Need Help Finding A Profitable Niche?

Need Help Finding A Profitable Niche?

One of the biggest obstacles that newcomers to blogging or affiliate marketing face is finding a profitable niche for their blog/website. Yes I hear it all the time from training platforms that say,  just choose an interest that you are passionate about and that’s all there is to it, wrong!

There are many factors that you need to consider when choosing a profitable niche. Here are a few things I focus on when helping people find a niche that they can make some pretty crazy income off of for years to come….

Niche Competition

Building a profitable niche blog isn’t as simple as many blogging platforms state. It isn’t as easy as just following your passion when it comes to choosing a blog topic that will generate income.

When I work with perspective bloggers/affiliate marketers I take them through a process of discovery. We always start with their passions or interests and see how competitive these niche ideas actually are, I do this with the aid of a keyword tool, the one I use is called Jaaxy.

I like to take new bloggers interests or ideas and run these through my keyword tool. I will show you a screenshot of a topic I just researched for a lady that I am working with as I write this post. Karen is interested in ETF tapping a technique that has many uses.

When Karen first started working with me at Wealthy Affiliate she told me her interest was to create a blog about tapping and generate some income from this blog. After digging into ETF tapping for Karen I noticed that there was a considerable amount of  competition for a broad niche so I started to drill down on this broad niche finding some really good sub niches that were still in her area of interest. Here’s how I went about drilling down on a profitable niche for Karen.

If you look at the screenshot below you will see my original search results. EFT tapping has a red icon under KQI, this is not a good niche to be involved in, way too much competition. You need to remember that you need to be on the first page of Google to get any real traffic, only 15% of all people researching a topic go past the first page while searching a topic in Google.

When you see green this is a good thing, green means that the QSR score is less than 200. QSR is a term used for competition, I personally like less than 150 for a QSR score for people just breaking into blogging or affiliate marketing. You will see on the right related topics, this is where I focus my search going forward.


Next is a screenshot of a drilled down sub niche topic “ETF emotional freedom technique”


Although the emotional freedom technique doesn’t pan out, remember the red, stay clear of this one. Now took further down in the search. Look at “stop smoking using ETF emotional freedom technique”. This  drilled down sub niche has a QSR of only 16, an insanely low score for competition. The monthly traffic looks good at 160. I know you are saying to yourself that 160 visitors isn’t going to make you rich but this is just one keyword phrase on the topic “stop smoking using ETF” there are many variations of this keyword niche topic that you will rank highly under. what this keyword search tells me is,  Karen will be an authority in this particular niche in no time flat,  with Karen’s authority in this niche comes a favorable first page ranking with Google and all the first page traffic that goes with it!

What’s Next When Choosing A Profitable Niche?

Ok now that we have drilled down to find a niche that looks promising Karen and I looked at what affiliate relationships we could find that would suit her income needs. This is a simple process of doing a Google search that will find affiliate programs, merchants that will pay her to promote their products. I did a Google search looking for affiliate programs for Karen by simply using Karen’s selected niche topic. I punched in “ETF tapping affiliate programs”. This is just a small sample of what was available for income opportunities, there were at least two more pages of offers for affiliates, some offering a 50% commission.


As you can see there are many opportunities to build an affiliate relationship and monetize your blog in the process.

Are We Done Selecting A Niche Yet?

No there is one more critical step to selecting a profitable niche. Next I along with the person I am working with we look at what the first page in their chosen niche looks like. We look for competition, I know we have established there’s not much for competition but now we are looking at what type of competition we will face to achieve a first page ranking in Google, an important factor if we are to maximize our traffic potential for my students website.

What Are We Looking For On The First Page Of Google?

We are now in the final stage of selecting a profitable niche. What we are now looking for is the quality of competition we are going to face. Take for example if I was researching a niche topic in the area of health and saw high profile websites occupying the first page of most of the related keyword searches I looked at. Website  like DR Oz, DR phil, Doctors without borders, Harvard medical school and the Mayo clinic. This would indicate to me that we should investigate another niche idea.


With the amount of fresh content websites like these high profile websites will generate there’s no amount of content that you could create that would knock them off the first page and capture the traffic that goes with that first page ranking. There are usually only about 10 spots available on the first page of any given search and if these spots are taken up by high profile sites you probably will never see a first page ranking. I look for websites like the ones my members will be building and with the knowledge I will give them in regards to SEO they will easily capture a first page ranking.

Now We Are Done Choosing A Profitable Niche! 

We are now done and I am satisfied that we have thoroughly investigated our prospective niche. Only after going through this process for selecting a profitable niche would I confidently say you have a very good chance of creating a website that will make you a lot of money over the years.

Yes there are a few more elements that need to be put in place. Elements like building a website structure that is user friendly, creating engaging and high ranking content are a few main aspects that need to be put in place but these are minor in comparison to choosing a profitable niche.


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