No Website Millionaire – My Review Of A Millionaire Sized Scam

No Website Millionaire – My Review Of A Millionaire Sized Scam

Travis Stephenson’s “No Website Millionaire” will  leave you feeling dazed and confused by the time his program has finished up selling you, did I forget ripped off?

 no senseOk Travis, How Will I Make Money Without A Website?

I guess the first question for me is, if I don’t need a website to make money Travis,  why do you have a website? Seems to me you shouldn’t need a website either, or is it just easier to separate people from their money with a website?  No Website Millionaire is one of those programs that pops up now and again that are focused on new people to Internet Marketing ( newbies) with no experience on how things work on the net.

Reading all of Stephensons bullcrap material I really don’t believe for one second that this guy actually knew how to make money without a website. He definitely knows how to make money with a website, unfortunately for newcomers to making money online, or should I say, losing money online, it’s at your expense. Travis has been behind a few online promotions already, such as Cash Creator, another bogus program so he is a seasoned veteran at the get rich quick game of newcomers backs.

To be perfectly honest,  after watching stephenson’s promotional video,  I didn’t get the impression that I was ever really going to be a no website millionaire. This guy was good, he could sell suntan lotion to an Eskimo!

fake testiTravis talked and talked and all I saw were lips flapping and bla, bla, bla, you will need this, buy this, piece of cake,  Bullcrap Travis! I didn’t come down with the last rainfall ya know! Guys who talk in circles usually are poor presenters or con artists, I didn’t get the feeling Travis had any troubles with presentation. From what I had seen through the introductory video there was nothing that made me believe that Travis had stumbled across the holy grail of Internet Marketing, how to make money without a website! The fact that Travis incorporates fake testimonials from a guy known to offer his testimonials for a fee is enough ammo for me to stop this review now and say “stay away” from this product,  but you deserve to see what I found, so please read on…..

Travis Tried To Upsell Me To Death!

Grab a chair this is going to take a while! multiple friggen upsells, yeah! you heard me right, multiple upsells. The first upsell to cross my plate was a product called  Uber-Mega-Shortcut, something about stealing an income stream, what a pile of $197 garbage, watch out newbies! This product is earmarked for a greenhorn marketer who thinks they need stuff that is hard to pronounce but their investing in an online business.

Next thing that happened kind of shocked me, I am not easily shocked, the same product that he had just tried to upsell he turned around and said I was crazy for not biting and offered Uber-Mega-Shortcut for $97, I thought, maybe this guy just forgot the one, nope!

The next upsell came in the form of a $297 promise to provide me with massive automated traffic to my offers, get a load of this, I still didn’t know what the hell I was going to be doing, what offers, no clue, and I am a seasoned marketer and I was lost,  good luck with this guy newbies! As I passed  time and time again on Travis’s offers it seemed like this guy was getting more desperate.  I started having fun not pressing the freakin button just to see what would happen next!

Ok, now this guy was starting to piss me off! the next offer that came my way was a reduction in the price of the $297 mystery massive traffic generator down to $197, now it looks like Travis has a problem with ones again. What followed were more high pressure sales tactics

Next on the list of upsells was a true flabbergaster if I ever saw one. Travis’s next sales pitch was for,  get this, a website and hosting, the one thing that No Website Millionaire hangs it’s whole sales platform on,  ummm! unless I am mistaken I shouldn’t need one of these Travis!

The cost of all this crap makes me wonder why you wouldn’t just go to an outfit that provides two free websites and all the training to go with it,  you would be miles ahead and building an online business for years to come! Not wasting your money sending Travis on a tropical vacation.

no website millSo What’s The Gig? What Is It We Are Buying?

I am going to cut to the chase and save you all the gory details. No Website Millionaire has a few components to it once you get past the first wave of upsells. Here is what you will get for a hefty price tag…

– Sign up for Internet Lifestyle Network or Infusionsoft, whatever,  the product isn’t the scam it’s how travis uses it to get affiliate commissions from  your signing up for this product that’s the scam, shame on you Travis!  Infusionsoft is promotional software which will cost you a few bucks, which on it’s own is not going to make you a dime.

–  You will be prompted to purchase traffic from what looked like to me as some cheap nickle and dime out fit that couldn’t even muster a professional looking website. Traffic buying is an outright scam, you give them a link and tell the providers that you want traffic funneled to a certain link, but it is all machine made traffic, not real traffic, oh, did you say you wanted real traffic?

Then there’s more software to purchase, Lead pages, Getresponse and multiple other products that are ineffective unless used in conjunction with a website, did I say website? Yes I did!


Writing this review has been painful to say the least. The bottom line is STAY WELL CLEAR of no website millionaire, it’s an outright scam. This type of promotion is one of the reasons I started writing reviews. This guy preys upon the people who are just getting into the Internet Marketing game and the thought of building a website scares them, it shouldn’t! It’s become so easy to build a website and very inexpensive, hell it’s FREE in many places today. Making money without a website isn’t impossible but very close to impossible. You will not make squatt in real earnings and your investment will never be made back. Building a money making website is becoming easier and easier for the novice marketer, don’t sell yourself short, give it a try, you won’t regret it!


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