Online Cash Direct – Link Posting Scam?

Online Cash Direct – Link Posting Scam?

 How Does Online Cash Direct Work?

I have written quite a few articles on link posting this year, as fast as I can write on current link posting schemes such as Online Cash Direct a new one is created. From what I can see many of these link posting offers are intertwined leading to one final destination.

Online Cash Direct appears to be another storefront linking to another program I reviewed not long ago called “Secure Home Profits”.

Can You Make Money Link Posting?

Money making offers such as Online Cash Direct use an outdated income generating technique called link posting which for all intensive purpose sounds like a realistic opportunity to make income online but in actuality this income generating technique has been summoned from the Internet Marketing graveyard. Hanging their hats on what I consider to be an obsolete online income generator I feel doesn’t leave the user with a realistic opportunity to make any significant income online.

What Is Link Posting?

As I stated in my last paragraph link posting was popular in the wild west days of the Internet when posting links where ever you could offered an opportunity to divert Internet traffic to a merchant’s website or sales page. Another term used for link posting was backlinking which fell out of favor with search engines such as Google.

With Google’s direction heading towards a more authority based platform for it’s users link posting was a problem. Link posting was being used to divert traffic away from authority websites which is the experience that Google wanted for it’s users. In many cases traffic was being diverted away from authority websites offering relevant content only to be diverted to a sales page that offered very little to no relevant content for it’s readers. When Google caught on to link posting practice online companies who were caught in the act of link posting found their websites exposure plummet in Google’s search results overnight. Being on the first and second page of Google’s search results is like winning the traffic lottery and for some online companies this meant losing a top page ranking and being relegated to Google’s basement where their companies died of traffic starvation.

Still Have Options For Dropping Links?

Link posting schemes such as Online Cash Direct will lead you to believe that there are many options available for dropping links. Forums are promoted as prime locations for dropping links which is not the case anymore. Almost all of the forums have moderators that are on top of people trying to leave links in forums, once these links are discovered it usually results in the link droppers account being suspended.

How about posting links on Facebook? This practice is also on it’s way out according to some Facebook news releases.



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