Millionaire Society Review

Millionaire Society Review

The name is pretty catchy ” Millionaire Society” puts some pretty grand thoughts into your head doesn’t it? Well the whole point of this review is to establish whether Millionaire Society delivers a legitimate opportunity to create an online career.  I will also give you a complete rundown of what I think of the program from a member’s point of view.

What Is The Millionaire Society?

When you purchase a membership in the Millionaire Society program  you are essentially buying into a video tutorial based program that teaches various Internet Marketing techniques where you also have access to complete turnkey business downloads to operate online businesses in well over 70 niches.  Downloads can be found in areas such as email marketing, blogging, Craigslist, Ad swap, Facebook marketing, Ghostwriting and many more niche ideas that can be lumped into a turn key business opportunity. At the time of this review there were two software downloads in the developmental stages that were not available to members yet.

Is There Value In a Millionaire Society Membership?

I feel there is a lot of great content on subjects such as getting traffic from Facebook and Pinterest and using sources such as to drive traffic to a website or squeeze page and many more subjects that were worth noting but at a price tag of $144 a month for the basic membership I deffinetly question the affordabilty of a platform such as the one Millionaire Society offers.  To be honest when I compare the basic membership offer to some of the top Internet training programs notably Wealthy Affiliate which includes in their membership free hosting for websites, keyword tools, thousands of video tutorials and text tutorials, live chat, weekly webinars, 24/7 support to all it’s members as well as one on one support from the owners to any member when they need it and much more for a third of the monthly fee I have a hard time seeing the value in the basic Millionaire Society monthly fee of $144.

On top of your monthly Millionaire Society fee you must take into consideration that many of the techniques covered by the Millionaire society video tutorials will have some sort of extra costs associated with implementing the various techniques covered.

Examples of extra costs come in many different forms,  hosting fees for domains, autoresponder fees, costs to use a visual website optimizer’s, domain registries fees, traffic buying,  squeeze page or landing page provider fees, keyword tools,  the list goes on and on when it comes to additional costs to fully implement some of the techniques offered through the Millionaire Society training.  All these extra costs must be considered when you buy into a monthly membership that comes with a hefty price tag.


Normally $297 and I’m letting you in for only $47 today.

As soon as I received my membership I got that sinking feeling.  Right out of the starting gates my first bonus offer was a upsell downsell offer where Millionaire Society offers a FREE VIP membership which isn’t actually free it is upsold with a value of $297 a month then stated that it will be sold in the future at $147 a month but really has a value of $1500 and in the end it was down sold for a crazy low price of just  $47 a month non refundable of course.

 just wait I am not finished yet!  I was ready to pass up on this unbelievable deal (sarcasm) and click away when I was offered another $10 off bringing my VIP monthly membership fee down to $37 a month!

If you opt in to the Millionaire Society program then opt out like I did you then open the door for an onslaught of email offers  on a continual basis trying to sell you anything and everything like the latest offer I got from “Mack Michaels” the brain thrust behind the Millionaire Society, this offer came in the form of a limited time opportunity to join Mike Dee’s Rich Janitor program.

The most constant upsell offer coming out of the Millionaire Society is for a program called “The Rich Janitor” which he is in some way affiliated.  I now get tons of emails prompting me to join the Rich Janitor which leads to another set of upsells so you really have to wonder if the Millionaire Society program is a sales funnel for the Rich Janitor program. The focus seems to be leading you to the Rich Janitor program with no emphasis of bringing you back into the Millionaire Society program.

 VIP Membership?

The VIP membership deal to me was a distraction after that initial upsell I really enjoyed the content that I viewed.  Here’s what the offer looked like..

Here’s a glimpse of what Millionaire Society is offering for a $47 a month additional fee on top of your $144 a month basic membership.

As a First-Class VIP you’ll receive an exclusive VIP discount 50% off on every future product they release. So what Mack is saying  is you will probably be paying extra for some newly created products and possibly services throughout the Millionaire Society program. When I joined I was hoping as a (member) I would automatically have access to any new products or training all inclusive do to the fact that the $144 a month in my opinion is at the top end of the price range for Internet Marketing training.  

Some of the projects Mack and his team have in mind will cost $5,000 or more,  you will get a 50% discount on this, I couldn’t imagine what I would need to run my online business that would even come close to a price tag like that, my total out of pocket expenses to run my online business run roughly $60 a month for everything I need which I might add includes full access to the latest training with no extra costs.

As a VIP member you will have complete and total access to the full download files of ALL training, videos, audio recordings and blueprints!

Access to live seminars as well as live webinars and teleseminars that will be hosted for you on a regular basis which in Mack’s own words gives you an advantage over other Millionaire society members. This demonstrates that is a multiple tier system for support, training and product offers which could be a disadvantage if you are not in the top tier.

As a First-Class VIP member you will be one of the very few Millionaire Society members who will have the ability to get your questions answered by Mack’s training staff personally.

As a First-Class VIP member you have full access to expert Millionaire Society Concierge Support Staff.
Priority Support Staff are trained to take you by the hand and walk you through the various steps you must take to ensure you are always on the right track and always taking the right steps to succeed.

As a VIP member your questions will be answered within 24 hour business hours this is great but what if you are not a VIP member? What kind of support can you expect, even a 24 hour response time may not be optimum enough for a person starting out part time fitting in their training when they can.

Who Is The Millionaire Society For? 

I have to say I did like much of the training material that I saw inside the Millionaire Society program it was well presented very thorough from an Internet Marketer’s perspective. I think if you are an experienced marketer and just want to add more to your tool box this is a pretty good venue to do it with and you can do it quickly, if you are fairly new to Internet Marketing this is in my opinion could be a very expensive way to learn Internet marketing. Learning Internet Marketing takes time and patience and having a minimum bill of $144 charged to your credit card every month can add some pressure to go with a steep learning curve.


Well laid out program,  good content, at the high range for price!


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