My Inbox Pro – Where’s The Value In A My Inbox Pro Membership?

My Inbox Pro – Where’s The Value In A My Inbox Pro Membership?

My Inbox Pro - Money waster or worthwhile investment

If you are participating in internet marketing you know all to well the importance of incorporating email marketing into your arsenal of marketing techniques. My Inbox Pro is a program/tool that was designed to simplify the most advanced email marketing campaigns.

Read my Inbox Pro review and see if My Inbox pro will help you create email campaigns with limited technical ability. I will also look at the cost of the program compared with similar offers. Enjoy my Inbox Pro review and like always I welcome any experiences you may have had with this product as well as any thoughts or questions you may have on this Inbox Pro review, have a great day Mike.

What Is My Inbox Pro?

As you’ve probably already noticed, My Inbox Pro is an email marketing service, providing email and autoresponder services. My Inbox Pro was designed to help you capture subscribers as well as fully automate your email campaigns once your subscribers emails have been captured.

My Inbox Pro unfortunately has been associated or used by a few very suspect email delivery offers that have been proven to be outright scams. From what I can see My Inbox Pro is just an innocent bystander that has been involuntarily caught up in these particular scams that have used my Inbox Pro’s Inbox Services as a front for their scams, it’s my opinion that this tarnishes the reputation of My Inbox Pro in the process.

These scams recommend using My Inbox Pro’s platform and they will supply the unlimited leads that you can then input into the My Inbox Pro system to create email campaigns, turns out that these leads are just fake leads that go nowhere which you have forked out money for.

What Makes My Inbox Pro Special?

Honestly, nothing makes My Inbox Pro different from other like providers. Getaresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp all offer similar services as My Inbox Pro and in many cases, even better services when it comes to providing email services.

Collect Subscribers:

My Inbox Pro will help collect and organize emails from your subscribers. There are numerous ways to collect email subscribers. You can offer free material in the form of e-books, newsletters, free trials, website pop ups, really there are multiple ways to capture emails, only limitation is your imagination.

Unfortunately, the emails will not upload automatically, and must be done manually.

Email Automation:

My Inbox Pro will help create email campaigns and forever send out emails to new subscribers from the list you upload, whether your near a computer or not.

Pre-made Templates:

My Inbox Pro has a catalog of templates you can choose from to promote your services to your subscribers. This will help give a professional feel to your emails.

You still have the option of uploading your own templates.

This is something that will save you some time.

Tracking and Statistics:

This is a great feature that all email marketing systems should have. This will provide details such as delivery rate or your emails, open rate and much more.

How Much Does My Inbox Pro Cost?

There are six different pricing options, all on a subscription type basis. This mean’s you’ll be charged monthly for the services.

All the subscription options are basically the same, except each one limits the amount of subscribers you can have at any one time.

Who Runs/Owns My Inbox Pro?

Unfortunately there is little to no information on who the owners or founders are if My Inbox Pro.

There is an address given at the bottom of the screen on My Inbox Pro website, indicating a location 14090 FM 2920 Suite 300 Tomball, Texas.

When you search this site, the address on Google Maps takes you to a town center mall with Tomball Texas.

Another site pops up on my Google search called “ClickTactix”. This site has obviously been shut down or expired as each page I tried indicated “page is not found”.

The ClickTactixs website description is word for word identical to My Inbox Pro, including the “11,000 satisfied customers worldwide” speech given at the start of My Inbox Pro web page.

My thoughts wander to why they had to change to My Inbox Pro? And why they won’t indicate who the founders are, and who their parent company is?

Few Chinks In My Inbox Pro’s Armour!

Although I prefer my reviews to be as objective as I can, some services and programs have some really obvious red flags that ethically, I could not tell you about.

When looking through all the policy’s and legal information, it’s obvious the privacy policy is a copy and paste form. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, as a lot of popular websites have the same thing.

The flag I see there is that where they should be putting “company name” in some areas, they have just left it as [company_name]. I am not sure if it’s an over sight on their part, or if they are purposely avoiding telling their audience who the parent company is.

There are no refunds’ given, you must simply cancel your monthly subscription before the next billing cycle. However, the “contact” page indicates to “contact customer service for any questions [or for a] refund” on the form they provide. Kind of confusing?

They also have a blog on their site. I thought this was really cool until I noticed a few abnormalities.

The blog hasn’t been updated since August 2015, and every single blog post on their was updated on the same day, Aug 29th/2015.

When it comes to internet marketing, everything is constantly changing and evolving. There would be SOME updates needed to the system and software.

What I Like About My Inbox Pro

  • Multiple payment options;
  • Very simple and straight forward.

What My Inbox Pro Could Do Better

  • No refunds’;
  • Have to manually upload subscription email list to My Inbox Pro;
  • need more background information about themselves, transparency;
  • Update their site to today’s standard email marketing practices.

My Final Impression Of My Inbox Pro

Overall, if you’re only looking for basic functionality from an email marketing system, My Inbox Pro would cover those basics.

My Inbox Pro will help create email campaigns, generate subscription lists, and provides pre-made templates for emails for your marketing needs.

As mentioned above, you would have to manually input your subscribers emails for My Inbox Pro to generate campaigns and such. This is a feature most other email marketing systems provide automatically.

There’s also a lot I was unable to find about this company and it’s history, which always stops me from recommending a product or a program, transparency is a critical trust component for me and not knowing the origin of a program or product makes me feel uneasy to say the least.

Pricing and what you get for your dollar is a question marke for me also. I look at mailchimp which offers free email services for under 2000 subscribers and 12000 emails delivered per month. Then you have Getaresponse who offers a basic entry email package of $15 a month compared to My Inbox Pro’s basic package at $27 a month. There is also an outfit called Zoho which offers a free email maketing service similar to Mailchimp but a little more extensive. Aweber offers a basic package which includes unlimited emails but only 500 subscribers for $19.



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