National Wealth Center- Can You Make A Living At It?

National Wealth Center- Can You Make A Living At It?

Name: Nation Wealth Center
Owner: Peter Wolfing
Cost: $25/month or a one time fee of $3500
Rank: 2/1o

national-wealth-center-logo2What Is National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center formally known as the Infinity Downline is what is called a Multi leveled Marketing program. If you are not familiar with how an MLM works I will give a brief explanation. MLM’s operate on a recruitment basis, you recruit people to sell an organization’s products or services, this company may not actually own the products or services they promote but may just be a middleman which isn’t uncommon. You as a participating member will usually get a percentage of revenue that you recruitment brings in. This also goes for the person who got you to buy in, they will receive a commission off your sales. It really depends on the organization but you could possibly make commissions of your recruitments recruits. When you start hitting multiple levels of commissions then you are approaching the pyramid scheme territory which is now walking a thin legal line, one that a lot of MLM’s like to walk.

Empower-Network-Pay-Plan-LevelsSo now that you know what a MLM is we will look at the inner workings of the National Wealth Center program and see if it’s a program that you can make a living off.

The National Wealth Center offers 6 products in total that you can promote for a fee. Fees that you are asked to pay vary, four products require you to have a monthly membership and the other two only require a one time fee. The types of products offered for sale through the National Wealth Center are products that can be categorized as self help products, some examples of these products are self development, business development, Fitness development, Wealth advantage Elite, and Network Marketing Elite. I took a quick look at the products offered at the National Wealth Center and to be honest they are products that are in a very competitive market place which will make them harder to sell, this is something you will want to keep in mind.

How Does The National Wealth Center Stack Up Against Other MLM poorrich-simple-translationPrograms?

There are multiple competitors that are much higher profile than the National Wealth Center that they will have to compete against for members,  programs that have the same type of business model and self help, marketing material and infrastructure. These programs all offer 100% commissions. I know, you are saying to yourself 100% commissions but in reality you are buying these items anyway so instead of these companies making money on the back end by paying out a 50% commission they make their money on the front end by having you buy the rights or licensing fee.

question markConclusion

The National Wealth Center is a legitimate opportunity to make some money online but they are up against some stiff competition so it will be interesting to see how they compete in saturated market.

I would appreciate any feedback on the National Wealth Center program, cheers Mike.

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  1. I really don’t know anything about computers or making money online although I have found it would be quite easy to fall into the many traps of the many so called “Making money online the easy way”,I mean they all say you don’t have to know anything about (well pretty much anything) and all you have to do is sign up and you start making money. When you do sign up though thats when you find out that you must pay to play….type in anything as you’ve already stated that’s when you start getting different emails from all different groups stating the very same thing that you don’t have to know about computers etc etc and also as you’ve already stated some Indian person you cant even really understand rings you and all they really wanna talk about is getting money out of you without any such talk of the program you’ve signed up for.
    Im just grateful that I have said no every time. My way of thinking is if it looks too good to be true then it probably is.
    I’m grateful to have found someone who seems to me to be warning people, that is very hard to find online actually, So thanks , I may check out your free trial.
    As I said I know nothing really about online stuff except that I know how to surf the net.
    Thanks alot , I reckon you’d be one of the very few out there trying to help people see to steer clear of the myriad of scams.

    1. Hi Truce I am glad you made it to my website and I am also glad that you found my content useful. I am always reluctant to call programs or products scams because for a product or program to be considered a scam it has to offer no return for your investment. Many programs skirt the scam designation by just giving you enough to suck you in and not enough to actually allow you to make money online.
      Yes it is true you can start Internet marketing with no experience, no different than learning any discipline really, we all need to start somewhere!
      The problem I have is when programs state that you can start making money right away with no experience this is what I would consider a scam statement.
      If you are looking to make money online you risk falling into the push button schemes that state that you need no experience to make money online yet they push training on you, well if you need no experience why would you need training? I haven’t found a push button system yet that didn’t require you to fork some money and apply some knowledge and still with no results!
      By all means check out the free course I offer but I will be up front and say, while this course does offer an earn as you learn opportunity it may take some time to generate income to live off using the training provided. Eventually you will need to spend a minimal amount in the form of a “domain name” and “website hosting” to utilize this form of training to it’s fullest potential, but that’s all you will really need to apply the training in the course, you will need absolutely nothing while enrolled in this free course. You do get two free websites and hosting included with your participation so that you can see how it all works.
      People go overboard and buy tools and plugins for websites or professionally designed website themes that aren’t necessary to generate income online.
      Whatever you do don’t think that more is better or more high tech gadgets make for higher earning potential online many will tell you this is the case just to upsell you on these services and products, I can prove to you that it doesn’t make any difference at all, keep it simple, keep it low cost and you will have a better chance to survive online without the financial pressure many put upon themselves by adding needless costs. Look forward to working with you Truce if you do decide to give the course a try, have a great day Mike.

  2. No offence to you but I joined Wealthy Affiliate and it’s basically the same as National wealth centre! With Wealthy Affiliate , I had to pay a recurring monthly fee for the domain and the website as well and earn from ad sense and Seo ranking .. What’s the diff bet ur number 1 recommended wealthy affiliate ?!!

    1. Hi Carmenne, no offence taken! I do have to say I am not sure how you can compare Wealthy Affiliate to the National Wealth Center. For starters NWC is a MLM where their focus is on recruitment and the draw in is a set of 6 products that are absolutely inferior marketing tools, they offer very little actual Internet marketing training and have virtually no support so just on those points I would say they don’t compare to WA at all.
      Wealthy affiliate teaches you how to sell any product you want, they provide what I and many would consider as the best Internet marketing training anywhere online. WA has a premium package for $47 month but that includes your hosting and free WordPress websites and all the training you can handle, live chat, live webinars and thousands of training modules. WA also has 24/7 support, access to the owners, Kyle and Carson and a forum of 100’s of thousands of members willing to lend a hand. You state that you earn from Adsense and SEO ranking which is just a small aspect of making income online you missed the biggest income and that is affiliate commissions from thousands and thousands of products online, not 6, sorry but I don’t think you really had a good opportunity to experience what WA offers, if you did you would see that these two outfits have absolutely nothing in common. Come back and check it out with a free membership and I will show you around.

  3. Gгeat post. I was checking around for reviews on the National Wealth Center offer and stumbled on yours and a few more and found your post very readable І’m impressed! After reading your content I will have to think hard about this one.

    1. It’s good to read reviews to get an idea on products it’s sometimes hard to tell what reviews are legit and what reviews are from people trying to promote products that they have been roped into buying and now are in a bind, cheers Mike.

  4. I have found your review useful and it has helped me out loads. I am hoping other readers get the same benefit out of your review on National Wealth Center as I did.

  5. I can say from experience that this company was a big waste of time and most of all a waste of my money. Mike is totally right when he says it’s all about recruiting and not about quality products. Get involved and you will lose your money!

    1. Thank you Sammy for your comment, I am sure your thoughts will encourage people to look closer before they jump in!

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