Melaleuca – Could You Make Money Selling Melaleuca?

Melaleuca – Could You Make Money Selling Melaleuca?

Melaleuca, Is It An Opportunity Or A Flopportunity ?

More than likely at some point in time you’ve probably heard someone talking about how great of an opportunity Melaleuca provides. In this Melaleuca review, we’re going to give you my thoughts on whether or not any real opportunity exists for making a profitable business through Melaleuca , and exactly how it all works.

melaleucaWhat Is Melaleuca?

Melaleuca was created in 1985 by Mike Vandersloot and is currently marketed and known as “the wellness company.”

Melaleuca sells and distributes a wide variety of what I would considered to be “responsible”  products,“green” and “organic”something the world needs more of.

By appealing to a market that wants to get away from harmful chemicals while offering members the opportunity to make money selling products they believe in. This Melaleuca review isn’t to critique the products or the pricing, but a critique of Melaleuca as a business opportunity. The appeal of Melaleuca products obviously will play a part in whether you find success with Melaleuca, so the products and service will be a focus of this posts content.  So lets get into whether  becoming a Melaleuca distributor makes good financial sense.

How Much Does It Cost To Participate In Melaleuca?

When you sign up to promote Melaleuca, you are required to purchase Melaleuca products yourself to qualify for revenue. The requirement to pay for products upfront is pretty typical of MLM offers in general, so that’s not a shocker, it’s just part of the business structure. 

In order to be an active member, you’re looking at a recurring cost of roughly $80 – $85 a month, these fees will be automatically charged to your account. This is probably the biggest hurdle for distributors when it comes to the Melaleuca offer, yes the products are of high quality and they do have market appeal, but you need to go into your Melaleuca business knowing that you will have that large recurring payment that will add up over the course of a year, $960 annually when you do the math. You had better be on your game to make that money back and still make a profit. 

What Do You Get For Your $80 Investment?


You actually get a generous amount of products for your $80 monthly subscription fee. 

You can expect to receive a variety of products for your monthly subscription fee, lotions, laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, vitamins, energy drinks, bath and beauty products, personal hygiene products, basically a wide assortment of Melaleuca products, so there is value for your $80, the question is, can you turn around and sell these products and recoup your investment every month as fees keep rolling in on schedule. I feel you can easily cover your costs if you know how to market Melaleuca to the internet public. If you don’t know how to market Melaleuca online I feel you would be hard pressed to make a go of Melaleuca. Stats show that 99% of all MLM participants fail to make any income or lose money. 

The main reason people fail at selling MLM products isn’t because their products are of poor quality or not popular,  it’s because they don’t have the tools or training to sell their MLM to the masses, which is online. Participants in MLM’s like Melaleuca rely on recruiting and selling to family and friends, that’s why less than 1% of all MLM participants find any significant success, most fail short into their endeavour.

melaleuka-compensationHow Do You Make Money With Melaleuca?

 MLM income incentives or the way you make income while participating in a MLM is essentially the same no matter what MLM you are looking at joining. With Melaleuca you make money from the people who sign up under you, your downline. When your referrals pay their monthly dues, you get a share. When your signups make additional purchases, you also get a share of your referrals purchases. To make money selling Melaleuca, good money, you need to be able to recruit.

Melaleuca’s business model is set up as such that you need to be referred to get a membership, which it states on its home page.

While there are certainly some people who are making a great income with Melaleuca, you are going to have to be very proactive in socializing and door to door marketing if you have no online marketing training, even at that your market is limited. You will need to rely on family and friends to spread the word to reach more potential recruits and buyers.

Having no internet marketing experience selling an offer such as Melaleuca will eventually put you in that 99% fail rate. You can read the definition and failure rates associated with MLM’s here. 

Do you really want to be a door to door salesman? Truthfully this is all you will be if you can’t reach the massive online market. This isn’t just a Melaleuca problem, this is an MLM issue in general and why the failure rate is so high. I see this scenario play out over and over again, this is preventable with the proper training before hand! In Melaleucas case you have an $80 membership fee piling up which is a lot of financial pressure if you can’t grow your client base.

What Is The Support At Melaleuca Like?

While there is quite a bit of training available within Melaleuca itself, the majority of help and support that you receive will be given to you from your “up-line.” These are the people that you signed up under, and the people who are above them in the MLM structure.

There Is A Better Way To Make A Great Living Without Ruining Relationships

Affiliate Marketing is in my opinion the best way to make money from the comfort of your own home, all you need is internet access and a computer and you can be making money in no time flat.

Affiliate Marketing sounds technical, but the reality of it is, it is a pretty simple gig. As an affiliate you simply direct traffic to an online merchants product and in return you get a predetermined commission if a sale is made from that traffic. I have been an participating in Affiliate Marketing for about 10 years now making thousands a month in income from the comfort of my own home.

Try Affiliate Marketing Out With My Help Today, It’s Free!

The Last Word On Melaleuca

Melaleuca is by no means a scam or a flakey program, it offers great products at competitive prices for the product lines it offers. When I look at Melaleuca I see a very good product line that does have mass appeal.

The people that do find success with a program like Melaleuca are seasoned marketers or people who have large social networks or the drive to build large social networks, if you don’t fall into one of these categories I would advise you to think twice about MLM’s in general.

If you decide to give this Melaleuca a try I would highly recommend getting some FREE affiliate marketing training before hand. Affiliate marketing training will allow you to promote Melaleuca to a hungry online market which will help you become the exception, the 1% that make a good income selling MLM products.

If you have any questions or comments please feel free to leave them below or if you have any work from home opportunities you want me to look at or simply need help , just ask me, my help is completely FREE! Have a good one Mike.


17 Replies to “Melaleuca – Could You Make Money Selling Melaleuca?”

  1. Hi Mike,

    I saw that the link you offered above for the training was for Wealthy Affiliate. I was surprised to have read somewhere that Wealthy Affiliate is also a MLM company. Although I don’t see how it fits the standard definition, there are numerous articles just on the discussion as to whether or not WA is an MLM. And it’s only free for 7 days or whatever the trial period is and then it costs $47/month doesn’t it? Or is that Clickbank? I can’t remember. Love your site and thanks for the valuable content.

    1. Hi Amanda, no Wealthy Affiliate isn’t an MLM by any definition, it’s simply a training platform to help you make money online in affiliate marketing. You can promote Wealthy Affiliate as an affiliate just like they teach you to do for any online merchant. Affiliate marketing is when you get paid commissions to promote online merchants products, it’s what makes it worth while for merchants to flock to the internet. Online merchants don’t pay a single dime for advertising until a sale is made which is a great deal for them, guaranteed sales for them with zero advertising budget. The benefit to people like myself who are affiliate marketers is we get some nice commissions from merchants. Commissions range from the low of 4% up to 75%. Most of the commissions I make are in the 45% range.
      I do all the work driving traffic to online merchants sites and if a sale is made I get a commission. My commissions range from $10 up to $1700, most of which are recurring because I promote a lot of services that have monthly memberships, so I get recurring commissions.
      I actually learned my craft through Wealthy Affiliate so I know their platform delivers results.
      Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership that is open for as long as you like. The only drawback to a free membership is they cut off your ability to communicate with the membership after 10 days but you always have access to your stuff that you create at WA and can continue to access training and work on your online business as an affiliate marketer. Wealthy Affiliate does have a membership fee of $49 a month but I find the yearly is the best at $359 for the whole year which is really cheap when you look at what they offer, there are no extras needed to make money with WA’s platform so your yearly cost is everything you need to run an affiliate business, they even help you find online merchants who will pay you. That parts not hard there are literally thousands and thousands of online merchants looking for affiliates. Do a simple test, go to any online merchant and scroll down to the bottom of their website and you will see affiliates or partners, click on these links and they will tell you what their terms for payment are and what commissions they offer.
      Like I said WA isn’t a MLM because they offer an affiliate program just like any other merchant, one level directly payable to you if you direct traffic to them that converts, just like any online merchant. WA’s commission is 45%. Hope that helps clear up any questions you may have, have a great day Mike.

  2. Mike:
    Thanks for the review. I’m trying to find something that I can make some money on as a side job, but don’t want the heavy monthly investment like Metaleuca has. What would you recommend as far as where to look for such opportunities? Any advice would be most welcome !
    — Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer, to be honest everything that revolves around making money online will eventually cost you something to make something I haven’t found anything yet that produces an income that is totally free.

      In saying that I have been an affiliate marketer for quite a few years now and have made a great income doing so. I started out just making a nice passive income that provided my family and I all the extras we could possibly want and from there it grew into a really niche income and lifestyle that we now enjoy. No work schedules, I work from anywhere I want, travel extensively but do to the nature of affiliate marketing all you need is internet access and you can work anywhere.

      You can get a good amount of affiliate marketing training free so your costs are quite low overall. You will be looking at roughly $50 a month to participate as an affiliate marketer once you are up and running but you can make thousands a week in income so the costs are a somewhat mute topic.

      Here’s link to some free affiliate marketing training which will give you a solid foundation and get you started, it’s absolutely free no credit info is needed, not what you want just walk away that’s why I like this training, no commitment needed!

      Get your free membership here Jennifer!

      Let me know how it works out for you and by all means stop by and ask me any questions you may have or programs you want me to look into, cheers and good luck Mike.

  3. Great review of Melaleuca. I know several people that are with Melaleuca, and they all seem to market their business as a “shopping club”. I’m not saying their products are not good or that there is a problem with their opportunity, but I really don’t see how they can act like this is not an MLM business when it clearly is one. And it seems like they do try and cover that fact up.

    1. Hi Mary thank you for taking the time to leave a comment. Yes Melaleuca is a typical MLM but they do offer in my opinion some good products. Not sure why people try and pass it off as a shopping club it’s clearly not. Thanks again mIke.

    2. They say it’s not MLM because there is no third party present for sale or distribution of products. Melaleuca creates all their own products and claims their business model is not MLM structured. There is no investment needed, an enrollment fee isn’t an investment, it’s like Costco asking for a membership fee to get great pricing and that’s what Melaleuca does. You pay an enrollment fee to gain membership pricing on quality goods you would normally buy at the store. Can you earn money through referrals, yes but you aren’t pushed into it. Many people don’t refer anyone and just become customers. MLM means you must invest in the products, sell and market those products in order to receive a commission. Melaleuca does not require that from its members. It’s not MLM not even close if you break down their business model you will see. AND NO I don’t work for them, I’m not even a customer, I’m just someone who has done a lot of research on the company and how they started and how they operate.

    3. Hi Jodi, I just want to start by saying that most people think MLM is a dirty word and for the majority of participants that do enter into an MLM opportunity it is. There is a 99% failure rate with MLM’s, in most cases this could have been avoided if participants new how to promote these MLM offers online, this is probably the most frustrating part of reviewing MLM’s, most have a great product like Melaleuca but they refuse to invest in training their members on marketing their products online which leads in most cases to failure as the stats suggest.

      Melaleuca is a good company with great products, it’s been around for a while but it’s inaccurate to say Melaleuca is not an MLM. Where the third party thing comes in I am not sure, but by definition Melaleuca is a MLM as you can see if you read the definition of a MLM here!
      To be considered a MLM all that needs to be present is a work force that aren’t salaried employees and earn income based on a commission structure that resembles a pyramid, which is the case with Melaleuca.
      There are two sides to Melaleuca, regular membership where you can simply purchase products “once referred” which means someone is making commissions off your sales, or the business side which consists of you signing up as a distributor after becoming a member, which again trickles down commissions to whom ever referred you. If you are a distributor you get commissions off memberships as well as commissions off product sales, once again this is a characteristic of a MLM, it’s a pyramid style commission structure that members earn from, they are not salaried employees generating income for Melaleuca.
      On your other point Melaleuca is just like Costco, you don’t have to be referred to get a Costco membership where as with Melaleuca if you want to get a membership they ask for who referred you when you try and sign up, if you haven’t been referred they give you a phone number where they assign a distributor, they ultimately want you to become a distributor that’s why they assign an active distributor when you get a membership.

      To your other point that MLM’s require you to invest in products is inaccurate. There are lots of MLM offers that don’t require yo to purchase products only pay membership fee, sound familiar?

      I don’t think Melaleuca is a bad MLM, actually to the contrary, I feel they are a great MLM with good products and if you know how to promote online the sky is the limit, but let’s be honest and call a MLM an MLM!
      I appreciate you taking the time to comment, you brought up some greta points and I was nice to be able to focus on some of the aspects of Melaleuca, cheers Mike.

  4. I had no idea that Melaleuca was still around. I am not a big fan of MLM online opportunities for the reason I have had no luck with them. 

    At the bottom of your article you have a wonderful review graphic that put the entire article into perspective.

    Thank you for this review

    1. Thanks for the comment and your thoughts. Melaleuca offers some good products but like many MLM opportunities they really fail to equip their distributors with the right training that will allow them to market their products to the masses online. You can get some very low cost training online that will help you promote any MLM with ease.

      Many MLM’s try and pass off what they call a website,  but really it is just a glorified landing page that has no capabilities and no capacity to rank in search results, therefor it will never be seen and offers no value. 

      What I recommend to MLM participants is to get some training that will allow them to effectively market Melaleuca to the online public if you are interested in selling their products. Have a good day Mike.

  5. Thanks alot
    That is a great post very comprehensive and detailed i would have to say, that this company does have quite a good operation considering am all for organic.
    one question please is it available in my country (kenya) i would like to try it out even though expensive subscription monthly feels like you can make some money

  6. Thank you, Mike, for the thorough review of Melaleuca. A friend of mine sells this and swears by the products but I don’t think she sells much or even has anyone under her. She is definitely not online savvy so I do t see how productive she is with marketing. She’s tried to talk me into buying the products but they are just too expensive even though they may be worth it. After reading your review, this will be one more MLM I won’t be joining!

  7. Hey Mike – thank you for your review of Melaleuca. I don’t personally know any reps of this particular MLM, but I do know they have a fairly decent reputation in the industry. You are right on target when you call out some of the issues that most MLMs face. In recent years, the home business industry has taken a HUGE hit because of marketers that didn’t know how to market properly. The idea of a door to door salesman, or even the kiosk salesman at the mall always come to mind when I think of this particular industry. It’s very important to find good upline support, and in particular marketing training that will help you stand out as a business owner. Let’s take back this industry with integrity to help others!

  8. Thank you for exposing Melaleuca for what it is. If I would ever come across it, I would not need to waste my time. The biggest issue here, as you described, is in attracting an audience big enough to make you a steady income. This would be the greatest challenge. In addition I agree with you that having to sell their products above market price will prove to be very difficult, if not impossible.

    1. Thanks for taking a moment to leave your thoughts Jerry. If you think you are going to make any significant with any MLM not just Melaleuca the you need to know how to reach the massive online market or be really good at door to door sales or networking off line. Thanks for stopping by Jerry have a great day Mike.

  9. I got into Melaleuca back in the early 90’s back then we only had to get about $30 to $35 a month. But I was a LPN in a nursing home, and the hand lotion was the best thing I could find that would heal my cracked open fingers from the massive washing, I could put that lotion on my hands when they started cracking open if I had it on hand and my hands would be healed in about 2 days, and the pain was gone within about 2 times I used it, and the chap stick was the best that I could get any where. Even when I started getting a fever blister on my lips, I could put some of that chap stick on it with my finger and it would heal it just as good as some of the products that you get now for fever blisters. And the Tree Oil they have, is good for healing any kind of a sore, burn or anything and it only took a few drops each time you applied it, and you didn’t have to apply it for long periods of time before the area was healed. But I can still order from them now and I don’t have to do the monthly amount, I just order what I need or want when I need it and since I am on disability when I can afford it. My kids like the chap stick too, they like the Pina Colda flavor. And the lotion is still just as good as it was back then. I really enjoyed using their products. When I first started getting the products, I was able to get the samples, and was able to share them with people and that is how they were able to try them, and usually they would order from me because they liked the product. I also have severe allergies with anything that has perfume or added smells added to it, but I was able to use the Melaleuca products without any problems. They have everything from laundry products, to dish washing products, cleaning products, perfumes, I love the way their soap makes my skin feel, and so do my children, you can almost get anything you need, but yes you will pay more for the items than what you would pay for a similar item off the store shelves, but you do not get the medical benefits that you do from the Melaleuca items, like the lotions, lip balms, and things like that.

    1. Thank you Susan for the Melaleuca product info, nice to hear from someone who has tried the products and has found the products helpful. Part of doing a review on a program such as Melaleuca is evaluating their products. I look at many aspects of the program, quality, price, consumer acceptability. The main focus when I do a review is from the business perspective and whether this is a realistic option for my readers. I guess the question I have to ask is, are you still active in Melaleuca? Besides your personal use have you managed to make a living or good supplemental income from selling Melaleuca and if so what advice would you have for my readers if they are interested in getting involved in Melaleuca.
      Would you agree with my opinion that having internet marketing training would be a valuable asset and important to finding success with Melaleuca?
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, very helpful, cheers Mike.

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