My Home Job Search – Another Job Finding Scam Site?

My Home Job Search – Another Job Finding Scam Site?

You’re here to take a look at my Home Job Search review trying to figure out if the My Home Job is a scam or will deliver on their promise to find you a great paying work from home job. Will you find that $56 per hour paying job like advertised with no experience required? These and many other questions will be answered in My Home Job Search review. Enjoy the read and like always I welcome any questions, experiences or feedback on My Home Job Search review. You can leave your questions or experiences at the bottom of this review, have a great day Mike.

Working from home for many is a dream in the making, shedding that 9-5 office job has been an obsession for many, I myself work from home as an affiliate marketer which has provided an unbelievable income and lifestyle for my family and I for many years now. I started with zero online experience and created an online business that produces thousands of dollars in income a month.

My Job is a website that claims to provide over 1,000 home job opportunities which if true would be quite the find for people like yourself who are looking to work from the comfort of your own home.

Within my review, I’ll take a look at what My Home Job Search is, what is included in a free membership and what you can expect if you upgrade to a platinum membership valued at $29. My Home Job Search in the big scheme of things hasn’t been around for that long, established in 2016, it’s really a pretty new offer.

Lets get started!

What Is My Home Job Search?

My Home Job Search throws around a bunch of numbers to tries to make the case why you would use their service right out of the starting gates. When you land on the My Home Job Search you will find an exercise in high pressure marketing which is designed to have you bypass the free membership in favor of the paid membership option. My Home Job Search uses what I would consider “scam” marketing tactics which are designed to build a sense of trust and urgency such as testimonials, limited space, unrealistic job opportunities for many, and large media outlet coverage.

I found the My Home Job Search site to be a mix of exaggerations and truth. For example on the truth side, one in four Americans work from home and that number is expected to rise over 63% in the next 5 years. This is probably a realistic statement, and I wouldn’t be surprised if working from home increases as daycare becomes more expensive and overall commuter costs increase also, not to mention it’s just nice and convenient to be able to work from home on a flexible schedule.

On their website, My Home Job Search states they are the #1 trusted mediator between home job seekers and employers interested in hiring home based workings, and say they are trusted by over 19834 job seekers and nearly 300 employers worldwide, claims that I am sure are overstated!

My Home Job search makes reference to employers such as Amazon, Apple, Netflix and more yet their disclaimer at the bottom of their site states that their service has no association, reviewed tested or certified by any of these companies. My Home Job Search makes quite a few claims, but many are contradicted by their disclaimer at the bottom of their website which is always a big red flag for me.

For the facts, always read the disclaimers at the bottom of offers such as My Home Job Search, they legally need to declare the truth, which in most cases is the opposite of what is claimed on websites that offers services such as job placement.

The website is run by a Michael Anderson, of which you only hear about in the introductory video displayed after you sign up. Besides that there is little no information regarding Michael Anderson and his background that I could dig up.

Bottom line My Home Job search claims to be a work from home job placement venue that hooks you up with a well paying job, don’t get to excited yet, I will explain in more detail how this offer works as you move through My Home Job Search Review.

What Happens After Signing Up?

Initially, to sign up is free. When you sign up you’ll go through the process of entering your zip code, and then answering some questions pertaining to what you’d be looking for in a work from home job.

Here are a few options you will have to choose from:

  • Customer Service;
  • Writing;
  • Personal Assistant;
  • Sales;
  • Graphic Design;
  • Data Entry;
  • Tutoring;
  • Social Media;
  • Research; and
  • Accounting.

You are also asked how many hours you want to invest into your new job per week, how much pay you’re anticipating to make per week, and when you’d be ready to start.

Once you’ve selected your options it’ll push you through to a welcome video, indicating that your account is being created as it plays. This is simply a stalling tactic that pitches you the platinum paid option that they suggest you take for more employment options.

During the video is where you hear a presentation from the creator of My Home Job Search Michael Anderson, even though there isn’t an actual picture of Michael, which I find a little shady.

The VIP membership comes with one-on-one coaching, access to a work at home video training library, as well as being protected by a 60-day no-questions asked money-back guarantee.

If you watch the 4-minute long video and choose not to select the paid membership, they push you through to a dashboard as a new free member, and give you four steps to follow. Your choices are limited to say the least and the jobs that My Home Job Search make reference to can be resourced easily on your own such as survey companies for example.

The My Home Job Search Steps To ‘Success’…

The 4 steps they give you are in my opinion quite lame, for lack of a better words. It becomes clear at this point that if you don’t upgrade to the paid membership, you won’t get a lot of options for actual work from home opportunities, don’t upgrade, it still isn’t worth it, I will explain why as we move along!

Step 1 – Instructed to sign up for 3 different survey companies. Survey companies will usually target a specific demographic that they would use to complete surveys. The surveys are used to send to other companies selling product, marketing new products and so on. Once a survey is complete, you’re actually paid a very small sum. The unfortunate part about doing surveys for money is that although its easy to qualify for surveys, the demographics they are looking for are very specific. A lot of the time you’ll do a survey to see if you match with any of these demographics, and 8 times out of 10 they won’t have surveys for you. When they do, you’re only getting .25 cents or maybe a dollar for time-consuming surveys.

Step 2 – Instructed to sign up for a “desktop commission” system which claims to deposit up to three checks a month into your accounts! Total scam in my opinion, as well as an affiliate of My Home Job Search….

Step 3 – Instructed to download “The Ultimate Guide To Working From Home” e book. What a waste in my opinion, I downloaded this book to have a look and it is just full of general info you can find anywhere online with very little effort.

In Step 4 – Instructed to watch a video on how to find work from home jobs on venues such as Upwork and Fiver. Yes you could find a job with these outfits, but it is all commission work, and the work place is saturated with people that actually have a high level of skill in their area of expertise, people with degrees trying to make a few bucks on the side contracting their writing services, programming, coding services and such. I actually have hired Fiver members to create some graphics and logos for various websites that I own and looked into Upwork to contract out a specific writing job. Your average Joe who has limited skills wouldn’t find very little to no opportunity with these outfits.

For My Home job search to say they have special relationships with companies like Fiver, Upwork or survey companies is laughable to say the least.

I have tried the survey scene to give my readers my thoughts on using survey companies as a means to make some decent income online which is highly unlikely given my experience filling out surveys. I gave it my best shot and made less than $20 and put in a hell of a lot of time over a span of a month.

What Else Is Offered On The Dashboard?

For the free membership, the dashboard looks like this. You don’t have access to the potential ‘companies’ or the job board with all the stay at home jobs that My Home Job Search Claims they have access to.

In addition, any training is blocked off. Although, if you’re being hired under other companies, why would My Home Job Search be offering training?

You do get access to quite a few different opportunities with companies that are legitimate such as Swagbucks and flex jobs. These may be online opportunities, but they are not offered from My Home Job Search, nor are they a reasonable way to make a good amount of extra income within your month. You don’t need My Home Job Search to access these companies platforms.

So, what does My Home Job Search really offer?

Under job listings, you’ll get exactly that Job listings. It seems under that tab they’ve simply made themselves a hub for legitimate websites such as indeed and monster, who are both job finding websites, offering actual real life Monday to Friday 9-5p job opportunities. I found jobs such as Assitant Store Manager at Pier 1 Imports, or a customer service representative from Western Financial Group. However, none of these are stay at home opportunities.

Resources And Training

Reviewing other members comments on the training offered, it seems to be very simple and straight forward. Some videos explaining how to sign up for other programs to which, of course, My Home Job Search is affiliated with and makes a commission off your enrollment.

It appears the only resources My Home Job Search supplies is as a hub for other websites to promote their jobs, which raises the question, why would you pay for a membership with My Home Job Search?

The Red Flags.

So now that I’ve given you a break down of what is offered through My Home Job Search, I’d like to point out a few key points that prevent me from feeling that My Home Job Search is worth investing in.

First Red Flag:

My Home Job Search sales introductory video and site content are quite different from what their site disclaimer states. I feel the My Home Job Search other than the disclaimer isn’t very transparent when it comes to your chances of making a work from home income using their service.

Second Red Flag:

They throw in the fact that ‘Stay-at-home opportunities have been talked about on the news” and then they show all these great and popular media stations featuring work from home success stories, which can be misconstrued as an endorsement of Job search venues such as My Job Search, which is not the case at all .

This is a very common “marketing” tactic that sites use to grab the attention of potential customers. Although they aren’t lying, they are using a marketing strategy that has a tendency to distort the media releases true intention.

Third Red Flag:

Testimonials really can’t be trusted, Fiver for instance, a company that My Job Search lists as a work from home job opportunity has members that hire out fake testimonials for as little as $5.

A website called offers quality photos of people who can be added to websites to make it appear that they are real users of the program with little to no way to verify this is the case.

Fourth Red Flag – Limited spots available is a classic scam marketing tactic that makes you take action when in reality their are no limits to the program acceptance.

Income Scrolling Counters

I visited the My Home Job Search website sales page two days in a row just to see if the income scrolling feature had changed and I wasn’t surprised to see it hadn’t. This income feature can be added to a website using a simple free plugin that will use a rolling scroll with people and their income earned. Here is a shot of what I am talking about right down to the claim when the income was actually being earned…

This one as well as many others were running two days in a row which raises the question are they even authentic income claims?

What Others are saying about My Home Job Search…

Although My Home Job Search offers a money back guaranteed, are people having success getting their money back?

This person from was having a really difficult time, as with most other comments I found online about My Home Job Search refunds:

She called the customer service line offered, and was given a really weird message. As much as I was hoping to find some better comments relating to My Home Job Search, they were far and few between.

Would I Use My Home Job Search?

Straight up, NO!

The website emphasizes 3 key points as to why you should trust them as your job search partner, one being that all jobs offered are approved. They mention that all the work from home jobs that they have been reviewed and verified as legitimate before being allowed into their database.

They also mention Guaranteed pay which is a play on words because of the fact that they contradict this in their income disclaimer and have no affiliation with the potential employers.

The My Home Job Search program simply refers you to programs that do provide job opportunities, unfortunately, much of these programs don’t offer much in the way of work from home opportunities unless you posses a high degree of proficiency in certain ares such as writing or computer skills. Upwork, Fiver for example offer very little work from home opportunity unless you have very specific skills that you can leverage, not for people who are looking to work online because they lack skills. On the other end of the work from home spectrum, survey outfits that are referred to below offer very little income potential, pennies for your time in most cases…

My Final Say…

My Home Job Search offers a lot of information that could be considered as misleading in my opinion. Basically all they offer is a hub for other opportunities, that won’t get you the full time income from home that you’re looking for.

My Home Job Search really builds itself up on the home page, making it seem like with a few clicks of a button you’ll have access to all these great work from home opportunities. In reality, most of these opportunities are available to you without having to pay to use My Home Job Search.

Avoid getting caught up in all the up selling done through My Home Job Search, and search for the same opportunities online doing a simple Google search.

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