Can You Make Money With Plexus?

Can You Make Money With Plexus?


Cost: $34.95 annually

Founders: Tarl Robinson, Alfred Petterson, and Alec Clark

Established: 2006

The weight loss industry has always been a popular topic for the internet public, Plexus Worldwide is one of those companies that has positioned itself to take advantage of a 6.4 billion dollar industry where opportunity for sales and profit keeps growing.

In this Plexus review I will break down whether there is a realistic opportunity for you as a Plexus affiliate to share in some of the companies success and profits.

Also in my Plexus Review, I will touch on what products Plexus offers and what compensation plan Plexus offers its affiliates, as well as what is will cost you to get started today.  At the end of this Plexus review I will give you my perspective as to what I like about Plexus and what I feel they could do better to help you achieve more success selling the Plexus offer to others.

A Little Plexus History

Plexus was established in 2006 by founders Tarl Robinson, Alfred Petterson and Alec Clark. Plexus participates in a very competitive weight loss market.

Plexus sells weight loss and appetite suppression supplements to help aid in weight loss. In 2011, Plexus came out with their flagship product Plexus Slim (a health drink known for its weight loss capabilities). Plexus Slim became the backbone of Plexus the company quickly taking over top spot as the companies #1 selling product.

What Is Plexus?

You’ve already probably guessed that Plexus is a company focusing on the weight loss industry. Plexus goes about participating in the weight loss niche using a delivery model called “Network marketing”. 

Plexus has a number of ambassadors (affiliates) who sell and promote the products for a commission. Plexus business model allows you to benefit from recruitment as well as from the sales you execute.

Plexus has 5 executives that help run the show, with their head office located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their core beliefs for their team is for everyone to be:

  • Trustworthy;
  • Honest;
  • Reliable;
  • Responsible.

Plexus Shows Good Growth

Since 2006, the company has really grown, and as of 2016 Plexus has amassed well over 300 thousand ambassadors that are now actively selling/promoting Plexus products.

Ambassadors have access to three different categories of health care products, these categories are weight management, nutrition, and personal care. Some examples of product lines which Plexus carries in these categories are as follows:

  • Energy Accelerator;
  • Appetite Suppression;
  • Bio-Cleanse;
  • Detoxifying supplements.

Plexus basically covers any area of weight management and weight loss that a person with weight issues may be searching for. 

How Do You Get Started Selling Plexus Products?

Plexus is a company that offers a network marketing style delivery platform, or a term more familiar to some may be Multi-Level Marketing. 

In order to be an active ambassador you are required to pay an annual fee of $34.95, as well as maintain minimum monthly purchases of $100 dollars, this is what Plexus refers to as your “Personal Volume”.

Once you have active status  you will qualify to receive commissions from the sale of any products you sell and commissions from sales that your downline or recruits sales.  Unfortunately, you start fresh with your customer base, and so finding ways such as having home “selling” parties, or chatting up people through social media are the only way for you to build your customer base.

The Challenge of Selling Plexus Products 

Unfortunately the bulk of new ambassadors struggle to reach a market for their Plexus products. Many new ambassadors tend to use traditional ways to reach their prospective clients using techniques like…

  • Utilizing selling parties as a way to generate sales
  • Using social media venues to promote their Plexus offer
  • Door to door sales
  • Handing out business cards
  • Placing local ads
  • Local fairs and events

Unfortunately for many Plexus Ambassadors are faced with less than stellar sales using the above mentioned vehicles for selling Plexus products unless you are a real high baller or pavement pounder.

Holding parties or working local events is very time consuming and shows very poor results when you look at the time investment to sales ratio, many find they are really working hard for just pennies per hour in return.

Stats show that a disproportionate amount of ambassadors make less than $500 annually and my guess is they work pretty damn hard for that 500 bucks.

In order to be successful with companies like Plexus you need to be a highly motivated individual and to be honest a really good door to door salesman, that is unless you have some training as an affiliate marketer which unlocks the potential of the Internet. If you are lucky enough to have had some training in affiliate marketing this will allow you to sell Plexus products with success to the a hungry internet public.

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 Plexus does offer it’s ambassadors a website which sounds great and gives you the notion that you will be able to tap into that huge internet market but unfortunately this isn’t the case.

Your Plexus supplied website offers one simple function and that function is to  help you complete sales transactions.  Plexus supplied websites are simple clone sites or sales pages with limited capabilities, not customizable websites, these websites won’t have the ability to rank high in search engines such as Google and capture prospective buyers.

As you get going with Plexus it will become evident that Plexus supplied websites offer very little value and don’t do anything for your chances of reaching the massive internet market.

Do a quick search of Plexus product reviews and you will see ambassadors that are doing well and have a high profile exposure on the internet have their own custom websites and know how to market online. 

If you are one of the lucky ones you will have been recruited by an ambassador that knows a thing or two about affiliate marketing and how to sell to the internet public,  tap into their knowledge and you will be that much closer to finding success selling Plexus products.

Could You Create Your Own Team With Plexus?

Absolutely! You can create a “downline”, simply get people to join Plexus.

What’s the benefit of recruiting people into Plexus?

Selling Plexus products is just one aspect of finding success with Plexus the other main component to finding success with any Network Marketing venture is your ability to recruit members. The more recruits you have the more opportunity you have to share in the profits from their hard work.

Participation in a MLM or Network Marketing  companies are very time consuming so it is imperative that you start building a downline as soon as you can. One thing going for Plexus ambassadors is the low annual fee. Compared to similar MLM offers Plexus charges a very low annual fee to participate.

What Does The Plexus Compensation Plan Look Like?

As I mentioned above, in order to make commission you must remain an “active” ambassador. In order to remain active you must:

  • Pay the annual fee ($34.95)
  • Have $100 in personal volume (excluding your welcome pack)

Every month to qualify for commissions you must generate $100 in “personal volume”, this is the volume of money received as a commission from either yourself or your customer purchases.

What I did like about the compensation plan with Plexus is they encourage you to build your customer base in order to make money, this is unusual for a MLM outfit normally they really hammer home recruiting to build your business but not Plexus which I found very refreshing.  Almost half (40%) of Plexus sales come from actual consumer sales not from the recruitment of ambassadors and annual memberships.

The Plexus compensation plan uses “Plexus Points”,  you can earn these points based on the amount of ambassadors you recruit. Here’s an example to help explain this concept a little better:

A= 45% of total sales for the month

B= total points collected from Ambassador recruitment

A/B = your point value.

If an ambassador is making over $100/month your point value is $1.80, if you make over $200 to $500 dollars a month, you’re point value would equal between $3.60 and $5.40. The more ambassadors you have, the more points you collect, and the more money you earn!

There are basically 10 different ways to earn with Plexus, the above plexus points being one way.

First: is through sales commission based on how much you sell.

If you sell:

  • $100 – $499 = you make 15% commission off all products
  • $500 – up = 25%

You can also earn more income by purchasing and selling off inventory on hand. For example, if the product costs $109.05 and you sell it to someone at a “selling” party for the suggested retail of $139.95, you make an instant $30 margin on that item.

Second : Is to recruit someone who is a real go getter and achieves a personal volume of $2500, you qualify for 5% commission off their sales.

Third : Each product you sell as a recurring monthly auto ship product, you get a flat rate back. The rate is usually between $5 – $20 depending on the product.

Fourth :  Each time you move up the ranks and get a promotion, you’re entitled to a one time bonus. It goes as follows:

Silver $100
Gold $250
Senior Gold $350
Ruby $500
Senior Ruby $750

Fifth :  is similar to the fifth way, except that you are rewarded for moving up in the ranks quickly. If you move up in ranks within the first 30 days of becoming an ambassador, you’ll receive:

Gold $350
Senior Gold $700
Ruby $1200
Senior Ruby $1950

Sixth :  is by earning commission if your recruits purchase the welcome pack. This is called the Building Business Bonus. The first recruit that purchases a welcome back, you get 50% commission off that sale. This goes 4 levels down, 25%, 15%, 10%.

Seven, eight, nine, and ten: comes into play when you reach the Emerald, Sapphire, and Diamond positions. You actually earn a commission based off the whole company sales at this stage. So as a Emerald member, you make 3% commission off the entire company. Both Sapphire and Diamond are 1%.

The Re-Entry Position is offered to Diamond members where you can actually join the company as a new (second) member and start earning all over again. You will move up the ranks and have the opportunity to build 2 different businesses for yourself!

There is also what is referred to as the Jewel Car Program. If you hold the position of Emerald, Sapphire or Diamond levels you will receive payments towards a Lexus vehicle. This is paid for by Plexus!

I’ve seen this car program offered by multiple companies trying to entice or motivate their members to reach for more sales. 

What Type of Support and Training Is Provided By Plexus?

On the plexus site, they mention that they offer three things to help you on your way:

  • A success kit – walks you through an Ambassador experience and what you’ll do when people want to make a purchase;
  • On-going training – doesn’t specify what this training looks like. There is a “Because the best way to succeed is to succeed together” statement on this section, not sure how that’s relevant to on going training;
  • Learn from the best- you will be afforded the opportunity to speak with ambassadors occupying various ranks within Plexus who will share their ideas and tips on how to build a customer base and a thriving downline.

What I Like About Plexus

  • Start up cost is low ($34.95/year);
  • Plexus offers appealing products.
  • Participates in a large industry with lots of potential .
  • Large variety of products to sell.
  • Opportunity to re-enter as a new member and make double the cash.
  • Products have consumer appeal.
  • The companies message to their ambassadors isn’t all about recruitment but more about building a customer base first.

What I Don’t Like About Plexus

  • Products are expensive.
  • Some products not available in certain countries.
  • Company has had past problems with the FDA in the past but have now been resolved.
  • Plexus is an MLM company that takes a considerable effort to squeak out a less than desirable income. 
  • Weight management industry is extremely saturated (over 300 thousand ambassadors for Plexus alone)
  • Very few tools and support offered.

What Does The BBB Say About Plexus?

I always like to take a peek at the better business bureau to give me an idea what type of reputation Plexus has as a business. Plexus does have an (A+) rating with the better business  bureau which is good but they have had 691 complaints in 3 years, and only 587 of those have been closed in the last 12 months. The complaint details are shown below, you will notice the majority of issues arise from the products and services.

My Final Thoughts

My Overall ranking for Plexus is [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]. I took into consideration that Plexus offers a good product that has some customer appeal, their compensation plan is pretty good and their annual membership fee is quite low. On the negative side I don’t feel Plexus offers enough quality support to it’s  Ambassadors and doesn’t put enough emphasis on training its ambassadors how to sell to the massive internet market which really limits an ambassadors income potential.

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