and a few evenings after work.
      Look forward to hearing from you Veronica, and good luck, Mike.

  15. Hi Mike.
    I signed up to WA about a couple of years ago tried it briefly and decided it was too hard for me I set about trying other things on the web wasting a lot of money and time without success, I tried to
    pick up where I left off with WA but when I signed in the only option I got was to upgrade to get any help from anyone on the site.I am still interested, is there some way to start without upgrading immediately .
    I would like to start with the free system again if possible ,unfortunately all that flicking around the web has drained my resources somewhat,
    P.S.I have a new Domain registered but have not set up a website as yet.

    1. Hi Hubert, yes I believe there is, try and create a new email address and sign up through it. It’s very easy to create a new email address and this will get you in as a new free starter member. When you sign up if you want to work with me you will need to go through a link on this post or you will get who you get.
      Your story is why I started this site and a reminder that there are very few legitimate ways to make money online. WA may have seemed hard to you but all you really needed was a little guidence on top of the step by step course, I can help you with that! It’s great you have a domain which means you have a niche in mind which is really half the battle, we can work with that.
      For all my readers, Hubert isn’t alone, you start “flicking” around the internet looking for ways to make money online you are opening yourself up for a heap of trouble and a hit to your wallet. There are many outfits that on the surface look very legitimate, technically they may be, but they are out to take your money knowing full well you don’t have the knowledge to know what you are buying, they know you don’t have a hope in hell of making money.
      Hubert’s story is unfortunately very common, but here is an example of how bad it can be!
      I just started working with a middle aged lady that came to me quite distressed, she has had her fair share of hardship in her life which makes what I am going to tell you next that much harder to swallow.
      She told me an outfit talked her into purchasing a domain for $4000, she still has to pay an annual domain registry fee like all other domains, she has no idea what she is going to do with this domain, just acted impulsively on someones advice. When I heard this, my heart crept up in my throat. That $4000 was just for the domain name (website name) no website came with this price tag!
      Buying the right to a domain name happens, it is a legitimate business, but selling a domain to someone who has no internet marketing experience on the premises it will provide them with lots of money crosses an ethical line. This type of crap happens thousands and thousands of times a day across the internet. Yes, these are legitimate offers but they are preying on people who have zero experience going on someone’s word that these are the things that are needed to generate income online.
      You only need a few things to generate income online, access to a keyword tool, a website, a domain name ($14 a year, not $4000 + a domain registry fee) and lastly, possibly an autoresponder, but that comes way down the road if needed, that’s it, nothing more.
      Some of the common fallacies I see bantered about on the internet are…
      You will need an image creation tool, B.S
      You will need a lead capture tool, B.S
      You will need a lead generation tool, B.S
      You will need a built for you sales funnel system, B.S
      You will need to buy Targeted traffic, B.S
      You will need to pay extra for quality mentoring, B.S
      You will need to pay thousands for internet marketing training, B.S
      You will need to pay extra for different levels of training, B.S
      You will need to hire out to have a website built for you, B.S
      These are just a couple of misconceptions that I see every day when reviewing products and programs, I will be less diplomatic, they are actually outright lies!
      I use a keyword tool, autoresponder sometimes, not often, a website like this one (WordPress) has a built in comment response system that notifies me when someone asks a question or leaves a comment, no need for an autoresponder. A domain name for your website which is only $14 a year and hosting for your website. This is all I use to make thousands a month in income, cross my heart, nothing more!
      Back to this lady I am working with, I will lay down on a bed of nails for this lady, it sickens me to think of her putting out that kind of money just for a name. When I am finished working with her, if she chooses, she will have the opportunity to turn around and sell that name with a website this time that will make her $4000 investment look like a drop in the bucket, or she can keep it and live of its residual income for years to come, She could have taken a $14 domain and got the same results with no financial pressure, but we will deal with the hand she was dealt. Lesson in this, don’t be the next victim. Learn all you can in a free program like the one I promote here and see exactly what is involved in generating income online.
      Look forward to working with you Hubert, cheers Mike.

  16. Mike,
    I have been burned more than once trying to get an online business going. I would like to know what and how affiliate marketing is and how it works. I recently retired and would like to make some extra $’s working from home. I’m not well versed in the online business thing and don’t want something that I am going to have to put in alot of time into. Maybe this might not be for me, but I’m not sure at this time. Maybe you can give me some advise as to whether this would work. Finding a niche has been a problem in the past.

    1. Hi Charles thanks for stopping by. If you are even considering the internet as a means to supplement your retirement you need to be prepared to put in a couple hours a day into whatever you decide to do, that’s a given, so don’t look on line if you can’t spare that amount of time. I am an affiliate marketer, have been for many years. When I started affiliate marketing I found the learning curve a little steep to be honest. I was always a hands on business owner and had very little to do with the internet, I spent lots of time getting my online business up and running, now I can get away with a few hours here and therea week, but when you start out you need to know that it will consume a fair amount of time.
      I will be straight up and say that there are only a few legitimate opportunities to make money online and those are
      Affiliate marketing
      freelance writing
      participating in surveys
      MLM opportunities
      That’s it! so if you are looking to make money online these are the things you should be looking at, every other money making opportunity will take your money faster than you will ever make it, link posting is pretty common online money making scheme that you see promoted everywhere, but it is a load of you know what, companies don’t even use this type of marketing anymore so people that are selling you on link posting as a money making venture are not being straight up with you. Some of the link posting outfits I have reviewed use scam marketing techniques to suck people in and get their credit info, then all hell breaks lose.
      Ok got that off my chest!
      I see so much information on the internet in regards to making money online no wonder you have been burnt a few times.
      I have tested making money through doing surveys, wow, you would starve to death with the amount you can make from doing surveys, big time waster, so I don’t see that as a realistic way to supplement your retirement income, although it is legit.
      Freelance writing can be a good online job but you need to know how to write, primarily for blogs. There’s a bit of a trick to that but it can produce a nice income, so that’s legit.
      Affiliate marketing is my top pick, it’s what I do, produces a really nice income and you can count on it being around for a long time, it’s the backbone of the internet. Online merchants use affiliates to give their products exposure, merchants wouldn’t find success online without the use of affiliate marketers, they would have to use their own in house online marketing team which would be extremely costly. Merchants can hire affiliates on a commission basis and easily control their expenses, it’s a cost effective way for online merchants to get their products in front of as many internet users as possible. Affiliates are in demand and that demand is growing, commissions are on the rise for affiliate marketers because there is so much competition for affiliates that know what they are doing.
      Affiliate marketers are simply bloggers who focus on a niche and build a business around that niche. You can generate revenue from steering your visitors to affiliate products, advertising revenues from merchants wanting to advertise on your site and of course Google adsense can bring in some nice income.
      So to recap, your best/legitimate chance to make money online are the freelance writing avenue or affiliate marketing. Freelance writing you just hire out your services through places like Up work and freelancer, not much to it but it’s not a slam dunk by any stretch.
      Affiliate marketing on the other hand does take time, you are building a presence online while promoting a merchant’s product, this doesn’t happen overnight and you do need to have a website to effectively reach the masses and make some money in the process. Once you are established and have traffic it is just a matter of maintaining what traffic you have by adding fresh content, you can grow your business to make hundreds of thousands a month or you can make what you need and leave it at that, it aLL depends on the amount of time you want to put into generating content.
      Finding a niche is the biggest stumbling block that most newcomers face so it’s no wonder you stalled there!
      The program that I work with knows this is a huge obstacle for newcomers and has a ton of help to get you through the process. I personally help people I work with find their niche, without a niche you can’t move forward, so what’s the point! For people that have no interest to tap into I created a little guide to help stimulate those creative juices so to speak. I also help people I work with by plugging in broad ideas and drill down on these ideas using a keyword tool. Here is some material that I quickly created to help people I work start the process, then I jump in and drill down on their broad ideas, I have quite a bit more resources that you can reference if you find this content not helpful, I don’t give up until you find a good profitable niche. I won’t blow smoke up your butt and tell you a niche is good unless I show you the data that demonstrates it’s a good niche, so that will never be your problem in this 7 day course.
      As far as whether this will work, only you can say for certain.
      Can you afford the time for the initial startup?
      Would you put the effort into learning how to write high ranking content that Google will love and rank your content high?
      Could you learn to build a website using a step by step process?
      This stuff isn’t rocket science type, but it does take some commitment. If your not confident in saying yes to the above questions then I wouldn’t waste your time on affiliate marketing.
      When it comes to joining an MLM ( multilevel marketing) in my opinion you need to know the basics of affiliate marketing. All you are doing in a MLM is selling a product online to the masses, which of course is the definition of affiliate marketing, so it stands to reason that you need to know something about affiliate marketing. If you join any MLM without online marketing experience you are nothing more than a door to door salesman, that’s why so many people make zero money at MLM, they run out of family and friends to sell to and then hit the wall, how do they reach their audience with no internet marketing training? They can’t!
      If you have any questions regarding my reply or just want to run something by me, please don’t hesitate to drop me a comment, I hate seeing someone spin their heels and lose money in the process. Have a great day Mike.

  17. Hello Mr. Mike,
    Please excuse my ignorance in this subject. I have been working in the medical field for over 30yrs. It is all I know. My position now and my most enjoyable is that of a “Surgical Coordinator” for a physician. My position is changing and being threaten now that the physician I work for has signed up with a big corporate organization.
    My question is this: Is there a future for me in your program?? What medical offering is there for someone with my experience??
    I am very interested in working from home.
    Please advice!
    Thank you,

    1. To be honest I was totally in the dark when it came to working online. I myself had an offline career for over 30 years before I started online, so I can relate with how you feel.
      Internet marketing/affiliate marketing is something that I think is new to anyone who is looking at making money online. It really doesn’t matter what your background is affiliate marketing is a learned set of skills. I have worked with doctors, chiropractors, many nurses, actually people from all walks of life, so it really doesn’t matter what your profession is now.
      What will help is if you have a skill set now that we can monetize online.
      Are there medical conditions and treatments that we can focus on? If we can find treatments that require products or equipment that are needed we can find affiliate programs that will pay to promote their products. I assume you may have knowledge of surgical conditions and therefore post surgical instructions for patients that may require certain products or equipment.
      High blood pressure for example may require monitoring at home using a blood pressure monitor.
      In saying all this you are by no means limited to the medical field, explore an interest of yours and go in a totally different direction. You have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in something that may give you great joy and at the same time afford you a great living. I work with people everyday that have passions or interests that they want to monetize, we start with an idea and look at ways we can work those ideas into selling online. The best way for you to find out is take the free course, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will work with me to find a niche (line of products), build a website and start promoting your products. Any little obscure idea will make very good money online if you know how to promote that product, this is what you will learn in this course, look forward to working with you, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Arthur, yes you can use your own website if you choose. I will work with you to make sure the structure of your website is set up properly for the best user experience. Look forward to working with you Arthur, have a great day Mike.

  18. Hi Mike, My name is John. I am fairly new to IM. I have a few friends that I have made through certain revshares which is how I got hooked onto the online world earlier this year. Donation matrixes have been a big hype over the past month and a bit, to which a couple I had joined as the potential earnings is phenomenal, except there is one major flew with most of these platforms and thats the human intervention – If people arent playing the game properly it wont work. This frustrated me and Ive been on the hunt for something rock solid. I have come across a MLM company that I would like to take advantage of but I want to do it right from the offset.

    I understand that for any online business to work, one needs leads and conversions. I came across Lead Lightning a month ago and have been sitting on the fence in paying the $7 and today I decided thats it, time to do it. Before I clicked on submit the payment, something told me that I need to do my DD on this program. Then I came across your review on Lead Lightning and then followed your link to this page.

    I have been fortunate in the sense that I havent jumped into anything else blind folded besides one revshare scam that I lost money on. Since then my gut has been guiding me and holding me back from throwing money at anything at a whim. I know this 10 day course is free, but what are the monthly costs thereafter? I do have an easier feeling about your offer but there are sooo many people out there professing to be legit and to mentor you at a certain cost of course.

    The fact that you reply to every message here and on the review site I first visited which all equates to over 50 comments is welcoming. I dont want to waste my time, I dont believe that a person has to bump their heads 100 times before finding the right system for them. I am almost convinced to give this a go, for there is nothing really to lose as you state. Its thereafter that I am inquiring about. I am self employed and just starting out in this glitzy industry so funds are tight.

    Id appreciate your input.

    Warmest Regards
    John W. Ruth

    1. Hi John thanks for visiting my site.
      My perspective on the whole make money online deal is, get some IM training before you get into MLM’s. The systemic problem I see with MLM’s is their lack of training. They will sell you all the tools, but how to effectively use these tools is lacking. You will find that many of these MLM offers give you landing pages, autoresponders, email swipes and many other marketing tools that really are only useful in the hands of an experienced marketer, so don’t get caught up in what tools a MLM offers you, look at what training they offer to use these tools.
      On the tool topic, when you start out in IM all you need is a website and access to a keyword tool, that’s it, nothing more!
      I always advise for new people starting out in internet marketing to keep their cost as minimal as possible, you don’t need the stress of dealing with high costs, they aren’t necessary to make money online..
      As I stated earlier, all you need to be successful online is a website and the training that is needed to promote products through that site, whether it be an MLM or any other product.
      One of the biggest make money online draws for newbies is the world of MLM, many get sucked into an MLM offer with no internet marketing experience, I relate this to rebuilding a motor with no mechanical background, success is doubtful. You need to have the skill set to promote your offer to the masses, regardless of what that product or offer is. Without the basic marketing skills you might as well stick to working offline and do the door to door salesman thing, really what’s the point of being online if you don’t know how to reach the internet public! This is the message I wish I could get out to all coming online looking to make money. The internet is made up of buyers and sellers, you need to get the skills to sell or you will always be the buyer.
      If I can give you any advice John, take the 10 step course just to find out what it takes to market to an internet audience, this way you can pay your $7 if Lead Lightning interests you and know what you are looking at. You will know what it takes to sell your product and you will also know when the upsells start to fly what you don’t need which is just as important as knowing what you do need to sell a product online.
      The 10 step course will give you more than a start, you will learn how to build your own website and how to target an audience. You don’t need to go any further than the 10 step course, the websites you build are yours and you don’t lose access to these websites. If you choose to do more than the 10 step course which is very in depth, it will then cost $49 a month, pay as you go type of deal. Continuing the training isn’t required to get a really good understanding of internet marketing, which I feel you need before you jump into anything online, you will be doing internet marketing no matter what you get involved in online. You will work with me so if you have any questions on how you could apply your training to promoting MLM’s I am there to give you the answers. Wish you all the best John, cheers Mike.

  19. Hello Mike,
    I see your training comes from Wealthy Affiliate…have you eliminated the community posting area? I’ve looked at WA several times, but find the community scene distracting, I’ve actually signed up a couple of times and quit because of it! I really like the looks of your outline…looks organized & streamlined…WA has sooo much info that it can be overwhelming.
    I look forward to your response, as I am serious about finding the right platform to promote affiliate products. Warm Regards, Susanne

    1. Hi Susanne thanks for your questions.
      Wealthy Affiliate is my #1 recommendation, I am a benefactor from their training platform and have trained many successful affiliate marketers using their program.
      WA does have a very active forum that’s for sure, it can be of huge help or in some cases a detriment as you have stated it was for you.
      I will start with the posting area, I am assuming this is simply the forum you are making reference to. WA has well over 400,000 members which leads to a really active members area/forum.
      Why is WA’s forum so active?
      WA has built a state of the art support system where they offer incentives to it’s members in the form of credits if they help other members, works very well and as you probably know you will get a multitude of answers within minutes, sometimes seconds.
      As a new member you only want to participate in the forum to get answers, that’s it! Don’t get caught up in the member ranking game or the allure of becoming an ambassador when you are starting out, this has nothing to do with your goal of being a successful affiliate marketer.
      I always tell people who I work with to stay on task, follow my advice and instruction at all times, keep it simple and don’t get caught up in socializing or the credit game, that’s not what you are there for.
      If you are lucky enough to have signed up under a good affiliate you will do just fine, there really isn’t a better training platform for affiliate marketing than what WA offers.
      It really sounds to me Susanne you didn’t have the guidance from your affiliate that you should have received. Yes there is a plethora of training and the forum is very active which are great attributes for any program, but they can as you have mentioned be a distraction.
      This is where your affiliate needs to be invested in your training and proactive in keeping you focused and on track.
      A good affiliate will clearly state what your priorities should be and what you should expect to achieve at various junctions in your training.
      WA offers a step by step process to learning affiliate marketing/blogging which is quite easily followed if someone ( your affiliate) is slapping your hand every time you wander off course.
      If you want to give it WA another try Susanne I would be happy to lend a hand. I am very simplistic in my approach and require anyone I work with to follow the same model I used to find success online. I ask that you give me routine updates to your progress and offer critiques and feedback when asked.
      You say you like the looks of my outline Susanne, This is what I teach, simplicity is the key to success! You don’t need irritating pop ups and flashy screens, not to mention they distract from your message. Having a good affiliate site is all about making a connection with your readers, you do this with quality, engaging content, not with flash. Flash takes up valuable time you should be spending connecting with your intended audience. Any advice I could give to any new affiliate marketer is, keep it simple!
      I hope that helped you in some way Susanne, whatever program you choose make sure it promotes the basics, that’s all you need to be successful online, and don’t buy costly tools, you don’t need any! Have a great day Mike.

    2. Tues. 10/11

      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for your thorough & informative reply! I’m thinking that if I had someone with your experience and background to be in touch with, I’d do better than previous attempts. I’ll be thinking about my decision …I really want to learn affiliate marketing and I like your site. Susanne


  20. Hello Mike,
    Thank you for sharing. I have my website. I’m in the traffic business. Would there be an advantage for me if i join it?

    1. Hi Brad I checked out your site and to be honest your site looks pretty good, you have a good idea of what you are doing by the looks of it. I feel it will just take a little more time and exposure and you will do just fine. If you need any advice please don’t hesitate to drop me a line I would be more than happy helping where I can, cheers Mike.

  21. Mike;
    Once I am done with your free course-=-then what?
    I want to work from home, but have no idea on what to market or how.
    Can you advise on that please?


    1. Hi Al, the free course will take you into the world of online marketing with step by step instruction with all the support you need 24/7. You will build a website and you will get help finding a profitable niche to tap into online. By the time you have finished the 7 day course you will have created a website and found a niche and you will have a very good idea of what the whole process involves. The nice part is you get to keep your websites and you maintain access to your websites with hosting free of course as long as you want.
      You really have nothing to lose, you don’t find many opportunities online that offer free access no strings attached for as long as you like Al.
      Once you have completed your 10 lesson course you have the option to move to the next level of training. The next level is offered on a monthly basis membership, there are no extra costs, everything you need is in this monthly membership. You get everything you need to profit from as many websites as you can handle with hosting and free access to volumes of step by step training, plus help from thousands of experienced marketers, myself included. The nice part about all this is you never lose what you have created, it is your business which stays under your control at all times and is portable. I hope I get the opportunity to work with you Al, have a great day Mike.

  22. Hi Mike,
    I was just about to enroll in your 7 Day free trial when I noticed the Wealthy Associates name. I had enrolled in a course by Wealthy Associates before but dropped out after a few weeks because it was too difficult for the newbie. If this is the same course you are offering I would like to know. If it is i would not like to get involved. The technical stuff in that program were really too complicated to learn.
    let me hear from you soonest

    1. Hi Clarence, not sure who Wealthy Associates is but this course is put on by Wealthy Affiliate and it is completely free. I started my online career by taking this 10 step by step course and when I started I couldn’t even send an email. It doesn’t cost anything to have a look Clarence and if you feel it is more than you’re willing to take on just walk away there is no credit info or anything like that, no trial you have to cancel plus I am there to help you with anything you may need help with, totally up to you Clarence you need to feel good about what you are doing and enjoy it. If I don’t get a chance to work with you Clarence make sure you run any offer you stumble upon by me first and I will give you the low down, have a great day Mike.

  23. Hello Mike;
    I need your advise I am a member of a direct mail company that allows there members to advertise online if they know how and I don’t. The direct mail company has provided me with a website but I don’t know how to promote it online. I am a senior citizen and a newbie as far as internet marketing is concerned can you give me advise on how to advertise online would your 7 days course give me the help I need or can you advise otherwise? I thought maybe Lead Lightning might be of some help but after reading some of the reviews I am not sure about proceeding in that direction. Thanks

    1. Hi Allen sorry for the late reply. I would definitely do this quick 7 day Internet Marketing course it will give you a really good idea of what you will need to do to market your direct offer online. This 7 day course offers training to sell any offer online whether it be an MLM or a direct mail offer like yours. I would be more than happy to give you a hand while you’re enrolled in the course. There is no cost so you haven’t anything to lose and everything to gain from the experience, look forward to working with you Allen, cheers Mike.

  24. Hey Mike, my names Jeff G. Anyways, you really look familiar. You don’t by chance live in the Atlanta area do you ? I’ve been doing internet marketing for about 5 years now but most of that was fully eCommerce. I’m just now getting my hands wet in all the other potential ways to earn money online. I would like to take you up on your 7 day trial. I currently already have a SEO Internet Marketing Website where I manage a few businesses PPC Campaigns and Social Media, backlinks and other Organic SEO strategies that google constantly is evolving.
    What I was wondering was if I would be able to keep using my current domain or if your program would involve creating a fresh domain with a new hosting account and what not. I’m also a reseller for goaddy but with the restrictions they have on the access level you get with your turnkey site you can’t make any money off of it. Please get in touch with me at your earliest convenience. Thanks again ! -Jeff G

    1. Hi Jeffery, no I am not from the Atlanta area but i was down that way golfing not long ago, you have some beautiful golf courses in that area, not bad deep sea fishing either.
      You can keep your current domain name and your hosting with Godaddy that’s all fine. I believe you mentioned you have a wordpress website template which is great there is actually nothing you need to do other than take the 7 day course.
      The 7 day course comes with two free wordpress website templates and free hosting so that participants can start learning how to promote products from their newly created websites.
      WordPress website builder is by far the best website building platform in my opinion, very versatile and easy to use with thousands of plug in options, look forward to working with you Jeffery, talk soon Mike.

    THEN SHE CAME DOWN TO $ 150.00









    1. Hi Richard, well you dodged a scam there that’s for sure. This was a scam, you can build a website for next to nothing and any outfit that says $500 and then reduces their amount down to $150 is a scam and just wants your credit card info. Another scam tactic is asking for a small amount say $1 and in a couple of days you start getting charged recurring payments. Never pay for something up front this will only cause you grief.
      To sell for Amazon you do need your own website but that is a minor cost definitely in the $500 range or even $150 range.
      There are very few legitimate make money online offers most are designed to milk you slowly over time of your money before you realize they don’t actually work.
      Affiliate marketing is real, yes you probably would sell some Amazon stuff as an affiliate marketer but not exclusively.Amazon and other large merchants pay you a commission if someone comes through your website and makes a purchase from them so in a way they are paying you to promote them. Why you have your own site is so you have your own autonomy, you can choose what and for who you sell for, actually as an affiliate marketer you don’t really sell anything you just direct traffic to merchants websites and if a sale is made by that merchant you get a cut.
      Never, Never pay for anything in advance. Many make money offers in most cases want a 1 time fee for accessing their offer I don’t recommend that at all, you never know what you are buying and make sure you don’t fall for some low trial fee or low entry fee. You will see $1,$4 $7 offers out there don’t bite they are usually linked to a recurring payment that kicks in in most cases within a week which you must read the fine print which is only evident on the actual billing statement.
      You left me your phone number I deleted it, a word of caution, don’t give a real phone number to anyone online, when I sign up for programs that I want to review I use a fake phone number you are opening yourself up to high pressure sales teams if you give out your phone number.
      There are anti spamming laws so I do use my real email and just unsubscribe.
      You are right they don’t make it easy to unsubscribe they have many tricks they use that confuse people when they go to unsubscribe.
      You are getting tons of emails because you have been looking for ways to make money online and once you visit these sites they will usually ask you to enter your email for more information, once you do this your email is automatically place into an autoresponder which the marketer enters in different offers they think you might bite on, it’s called email marketing!
      If you take the 7 day course Richard you will have my help for that 7 day period so you can ask me all the questions you like. Don’t have to worry about this offer, you don’t have to provide any credit card or payment info, it’s absolutely free when it’s done you can simply walk away. Look forward to working with you Richard if you decide to try it out.
      You take care and be really careful looking for money making opportunities online, the internet can be a very unethical environment and there really aren’t very many actual money making opportunities out there even though you see them offered all over, cheers Mike.

  26. Hi Mike,
    Found your site looking into Elite Marketing Pro. Been aware of WA for some time…interesting, my seeking always brings me back to them. I was putting off “going to school” because of time, but I’m now into 6 steps of Digital Altitude, highly recommended, looks good, but also Top Tier marketing, something, due to costs, have shied away from. Not to put you on the spot, but do you know anything of them or Michael force? The $1997+ to begin at a relevant level is the same you say ELM turns out to be. Been after $ and time freedom for many years, don’t need more $ wasted on what won’t work. Will probably do WA either way…through you; it seems the only proven ethical track record there is. Thanks for you time and response.

    1. Hi Carl, Sorry I don’t know enough about Top Tier Marketing or Michael Force to give an informed answer. What I will speak to is what you are looking for or what you should be looking for.
      Over the years I have had the pleasure and in some cases the displeasure of working with people who have come to WA from programs that have charged thousands to learn internet marketing and still don’t seem to really understand what it takes to make money online.
      Many talk about the unnecessary pressures that come with high priced programs and the pressure to recoup their investment.
      Wa is on the other end of the spectrum at less than $50 a month all inclusive, there are no hidden fees or costs except a domain purchase which is less than $14 a year for your website name.
      I used WA to learn Internet marketing and start my online business so I am confident in their delivery model and that it actually works. WA and it’s members are always adding new marketing strategies and techniques, in most cases on a daily basis, so it is the most current learning platform on the market in my opinion.
      WA offers step by step training in many marketing techniques with 24/7 support from members and staff. It’s free to look, might be an option before doling out big bucks for training if you don’t need to.
      Didn’t want this to come off like some type of WA sales pitch Carl, the reality of it all is, it doesn’t matter what Internet marketing training program you choose, whether it be WA or a higher priced program there are no guarantees when it comes to making money online, don’t let anyone tell you different! cheers Mike.

  27. Hi Mike thanks a lot for your feedback i don’t take it for granted. Please can you send me the email address for Wealth Affiliate so that i will be able to connect with them. Thanks Uche!!!!

    1. Hi Uche sorry for the late reply just go to WA’s main website and hit the contact prompt and they will get in touch with you if by chance they don’t for some reason contact them again I know of many who have gotten in that way, cheers Mike.

  28. Hi Mike i really like concept and services of Wealth Affiliate because this is what i wanted but the problem am having is this, i am finding it difficult to sign up because my country (Nigeria) is not supported. So what should i do because am a newbie in online marketing industry. If this is not going to work, pls i will appreciate it if you could point a right direction for me to follow. Thanks Uche

    1. Hi Uche have you tried emailing them directly? I would give that a try. The odd country they have had a few problems with spamming issues and they want their members to have a good experience they don’t do upsells and they don’t allow others to upsell either unfortunately you country I guess is on that list. Just flip them an email or two I have gotten others in that way! Their free starter program is second to none so if you can get in it would be your best option to start that way I will be there to give you a hand, talk soon Mike.

  29. Hello,
    Is this linked with Wealthy Affiliate?
    If so…..where shall I start?

    Shall I take your training Course or start straight with joining Wealthy Affiliate?

    Can you let me know ASAP.


    1. Hi Sadaf, yes the free course is delivered through the Wealthy Affiliate platform which is a great training platform with no upsells. Wealthy Affiliate is the leading online marketing training provider so I refer to their free training options to help others quite often.
      Why do I use the WA platform for a training resource?
      For starters they don’t ask for payment info, secondly you get access to their community of well over 400,000 while you are taking the course, this in itself is a huge deal because they have a ton of experienced members that you can ask questions of while you are participating in the course.
      Not only do you get the training but you can ask the community on their successes, how affiliate marketing all works and get ideas for your own niche market through their forums while you are participating in the 7 day course, look forward to working with you Sadaf, cheers Mike.

  30. I can vouch for this course I did the 7 day free trial and immediately after that I had an option for even more training which is optional. I took advantage of this training and I now have a money generating website. If you’re serious about starting a niche based site or learn more about affiliate marketing, you couldn’t ask for more. The main benefit is that you become part of a community and can live chat and get immediate answers or private message another member, a great resource.

    1. Hi Gideon thank you for leaving your experience with this course for others to read, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Enock, the nice thing about this 7 day free online internet marketing course is it is exactly that “free” there are zero cost implications associated with this course, there are no strings when you are done you just leave or you can continue to work with me if you choose no pressure or anything like that, This is the same course I enrolled in and now I have a thriving online business, I was never pressured or upsold anything. If you find this is something that you want to learn more about or take the business you have built to another level I am there for you. You don’t loose the site or hosting, what you build is yours, hope to work with you Enock, cheers Mike.

  31. Hi

    This looks really great, I have been looking into making money online for a while and it’s very hard to find a product out there that isn’t just going to take you for your money.

    Making money online would change my life and my situation, does it really take only days? That’s awesome.

    1. Hi Ben, this course did change my life and the nice part about it is it costs you nothing to find out if this is going to work for you, there really is no drawback to taking this 7 day course. I live a pretty amazing life all do to this course. Hope to see you enrolled and the many questions I am sure you will have for me before it is done, have a great day Mike.

  32. Mike,

    This 7 day course sounds amazing! I have been trying to make money from home for many years! If I try this course for 7 days am I guaranteed to make money? What if I like it is it possible to get more training? Also if this is MLM how much will I make per referral and is it very difficult to get referrals?

    1. Hi Theresa great questions, There is no guarantee when it comes to making money with a business online or offline. You can tell a scam right off the bat when the creators give you an income guarantee, could you walk up to a offline merchant and tell them they are going to be successful and this is how you do it, no! real life doesn’t work that way, real business definitely doesn’t work that way. Work ethic and training are two elements that separate successful business people from people who fail at business, training you can source, work ethic you cannot! Therefore anyone that says they can guarantee success is misleading you!

      Can you make money online after this 7 day course, some can some can’t. Many do need more training but you will have a really good start, a website, a profitable niche picked out and know how to find content to put on your site. At the end of the 7 day course you should be set up with an affiliate merchant or have a clear idea on how to promote an MLM if that is your choice. You learn these skills taught in this course Theresa you will be in a great position to start making an income online and with a little time you will be full time online.

      To answer your last question, no this isn’t an MLM deal this is a learning venue it has nothing to do with any MLM program I am with you throughout the 7 day course if you need my help, look forward to working with you Theresa have a great day Mike.

  33. Hi there,

    What does the training involve and how would you rate the difficulty level for training on a 1-10 basis with 10 being extremely difficult.

    I want to earn some money online and really like blogging (I know about WordPress, but I am not and expert). I a bit a of a technophobe as I am not all that good with computers.

    1. Hi Derek, This 7 day course involves building a website and learning the skills needed to turn it into a money making machine by using it to direct traffic to merchants websites where they will make a purchase and you as the affiliate earn a commission. Earning potential from just one site is unlimited and affiliates are in demand with merchants paying up to 75% commissions. One website can provide years and years of income with very little effort once it is up and established.

      I have been doing this for years and when I started I had very little exposure to the Internet. This course is the exact course that I did when I started so if I can do it and find success online anyone can, technophobic or not. This course has spit out many of the top Internet Marketers online today so it does work. It isn’t without effort and it will take some time to build your presence online but not that long.

      On a scale of 1-10 I would say with the experience I had going in I would have honestly given it a 7, I will admit I struggled a bit, computers were like an alien species to me I was an average guy working with my back and hands that’s what got me into IM I was wearing out parts, he, he, now all that gets tired on me are my eyes and my fingers, I think I can live with that for the money and lifestyle I have because of it, hope that answered your questions, hope this course interests you and I get a chance to work with you soon, cheers Mike.

  34. Very very interesting course outline. I love the sounds of this. It sounds like everything you would need to get going.

    Does the course say how quickly you can make money?

    And do you need to have a business idea, or a business at least to start off with? What do you need to have in place to get going?

    1. Hi Ruth, I think you would like the course and yes it provides what you need to start your online business. This course will help you find a niche that you will build your online business around, it will show you how to find affiliate programs that pay great commissions and many more helpful ideas. Income earning is dependant on how much effort you put into your website or business no different than an offline business the difference here is your clientele is the world and you hold no inventory essentially all you are doing is directing traffic to merchants site through yours and if that traffic buys then you get a nice commission. In some cases people start earning right away but it really depends on your niche or products you choose to promote and the time you are willing to put in. You will have a good feel for it after your 7 day course where you are at and where you need to be, cheers Mike.

  35. Hello there,

    Thanks for sharing with us this free course it seems that the lessons are very informative but why no lessons on how to monetize your website after creating it? because I think that’s an important part in online business, thanks for this post & waiting for reply, keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Ehab, actually the whole course has components in it that all lead to the end result and that is monetization. You will learn how to build a website that appeals to Internet users and at the same time structures it for easy navigation and optimal promotion of products. With affiliate marketing in 99% of the cases all you have to do is direct the traffic to a merchant’s site and they take care of the rest all you do is collect your check or have your money deposited directly into your paypal account.

      Really this 7 day course shows you how to setup your site find affiliate programs and gives you the knowledge on how to promote your own business or product online. This course is also great for promoting MLM opportunities online if that is your thing. Most MLM participants fail because they don’t know how to promote their program outside of family and friends, this 7 day course shows you how to be effective at reaching an internet audience and bringing your earning potential to a whole new level. Monetizing is the easy part, getting traffic to your site is the challenge but not once you have taken this course, hope that answered your questions, cheers Mike.

  36. Thanks for you post, really like the approach of 7 days with 10 lessons and not to mention being free with the ability to leverage. So many try to create their own training and be the guru and end up leaving information out. The chart of training lessons you provide looks complete and I will check it out. Seems the 7 day approach will keep it simple and moving. thanks

    1. I hope you do give it a try Bob I look forward to seeing what we can accomplish, cheers Mike.

  37. Hi Mike,

    I found the information in your article quite intriguing. This program seems promising and straightforward.

    I like the idea of starting a business with the affiliate marketing model. There is no way that you won’t find something to your liking to promote.

    My only question is this: I understand this involves the creation of a website. It so happens that I am not really adept with website building. Will I be able to keep up with this training?

    Thank you in advance

    1. Hi George thank you for taking time to ask a question. This is really a great question and one I overlooked to answer in my “free 7 day online internet marketing course”. The nice thing about this course is after the training course is completed you still have free access to your website that you will build plus you have the hosting that goes with it, it’s optional if you want to get even more training but you have enough knowledge to keep building your online business, hope that clarifies things, hopefully I get the opportunity to help you build your online business, cheers Mike.

  38. When I enrolled in this free online marketing course, it only took me 3 days to set up a website and find website name. I thought if it was one of those guru crap deals that I’ll just terminate my membership and move on.

    As it turns out, I took some extra optional training that I thought I might benefit from and have been in Affiliate marketing for over a year now. I like the community and technical support that’s provided with this course, especially for someone who’s not web-savvy.

    Still not making quite enough to work full time from home, but I am almost there.

    1. Hi Cathy I am happy to hear you have benefited from this Internet Marketing course. I am especially happy to hear that you are almost at your goal of working from home full time. It is nice you came back to leave a comment it shows my readers a couple of things..

      Results will vary on how much time you can dedicate

      You can do this and replace an income and work from home

      This is not a get rich quick scheme you need to build an online business to succeed but you have all the tools needed to find success.

      There are no upsells or extra tools you need to build your online business, this is a upsell free course.

      Once again thank you for paying your knowledge forward, cheers Mike.

  39. You can make money through affiliate marketing I been doing it for years. I looked into this course you are offering it looks great for someone trying to get started, nice surprise you don’t try and upsell anything. I do like the platform and the option of progressing with more training if someone wishes too.

    1. Hi Felica, I am happy you left a comment for my readers. Many people don’t have any idea that there is such a thing as affiliate marketing but if people only knew that it is essentially the backbone of online merchant sales and is growing as the Internet’s appeal grows with offline merchants wanting to expand their presence by going online. Without affiliates to promote and direct traffic to merchants websites online merchants would have to rely on their own SEO efforts to get traffic to their online offers which would be an absolutely futile endeavour.
      There are more and more people making huge dollars online as affiliate marketers, merchants are paying insane commissions to lure affiliates to promote their products, have a great day Mike.

  40. Hi Mike!

    Sounds really interesting, I have heard very good comments about the course you are offering your readers, it’s sounds very realistic and it looks like you can build a solid and long term business online. I will do it definitely! I always see blogs or websites online and see advertising on them is this what you will learn? I could see that this is a very realistic way to make a really good income. Thanks so much

    1. Hi Alfred, all I can say about the course is it started me down the road to making thousands a month in income online and I have helped many over the years achieve the same and even better results than I have had. It takes no time at all to build the main structure of a website what takes the time is adding the content look at some popular websites in the cooking, decorating, fitness niches and you will see quite a bit of content the nice thing this is done over a couple of years and they have been making money from those sites over the years, thousands and thousands of dollars in merchants wanting to have exposure on their websites and that doesn’t even take into account the affiliate part of the business where your site directs people to merchants sites for a commission. So yes you learn how to do all of this right down to building a website and creating a popular blog to becoming an affiliate and earning commissions that have unlimited potential. When you get a site up and rolling with some content it isn’t inconceivable to make thousands a day in commissions., cheers Mike.

    1. I have been Internet Marketing for many years and I have never had to depend on facebook traffic to generate income, I would never recommend this marketing technique to anyone as a sole traffic generator. Facebook traffic generation limits you to one source of traffic and that source is very unreliable, undependable and to be honest not that effective for generating traffic.
      Facebook is really cracking down on any type of link dropping, actually this hasn’t been useful technique for some time now, Facebook has been actively banning accounts that are “spamming” so right there that should scare the hell out of you if your online business is linked to facebook spamming.
      Facebook wants people to pay for ads not circumvent their revenue stream. The course I offer teaches you how to build a website that you have control over and also teaches you how to use that website to take advantage of all social media venues like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and “Google” which is and will always be the main traffic generator for Internet Marketers.
      There is no marketing technique like blogging for profit that has the longevity and the potential to make massive amounts of money and still allows you the freedom to take off and enjoy life while your website makes money for you, hope that clears up any questions you may have, cheers Mike.

  41. The course looks great mike. How long would you say it takes, on average, for people to start making money online? How many hours a week do you need to put into it do you think? – I’ve actually already been online for a while now but have never taken a course like this which in hindsight I should have would have saved me a lot of time and money. This course is a good thing for sure – education and support is key -people should definitely give it a go I know I am going to do it just for some of the info I saw with a quick look at it, thank you!

    1. Hi Netp, It really varies on how fast people learn and what time they can allocate to their new career, everyone is different. When I took this course I was working full time and only could commit to after work hours and my days off so that really dictates how long it will take, also what makes a difference is what niche you end up choosing some produce income faster than others for varying reasons. It took me about 3 months before I started earning on a regular basis and about 8 months before I was confident I could quit my job and do Internet marketing full time. Thanks for the comment cheers Mike.

    1. No Max I am totally against link dropping as a way to make money online. I feel link posting is a practice that has been dug up from the money making schemes of the past to try and sell you on an old practice so that someone can make a few bucks off your inexperience of how things work online.There are very limited places to drop links these days and very few companies that are willing to take the risk of Google penalizing their online presence because of that practice. Companies want relationships with people who are promoting their businesses and that isn’t possible with link posting. The worst thing that could happen to a business’s image would be to have a link placed in a spot that is damaging to their businesses image. Most online companies require you to have a website and they critique that website to see if it meets their company’s requirements before granting you the right to promote their product they specifically say they don’t allow link dropping that’s how ridiculous this link dropping notion is, hope that helped answer your question, cheers Mike.

  42. Thɑnk you for sharing your thoughts. I really apprecіate your
    efforts and I will be waitіng for your further write ups
    thanks once again.

    1. Hi Max thanks for commenting. Link posting was in it’s day and effective way to make some money online but not anymore! There are many sites posting link posting but I have reviewed many and they all use shady marketing tactics and unrealistic income promises. Link posting is very seldomly used by large companies they have found the value in providing their own quality websites that are promoted through affiliate marketing therefore making link posting almost non existent. Google and forums don’t like links being dropped, Google will actually down rank a website for dropping backlinks which will hurt their business so online businesses don’t want to risk their online presence hurt, most have put a lot of money into the development of their websites they don’t want to lose that investment for dropping links which really have no place to be dropped these days, try and drop a link on a forum and your account will end up suspended, hope that clears the air when it comes to link posting, cheers Mike.

  43. Hey Mike,

    I love reading through your site, I actually smiled at a few parts. I love that you can engage your audience, I didn’t want to stop reading! If I wasn’t already part of the WA community I would definitely be all over taking your advice again and heading over to sign up.



  44. Mike, I found your website very informative and sincere, which is a nice change. I tried sending you a e-mail
    and it got kicked back.. Would you please send me your best email and I will resend it. Thanks…Luana

    1. My wife and i felt absolutely thrilled to find your website. We have tried quite a few Internet marketing programs with little success. We like your reviews and knowledge based content, our writing style is very straight forward, very refreshing! Keep up the good work, Andy.

    2. Thank you very much Andy it’s nice to get nice comments, I get the odd bad one so it’s really appreciated, thanks Mike.

    3. After examining a couple of the blog posts on your website I actually like your way of blogging. I bookmarked it to my list and will probably be checking it again soon. Would you be able to please take a look at my website and see if you could find the time to help me with it, thank you Hamza.

  45. Mike,

    I wanted to take a moment and compliment you on your thorough and quite well written piece Getting Started – How to Build a Real Internet Business.

    I have seen and been taken advantage of many times, so I really appreciate sites that actually focus on helping folks to avoid making costly mistakes and wasting their valuable time.

    Keep up the great work and thanks again for all the great info here.


    1. Thanks Gary for taking time to leave a comment. I am glad you found this article helpful and enjoy the site. Cheers Mike

    2. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation of material but I am finding it hard to wrap my head around how affiliate marketing works, It seems too complicated and extremely extensive to me.

    3. Hello Irene, I know a lot of people get freaked out about working online and building a website and an online business but it really isn’t that hard. I came from a almost zero exposure when it comes to computers and now I run a very profitable online business, trust me, if I can do it anyone can! I can show you how to build the basic framework of your website for your online business in less than 30 minutes tops. As far as Affiliate Marketing goes it is by far the simplest and most effective way to generate income online in my opinion. Do to the lack of computer experience I was looking for the easiest way to learn and earn at the same time and Affiliate Marketing does just that for you.

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