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lyndaIn this review I will be focusing my efforts on’s Internet Marketing course selection. offers an impressive variety of quality videos ranging from Internet Marketing basics to the most in depth web design courses.
I will be upfront and state that I am a affiliate and I do make commissions off referrals to their program. Why should I bother stating this? Because being an affiliate for is in it’s own right an endorsement of credibility for my site. has a very selective and thorough screening process when it comes to choosing affiliates to promote their company, they view your website and content and only then do they make a decision to form a relationship. The end result of’s screening process is there isn’t a whole pile of us affiliates out there!
Ok enough, my head is already big enough without having it swell up even more. I think you will want to read my review through it’s entirety, knowing that I get paid to promote their product I think you will find my review to be honest and refreshing. I reveal what I like and dislike, yes, dislike about’s Internet Marketing training offering, all ending in an unpredictable, but in my opinion a fair final verdict.

lynda course layoutWhat Is is training center that offers an impressive video library covering, at the time of publishing, a whopping 4592 courses with over 100,000 video tutorials with topics such as photography, Data entry, web design, programming, 3D animation and Internet marketing are just a few that come to mind, really if you can think it you can potentially find it at Methods of delivery range from video tutorials to video based instructor led training supported by downloadable project files.

What’s The Cost To Access offers a few different options which will enable you to have access to their courses and tutorials. offers a basic membership in the form of a monthly membership at $25 monthly and a yearly basic membership at $250, these two basic membership options give full access to all courses and tutorials. The second level of membership offered is their premium package starting at $37.50 a month and $375 annually.  The premium membership allows the ability to download project files and also the adaptability to access offline viewing via a mobile device. also offers group memberships for small and large organizations.

lynda marketingWhat Are The Pro’s Of’s Internet Marketing Training? is a reputable company which is demonstrated by their course material being used by the likes of Adobe, USC, Microsoft, and NBC so you know who you are dealing with.’s Internet marketing training material is very good ranging from training for the Internet marketing beginner to some of the most advanced website development training material. I found most of their Internet Marketing training material to be of very good quality and their instructors explained marketing techniques in simple terms with in an easy to follow point by point presentation.’s Internet marketing material covers off such topics as SEO, Email marketing, Social marketing, PPC and much more!

Price point:’s Internet marketing training cost is reasonable but not optimal, I will explain this point further in my con’s section.

No up sells: What you see is what you get at, no surprises. When you enter their doors it  is an all inclusive experience with no up selling of products, a pure learning experience.

What Are The Con’s Of’s Internet Marketing Training?

I have to keep reminding myself that I am reviewing’s Internet marketing offering not their site in general and this is where I come up with a few issues.

Price point:  I look at price point from an experienced marketers perspective that has a realistic view of what it will take to operate a successful online business and here’s how I see it, you will need a website to implement the training that you will receive at,  hosting and domain name registry which will unfortunately up your monthly cost considerably. Expect to tack on to’s monthly premium membership around $25 a month which will bring you close to $60 a month. I use the premium package as an example for the simple reason I feel it is necessary to have the downloadable project files that only come with a premium package to maximize your learning capabilities.

Support: I was happy with much of the Internet marketing material offered at but I did find that the support that I had access to was not in line with what I am accustomed too with my #1 recommended Internet marketing program. The course material was great but as far as support went I found myself alone with my training videos and no one to bounce my thoughts off of.  Knowing what I know now about how challenging it can be to make a living online without the right support, I feel you could find it difficult and time consuming to get timely answers to your questions and achieve online success. I personally like the community atmosphere where I can learn from others mistakes and triumphs, something that you will not find at One on one support when I needed it would have been of great benefit also.

Training platform: Although the individual training courses were of good quality unless you were like me and had previous experience with Internet marketing and new the steps that were needed to create an online business you will find it hard to put the required courses in order to achieve the right result. For example, on its own’s SEO training tutorial was a great learning resource. Stepping back a few years and looking at things through the eyes of a beginner I would have found it difficult to organize the course offerings in order of priority, no point learning SEO if you don’t know key Internet marketing terminology that SEO focuses on.

I was literally alone when it came to mapping out the courses I would need to start an online business using Internet marketing.

My Final Verdict On Internet Marketing training offered at

I was impressed by the quality of individual Internet Marketing courses offered by I found the instructors to be knowledgable and the video production to be of the highest quality.

As an avenue to make money online through Internet marketing I honestly don’t feel it’s a viable option. I feel that a complete step by step platform such as my #1 recommended program for starting an online business is more suited for a online career. When I started online marketing I needed to be held by the hand from start to my first online paycheck and that isn’t a reallity using  I definitely would recommend using’s various Internet marketing related courses as supplemental aids do to there in depth and very specific course content material. For example I operate a WordPress 4.0 website theme which offers a tutorial on. I built this site with training and support from my #1 recommended program and did quite fine with it but when a new version of WordPress came down offered a tutorial on all the new features and how to use them effectively. This was a very valuable additional resource that I accessed, cost me $25 for 1 month, plus I did some extra non marketing courses that interested me all at the same time. Once I had my fill I left before the month was over to avoid the next months billing.

In summary’s Internet Marketing training on an individual basis is very good but if you truly want to make a living online then you need step by step training, great support in a community atmosphere. You will need access to all the marketing tools and techniques all under one roof at your fingertips with no hidden costs. The program that I found online success from offers “state of the art training” developed by two highly successful Internet marketers in a scam and up sell free environment like the one you will find at

If you are an experienced marketer or someone who would like to view some of the courses that I offer this to you! Get 10 days of free unlimited access to If you are truly interested in making a living online  then have a look at the comparison chart that I created below that shows what I feel is your best scam free chance to learn how to make a living online.



6 Replies to “ Review- Learn Internet Marketing Scam Free!”

  1. Amazing Mike, Your Article was simply Good. Great Research for sure and you have a awesome resource Page.Thanks for sharing this awesome tips with us!

  2. Awesome website. I was searching for the “Power Lead System” scammers based on a comment left at WA. Your site was the first website not-related to this scam, and you provided a great review on them.

    More importantly, I saw your Wealthy Affiliate link and just wanted to give a shout out a fellow WA member! Great website, keep up the great work!

    1. Thank you Scott for your comment, I wasn’t involved in that conversation at WA I don’t believe the Power Lead System is a scam it’s just not a program I would feel good about recommending do to the fact I am not sold on MLM’s in general. I feel if you want to build a online business then you need to have the ability to sell whatever products you want and not limit yourself with selling for instance just PLS sponsored products.
      It’s nice to have control over your business and not have that business guided by what PLS does, if they close up shop your livelihood closes with them, not a great position to put yourself in, have a great day Mike.

  3. Helpful info. Lucky me I discovered your website while looking under ” how to make money blogging” I see you are ranked high all over the place, how do you do it?

    1. Hi Debroah, yes I do rank high for many searches and that’s all stems from my training, now it just comes second nature, I instinctively write posts designed to rank high. Really it’s not hard to rank high when you know how it works, if you would like a chance to learn free check out my #1 recommended program that’s where I got my start, cheers Mike.

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