My Lead Systems Pro Review – A Review You Can Trust

My Lead Systems Pro Review – A Review You Can Trust

Product Name: My Lead System Pro
Owner: Norbert Orlewicz/Todd Schlomer
Cost: Ranges from $149.97/month-$1499.97 annually
Rank: 4/10


A Quick Glimpse Into My Lead System Pro Review

My Lead System Pro has stood the test of time which isn’t easy in the Internet marketing world. Created in 2008 MLSP has risen to what is considered “rockstar” status and is promoted with a ton of fan fair. Does MLSP live up to the hype? From my perspective the promoters of My Lead System Pro make use of  potential customers “lottery ticket mentality” if you don’t participate you will never have a chance to win, which is true,  but what are your odds of winning? Your odds of striking it rich with MLSP will be spelled out in this “My Leads System Pro Review”.


mlm-attraction-marketing1-150x150 What’s My Lead System Pro All About?

MLSP is what I would consider to be a form of multi level marketing , the creators like to use a different spin for what they have created, the creators of MLSP call it  “attraction marketing”  I  guess they have the right to call MLSP whatever they want it is their product.  I think I will stick with multi level marketing.

MLM’s are huge on the Internet today offering the average Joe an opportunity to create their own online business, how realistic that opportunity may be is what I will discuss in this review. MLM’s are recruitment driven so you can expect to see a large emphasis on recruitment as part of your online business with in My Lead System Pro.  Unlike many MLM opportunities MLSP does offer some substantial Internet marketing training geared to the promotion of MLM style products which is nice to see so many MLM opportunities don’t really focus on training. The MLSP program does come  with free weekly webinars to keep you current with the ever changing Internet marketing world.

Some Drawbacks To Participating In My Lead System Pro

♠  Cost factor- at $1499.97 annually plus add ons this is a pretty steep price to pay for an Internet marketing program. There are Internet marketing programs that cost 1/3 of MLSP’s membership fee with volumes of useful marketing training material. There are cheaper packages inside MLSP but offer considerably less opportunity to generate income.

overpriced-2♠ MLSP main website doesn’t appear to be kept up to date with current information.

♠ The promotion of My Lead System Pro is pushed as essential to generating income with their system, this is consistent with most MLM programs.

♠ My Lead System Pro offers a large volume of training material and information and some advanced marketing strategies, this can be quite overwhelming to new marketers with limited Internet marketing experience not what I would consider to be an easy to follow step by step program.

♠ MLSP training videos can be very lengthy,  1 1/2 hours of viewing is not uncommon, if you’re enrolled under a $400+ a month membership package these videos will eat up a lot of  time so you should keep that in mind. I did find the videos contained a fair amount of promotional material aimed at selling you something.

♠ They offer some training that I would consider old such as, posting on article directories to gain traffic, when was the last time you saw an article directory at the top of search engine results? From my experience article directories as a traffic generating medium went out years ago I still have numerous articles listed with “Ezine articles”  that I feel are good articles but only get a handful of views a month, not what I would consider the best use of my time.

♠ You are building a business based on a system if that system disappears so does your business and the money you invested to build that business.

♠ Training you receive through MLSP is pricey and in the end you have to question whether you will come out with the skills set to be a stand alone Internet Marketer, this is a factor you should really think about.  One thing that is constant is that the Internet is always changing, do you feel secure with the thought that MLSP will keep up with the times? Some of their training does demonstrate that it may not.

Some Positive Aspects Of The MLSP Program

♠ Not a scam, many reviewers consider My Lead System Pro a scam, I personally don’t, they offer quality training at a cost.   They offer good quality training albeit at a high price point.

♠ To MLSP’s credit they don’t make the standard ” sit back, do nothing, collect your money” claims. They are open about the work and commitment that will be needed.

♠ MLSP offers free weekly webinars and updated marketing strategies which is needed in an ever changing Internet marketing world.

♠ You do have a genuine opportunity to make money with the MLSP program but it will take some time and your incurring some pretty hefty costs while you are learning. There’s still a huge question mark if you can realistically make enough to offset your costs.

♠ The program does offer “ready to go” websites, pre scripted emails, capture pages.

♠ My Lead System Pro has stood the test of time therefor I feel it’s not a fly by night outfit  which gives the program some credibility.

My Final Thoughts On My Lead System Pro

As I stated in this review there are many positive aspects to the My Lead System Pro offering. I can say they offer some very good training that goes well with their system. There really isn’t a lot of bad press floating around on this company, other than people trying to sway you into their own product.  Probably my biggest concern would be that your business is tied to the success of their business that could complicate things at times! Hope you enjoyed the article please leave me your thoughts on My Lead System Pro, cheers Mike.


12 Replies to “My Lead Systems Pro Review – A Review You Can Trust”

  1. Hi Mike,
    Every one of the reviews that I’ve read by you, has been very informative and professionally done.
    Thank you

    1. Thanks for stopping by George. I am happy that you find my reviews informative. I recommend products if I feel they offer real value, if not, I won’t recommend them. Keep an eye out for fresh content in the near future.

  2. Hi there, Mike. I was actually considering joining My Lead System Pro before I found Wealthy Affiliate. The thing that turned me of this program was the costs associated and the fact they have some Upsells.
    I could get everything included in Wealthy Affiliate for a far better price. That was 3 years ago and choosing W.A was the best move I have ever done!
    Cheers, Jeff.

    1. Thank you Jeff for taking the time to comment, my readers I am sure will appreciate your perspective, cheers Mike.

  3. I have seen information on MLSP many times but I have never looked into it.

    Your Review was very thorough and indicates to me that he price may be too high for most new online marketers despite the amount of training material.

    I looked at your preferred recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, and it looks like the place for me!

    Thank you for this Review!

  4. I used to be a member of MLSP a fews ago. It was a good company with a great community, but I agree with you. Your success is tied to their success, whereas with Wealthy Affiliate, you’re free to go any route you want.Still a solid company though, but WA is better (in my opinion).

    1. Hi Lashaun, I guess the fact that you aren’t with them anymore kind of tells the story for me, thanks for leaving your thoughts, cheers Mike.

  5. I truly love your website.. Excellent colors & theme. Did you create
    this site yourself? Please reply back as I’m wanting to create my very own blog and would like to know where you got this from or exactly what the theme
    is named. Kudos!

    1. Hi Lea, thank you and this is a WordPress theme called “Iconic”. Yes I did build this site myself in less than 1 hour for the main structure, if your interested you can learn how free at Wealthy Affiliate. Wa offers all the training and supplies the hosting and 2 websites under their free starter course, check it out, no strings attached, look me up inside I can give you a hand if need be, cheers Mike.

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