My Cash Freebies Review – Scam Or Legit

My Cash Freebies Review – Scam Or Legit

My Cash Freebies Review 

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Cost: Free to sign up

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Many people are turning to the internet looking for ways to supplement or even completely replace their daily income from online sources,  because of this, multiple make money online offers are popping up on a weekly basis, notable so called FREE programs like ZNZ Big Cash and My Cash Freebies offering big money for zero investment.There are many more programs offering big returns with Zero investment,  some are complete scams and some are legit opportunities to make money online.

In this “My Cash Freebies review” I will answer the question is Express My Cash Freebies a scam or legit? Can you make money with My Cash Freebies or will the offer end up costing you money in the long run, enjoy this My Cash Freebies review and by all means please leave me any questions or opinions you may have on this My Cash Freebies review or the content on this website in general, have a great day Mike.

If you’re looking into My Cash Freebies as a new career opportunity or maybe a chance to change your current lifestyle for the better I urge you to look in another direction, although there are opportunities to make a buck or two with this offer I think you will see after reading this Express My Cash Freebies review that you may have more to lose than you may think by joining the My Cash Freebie offer. 

What Is My Cash Freebies?

My Cash Freebies is part of what is known as the freebie network, which is a large network of programs that work through third party companies to supplies free trials and special offers for people to try, from there members receive gifts and cash prizes for trying these offers.

My Cash Freebies is owned by a parent company called LFK Products Ltd which also runs Paradise Freebies and Free Treasure Chest, which are all part of the online earning system.  

My Cash Freebies is available to people who have access to PayPal, however, a lot of the offers are only available in USA, Canada, and the UK. It will display a icon of the countries availability by showing a flag of origin above the offer to let you know where the offer is valid.

How Does My Cash Freebies Work?

You start by signing up with a free account, from there you’re giving a list of offers that you can complete, some costing money, some which they state as completely free ( gotta watch out for these so called free offers). You have to complete enough offers to earn yourself one credit, which could be easy depending on the offers you try out and you discipline which I will touch on further in this My Cash Freebies Review. Here’s an example below of what this page will look like.


You’ll notice that some say free, and others expect you to spend money. The ones where you have to spend money usually have higher credit payouts, getting you to that 1 credit faster. However, it’s possible to get yourself to the 1 credit mark without spending any money, but it will take a few extra offers to get you there. The offers range from .05 credits to .80 credits, however you must complete one full credit to be eligible to claim prizes and more importantly get your $20 for every person you refer to My Cash Freebies.

Once you’ve completed your 1 credit offer, you’re eligible to claim prizes infinitely.

On average there are about 40 different offers to choose from, however, when I signed up I only had about 29 to choose from.

**Be very careful when completing these offers as most require your personal information, and most require your credit card info. 

Why do Most FREE offers with My Cash Freebies require your credit card info?

Word of caution Be careful the signing up for the free offers to get your one credit they could come back to bite you in a big way. A few of the offers I signed up for all free I might add said free but it was only until I read the fine print at the final stage of the sign up process that it mentioned that they were only free for 7 days and after that my credit card would be charged. Here’s an example of this below


This was a free offer that was available to me called Video Stripe which you can view in the image earlier in this post. Video Stripe offers a .25 credit and states it is free which is correct but if you don’t cancel before your 7 day free trial is over you get dinged a monthly fee of $19.99. This is an automatic charge so it is solely up to you to pay attention and cancel prior to the trial period expires date.

With other programs such as ZNZ Big Cash I had merchants charge my credit card before the trial period was over so you really need to keep tabs on this or you will pay.

As long as you have a valid email, have a credit card, over the age of 18, and are living in a location eligible for offers, you can join and take advantage of My Cash Freebies.


There are different networks you can join as well that will offer more payout for referrals. The catch? If you join a network that pays out $80 per referral, it will be harder to get the 1 credit limit in order to receive offers as each offer will include a smaller credit. Whereas, if you pick a network that offers $20 pay out for referrals, you’ll be able to reach the 1 credit faster and with less offers to go through.

What’s In It For My Cash Freebies?

So you’re probably wondering what’s in it for My Cash Freebies? My Cash Freebies and the other networks are part of a cost per action or cost per lead style earning system, where they get a commission to have people like you and me try out these offers. Whether we stick with the offer, or try the offer just to get our 1 credit, My Cash Freebies gets commission for getting us to try these programs and products out. We then get part of that commission by helping complete these offers. There’s a huge incentive to merchants to participate in this style of online offer you can just imagine the amount of participants that don’t pay attention to the trial period deadlines and get dinged recurring monthly charges.

What Can You Receive As Prizes With My Cash Freebies?

  • Groceries;
  • Free cash prizes;
  • Gifts;
  • Entertainment (restaurants, movies);
  • Home and automotive.

How Often Do You Get Paid?

Cash prizes are delivered daily via your PayPal account, usually 4-6 hours after completing an offer. If you’re looking to set up a direct deposit for Paypal, it will take about 2-3 business days. They can also send the money via a money order or company check in the mail.

What Kind Of Support Does My Cash Freebies Offer?

Fortunately, My Cash Freebie is pretty simple to use, and they have a list of frequently asked questions to look through, where I actually found most of my questions answered.

They do have a general website “rep” that will help answer your questions, whose name is David M. Curtis. He can be reached by phone or email, and the business hours for support are Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm, and Saturdays 9:00 am – 5:00 pm and closed Sundays.

There are also different support options such as instant messaging through AIM or Yahoo IM, or you can create a support ticket to get answers.

Are There Tools Or Training To Help You?

Once you complete your one free credit, My Cash Freebies says it will supply you with a free website to help promote My Cash Freebies, as well as free training on how to properly promote the program through Facebook Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube and many other social media avenues.

Unfortunately what My Cash Freebies calls a free website is virtually useless,  more of a sales page than a real website with customizable options which you would need to get any type of exposure or traffic to your promotion. 

What I Like About My Cash Freebies

  • Free to join;
  • Plenty of offers to choose from;
  • Most offers free to try (if you pay close attention;)
  • A very simple,  straightforward concept.

What I Didn’t Like About My Cash Freebies

  • Offers only available in select countries;
  • Most offers require credit card and personal information;
  • Only complete offers until you hit the 1 credit, then you rely on referrals for income;
  • Referrals not recurring, only one time payment.
  • Limited amount of offers available.
  • Unless you have internet marketing training I feel it would be very difficult to make any significant income promoting My Cash Freebies, you won’t find this training in their program.

Things To Note About My Cash Freebies

Although there is a lot about this program that is attractive, there are a few things you should remember before joining My Cash Freebies.

You do not get paid for your referrals until that referral reaches their 1 credit minimum. This means, if you’ve picked a network that pays $80 per referral, it will take twice as long for your (essentially) “recruit” to hit that 1 credit limit, which means a longer wait for you to get paid for that referral. There is also the chance of your referral getting bored or frustrated faster by having to complete so many offers to receive their prizes. However, with a $20 pay out network, you’ll get your 1 credit faster, as well as your recruits will get their one credit faster and you get paid faster.

My Cash Freebies is not BBB accredited. They have only one complaint with the BBB referring to not being paid their earned credits, which when you look at other comments on the program, you see many similar topics regarding not being paid out their credits when offers are completed. If My Cash Freebies for any reason doesn’t get paid, you don’t get your credit, no matter what offers you complete.

It seems that the real income earner with My Cash Freebies is from referring friends and family. It is the quickest, and most beneficial way to earn money with My Cash Freebies. Although the program is not considered a MLM, ( multi level marketing system), My Cash Freebies does put a high emphasis on recruitment as the best option to benefit from their program.


Overall I didn’t rate My Cash Freebies very high. I do believe you can make money referring people to My Cash Freebies but only if you know how to market products online.

 The practice of completing offers for cash is totally legit. However, something about entering personal information as well as credit card info puts people on edge, rightfully so.  If you do decide to join My Cash Freebies be proactive on the free trials and cancel well before your trial end date to avoid being unnecessarily billed. 

Many comments that I have read on the internet while researching My Cash Freebies indicates that junk mail from trying offers or just signing up is a big issue so if you don’t like getting spammed then think twice about trying the My Cash Freebies offer.

I hope you got something from this My Cash Freebies review, if you are truly looking to make money online check out the FREE program that I enrolled in which allowed me to make thousands of dollars in income every month with ZERO risk!





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