Paycation Travel Is Now Traverus – Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam

Paycation Travel Is Now Traverus – Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam

When I started this Paycation Travel review I really thought it would be a standard type of review that wouldn’t take me long to research and pump out, boy was I wrong! Paycation Travel has recently been replaced by Traverus Travel or should I say Traverus Go. I set out on what I thought was going to be an easy task, just find out if you can make a home business off of people travelling. In the end I do answer this question and many more so enjoy the post and by all means leave me your thoughts and past experiences you may have had with Paycation Travel, cheers Mike.

Lets Start With The Owner David Manning

David Manning has been around the block, has a bit of experience recycling MLM business models, which he has recently demonstrated by morphing Paycation Travel into traverus Go.

Past MLM style ventures that Mr Manning has been involved in were offers like Hi5 and travel works international and recently Paycation which seems to have been replaced, or as my research leads me to believe is in transition. A screenshot of Paycations facebook page which clearly shows that Paycation Travels Facebook page is changing over to Traveruscorperate.

David Manning has operated his current business for over 12 years and running, which is a really good sign when it comes to MLM shelf life.

What Is Paycation /Traverus Go?

Paycation/Traverus Go is a MLM type of business model where participants will earn potential income by promoting and recruiting people to use Traverus Go services. People book travel, you get a cut if they are your recruits. You can also receive commissions off of your recruits commissions, typical MLM style offer.

There’s no debating that travel is a HUGE industry, with people spending upwards of 18 trillion dollars on getting away and exploring the world. That’s a lot of money that you could potentially share in if this offer really delivers.

I am going to keep referring to both Paycation and Traverus even though it looks like Paycation is gone and Traverus is the new name. Below you will see what I got when I clicked on an actual” book travel” icon on the traverus website. It still mentions Paycation but this is what I got when I clicked on the book travel button.

As you can see in the image above Paycation is still mentioned in this advertisement along with Xstream.

Paycation was created in 2014,  replacing another one of Mannings businesses which was reported to have experienced some legal issues.

Paycation/Traverus focus is on selling wholesale priced vacation packages through associates who join the team. Most vacation sites on the internet are actually run by two different companies, “Expedia” and “Priceline”. When looking for cheap vacation and hotel packages, you’re getting the upsale price (or retail) on websites such as hotwire, redtag, and because Expedia and Priceline are taking the cut from your vacation package.

What Paycation says makes it different is, they work through a website called “Booking Ninja” who claims to cut out the middleman, like Expedia and Priceline, and offers choices on wholesale vacation packages that qualifies you for upwards of 50% off of retail prices you see on other travel websites.

Paycation was integrated with another one of Mr Mannings companies called “XStream” who facilitates the training of associates in becoming certified travel experts. When you join Paycation, you have the opportunity to not only sell cheap vacation packages, but also recruit other members to join and sell packages under you. Not only will you qualify for discounted travel, but every time one of your recruits travels, you also make money off their travel costs! Seems like a great deal, don’t get excited yet!  I’ll get more into the compensation plan later.

 Support And Training Offered By Paycation

Xstream Travel provides all of Paycation/traverus travel agent training, which you pay for with your initial investment in Paycation.  Their website states “Our online travel consultant course concentrates on resort vacations, cruise vacations plus car, hotel, rail and custom tour packages” deeming that the amount of time you put into the training is what you’ll get out of it. Looking at some reviews on the training, it seems very cheap and inexpensive for what you pay to Paycation (which I’ll talk about soon). Members who have joined say it’s only a quick manual you read through and a short quiz to get you up and running as a “Certified Travel Consultant” .

Ideally, Paycation/Traverus wants you to be supported by the person who recruited you which is typical MLM, they don’t appear to invest much into support, which could account for associates making minimal income. Once you complete the course you’re left to your own accord to figure things out. If you don’t have a good recruiter, you may be left to fight this battle on your own.

**At the time of this post training was not available unless you pay the full price for the most expensive package available**

How Much Does It Cost To Join Paycation?

From looking older reviews, there used to be a more reasonable membership cost when Paycation first came to be. It was called the “Independant Affiliate” plan and it started at only $29.95 a month with no flat “buy -in” fee. From joining and trying out Paycation now, there’s no indication of that membership anywhere! The following two options are available to purchase and “buy-in” to Paycation/Traverus.

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Referral Travel Consultant

Purchasing the “Referring Travel Consultant Package” for $199.95, which includes the $119.95 RTC Signup fee, $20 annual Associate fee, and $59.95 1st month Website fee.

What you get with this package….

“Referring Travel Consultant Package”:
You earn – $50.00 commission.

“Certified Travel Agent Package”:
You earn – $70.00

  • 65% commissions off travel;
  • Travel club membership;
  • Access to booking website to refer people to;
  • Commission tracking system;
  • Virtual back office.

Certified Travel Consultant

$319.95 one time sign up fee + $20 Associate fee + 59.95 monthly service fee = $399.90

  • 75% in travel commission;
  • Ability to book larger groups for travel;
  • Ability to earn top industry credentials through Xstream Travel;
  • Xstream certified training;
  • Access to reduced rate travel.

** Again I will mention, the travel training is only available under the $399.90 package**

 Paycation/Traverus compensation Plan Reviewed

Paycation  compensation plans is based on your ability to recruit.

There’s actually little to no explanation of how you make money by selling vacation packages, except for an approximate percentage you could potentially expect to make.

This percentage depends on what style of member you are and how much money you paid. You can make anywhere between 65% and 75% on vacation packages you sell.

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First and foremost, every “Certified Travel Consultant” you bring on board, you make a flat $50.00. After the third recruit you bring on who passes their training, you make $70.00.

Once you hit your third recruit, and that third recruit then starts a downstream of recruits, you’ll make $20.00 additional on each of their recruits, starting with their first one. They call these coded bonuses, as those recruits are infinitely “coded” to you, but only after your third recruit.

**Notice that you make no commission on “Referral Travel Consultants”, you basically have to get your recruits to pay for the bigger, more expensive package in order to make money**

Obviously the more people you recruit,  the more money you make. This compensation plan does appear to be focused on recruitment and does start to look like a pyramid style offer where commissions based on recruitment takes centre stage, sales commissions from the actual product are almost non existent.

Things Start To Get Confusing!

Here’s where it starts to get confusing for me, follow along the best you can! Once your third recruit gets their third recruit, you start making more money. They will be earning $2 on their recruits, while you’ll be earning $30. See the chart below.

Overall, there’s 6 different ways you’ll be earning off of your recruits, as well as their recruits. It goes as follows:

Residual On Coded: You earn 8% for each person coded to you who pays their monthly subscription of $59.95.

100% Match on Personals Coded Residual: You earn 100% match on all the residual coded bonuses your personally enrolled CTC’s earn.

Business Builder Bonus: You can earn over and above 5% starting with your seventh person, on top of what you’re already earning from your recruits. For the first 6 people that seventh person recruits, you’ll earn 5% over and above as well. This continues on indefinitely.

3×7 Matrix: Pays 3 levels wide and 7 levels deep monthly.

10% Match on Personals Matrix: Earn 10% match on Matrix commissions earned by personal enrolments.

8% Match On Coded Matrix: Earn 8% matrix match on all earnings from those coded to you.

The Different Ranks

As you recruit more and more members, and they continue to recruit, you’ll start to jump up the Matrix Levels (1 – 7) and hit certain ranks as a Paycation Affiliate. They call this

    • RTC/CTC;
    • Executive (min 300 recruits enrolled);
    • Regional (min 500);
    • National (min 1500);
    • International (min 4000)
  • (1 – 4 star) Presidential ( min 10000 – 250000)

Once you begin to hit upwards of 300 recruits, you’ll start to make even more additional bonuses as you hit each rank. At 300 recruits you’ll receive a bonus of $1000. If, in your lifetime, you reach 250,000 recruits, you could see bonuses of $250,000!

What I Like About Paycation/Traverus

    • Involved in a Booming industry;
    • Partnered with a 12 year company, XStream Travel;
  • Potential To Earn lots of money within the compensation plan.

What I Don’t Like About Paycation/Traverus

    • There’s both an initial starting fee, and recurring monthly fee (double whammy to your pocket book) especially if you’re not making anything;
    • Yet another recruitment style company – long hours spent recruiting and coaching/mentoring recruits, small percentage make any significant income.
    • Chances of success with this program are typical for MLM offers
    • Compensation plan focuses on recruitment, not travel (not selling an actual product)
    • Once you’ve been recruited and are through the training, you’re left to your own devices if your recruiter isn’t proactive;
    • Training only offered through “Premium”/most expensive membership;

Is Paycation/Traverus A Scam?

Paycation is not a scam, it’s a legitimate opportunity, just like most MLM offers. Unfortunately this offer, more than likely, has the same success rate as other MLM offers, which is roughly 1%. This is the percentage of participants in MLM that make any “significant income”.

If you join Taverus, join it for the right reasons, join because you enjoy traveling and want get a discount off your travel. If you are thinking that this is going to make you an income and build a new lifestyle for you, then I would think long and hard about joining for that reason, MLM structures don’t have a great track record when it comes to making a good income. 

There are lots of comments floating around from past Paycation members who say it’s a complete ripoff ,but once again this could be just a smear campaign by rivals, who knows, take it for what it’s worth and do your homework!

I hope this review gave you a little more info to base your decision on whether to join Paycation. Seems like an ok MLM offer, just don’t go into it thinking you will get rich. I welcome any comments or questions you may have on this article or making money online in general, have a great day Mike.

23 Replies to “Paycation Travel Is Now Traverus – Good Business Opportunity Or A Scam”

  1. I like your objectivity. I am sick of those sites that just want to sell their biz so they write scam reviews to promote their own agenda. I do realize you have a business you are promoting but at least you try to be fair to the companies you’re reviewing. I will say I personally love Network marketing and MLM but you are correct success rates are low and that’s because people don’t expect to have to really work hard to build it. Like James Underwood said it is usually more work than people are willing to put in. Not anymore then a “real job” in the first few years but most people don’t have the discipline.

  2. Hi Mike, thanks for the review. I did not see any mention of the tax benefits of owning your own business, which Traverus/Paycation would be considered one. If I’m not mistaken, you can claim the monthly fee and other costs of running the business on your filings, which reduces your tax burden; right?

  3. Mike, are you a travel agent, all I wanna do is work from home and become a travel agent, I worked for the airlines for years, retired but want extra income . I love the travel business.

    1. Hi Maria, no I am not a travel agent, I am an affiliate marketer which allows me to travel and work at the same time if I wish. My wife and I travel quite a bit. Affiliate marketing is quite simple to get started in and it really requires no experience and very little investment. I pay $50 a month to run my affiliate marketing business, which if you think about it is an insane deal when you factor in that you can make 100’s of thousands of dollars with such a low investment. I work for online merchants who pay me to drive traffic to their products, if a sales transaction occurs I get a predetermined commission. It is nothing for me to get multiple commissions daily, yes there are days that are better than others but over all it provides a nice income for my wife and I. This income allows us to travel extensively and not worry about generating an income while we are away. Last year we were in Portugal, London, and France.
      If you would like more info on affiliate marketing you can contact me and I will give you some options for free training that will give you an idea if it may be for you, have a great day Mike. You can reach me in person through the “contact me” page on this site. Good luck and have a great day Mike.

  4. I have a recruiter who has been trying to get me to join Traverus for over a year now. I’m scheduled to meet with her on Friday but after reading all of these reviews, I’m .hhg having second thoughts. I have previous experience as a travel agent and I’m just looking to get BBC back into t .hhg e industry and book cost effective travel packages for family and friends. No recruiting! Can you recommend any better options

    1. Hi Veronica thanks for reaching out and stopping by. To be honest I am not a fan of any MLM type of venture, the success rate just isn’t there with MLM type structures. I am an affiliate marketer and would lean towards that route and pay for your own travel. Affiliate marketing you can choose whatever product or service you want to promote. You get a commission if you refer someone that buys. You avoid all the middlemen and fingers in the pie so to speak. All you do is direct traffic to your affiliated product via a website and if that traffic makes a purchase you get a predetermined commission, it’s really that simple. You pay no fees to promote, merchants pay you. There are no membership fees or thresholds that you need to achieve. I get multiple commissions ranging form $20 – $1700 for one transaction, ads up quite quickly. Just some food for thought, check it out. Lots of people out there that will try and sell you all these affiliate marketing tools which is a hoax, you don’t need anything but a website, hosting and access to a keyword tool, that’s it! Don’t buy anything else. Need to pick my brain you can contact me in person through the contact me page here on this site, have a great day and good luck, cheers Mike.

  5. Hi. I have to offer a correction regarding Inteletravel. Inteletrave is the PRODUCT-the actual online travel agency that is distributed exclusively by PlanNet Marketing. Inteletravel has been in business for some 27 years now, but has been distributed by PlanNet Marketing for just shy of 3 years.

    1. Thank you Richie for your correction. How do you feel the review reads, is it accurate in your opinion, and is there anything you feel I could add. What are your experiences with TraVerus Global? Have a great day Mike.

  6. Paycation focuses on recruitment – residual income through recruitment- with the opportunity to sell travel at your leisure – but 99% focus is on making money off of the monthly fees that your recruits and their recruits pay into Paycation! I saw this very early on and cancelled my membership.

    1. Hi there, yes Paycation travel is an MLM offer and that’s how MLM’a work, that’s why with MLM’s there’s such a poor success rate, 1% is the industry average for participants who actually make any significant income with MLM’s, so your odds aren’t very good. Try affiliate marketing, people make a lot of money in affiliate marketing which is simply driving traffic to online merchants offers. If a sale is made you make a nice commission. Commissions range from 4% – 75%. Affiliates are what make the online scene so profitable for businesses moving to the online market. Online merchants get free advertising and only pay when a sale is guaranteed so it’s a huge thing for merchants moving online, they literally have no advertising budget just guaranteed sales.
      I am an affiliate marketer, have been since 2010 and I do quite well online. I travel extensively because I can work anywhere there’s internet access. I bring my laptop and off we go. My wife and I were just in Europe this September for a month, France, Portugal and Britain. The program I got my Start with is called Wealthy Affiliate, they offer a free membership where you can try it out and see what it’s all about risk free, they don’t ask for any credit info so if it’s not your thing you just walk and don’t worry about any trial period that you have to cancel or get charged which is pretty nice. If you do like it they have a yearly that runs $359 for the year, the best deal is Black Friday where they drop the yearly to $259. This includes everything you need to participate as an online affiliate. WA has a zero up sell policy so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with extras, everything you need is include, unlimited website, hosting and all the training which allows you to earn and learn.
      I make commissions ranging from $10 to $1700 much of these are recurring because I promote monthly services which have monthly memberships so I get a recurring commission from these services.
      “Here’s a free membership link” for anyone wanting to check affiliate marketing out, then you ca travel all you want and don’t have to pound the pavement looking for recruits, you can literally make money while you sleep, I do all the time!

  7. Wow, Great Post and Thank you for making it.  I probably would have fallen for this. It’s just absurd to think that people would really promote trash products when they know they have no true value. Even when it’s their own product.

    Thanks for this! This is going to really help someone dodge a sketchy bullet.

  8. This Paycation travel reminds me a lot about World Ventures, a program that I almost bought into because I love the concept of work and traveling at the same time.

    But the more I studied this model, I feel that it doesn’t offer anything beneficial. Users in the traveling niche are very consumer savvy (the majority of them) and they are good at comparing prices while getting the best value for their pocket money.

    They are going to look at cost and expenditure and given all the travel options that are available out there, the Paycation model is not attractive and feasible for the long term. If I really want to make money while traveling, I may have better chance doing affiliate marketing (over MLM) instead.

    1. I do agree with you Cathy, affiliate marketing offers very little risk with a high reward. You don’t have to throw any money in to promote products online, merchants pay you. Your only costs come from the training you will need and then hosting for your website and a few tools. This will cost you roughly $29 a month with the right platform. If you can’t make $29 a month to cover that off there’s a problem. Thanks for your input, cheers Mike.

  9. Mike, thanks so much for this article because I have a friend who is in paycation and has been actively trying to recruit me. What has held me off so far is the monthly cost if I am not going to be making much to cover the cost. She was also trying to sell me into doing recruitment as well. I would simply like to focus on being a home based travel agent offering adventures in travel for family, friends and group.
    In doing some of my own research I did come across “Inteletravel” and “Wealthy Affiliate”. What information do you have on those MLM companies? Thanks

    1. Hi Tonya glad you stopped by.
      I am glad you asked this question. Inteletravel is a MLM that has pretty good reputation but there is one thing I must add. I never recommend anyone partake in a MLM without proper training that will allow you to successfully promote your MLM of choice. Very few ever make any significant amount of income with MLM offers, less than 1% actually so your odds are really stacked against you. The reason for the high rates of failure are you don’t get the training that will help promote your MLM beyond immediate family and friends. You really need to learn social marketing and have a real website that drives traffic to your offer. Many MLM’s have jumped on the “website bandwagon” but the websites they offer have no ranking ability, this means they will never get seen by the internet public so they are just used to make you think they are offering the best support which could be further from the truth.
      Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a MLM, yes you can promote it and make some really good money doings through there WA bootcamp which they provide all the training and tools to do so. Wealthy Affiliate teaches people how to promote products of any nature even MLM offers for great commissions. I am actually a WA member and help many members who join and want to learn how to promote MLM’s such as Doterra, young Living and Juiceplus just to name a few. You can read more on Wealthy Affiliate Here!. I hope that helps to answer your question Tonya. If you need any help or my opinion on MLM’s or make money online programs please feel free to stop by and ask my thoughts. you can also contact me in private through the contact page on this site, my help is always free!

    2. This is an amazing company. I’ve been involved since May 2014 and I saw first hand changes that have been made. There is nothing that can move me to another travel company! I definitely have my reasons! I’m not going to disparage any other company, however I will say that they have no problems throwing rocks at us. I’ll simply say greed is a powerful motivator.
      David Manning is a good man. We have amazing leadership and are a solid company.
      Paycation Travel, TraVerusGo and Xstream Travel are TraVerus Global!
      I am TraVerus Global.

    3. Thank you for your comment Sharon. Have you made much in the way of income from your membership in TraVerus global? Provide a screen shot of some proof if you could, would be great for the readers to see someone making a go of it. The stats show that roughly only 1% of all participants in MLM’s make any significant income so it would be quite cool to here from one of the 1%, thanks for leaving a comment, have a great day Mike.

  10. Whenever I seem to find a network marketing opportunity to earn from online these days, I end up confused and feeling rather stupid!
    What is it with all these compensation plans? Are they deliberately set up to confuse the members into making NO money at all?
    The first half of your review got me spinning in a positive way for Paycation…but when we hit the compensation diagrams…I just turned off!
    Do you feel these earning systems are deliberately set up to confuse?

    1. Hi Chris, I think these outfits just try and make their compensation packages attractive and in the process go over the top and they do come off confusing. Realistically only 1% of MLM participants actually make nay significant income so these compensation plans are mostly for show when you start looking at it that way. Thanks again Chris for your comment, cheers Mike.

  11. When I first heard about this Paycation, I was all on board with it. It seems like and easy way to get some cash, and do a little traveling.
    I’ve been involved with MLM’s before, so I know what to expect. I personally think they get a bad rap, because the ones that are bad, are REALLY bad. But there are some good ones, too.
    But after reading this article, I’m going to have to think a little bit before I jump into Paycation/Traverus. It seems legit and all, just a bit more investment and work than I am willing to give.
    I’m going to check out that Wealthy Affiliate, it may be more worth my time.

    1. Hi James thanks for your taking time to comment. I think that my big concern with Paycation or Traverus Travel is their longevity. David Manning from what I see has a way of rolling over MLM’s and if you are investing your time and money in his current MLM offer who is to say you’re not wasting time building a business around promoting these brands when they may not be around that long. Have a good one Mike.

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