Neurs, Still Not A Model Company!

Neurs, Still Not A Model Company!


Well I have been sitting back chewing things over, trying to wrap my head around what’s been going on inside the Neurs camp. After watching all of  Neurs spin doctors create something out of nothing and witness their staged  media hype dominate the Internet,  I am getting a sense of deja vu.
Enough is enough! Not much has happened in the Neurs camp that I can see since I wrote my first post on what is neurs, other than Neurs  changing some old material and calling it new. Robert Hawthorn appears to be their #1 affiliate these days and I might say he’s doing a hell of a job! Oh except for the Shark Tank thing he just tried to pull off. Robert, the Shark Tank is an American TV show and the Dragons Den is a made for Canada show! If you are going to promote the fact that Kevin Harrington was a member of the Shark Tank crew,  at least have him in the video! I just didn’t get the relevance of showing a video of the shark tank? Was that supposed to spur me on to jump on board the Neurs train? It just made me want to watch more TV!


Neurs has morphed into quite a propaganda machine. They are really putting a focus on getting as much posts and bogus press releases on the Internet as possible . They obviously want you to see Neurs everywhere! How many times have you heard the CEO Frank hold press releases reiterating the same old stuff? Countless times is the answer, why? It keeps Neurs in the headlines and that is exactly where they want to be!
I have people leaving comments that Neurs is popping up on thumbtacks on spelling boards. Obviously their marketing frenzy is gaining a little traction and with Robert’s latest breaking news that Kevin Harrington, the original member of the TV series “The Shark Tank” joined their back office, well now, things are looking up! Not!

Addition of a Celebrity, What Does It Mean For Neurs?

What does the addition of Kevin Harrington do to the prospects that Neurs will amount to anything? Let’s be honest, Harrington is famous for his prowess in the infomercial business, Kevin is a big league promoter. Does Neurs need another promoter? As if they don’t have enough people running around promoting Neurs , the concept. The reality is, Neurs is still just a concept! It doesn’t matter who puts their name behind it. Neurs is reliant on people hearing their message and buying in, without buy in, Neurs is nothing but a concept! The price to join the Neurs platform is prohibitive to many fledgling companies that it claims to want to help. A $99 fee gets you through the door and that’s about all, after that the price tag skyrockets to well over $1300 and upwards and the upselling inside is guaranteed to be staggering . I don’t know how many people will connect with Neurs when there is a disconnect with the price tag.

new glassHalf Truths,  Seem To Be The Norm For Neurs Affiliates!

I keep searching looking for the positive side of Neurs, but it still alludes me. I still see it as a breeding ground for scammers, nothing has changed, I watch the way they market this thing and all I see is an emphasis on the bottom line. I also look at there marketing techniques to get a feel for the type of company they will be and it doesn’t look good to me!
Here’s how Neurs uses some less than above board marketing tactics.
Neurs states it ” 90,000 invites sent to entrepreneurs” OK! The way this press release was presented it was designed to make you believe that Neurs has 90,000 entrepreneurs interested in their platform, when the reality is, there may be absolutely zero interest by entrepreneurs in what Neurs is offering.
Where I come from sending out 90,000 invites to entrepreneurs is called email marketing! You and I could do exactly the same thing if we had access to businesses email addresses, which isn’t a hard thing to get.
Neurs also states it’s had 1 million page views, they kind of got this one right, They had a 1 and a few zero’s right. I had a reader tell me he researched Neurs and they had more like 100,000 page views, a little off the 1 million mark but who’s counting!
Another issue I have is with transparency, the fact that they claim to offer a free affiliate program when it is obviously is not the case, their affiliate program starts off free but requires you to purchase  a membership to have full access to the affiliate benefits and unlimited promotional options.

1364441019_slick_will_pickMy Updated opinion on Neurs

My opinion hasn’t changed since I wrote my post what is Neurs. I feel they just keep re- inventing half truths and replaying Frank’s pre, pre, pre launch message. All  is going to be great and you better get in now and start promoting the crap out of Neurs. The problem that I have is this, the message Neurs keeps preaching  is always so vague and adding a high profile promoter doesn’t make me feel any better about how Neurs has been conducting business. When they allow their affiliates to, lets say, stretch the truth I think it is a reflection of what I can expect when or if  Neurs ever measures up to their hype. I keep getting this bad feeling that Neurs will always put profits before a genuine attempt to provide a safe place for entrepreneurs to meet and do business. Neurs in my opinion has all the characteristics of a multi level marketing scheme!
If you hear anything new  drop me a line, Have a great day Mike.

2 Replies to “Neurs, Still Not A Model Company!”

  1. Your review is spot on. I posted a scathing review of Neurs months ago on my blog and had tons of people attacking via comments.

    It amazes me that all it takes for companies to rip people off is good PR.

    1. Hey Knowitall, I have had the odd comment that doesn’t agree with what I have written. I am going to be posting a comment in a short time here that supports Neurs. 99.9% of these jokers are at the grassroots of Neurs where the money is to be made scamming people, this guy has a .Net domain which means he got in on the ground floor. The bottom feeders of the affiliate world will always go for the .com,.net,.org because it is the easiest way to rank when you don’t have a clue about marketing and achieving good rankings. Neurs is a pyramid scheme they don’t even hide that fact. All you have to do is go to their affiliate link and they show the diagram of people making money multiple times down the pipe. The problem with this is it’s just like the Empower Network, if I was so bold I would say that this was the Empower Networks model, it’s that close, and we all know that the Empower Network is known for it’s scammy product.
      I write and expose scammy products, the fact that Neurs charges a $1400 fee to be a founding member and have the right to promote their product and receive all the commissions entitled you is a MLM scam.
      Having a entrepreneur like Kevin Herrington put his name behind it means absolutely nothing, other than the fact he sees an opportunity to make some serious money. The details of Kevin’s involvement, such as monetary contributions are as vague as Neurs itself, christ, even Donald Trump is looking into the MLM game, and I am sure it’s not to help the less fortunate!
      In a MLM product the people who make the money are the founders and the top tier, not the foot soldiers. I am here for the foot soldiers not the fat cats who prey upon people desperate to make some money. Thanks for the comment, keep writing, Mike.

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