plug-in profit site – Profit Site Alright!

plug-in profit site – Profit Site Alright!

Plug-in Profit Site Review

Since the beginning of the internet, there have been people promising that you can make large sums of money without having to invest any money at all. One that has been around for quite some time is the Plug-in Profit Site. Does this system actually work? Continue reading my Plug-in Profit Site review below to find out if this is a service to jump on or run away from.

What Is The Plug-in Profit Site?

The Plug-in Profit Site is a product that was created back in 2003 by Stone Evans which promises you a free website that will make you money. Sure, over the years the site has changed the 5 products it recommends for making money, but overall, it’s still the same general setup.

He clearly states on the front page of the site as well as in the video multiple times, that he’s “not here to sell you anything.” While he is being honest that the initial website is actually free, there are a few issues that raised a few red flags.

Before we jump into that, let’s take a quick look at site creator Stone Evans.

Who Is Stone Evans?

Stone Evans, also known as Mark Wise, is actually Jeffrey Stone Evans. He has been around the internet marketing community for over a decade, so he has had numerous products and businesses over the years.

One such business landed him in a bit of hot water, this was an envelope stuffing company back in 2003. The FTC actually stepped in and shut it down as well as several other “Internet Scammers and Deceptive Spammers.” If you’d like, you can actually see the press report from the FTC here, as well as Stone’s individual ruling here.

Why do I mention the other people involved with this case on a product review?

Well, it actually turns out to be pretty important.

There was another person and website involved with the FTC cases. The site was called Instant Internet Empires and gave people five different turnkey websites with products that they could resell on their own.

While this isn’t the exact same concept as the Plug-in Profit Site, it’s easy to form the assumption where the idea for the Plug-in Profit site came from.

think-differentDoes Plug-in Profit Site Really Work?

Okay, now that you understand that the product creator has had a bit of a run in with the FTC for sketchy products before which does warrant some consideration when looking at joining his latest creation, let’s take a more detailed look at the actual Plug-in Profit Site.

I noticed that there were two testimonials at the very beginning of the sales video that claim different levels of success.

First was Bernard, who stated “he was able to earn $310 dollars in the first 72 hours after he got started.” I noticed his web URL after zooming into the video was After finding out through a little digging that this particular domain name is now available to register, I headed over to the “wayback” machine to see when Bernard stopped working on the site.

The first capture of the site was from March of 2012 and the last that showed Bernard’s site was seen on March of 2013. Nothing out of the ordinary with that as many people register domains for a year.

The thing that had my spidey senses tingling was, why would you just let a site expire if it was making you so much money? This was certainly suspicious to say the least.

From An Affiliate Marketer’s Perspective

The type of websites you will get with the Plug-in Profits system are just generic run of the mill capture pages, nothing more, these sites will have an uphill battle achieving any type of rankings in Google and therefore probably never be seen by the buying public.

The generic websites will look like your fellow members, where’s the marketing advantage in that?   The website you will get is a clone,  which is bad on it’s own,  what you have to understand is,  you can get high quality customizable WordPress websites in numerous places on the internet, a free website means absolutely nothing if you don’t have the training that can help you develop content for that site needs to rank and be seen by the masses, this type of training you won’t get inside the PLug-in profits system, this is a critical flaw of the Plug-in Profits offer in my opinion.

What Are Some Red Flags surrounding The Plug-in Profit Offer?


Looking at the basic structure of the Plug-in profits offer you can see that this program is a commission generating machine for stone, yes he puts an emphasis on “I am not trying to sell you anything” he’s telling you the truth when he says this, Stone is an affiliate, affiliates don’t sell,  they just direct traffic to products that they make commissions on, the programs do the selling part.  You are paying stone,  just not directly. In the end Stone is making a pretty nice income from his “free service”  pretty crafty play on words if I do say so!

The first red flag popped up with the offers being promoted. The 5 products that you would promote in order to hypothetically make money. I am not going to list the products because they will change and that would make this post lose some of it’s effectiveness and detract from the message that this program isn’t going to be free, the products here are really irrelevant, stone will get his commissions regardless of what he chooses to push on you. This is what I noticed with this batch of products…..

While most of the products are free to join, there are a couple of products in this offer that have small initial fees associated with enrollment which quickly turn into a larger recurring fees as time passes which will be a big payday for stone and a big surprise for you, so read the fine print! 



Aside from that, one other thing I noticed while signing up for the “free site” is that you are told that you will need a domain name which of course you can get by clicking the “here” which is another conveniently placed affiliate link, of course supplied by Stone.

Red-Flage-WarningOne More Red Flag!

I had to dig a bit to actually find a couple of Plug-in Profits generic sites but once I did I decided to plug them into a tool that I routinely use in some of my investigations that enables me to get a rough estimate as to how much web traffic that a site is actually getting.

Unfortunately, I saw absolutely zero traffic to the plug-in profit sites. Now, the tool I use won’t often show data for sites that receive fewer than 5000 visitors a month. Unless you have targeted traffic less than 5000 visitors a month isn’t going to provide the type of traffic you need to generate the type of income you would be happy with. 

final-thoughtsMy Final Thoughts On The Plug-in Profit Site System

If you are considering starting your online business with Plug-in Profit Site, I would urge you to really consider what you have read here in this Plug-in Profit Site review. I would suggest you take your time to learn internet marketing the right way,  from the ground up.


21 Replies to “plug-in profit site – Profit Site Alright!”

  1. It seems to me that all these websites that are free are pretty much duplicates of one another – would I be right in saying this?
    If that is the case then owners will have to rely on advertising or social media to attract visitors – no organic traffic will be sent their way!
    I’m also a bit put off by the envelope stuffing incident – a well known scam back in the day…

    1. Hi Chris, yes I think that’s safe to say, thanks for your thoughts Chris, have a great day Mike.

  2. Thank you very much for those red flags. A system with only CP’s only offers limited value. based on your review, I see that WA is an amazing value based on the original content you can create and deliver to people adding real value for people to think about. Thanks Andrew.

    1. Your welcome Andrew! Yes WA offers great value if you want to build a content based website. Google keeps making changes to its algorithms heading more and more in the direction of rewarding content based websites with high search rankings. Have a great day Mike.

  3. Haha Mike… Sounds like plug-in profit site – profit site alright is not right actually. It is just too good to be true. I mean, how can things just work for us without any effort and hard work being put down by us. And the way it pushes those irrelevant products to the members who sign-up, it just shows that this site is not sincere to help and educate the members to succeed in internet marketing. Great review, Mike, you just save us from another money trap. Thank you.

  4. Hey Mike,

    I am glad that I found your review before I went and bought into this plug in profit site scheme. I had no idea that this guy was no more than an affiliate out there just trying to make money off people. What a rip off! Thanks a lot. I am willing to invest in my future as a internet marketer. Can you give me some advice to where I can start free?

    1. Hi Kendrick, nice to hear you got some use out of my plug in profits review. If you’re interested in internet marketing I suggest you check out the FREE course I offer through my site here. This program is absolutely free and offers great value. You will learn how to build a website and find a profitable niche and much more!

      You can check out the free internet marketing course here!

  5. Nice site Mike, you have created a very engaging website. I like your plug in profit site review and do agree that it is less than a desirable offer after you pointed out any short shortcomings. The only problem I see with your website is, there are not a lot of sites you do actually recommend to us.

    1. Hi Barney, no there aren’t many sites I recommend and that is solely do to the lack of programs I feel demonstrate a realistic chance of making income online. Many programs have some good qualities but have negative qualities mixed in which can be detrimental to finding success online. When I find more I will deffenitly pass them on to my readers, thank you for commenting, cheers Mike.

  6. Hi Mike,

    Great in depth review which I am sure has saved a lot of people a lot of money and frustration. I wish I had read this review some years ago when searching the net for a legitimate internet business. Yes, I was scammed by numerous sites like this.

    After awhile they stick out like you know what and that is the thing they focus their attention on the newbie who are easy targets. I’m glad there are people on the web exposing these offers and putting people on the right track for a legitimate online business.


    1. Thank you for stopping by Caroline and sorry to hear you have been a target, have a great day Mike.

  7. Hey Mike,

    Thank your for this great review about plug-in profit site.

    I was surfing on internet the other day, and I saw a comment refering good things about this method but now I read your review and I think different about it.

    Thanks you for your hard work with this post, your website is very understandable.

    Cheers. 🙂

  8. Nice review. Thanks for the heads up. I’ve never heard of this program and I guess I don’t want to after reading this article. There are a lot of good affiliate programs that provide you with a generic website. But like you said, what good does it do if everyone is using the same site. Take the information from that site and build your own. That’s the way to do it.

  9. Wow, this has been really informative. I’ve fell into the trap of a website in a box scheme before and this seems like one. When you said that doing this completely removes competition, it finally clicked. How could clone websites of the same exact products and services ever get ranking with google. Thanks a lot as I will be avoiding anything that even sounds similar to the plug-in profit model.

    1. Yes Jerry clone sites have zero ranking power with Google and that’s why it’s hard to buy into the Plug in profits site business model, have a great day Mike.

  10. Wow, great post about plug in profit Mike. You did do a lot of digging and it is interesting to me that the site has been around for so long. I would have thought that a site like this would fizzle out fairly quickly as the word got around. Doesn’t appear like a total scam, but doesn’t look like a good opportunity either.

    1. Thank you for commenting, yes the internet is an ever evolving entity and there are more and more users so it is easy for offers like the plug in profits site to have some staying power, there is always fresh newbies on the horizon, cheers Mike.

  11. Hi Mike

    Plug-in Profit Site has red flags all over it!

    Unfortunately as long as there are enough people around who will blindly believe people like Stone Evans there will always be these sort of deals around.

    It’s a good job there are also people like you around who will take the time to really look into these dodgy money making programs and reveal them for what they really are.

    Thanks for such an in depth and informative review.

    Alan 🙂

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