Online Riches University – Is Online Riches University A Scam?

Online Riches University – Is Online Riches University A Scam?

Welcome to, Online Riches University is the latest online program promising untold riches from the Internet. Read my full unbiased review of Mary Johnsons Online Riches University Scam.

Name: Online Riches University

Owner: Mary Johnson

Product Price: $47

Bonus Offer: $27


Scam: Yes

How Do I Rate Online Riches University?

Sorry to ruin the punch line for you,  but I can’t rate this product for the simple reason it’s a full blown scam! Zero is a zero is a zero. Mary Johnson could be Harry Johnson for all we know,  but I can pretty well guarantee that this lady isn’t the owner or creator of the Online Riches University.

Will the real Mary Johnson please stand up!

mary1 mary2 old man


The first two photos come from advertisements for two separate outfits, one on the right is Online Riches University and the one on the left is from Home Job Institute, both claiming to be Mary Johnson.  The man on the far right for all we know could be the real creator. Different people claiming to be Mary Johnson, something is not adding up here Mary!

My wife looked at the pictures of Mary Johnson and said ” well,  that could be the same person you know” then we got into a discussion on hair color facial appearances and now I started to question myself even knowing there is a third picture of mary Johnson which is different once again. I felt my article critic, my wife,  totally debuffed my conspiracy theory so I thought I had better dig a little a deeper and this is what I found!

oru logo home job institute

Same logos different scams, starting to get the picture, these logo similarities are just a little too coincidental for me . Mary Johnson, Harry Johnson, whatever has been popping up all over the Internet for the last couple of years promoting Internet marketing platforms and get rich scams. When a scam like the Online Riches University  start to fizzle out they just simply create a new scam using the same template, to be honest it’s quite ingenious . Normally what is promoted on the Internet are scammy products that promote a “business in a box” ready for you businesses no effort required.  Maybe we are the slow ones here, we could all be promoting made for you  “scam in a box” businesses.  A ready to go cookie cutter template that is ready to use, ready to scam.  Actually I think I am onto something here! I don’t imagine that selling a cookie cutter “scam in the box” is illegal, surely unethical.  Wow, I had a Darth Vader moment there, please forgive me.

open universityHow does a scam like Online Riches University work?

Here’s how the Online Riches University scam and the many other scam clones work. Have you ever heard of list building? How list building works is you acquire Internet users email addresses whether by mainstream sources such as offering a newsletter that people subscribe to, free gifts, bonus offers or from unconventional methods such as the Online Riches University scam. To your right you will see how the Online Riches University uses a free access sign up registration to scam you out of your personal information such as phone number, email address, home address, zip code all of which can be used by them in some other scammy promotion or sold to the highest bidder, don’t be surprised when you start getting emails soliciting relevant products soon after you fill out their free access form. The phone calls start coming at a rapid pace also with high pressure sales people selling a variety of goods.

What Treat Awaits You Inside Online Riches University?

A whole lot of fraudulent claims and propaganda are inside Online Riches University. For starters ORU, tired of typing their name, offers up a technique called link posting used by  Internet marketers when the dinosaurs roamed freely, seemed like it was that long ago. Link posting in it’s day was a form of generating income from partner companies that paid you to post their links, this practice has long gone by the wayside as Google has relegated this practice to the do not do pile! The link posting scheme is offered up as an avenue to generate an income online, although not an effective way to make money online it covers their butt in a sense and shows that you will be receiving something for your investment, legally important for them useless to you!

So not only do you give this outfit your personal information but if you are really gullible you will give them $27-$97 bucks for outdated marketing techniques and maybe a lot more now that they have your credit card number, Owch! that’s really going to sting.

Final Verdict On Online Riches University

Not going to waste to much more of your time with this scam. It’s a scam and there are many where this came from. The only thing you can take out of this is, there is opportunity in the “scam in a box” market as Online Riches University shows. Stay well clear of any program like this and do your homework before you give out your personal information.




10 Replies to “Online Riches University – Is Online Riches University A Scam?”

  1. I was one that fell for this offer it ended up costing me $97 with nothing to show for it. I knew something was up when I started getting phone calls saying I needed to spend more money for coaching services. I did try and get a refund but so far no luck, any help would be appreciated if you provide that kind of service.

    1. Hi Noah, I am sorry to hear that you had the misfortune of getting involved with this lot. I don’t provide the service you require but just keep emailing that is unfortunately your only recourse at this time, good luck Mike.

  2. I seen your article on this scam and I thought I would see if you were one of the many promoting this scam. I have had my faith in the internet renewed since reading this and many of your other articles. This is a scam by the way, it got me for $360 and lots of aggravating phone calls and emails. Thank you again!

    1. Hi Kyle, I am starting to see more and more emails and the odd comment coming in regarding this outfit, thanks for leaving your experience for others, Mike.

  3. Why do you scam every online business and recommend wealthy affiliate and someone else scams them?

    Who can you trust?



    1. Hi again James, looking at your email I think I have answered another similar question of yours. Well James my website is called for a reason, I investigate and write on scams online thats why you see me bashing scams. To your other point which I state numerous times that I endorse Wealthy Affiliate as my #1 recommended program for starting an online business because they are scam and upsell free and I can sleep at night knowing if I give someone a good alternative they will at least have a chance at making it online, the rest will be up to them. I state on my site that I have a few other programs that are ok, not scams, but have some issues I feel don’t fit my top recommendation.
      My turn now James, I get a ton of comments from people that I have written some harsh reviews about and want to post ridiculous comments, the question I have James is, have you tried Wealthy Affiliate, and if so, what did you find wrong with their program? Hey James, if you read all my posts you will see I ranked Chris Farrell legit, I ranked Bring The Fresh legit, I ranked Affilorama legit which they all are just not my ideal choice for my #1 recommended program. I have another article I am writing right now that has a program that I really like, so it’s not all bad James. The problem is James that there is a scam made everyday and if it seems like I write about scams a lot it is because there are thousands more scammy products than there are legit products on the Internet! Have a nice day James.

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