Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?

Is Millionaire Biz Pro the way to get-rich-quick online, or just another scam? Can you actually learn and benefit from this system, or is it just a way to take your money?

For the longest time everyone thought that working online, or working from home, resulted in instant riches. Someone, somewhere apparently found out how to get-rich-quick online, but more and more credible sources came along and proved that the real long term success plan was to work hard and dedicate the time to your online business.

However, some systems are still trying to sell the “get-rich-quick” method. Are people really getting rich quick or still getting scammed?

In my Millionaire Biz Pro review, I’ll dig deep into the Millionaire Biz Pro system and give you my fact based opinion on whether this is a good offer or a scam. I’ll talk about the training, tools and support, and how much it costs to be successful with Millionaire Biz Pro.

I’ll also make sure to let you know what my final verdict is at the end of this review, so join me in reviewing the Millionaire Biz Pro system!

What Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System?

Essentially, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is pitched as a way for you to make money automatically, on autopilot.

When you pay for the Millionaire Biz Pro, you’re set up with your own automated affiliate marketing system, that generates websites that you can integrate email autoresponders, and generate commission based affiliate sales.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers its clients done for you websites already set up for selling random products or systems for commissions, this is referred to as (affiliate marketing). The Millionaire Biz pro System utilizes various traffic generating techniques to maximum profit.

Who Is The Millionaire Biz Pro System For?

Derek, the founder, states that this system is great for anyone looking to start or expand their internet business. Whether you are a beginner or expert, the Millionaire Biz Pro system is meant to set you up for success.

The training provided within the Millionaire Biz Pro offer I found wasn’t that detailed or comprehensive enough for a beginner. I didn’t see the training as newbie friendly, my opinion is this program is more suited for the advanced marketer that has a solid foundation in affiliate marketing concepts.

What Do You Get For Your Monthly Fee?

Once you have made your first monthly installment, you’re supposed to be entirely set up and ready to go, websites and all. In the videos on the website, you’re shown the speed in which your websites go from dormant to live for your use.

Although not mentioned within the videos, the disclaimer at the bottom of the page indicates you receive once you have paid:

  • 15 predesignated websites that you can customize;
  • A traffic generator through Web fire (additional cost);
  • Training Videos;
  • GVO email auto responded.

From there, the training videos are meant to show you how to monetize that data and earn income by selling other peoples products that you earn a commission from, once again this is called affiliate marketing.

All in all the goal with the Millionaire Biz Pro system is to utilize the data from your affiliate website complete with opt-in forms, and then to market your affiliate products to your subscribers collected from the opt in page.

Unfortunately the majority of what the Millionaire Biz Pro system does for you is the easiest part, and the rest requires some work and affiliate marketing experience.

The Cost Of The Millionaire Biz Pro System

The costs with the Millionaire Biz Pro System is a little misleading, and change frequently depending on if you go straight through the links to purchase, or if you hesitate.

The cost begins at $47 and when you click through to purchase finally sums up to $49 (with tax?). From there if you go ahead and purchase right away, it will go through a few up sells.

If you don’t click through right away, and go to close the screen, a pop up comes through giving you a bigger discount. You now only pay $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro System.

Unfortunately these types of situations really make me come to question the quality of the product. Some sites like this make you wonder if they truly stand behind their price, or if they just want to make a sale.

Up sells

When you do purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro System the first page you’re brought to is an up sell of the system you’ve already purchased. Derek offers you an upgrade to their Platinum club for $97, or if you don’t click that one their Delta club membership, which would cost you $24.95/month.

Once pushing past this barrage of confusing options, you’re told you need to purchase a traffic generating system through Web fire. This is a purchase that is required in order to actually utilize the Millionaire Biz Pro System. Again, very misleading, as my original thoughts were that I only had to pay $47 to get myself making ” upwards of $1000/day!!”

Derek offers a discount of Web fire through his up sell, where instead of paying the membership prices below.

You’d only have to pay the discounted membership that is offered with the Millionaire Biz Pro system.

At the end of the day you’re looking at paying at least $39 for the Millionaire Biz Pro system, and at least $85/month for your traffic generating software.

Training And Support

The training offered through the Millionaire Biz Pro system is referred to as the “21-step system” and provides you’re 21 steps to getting your sites online and promoting products for commission.

The 21-steps actually pertain to 21 videos that you’re provided to watch through.

Although the information provided is a great start, they don’t answer all the questions or challenges you’ll most likely face as a new affiliate marketer.

You are provided a “personal coach”, however, they do not reach out to you. You’re actually encouraged to contact a phone number (for a website called or to start a support ticket if you’re having trouble.

There’s no support in the form of a Facebook group, or forum, blog or any such network.

A lot of the support and technical difficulties are directed to a site called “” which is a totally different business opportunity standing for “My Own Business Education” (MOBE). It’s a training site catering to small business owners and entrepreneurs, can be expensive.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Does Well…

  • Makes it easy to create websites;
  • Have the training for a basic understanding of developing a site.

What Millionaire Biz Pro Could Improve…

  • Little to no support;
  • In order to be successful, you have to purchase some of their up sells;
  • The videos they provide are lacking and very vague;
  • When you go to purchase the Millionaire Biz Pro system, you’re pushed through to several websites;
  • The support number and ticket support offered come from a totally different program, a very costly program if you follow all the steps;
  • The website isn’t clear on the exact expense required to be successful;
  • Disclaimer in small print at the bottom indicates that the “typical purchaser does not make any money using this system”.

Some Red Flags And Final Thoughts…

Unfortunately the Millionaire Biz Pro system is riddled with red flags, from beginning to end.

The Millionaire Biz Pro system offers an affiliate program, where users can make $55 commission for everyone that signs up and another $25 for any up sells they purchased.

I find it very misleading to encourage people to purchase something that you tell them will make me ” a $1000/day” instantly, and then turn around and say, oh wait, you need to buy this also, this seems like a never ending story line for this offer.

Although that should be enough to make an informed decision, the Web fire program they insist you purchase to generate traffic has been under scrutiny. It defines its free traffic and leads as actually spamming people with random affiliate links for work-at-home forms and groups. You have zero control on what is being promoted while webfire is representing your website.

The initial Millionaire Biz Pro system web page offers little to no information about the actual program/system. Even listening straight through the ten-minute introduction video, by the end of it you still have no clue as on what the Millionaire Biz Pro system really offers you.

The training doesn’t explain what to put in your emails to your subscribers, so although you’re getting all these emails of people potentially interested, the way in which you contact them and approach them is not made clear.

The more you click through to with Millionaire Biz Pro, the more money it asks of you, and the more differently named websites you get pushed through to.

Unfortunately, the Millionaire Biz Pro system on its own doesn’t offer a concrete, and valuable system that would be of much benefit to anyone. Derek has attempted to make a product to help make people money, but instead constantly asks for more money. Personally I can’t recommend a program that has hidden cost or all these unknown add-ons, who knows what your end cost will be!


4 Replies to “Millionaire Biz Pro System – Just Another Scam Program?”

  1. Hi Mike!
    Really I hate to see “Buy Now” words from any website.These words are almost used by all scam sites. The second point as you said, the ambiguity in the prices also make the audience to doubt on such site like millionaire Biz Pro System.Unless the people open their eyes, the existence of such sites will never come to an end.
    Thanks for your unbiased review.

    1. Thanks Prabakaran, high pressure tactics are a red flag and if you see in any offer a pitch where you need to buy now and miss out for example then you really need to think if you want to be part of this program or offer, chances are it won’t get any better.

  2. Hey really good review, i have heard of this program before and it is not something i would be interested in. All them up sells would turn me away right there. Normally when i find a program you have to pay up front i do research about it to find out if there are up sells so i can keep my money and move on. There are so many red flags there, they need to be up front with everyone from the beginning.

    1. Hi Justin, yes there are many red flags, one of which are multiple up sells. Thank you for your feedback, much appreciated, cheers Mike.

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