MWR Life – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity

MWR Life – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity

MWR Life – Scam Or Legit Business Opportunity?

Cost To The Consumer: Two packages to choose from,

Travel Advantage VIP $49.97 month

Life Essentials App $49.97 month

Cost To Participate As A MWR Consultant:

  • Silver Rank – $99
  • Gold Rank – $299
  • Platinum- $499

Founder: Yoni Ashurov, President and CEO

Establishment: Late 2013



When you’re making the important decision of creating an online business, you want to make sure you’re getting into an industry that is booming and will continue to grow over the next decade. MWR Life, which is a MLM, also referred to as a “direct selling opportunity”  is well positioned in a $184 billion dollar industry, so the potential is there to share in a nice future if  MWR Life can provide a sound business model.

In my MWR Life review, you will find the answer to the question is “MWR Life a scam or a legit business opportunity?”

Enjoy the read and by all means please leave me your thoughts or questions you may have at the bottom of this review, have a great day Mike.

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What is MWR Life?

MWR is in the business of selling premier Travel and Lifestyle Memberships through what is called a direct selling platform. MWR is considered a Multi Level Marketing company which provides incentives for its members to recruit people to promote and to by memberships in MWR Life.

MWR Life is based in Aventura Florida,  established late in 2013 by Yoni Ashurov making this MLM fairly new in MLM terms. I always look at the longevity of a MLM when determining whether it will be a legit business opportunity, many Multi Level Marketing start ups don’t make it past the 5 year mark so MWR Life is almost in the clear.

MLM’s like MWR Life depend on recruitment for their survival. The more tools and support the program offers increases the effectiveness of their members to recruit. The next thing I look at is the quality of the product, MWR Life positions itself fairly well in these categories.

MWR More Than Just Travel 

MWR Life offers quite a few membership services including the following…..

  • Legal services;
  • Emergency roadside assistance;
  • Tax hotline;
  • Identify theft protection;
  • Technical support;
  • Financial coaching;
  • Many comprehensive month-to-month plans.

The amount of services that MWR Life promotes and offers are pretty extensive,  you don’t have to have any prior  knowledge to promote these services . Your job as a MWR Life consultant is to simply introduce new customers to the services offered at MWR Life. One positive aspect of joining MWR Life that can’t be ignored is the variety of services that the company offers opening up many opportunities to make commissions. 

MWR Life’s Mission Statement

MWR Life’s commitment is to create “ a world where millions of people are empowered to realize their potential” ranked one of the top 85 Global Direct Selling companies looks like MWR is moving in the right direction.

What Does It Cost To Join MWR Life’s Team?

There are three different packages you can choose from which allow you to benefit from the promotion of MWR Life products, each package comes with its own limitations.

Silver Package $99:

  • Eligible to receive customer and expansion bonuses;
  • Not eligible to receive ALL bonus offerings.

Gold Package $299:

  • Earn the position of Founder;
  • Receive leadership overrides;
  • Freedom Bonuses;
  • Check Matching;
  • Lifestyle Awards;
  • Eligible for company $500 monthly “3 and 3 Guarantee”

Platinum Package$499:

  • Eligible for Manager rank and a qualified Founder;
  • 10% increase on earning potential;
  • Private coaching session with EVP Bill Hoffmann

**It’s worth mentioning that regardless of which package you choose, you still have to purchase a “Starter” package on top of your membership, which will cost approx. $299***

The cost to participate in MWR Life as a consultant is the biggest drawback to MWR as a money making opportunity in my opinion there are quite a few MLM’s that have no fee to be a consultant, programs like Forever Living is an example of a program that doesn’t charge you to benefit from their referral incentive program.

Compensation Plan Offered Through MWR Life

Putting the cost to participate aside, MWR Life does offer some cool features in relation to their Compensation plan. A unique aspect to MWR Life is that they will provide you with your own debit card,  if you recruit someone for example today, you’ll see your commission right on that debit card the next calendar day.

There are various ranks that you can achieve based on your performance, and of course like any MLM style company, you earn more benefits and bonuses each level you climb. The catch with this is, you have to buy the biggest most expensive package in order to be eligible to move through all the ranks which is common when you here the term 100% commissions, this is always a big bone of contention with me. Programs like MWR Life make it sound like you are winning the lottery by having access to 100% commissions the problem with this is you are under significant financial pressure until you recruit new members and pay that investment off. Looking at the income disclosure your chances of making any significant income are very slim, many members make very little to no income and only a small percentage make a living at it. 

Less than 18% of all members make less than $1500. Less than 3% of the membership will make an ok second income and less than 1% will actually make enough to live on so your odds aren’t that good. Do the math 70.2% of all consultants don’t even make it to the manager rank!

Here are the various levels that can be achieved with MWR Life….

  • Manager;
  • Senior Manager;
  • Area Manager;
  • District Manager;
  • Regional Manager;
  • National Manager.

For each rank, you’ll earn a pre determined amount of income from bringing in new customers ($25 each), but you’ll also earn based on the recruits you’ve brought on as consultants within your team. You earn between $50 and $200 dollars depending on your rank, and you’ll also make money on the people that your recruits sponsor infinitely. You can see that you’ll make the most amount of money through recruitment, this is a classic MLM format.

As a Manager you are eligible to receive $75 for every consultant you bring onto your team, and for every recruit your team members bring on, you get $25 unlimited in your downline. So even if your recruit has recruited two people, who have then recruited two people themselves, you’ll get $25 off of each recruit within that downline. So, you’d be making $125 off of that downline, you need to be good at recruitment to make the real serious money with MWR Life. 

Here’s a further breakdown of the various levels and their benefits….

  • Senior Manager; $100 dollars per direct recruit, $50 downline.
  • Area Manager; $125 dollars pre recruit, $50 downline.
  • District Manager; $150 per recruit, $50 downline.
  • Regional Manager; $175 per recruit, $50 downline.
  • National Manager; $200 pre recruit, $150 downline.

Residual Income Opportunities With MWR Life

You also receive some recurring income based on your status for that month. For every customer you have enrolled, not only do you get the above $25 per customer, for every month they are enrolled with a service, you get $11 for them having a recurring service.

You’ll also receive 25% check match on every person you enroll within a service for everything they spend money on. So if that customer spend $100 that month, you receive $25 of that.

Luxury Vehicle Club

This is becoming more and more popular within MLM companies, the Luxury car promotion. Although, MWR Life is very secretive about their vehicle club promotion there wasn’t much information I could find on this topic, except that you’d have to be a senior manager with specific recruits and active customers to qualify. You can be eligible to receive over and above incentives that will help pay for a luxury car of your choice. MWR Life offers 10 different cars to choose from, the promotion is meant to encourage consultants to move up the ranks faster. 

Freedom Bonuses

This bonus comes from achieving specific bench marks within the company, in this case it’s based on customer count. Again, there isn’t much clarification regarding this bonus, but it’s mentioned you’ll make between $5000 and $250,000 by recruiting between 500 and 15000 active customers in your personal circle or downline. This bonus is a one time bonus.

Fast Start Bonus

You are rewarded for achieving specific ranks within a specific time frames.

Support and Tools Offered Through MWR Life

With many direct selling offers, your sponsor (the person who recruited you) will be your biggest support system. Many sponsors are excellent, and have developed support options like private Facebook groups, offer group meetings to chat about news and promotions, discuss hurdles and in general try and help their recruits move up the ranks. However, if you fall under a sponsor who isn’t as committed to your success (which happens more often than not) or doesn’t have the skill set or incentive to work with you are out of luck and failure is imminent. The last MLM review I did was on Forever Living that offer a unique option to their members

Regardless of who your sponsor is MWR Life chips in with the following support….

  • Weekly webinars for newbies; helps educate and inform potential recruits about the company, policies, and potential earnings.
  • Business centre back office; gives you access to online training system and step by step help on building your business and earning more.

Unfortunately support offered by MWR Life is directly linked to what membership package you have pad for which is one of the reasons I gave MWR Life a 2/5 star rating.

If you purchased a gold package, you’ll have access to:

  • Your own website or “store front” as well as some capture pages to draw customer in. This is not a website that offers real traffic possibilities but more of a landing page pretty useless in my opinion but none the less pitched as a website.
  • Have the option of paying $10 – $30 dollars for over and above tools such as a mobile app to manage your business on the go, or a “Biz Centre” that tracks sales, manages commissions, and as well additional tools and marketing materials. Don’t get to excited about the website, its more like a landing page than an actual website that has ranking authority.

If you’ve purchased Platinum you’ll get everything Gold has including:

  • Business DVD’s to help you promote your business.

What I Like About MWR life

  • 3 membership options to choose from;
  • Wide range of services to sell customers (gives you a large demographic of customers to sell to);
  • Unique selection of product offerings that you won’t see with any other MLM company.
  • Decent track record to date,  reaching the top 100 direct selling companies.

What I Don’t Like About MWR Life

  • Very few find success with this offer; Less than 1% of all MLM participants make any significant income or find any success at all, so your chances are slim if you are looking to buck the odds.
  • Have to pay extra for additional business tools and support and even at that the tools are in my opinion are limited in terms of usefulness.
  •  Compensation plan is based on membership options which is pricey! 
  • Have to pay a large membership fee as well as purchase a $299 starter package;
  • If you are going to make any significant income with MWR Life you need to have internet marketing training or need to be a very motivated individual with a large social following.
  • MWR Life is not BBB accredited.
  • No actual training for marketing online

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Should You Sign Up For MWR life?

Unfortunately I do not feel that this is the right company to join if you are looking to replace an income or are thinking about making a living selling MWR Life. This program could end up costing a lot more than what you generate in income based on their membership options and the requirement to make expensive membership purchases to meet the requirements to benefit from the various compensation levels. 

The support is hit and miss if your sponsor isn’t that good and MWR Life doesn’t offer what I would consider to be much in the form of individual support even if you “opt in” for paying for a membership that offers more support options.  I feel this is a huge pitfall in becoming successful with recruiting and selling MWR Life.

Although I did put MWR in my “approved category”  they are a legit opportunity, not a scam, and do offer some opportunity if you have some type of training that would allow you to promote MWR online to the masses. I feel finding success with this program without proper online marketing training and in the areas of social marketing your market will be limited to friends and family.

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If you have any questions on this review or need my thoughts on any other program that you are interested in, please don’t hesitate to leave me your comment and I will respond as soon as possible, thanks for reading my MWR Life review, cheers Mike.




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