Niche Market Finder- Niche Selection Made Easy!

Niche Market Finder- Niche Selection Made Easy!

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Finding a niche market for any blogger or affiliate marketer is hands down the most daunting and frustrating start to anyone’s Internet Marketing career. Many will tell you that an automated niche market finder is the way to go which comes with a price tag of course, how about if I told you that there is an easy step by step system that I have developed that will only cost you $1000, just joking, ha ha, it is absolutely free!

Over the years I have helped many new Internet marketers get through the niche market selection phase on a one on one basis manually typing out instructions to each individual until my two fingers hurt,  literally thousands of times I have written these instructions or told people I am helping how I found their niche market for them. Sometimes the most simplest ideas are right in front of us and I am embarrassed to say that this was one of those ideas, kind of like an idea for a niche,  I should have done this years ago.

My version of a niche market finder for people on a budget! 


Have you ever sat and stared at a piece of paper with pen in hand and wondered what the hell am I doing I can’t come up with one idea! Well when you first sit down to start the process of finding a niche that is the exact feeling most get, but not to worry there is an easy solution. You can do this by yourself but it does help to have someone else offer some input.

Here’s an example of how it works, I was helping a newcomer to Internet marketing today and he had a niche idea that revolved around watches,  he asked me to check it out for him, so of course I did my usual check and found that there was too much competition in a broad niche market such as watches. I was scratching my head on this one and decided to enlist the help of my wife who welcomed the opportunity to tell me what she thought, she is always telling me she wished I would pull my head out of my  “computer”,  if she was writing this I am sure a different word would have been used in place of computer, lol.  All joking aside what transpired next was truly inspirational, maybe a slight exaggeration, but it was good!

We started with watches then the conversation went to pocket watches where I thought there would be opportunity and less competition,  which there was after checking,  but our brainstorming took us even further, next thing I know we were talking about anything that would go on an arm. From there things went sideways fast, but sideways in brainstorming is a good thing, we graduated to what could go on your head which got us talking about wigs, prescription  eyewear, sunglasses, I came up with wallets which got me an eyebrow raising moment from my wife, I rebounded with beard trimming kits, touques and then it was her turn with shoes, next came medical alert bracelets, arthritic therapy bracelets, costume jewelry all this from one quick conversation. By the time we were nearing the end we were in a competition to see who could come up with the most far fetched idea or product that was still relevant, of course I came out on top, don’t tell her I said that!

The crazier, more far fetched ideas in many instances work out to be the most lucrative niche possibilities, in many cases  obscure niche ideas provide the least amount of competition which affords you the best chances to own the majority of traffic in that niche, it may not be a ton of traffic, but owning all of it instead of a small slice in a popular niche has always proven to be more lucrative for me! So that’s how you get started,  You can do this solo, all you need to do is start scratching down ideas. You can run these by me, I am more than happy to help!

Tips To Get Your Brainstorming Session Rolling

This is how I instruct new Internet Marketers to get the creative juices flowing…

Think of any product or service you come in contact with this week or past month.
 Think of any activity you or someone you know participates in.
Think of any product you use and how you use it.
Think of any  product you consume and what resources you needed to prepare it.
 Think of any xmas, birthday, anniversary, graduation present you have ever received or given.
Watch a movie or tv program and see what products or services are used in that movie or episode.
Walk through a hardware store or department store and just look for products. Do Google searches and when related searches pop up start clicking on them for ideas.
Here’s a quick example of how tv watching helps stimulate niche ideas. There is an overweight teen playing video games or skateboarding,  someone is cleaning the pool or changing a water filter or cleaning windows, someone shopping for hats or a purse, someone cleaning a car or barbecuing a steak.
What broad niches do you see in these examples?
Elbow pads, helmets, skateboards, boards in general such as snowboards
  Sporting goods
 Car cleaning products or car related products
accessories, appliances, water purification, septic system related products
hats, purses, I think shopping spree!
 household or commercial cleaning supplies, window coverings
games and accessories
 Cook books, cooking utensils, aprons and cooking gadgets
 weight loss & health related programs
Pool and spa supplies
This process took about 5 minutes and all these ideas came from one fictional scenario I just created in seconds. I bet you can think of even more that I missed!
I used to be in the grocery retail business in the area of support where I would work with various stores to increase their profitability in various areas such as ordering, shrink, sales and over all performance. What I noticed was our growing expansion into our online shopping component and the popularity it was experiencing with our customers. First thing I did was search grocery retail chains for affiliate opportunities. Even being in the business I was shocked to see the opportunities for affiliates in this area.  Right away a food blog or even more so, teaching people how to be smart shoppers came to mind. I could funnel people through to grocery related products or merchants by offering helpful tips. This is just one quick example of finding a niche that is close to your professional wheel house may be your first and best option.

Don’t like brainstorming games, Try This Quick Tip!

 Go to Amazon and look through all their categories, join click-bank and go through all their categories, it’s absolutely free, same with link-share, you will need a website to view link-share products, Market Health is a large health related affiliate marketplace and there’s always eBay and any other selling platform such as Craigslist that you can get ideas from. These are all huge affiliate platforms that you can find products and services to promote. I have mentioned just a few of the big boys there are hundreds and hundreds of smaller affiliate brokers, some deal just in art, some jewellery, the list goes on and on!

Find A Product Now It’s Time To Find An Affiliate Program

You’re on the home stretch now, you have a basic idea of a niche product or service that may interest you,  now you need to see who is going to pay you to promote these products or services, this will either be an affiliate marketplace or directly through an online merchant. How do you find someone willing to pay you, it’s not hard, you are in demand! Every online merchant wants affiliates, it’s how they get traffic to their offers. Online merchants pay nothing until a sale is completed so they get the best bang for their buck. All their advertising costs convert!

This is how I take my idea and see if there are merchants willing to pay for my services and ultimately my traffic. This step is very simple, all that is required is to do a Google search with “Affiliate program” after the product description. I will use watches as an example, ” watches affiliate programs”  here’s what shows up…

affilaite watch

This is just fraction of affiliate programs related to watches, add slight variations to your search and it opens up a whole new niche, pocket watches, stop watches, designer watches, men’s watches, ladies watches, waterproof watches, wooden watches,  these are all sub niches of a very broad watch niche, sub niches in my opinion are where you want to be, they generally have low competition and usually good monthly searches, I use a keyword tool called Jaaxy to find low competition and high traffic niches, this tool will also find you an available domain name for your new niche idea all in one convenient setting.  I use Jaaxy at the end of the process to verify my decision giving me the stats I need to make sure this niche meets my criteria, stats like monthly searches and competition in my desired niche are what I use Jaaxy for. All the legwork has already been done prior to using a tool like Jaaxy so you are at the finish line! Don’t freak out about this step I will walk you through it and show you how it all works.

Some Merchants Or Affiliate Programs Are Better Than Others!

I almost forgot this important factor that you might want to consider when deciding on a product to promote or choosing a product from an affiliate marketplace.

Not all affiliate programs are made equal. As an affiliate marketer you should be looking for every advantage that you can get and one advantage that is easy to get if you know what you want going into an affiliate relationship is that you need great support from your affiliate program or merchant. I can teach you how to get traffic to a merchants door but if they don’t have the professionalism to convert your traffic you are waisting your time. I promote quite a few products and services which I choose by looking at their back end which I will expand a bit more on next….

Things to look for in a merchant’s affiliate program?

Does the merchant’s affiliate program have a strong sales page that will convert the traffic you send them?

Does the merchant’s affiliate program offer tracking for your different campaigns you may want to run?

Does the merchant’s affiliate program offer banners and links that you can use?

Does the merchant’s affiliate program offer product information that you can leverage?

Does the Merchant offer discounts that can be offered to drive sales?

How does the commission structure rate compared to other affiliate programs.

If you are dealing with a affiliate marketplace like linkshare, markethealth, Clickbank or commission junction, Amazon you are pretty safe in promoting a merchant’s product from any of these platforms.

I am not a fan of Clickbank due to the fact they offer a pretty liberal refund policy that really leaves you open to tire kickers and their products and on the lower end which does end with quite a few refunds. Clickbanks first payment qualification for new marketers has some eligibility rules that may be hard to achieve for a new marketer. I know when I first started I received a few nice commissions over $800 off one sale but what happened was, Clickbanks eligibility policy ended up clawing back most of that commission because they claw back a certain portion every month if you don’t qualify with more sales. You will find as your presence in a niche grows so does your income. When you first start out your sales can be sporadic which will hurt you with marketplaces like click bank who require regular sales to start, once you have consistency you are off to the races.

I found there always seems to be a lot of chargebacks in relation to sales with Clickbanks merchant’s products, Clickbank is a digital download marketplace.

One aspect of Clickbank I do like is they offer a really good platform for newcomers to affiliate marketing. Clickbank offers analytics on your affiliate products so you can see how many people came through with your link and either made a purchase or registered as a hop. CB also will track sales and chargebacks for you, everything really is done for you,  all you have to do is get the traffic to their door. Nice commissions with clickbank products, 50% and up.

Like I said I am not a fan of Clickbank but I do like their platform for the all in one type of deal, all you have to do is sit back and collect your cheque,  they pretty well take care of everything else.

The Most Important Aspect Of Choosing A Niche

So you think you have found a niche,  you are on the home stretch, I know you thought it was over, nope, One last check!

This is by far the most important step in my opinion on not only finding a niche but ensuring that you will at one point be a dominate force within your chosen niche.

When you have chosen your niche,  do a Google search once again and this time punch in topic that you feel might have some relation to your niche topic. I will use clothing as an example, say you choose clothing as a niche,  do a search on different clothing related accessories and see what pops up on the first two pages of your Google search, if websites like Nordstroms, Reitmans, The Gap, for example occupy most of the first two pages of results I would say you have a very slim chance of ever knocking those big boys of the first two pages. What you need to look for are websites that are secondary websites like the one you will be building, affiliates directing traffic to merchants sites. If you see the first two pages occupied by these types of secondary websites then this is a green light for go, you can knock these websites off the first page with the right training. Sites you are looking for are mom and pop .com’s or even better .org or .net. Getting off topic but very important, always choose a .com domain name, they carry more weight with Google and you will always outrank a .net or .org.

It’s estimated that only 10% of all internet traffic gets past the first two pages in a search result, internet users have been trained to associate the more relevant search results to be the first ones they look at which they are in most cases.

So you know where you need to be, on the first two pages. This doesn’t happen overnight,  but you need to know if you follow the right SEO techniques and have sound Internet marketing training then your chances of reaching the first two pages in the right niche are very good. Traffic equals money!

When you have chosen your niche check out a guide I wrote on writing content that ranks may be of some help!

One last thing, don’t worry about being authority right out of the gates, no one in most cases starts this way. Your knowledge grows as your content and website grows. When you look for topics to post relevant content on that captures traffic your knowledge on these topics is enhanced. Take furniture refinishing as a niche. If it were me I have no expertise in furniture refinishing but I could create a post on it simply by Googling the topic and writing down my thoughts. The whole trick is to have your content out rank the next persons. Your content also needs to make connections with your readers. I am getting off topic, but don’t freak out about not being an authority on your niche. I started out in the weight loss niche many years ago which I had zero experience with other that an interest. I signed up to the international health institutes news letters which had research on weight loss trials and other high profile research facilities which was all free. By the time my blog was well established I had thousands of people visiting my site and asking me questions on weight loss. If I didn’t know I made it my mission to find out.

This post on niche market finder should make the task of finding a profitable niche much easier and take the stress out of the process so you can focus on the task at hand, Making Money Online! Need any help with any of these steps or you find your self stuck, I will be your partner in this exercise. You can contact me through the “contact me” page on this site or just start working with me today through a free membership by clicking here!
Have a great day and pursue your dreams of working for you!

45 Replies to “Niche Market Finder- Niche Selection Made Easy!”

  1. Mike; I have read through your review and find it to be interesting. I never even think I would need to think of a niche that make sense or of less competition.

    See I was new to the business and very eager to get started that was all I wanted then. I realise now that anxiety is not a very good friend when going into business.

    Are you saying that there are many Niches within a niche so one should narrow it down?

    1. Hi Dorcas, yes, you want to keep your niche not too broad or you will get lost in the sea of competition and your promotions will never get seen. There are many sub niches that you can explore inside a broad niche that can be very lucrative, this is where you want to be. a niche doesn’t need to have a ton of traffic all you need is the ability to own that traffic and that comes with less competition. think of it this way, would you rather have .0005% of a lot of traffic and chances that you may get pushed out of your niche at anytime due to competition moving in or would you rather have 80% of less traffic and knowing that your content or presence will face very little competition, I would choose the later any day.

  2. Hi Mike!

    I really liked the “first two pages” tip after concluding on your niche. I didn’t do it, and I think I have a mountain to climb now 🙂

    How would you suggest getting over this?

    Thanks for a detailed and enlightening article. I wish I had read your article before choosing my niche 🙂



    1. Finding a niche shouldn’t be a daunting task, make it fun. Have an interest or topic you would like to learn more about, here’s your opportunity. As you blog grows you get the chance to really research the content that goes on it. This will allow you to really get to learn a lot about your interest, so just pick something you want to learn about and do it!

  3. Hello MikeLambert,

    Wow, this is a very detailed article on finding your niche. I still remember getting super frustrated because I couldn’t determine my niche.

    I wish I’d find your article sooner because it would’ve saved me a lot of headache and frustration. This article should be shared with everyone that is trying to start their online business.


    1. Thank You Eric I am glad you found my article on finding a niche helpful, enjoy the site and if you have any questions at all don’t hesitate to ask, cheers Mike.

  4. Hey there, Mike. Great post. Thanks for sharing the link. I do have a question: Can we work with more than one affiliate program? Or should we just stick to a single company/organization?


    1. Hi ALan thanks for the question. The nice part about affiliate marketing is you can build as many affiliate relationships as you want with as many vendors as you feel you want to. I think it is very wise to not put all your eggs into one basket. There are many online shoppers who build loyalties to certain brands and companies and you want to appeal to as many online buyers as possible, this means building as many affiliate relationships as possible as long as these merchants offer similar products. You don’t want to get to broad with a niche which means you don’t want to get into promoting to many different types of product lines. You want to be as specific to a niche as you can that way you become an authority on that product line, if you spread yourself around promoting a variety of products you will never truly achieve the authority ranking you deserve.

      I work with many new marketers and I am always asked the question, should I have multiple websites promoting different niches/products, more is better right?

      My answer to this question is simple when you understand internet marketings basic principles. Google gives preferable rankings to websites that demonstrate authority on a subject or product. If you split your efforts to multiple sites you could have the combined amount of content on two sites that you could have had on one site if you just concentrated on the one site. If you had 25 posts on each website or 50 posts on just one website who do you think would get the best ranking power with Google? You got it! The website that had 50 posts would have a higher chance of being deemed an authority website in Google’s eyes therefore benefiting from a higher ranking which garners more traffic due to its higher ranking in search results.
      Higher rankings lead to higher traffic volume which lead to more comments and visitor engagement, comments are considered content by Google so as you can see it becomes a compounding effect. Higher authority ranking = more traffic = more visitor comments = even higher authority ranking = more traffic = more exposure for your affiliate products = more chance for sales.
      For any newcomers choosing a niche, the more obscure and targeted your niche selection is, the faster your authority rank will rise and ultimately the faster and higher your website will rank, something to keep in mind!
      Little of topic Alan but something I have been meaning to mention to my readers, cheers Mike.

  5. This is a well written system for finding a niche for internet marketing but I have just one question…shouldn’t your niche be in place before you decide to take on internet marketing?
    Writing about a subject you do not LOVE is the worst job in the world. Even if you LIKE a subject it’s not enough – you need to love it to have any chances of engaging a visitor – don’t you agree?

    1. Hi Chris great questions, speaking from experience I would say you need to have some knowledge of internet marketing even if it is very basic for the simple reason you need to know for example what a niche is, what is considered a broad niche. Some knowledge of keywords, Google indexing, niche competition, and knowledge of how affiliate relationships work. You need to know how to identify if the niche you are choosing is to competitive, knowledge in the use of a keyword tool is also handy for drilling down on a niche.

      I know there are many that say you need to love what you are promoting and in many cases I agree with what you are saying, but for many who have an interest that is very popular for example, you will be up against very stiff competition and for a newcomer to get results in a timely manner is certainly unrealistic, this is why when I work with people I will work closely with them to establish what competition they will be facing if they decide to participate in any given niche. If I feel the amount of time it will take for them to even make a dent in their selected niche is too long I will advise against it, they need to see results sooner than later, no one wants to plug away feeling like they are getting nowhere, this is the kiss of death for new marketers .

      Could you imagine how long newcomers would hang on in a saturated niche creating content that never had a hope in hell of ever getting a high enough ranking to ever be seen! This happens when people choose a saturated niche because “they love it”.

      You can have a passion but that doesn’t always relate to finding success online. What I advise people I work with is, take an interest of theirs and find the most obscure aspect or component of their interest and look at exploiting that small morsel of their niche, bigger isn’t better when it comes to niche selection, this way you will face very little competition but tap into a niche that is a diamond in the rough, a virtual winning lottery ticket so to speak and something you still have an interest in.

      Just some food for thought!

      People learn new things all the time, it’s not unrealistic to learn as you blog, actually this is the norm. All blogs start out small and grow, so does the topic material, bloggers branch out and investigate what their readers show an interest in, this is the essence of blogging or internet marketing.

      I built a weight loss website years ago and became an authority on the topic, did I have an interest in weight loss when I started, no! was I an expert in the field, no! But as time went on and I researched different weight loss methods, foods, exercise and subscribed to different weight loss journals read a multitude of university weight loss research papers and study results my knowledge and interest in the subject grew exponentially. Eventually I was considered an authority by my readers and by Google, I went from zero experience to having a wealth of knowledge on the subject and you know what, the whole process was unbelievably fun!

      Another good example of growing into something is my experience with blogging or internet marketing. When I originally decided to give internet marketing a try I literally couldn’t even send an email, lol. Now I sell products to people all over the world, I knew nothing about internet marketing when I started, but now I could be considered by some to be an expert in affiliate marketing. This didn’t happen overnight, my abilities grew and so did my opportunities, now I teach others to follow in my footsteps, it’s really not that hard!

      Years ago Ezine Articles knighted me with “expert author” status, lol. I had never written anything since high school and I don’t think doodling on my duotang qualifies as writing, lol. Life as a blogger/internet marketer for most starts off with zero experience and your expertise grows over time, no different than someones knowledge of a product or a service, people aren’t born experts in any given field, they earn that designation, they earn it through researching their chosen niche and writing content on it.

      I received my training through a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate, they taught me step by step on how to write content that is engaging, it’s a skill that is learned, just because you have an interest that you love doesn’t mean you can get your thoughts down on virtual paper so that they make sense, you get taught how to structure your content without boring your audience to death. Could you imagine if the only people that found success blogging had to have a degree in literacy, wouldn’t be many bloggers and the ones that were there probably would bore you to death.

      Bottom line is, you need to learn some simple skills to connect with an audience online, you need some simple skills to choose the proper niche and just because you have an interest doesn’t mean that this is going to be a profitable endeavour for you.

      Those were awesome questions Chris, I am sure my answers confused the hell out of some people but that is why having just the basic knowledge of internet marketing I feel is critical, especially in the early stages of the niche selection process. Cheers Mike.

  6. Hello
    Great article on finding a niche you have pointed out some very unique and interesting ways to find a niche. Finding a niche has been my biggest road block to starting a career in affiliate marketing but after reading your article I feel you have made my chore that much easier, thank you for your valuable insight.

    1. I am glad you found my niche finding post helpful Zesterop. Let me know how you make out, cheers Mike.

  7. Hi Mike, Your site is well presented and funny, I appreciate your comments and help in wealthy affiliate and your ideas have given me some food for thought. Regards Louise

  8. This is just what I needed to see! I’m a very new affiliate marketer. (about a month and a half so far) My first, and only, website has gone through many changes. Im kind of all over the place with it trying to figure out the best direction to go. So I’ve been thinking about what I would want to do for a second site after I get this first one figured out. This page definitely gave me some great tips on brainstorming for my next one! Thank you!

    1. Hi Stacey I am glad you found my niche finding guide useful makes me happy to know it will help fellow affiliate marketers, good luck with your websites, cheers Mike.

  9. Definitely a useful website for someone struggling on narrowing down a niche, and also for new online marketers. Honestly finding a niche that convert traffic has been difficult for me. I hope to learn something new from you site, and find something that would take me to the next level.

    1. Thank you Afees for you comment appreciate the support and if you need any help drilling down on a profitable niche don’t hesitate to throw me a message, cheers Mike.

  10. Hi Mike, great post, loved the brainstorming session which was very clever.
    Your tips are great and very usable, thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Mia thank you for the comment, my hope is that this post and the tips and tricks I use will help many break that mental block that sometimes comes with the task of drilling down on a profitable niche, thank you Mike.

  11. Hello Mike

    A good article on Niche Marketing and you actually hit the nail on the head with your words – ‘Sometimes the most simplest ideas are right in front of us’.

    I would venture to say that the majority of people who get into some form of marketing online have some knowledge, skill or previous experience at something and don’t realize that there first niche is there within that knowledge, skill and experience.

    As a long time Internet Marketer I am deluged for for tips and advice on people should promote and my answer without exception is – Think about what you know, what are your skills, knowledge and previous experience have been.

    This of course doesn’t have to be work related because an interest or hobby can be just as good and sometimes better because its something people are usually enthusiastic about and love to do, and can talk about it till the cows come home as they say.

    I wish you every success in your endeavors Mike and have a really great day.

    Robert Allan

    1. Thank you Robert it is nice to hear from a seasoned marketer as yourself and I am glad you found that my niche market finder post has some substance to it, have a great day Mike.

  12. Thanks Mike. I found this article very helpful and reading it was like a catalyst that started triggering some ideas for myself as I read it. Not the specific things you were saying (although I’m sure many of the ideas you mentioned are great niches), but it just got me thinking. There is just something about stirring up the creativity and idea pot, it spills over onto others and gets a bit contagious.

    1. Hi Peter, I will be honest I am not the most creative guy but Internet marketing has taught me over the years to think outside the box and get creative which is easy because there are so many examples you can find on the Internet, My wife and I use pinterest to plan design aspects in our home she used to buy tons of magazines but now everything is right there at our fingertips and that was my catalyst for putting this post together why should finding a niche be hard it should be right at your fingertips, thank you for your thoughts Peter, cheers Mike.

  13. Hi Mike,

    Thanks so much for your sharing. It’s very detailed but easy to understand. In the past when I started to build up my own web site, just didn’t have much of an idea about niche finding and had wasted a lot of time making mistakes and choosing wrong paths. Though I believe I’ve got more skills now, your tips and hints are still something valuable to learn and I can apply in my ongoing journey.



    1. Hi Louis I am glad you found some useful aspects of my post. Even with experience I struggled until I started implementing this little guide I put together, this is the actual routine I go through when I look for one of those little golden nuggets or diamond in the rough that end up making me some pretty nice money, they don’t have to be mainstream they just have to have an audience all to yourself, cheers Mike.

  14. Great Article, very interesting way you get your message across I love your writing style and just the ease in which you converse with your readers keep up the great work!

  15. Awesome article Mike! Niche marketing is obviously the core of every money making process. You have provided some super good and fun strategies for finding a successful niche. Btw, I would recommend the alcohol:] Watching tv is something we all can do. How much better to watch it consciously. Brainstorming is healthy, recreational, and easy, given the right people to party with. You make niche finding so much fun, and it’s productive.

    1. Thanks for your comment Sam, yes niche finding is a critical component to the online money making game if one can drill down on a niche and enjoy exploring it a lot of money can be made in the process, I am glad you found the article interesting, have a great day Mike.

  16. Hey Mike – you’ll help me find a niche for 1000? – that’s great! 🙂 That was funny, but seriously these tips are fantastic. I wish I understood niches in the past but I didn’t have any idea. Only after I found a program that taught me clearly did I realize what it was. It’s great that you showed how to find affiliate programs for it too. Appreciate the information!

    1. Hi Maria, yeh I thought I would throw a little humour in there. I am glad you found my Niche Market Finder post useful, thank you for the comment, cheers Mike.

  17. Very insightful website.The Internet needs more websites like this one. There are so many online marketing scams out there. I have come across so many while searching for the right online marketing program. I also like the tips on brainstorming to find a niche, very creative I might say! I can use some of those tips myself in finding more niches in the future. This type of content such as your niche market finder post fits well with your theme for this site. Good work.

    1. Thank you for the comment, yes there are many scams out there definitely keeps me busy chasing them down. I am glad you liked the content on my site, have a great day Mike.

  18. Hey mike! Very nice post. Like you said people get scared at the thought of figuring out a niche. I personally picked something that i was interested in. I think this is key because I am really enjoying creating my website even more because it is something I am interested in! Thank you for this post Mike!

    1. Hi Jesse, it is great you had an interest that you could explore as a nice option but what I find is when people don’t have a clear interest that they can explore many people just come up blank that is why I developed this quick guide to help break through that mental block of finding a niche to explore, thank you for the comment Mike.

  19. Very good insight into the world of niche searching. You hear it all the time, your niche should be your passion. This is true if you know a lot about your passion, but what if you don’t? Some people are passionate about something but don’t know everything about it.
    I believe that as long as you have an interest in a subject and you can see yourself being fulfilled writing about it for years to come, this could be your niche.

    1. Thank you for your feedback on my niche market finder article Nigel your feedback is greatly appreciated, cheers Mike.

  20. I really like your site. It’s very informative and very easy to follow. I have been scammed myself and everyone needs to read and look at your site to know what to stay away from. Your Niche finding advice is great and flows nicely in a step by step format. Thank you for such a thorough post on finding a niche.

    1. Thank you for your comment Charma it is nice to know that the info I am providing is helpful. Finding a niche can be the biggest hurdle for someone just starting out in affiliate marketing but it doesn’t need to be if you have a plan that you can follow I hope this post has info that people may follow to find their niche I use this step by step process everytime I look for a new niche, have a great day, Mike.

  21. My name is Josh Burkart.
    Have you ever heard of MOBE or The Automatic Edge?
    Is it true?
    Is it real?
    Or, … is it a scam too?

    1. Hi Josh I guess I will start with Is MOBE a scam? Technically no in my opinion it offers something for a price albeit insanely high priced and they don’t appear to be totally upfront about your future cost to participate in their program which seems to be the biggest complaint I see in various forums and websites.
      As you get into the program you are asked to pay for licensing fees that range in the thousands of dollars and you are not told this up front that I know of.
      You are asked to pay $97 to get in and are told you can get a refund if you are not happy with the product but what you don’t know is you have to complete the 21 steps as a requirement to get that refund which includes buying some very expensive licensing packages.
      Trying to make money with the pressure of having potentially thousands in fees hanging over your head in my opinion doesn’t make for a good learning environment.
      When I started out in Internet marketing I had very little overhead and even my minimal overhead put extreme pressure on me to make money. I paid $47 a month for my training not thousands and when you start out it takes a bit of time to absorb the learning curve associated with Internet Marketing and you need to be prepared for that, having huge overhead in training or licensing costs in my opinion is not a position that I would want myself in knowing what I know now.
      Could you cope with having potentially thousands hanging over your head with nothing coming in for months, maybe a year, for that matter possibly never! I can’t recommend any program that would put that type of pressure on while trying to make money online, MOBE or any other program for that matter.
      People new to Internet Marketing need to take their time, learn all aspects of marketing and sell what they want, avoid paying for the right to be tied into a specific line of products, you will no longer be in control of your future online someone else will.
      Your other question in regards to “The Automatic Edge” This is just a sales funnel produced to lead you into MOBE nothing more! Hope that answered your questions, cheers Mike.

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