Make Money Posting Links – Can You Make Money Posting Links Online?

Make Money Posting Links – Can You Make Money Posting Links Online?

There has been a huge movement lately by online merchants promoting link posting as a way to make money online promoting their products. Unfortunately this is more for the online merchants benefit than yours which I will spell out for you in this post. Online merchants give you the sense that this is a lucrative venture when the exact opposite is more the reality. Online merchants try and send the message that it is easy to generate money by simply posting their links on social pages but the reality is all they care about is shear volume they don’t care if you only make a few bucks, a million people making a few dollars in commissions makes millions and millions of dollars for them on their end.

Here’s some info that you should know before you waste your time link posting!

What Is Link Posting? 

Link posting is simply the act of posting links on in your social media accounts in the hopes that one of your friends or people who have access to you social accounts. Online merchants like Amazon encourage people to sign up and grab links and post them on your social platforms.

Where Can You Post Links?

Back in the wild west days of the Internet links could be posted almost anywhere, forums, social media platforms, comments on popular blogs/websites just to name a few but times have changed since the wild west days of the Internet and this is not so easily done.  With the ever changing evolution of the Internet the opportunity to post links has been adversely affected for varying reasons, this has  resulted in erosion of money making opportunities link posting. Venues that still allow link posting are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Quora, Medium, Reddit just name a few.

 Link Posting Opportunities disappearing!

While link posting opportunities are dwindling places like Amazon still promote this style of affiliate promotion, to be honest affiliate link dropping isn’t a very effective way to make money online. Over the last year Facebook has been working hard at finding ways to better monetize their platform and stopping companies such as Amazon from encouraging people to use Facebook as free advertising is high on their to do list.

There is a new kid on the block when it comes to an inexpensive way to generate a great income online with no experience, the new kid is called mini niche site building.

What is mini niche site building?

Mini niche websites can be created in less than a few hours. These mini websites usually only consist of 4 pages in total and take no experience to build. Mini niche websites can be built using a simple step by step process.

Mini niche websites are built targeting very specific products. When an internet user looks for one of these products online your mini site tops the Google search results using a few techniques that you will acquire with some specialized training, once your site visitor gets on your mini site your affiliate product is front and centre offering a link on where to buy and some product information. This is a very effective way to earn great commissions from places like Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Lowes, Best-buy, Wayfarer and many more online retailers.

Learn More On Mini Niche Site Building Here

Earning Potential From Mini Niche Websites

Income from mini niche sites range from $200-$1000 and up a month which I might add is recurring income. You can build as many sites as you want for roughly $49 a month, build ten you could be looking at $10,000 a month in recurring income, nothing to sneeze at.

There’s really not much more to creating Mini niche websites they are quite simple to create with an insane cost to income ratio and they keep sending you recurring income for years to come.

My Final Thoughts

Link posting was created for the benefit of the online merchant not for the person dropping links. For the time it takes to drop links that people will more than likely not click on make your time count there are legitimate ways to make a great living online you just need to know where to look.






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  1. I’ve been active on Clickworker for a while now. It’s a site where you can earn some money on the side by writing, translating and doing research. I think it´s something you’d be into. Check it out. Registration is free.

    1. Your welcome Carlos, yes link posting was viable in it’s day but not anymore. The internet changes every year and with it’s change new marketing techniques are created to meet the new changes the only thing that seems to stand the test of time is affiliate marketing which is what I do for a living. If you would like to learn how check out the program I started online with, click here to read a review I did on this program.

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