Mark Ling has teamed up with a few internet marketers Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones to create a new program called Profit Engine. I have had the fortunate luxury of taking a quick peek at the Profit Engine platform before it launches and I must say it looks pretty good!

Mark Ling’s Profit Engine on the surface looks like it could work and produce a nice income if it is responsive to Facebooks changing rules and perameters. With Mark Ling’s participation this has the potential to be a really good product, but the” proof is in the pudding” as they say.

Originally when I looked at the Profit Engine offer it looked really good but my perspective has changed a bit since I received some feedback from past participants of the program,  so make sure you read the review right to the bottom because there’s a little good mixed in with the bad. I welcome your feedback and questions, cheers Mike.

What is The Profit engine?

Profit Engine is a brand new state of the art training platform that claims to take anyone from absolutely Zero experience online to earning a full-time income from promoting products online using paid traffic sources such as Facebook advertising. Profit Engine training consists of taking an absolutely green marketer and showing them how to generate profitable campaigns using paid traffic sources. You will learn how to build your affiliate business from the ground up covering topics such as the creation of high CTR ads, high converting presell pages, and how to find profitable offers to promote.

After all the basic fundamentals of affiliate marketing have been covered off you will start by running small advertising campaigns with a very low budget and once you have found success using a very low advertising budget you gradually scale up your budget and your advertising efforts.

 A Few Features Of The Profit Engine

  • This program is only 8 weeks long
  •  Live Coaching sessions designed to fast track you to success with the least amount of effort
  • Offers high converting presell page template
  • Offers swipe file of high converting ads that have made millions in affiliate sales
  • You can participate in what is called the Ad Challenge and watch past episodes
  • Excellent support & community
  • Ongoing weekly live Q&A after the 8 weeks of training

Mark Ling’s latest offer focuses on a proven online income generation technique called Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing is a discipline I myself have used for years now to create a great living online so I know it works quite well as a income generation technique. The biggest problem people face when trying to learn affiliate marketing is finding a platform that delivers results,  Wealthy Affiliate is another program that I personally used to get my start in affiliate marketing that offers a free starter membership and a considerably lower cost,  they offer comprehensive training and unsurpassed support.

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Who Will Benefit From Joining Profit Engine?

When I first did this Profit Engine review,  on the surface it looked like anyone would benefit from this program, even newbies to internet marketing. Since receiving,  for the most part,  critical feedback from past participants I can’t blindly endorse the Profit  Engine program,  even though I do have the utmost confidence in Mark Ling’s previous ventures. If you have any positive experiences with the Profit Engine, like making actual money, please leave a comment for my readers.

When I looked at the program initially,  in theory the program had Merritt.  With Mark Ling’s involvement in the Profit Engine comes a reputation of credibility and ethical behaviour. Mark has created many helpful internet marketing products to help new marketers over the years. From the feedback I have received turns out that Mark is mostly behind the scene, not so much in the day to day training.

A Little About The Men Behind Profit Engine

Mark Ling is probably the most well known and accomplished marketer of the trio. Mark has many successful online endevours to his name, the most notable was his last online income generating program called Affilorama.

Mark is reported to have made millions online as an affiliate marketer and you can see Marks influence on the Profit Engine program.

Gerry Cramer is an Internet Marketer who specializes in product launches and software creation adding his expertise to the different training components of the Profit Engines platform, notably building successful product launches.

Gerry Cramer isn’t as high profile as Mark Ling but has quite the affiliate marketing track record notably as Click Banks top earner for many years running which is quite the accomplishment. Gerry’s experience as a super affiliate brings value to the trios new creation. Gerry Cramer and Rob Jones the other member of the Profit Engine trio partnered up to deliver a piece of software in the form of a WordPress plugin called Trust Jacker that was created to help internet marketers.

Trust Jacker, the software that Gerry and Rob created allows internet marketers to source trustworthy content and place ads behind the content.  To be honest the reviews I have read on Traffic Jacker were less than positive.

Rob Jones – All I could find on Rob Jones was his connection to the Traffic Jacker product and that info wasn’t all that flattering as I mentioned. The reviews I read on Traffic Hacker were less than positive most reviews looked at the product as less than role model type of behaviour. From comments I have received from participants that have participated in the Profit Engine program it sounds like this suspect behaviour has found it’s way into the profit Engine Program. I can only base this observation on the comments I have received, to date I haven’t received and positive comments in regards to the Profit Engine program.

What Is The Special Edition Component Of The Profit Engine?

The Special Edition Profit Engine is a 8 week program that is intended to teach you how to use inexpensive Facebook ads utilizing custom landing pages to drive customers to products. Gerry and Mark Ling are pitching a simple 3 step system that Gerry states makes him over $22,ooo per day in affiliate income. Here’s what you get with your buy in to the Profit Engine…..

  • Proven done for you sales funnel that provides results
  • High converting landing page that Gerry Crammer personally uses to make 5 figures plus a day making him the highest paid Click bank Affiliate. Gerry’s landing page has made many new affiliate marketers rich.
  • An inside look at Facebook ads that really deliver sales with a insanely low cost , clicks for less than 8 cents that convert. You will learn how to get cheap clicks and big volume driving traffic to your offers.
  • You will learn how to find “big money offers” that will make you rich over time.
  • You will learn how to not only participate in big money niches but dominate these niches with using proven techniques
  • Get the secret million dollar image swipe file. This is a swipe file of images are proven winners . You will learn how to create your own money making images for your ads using Gerry’s formula for choosing high converting images for your ads.
  • Have your ads critiqued by 7 figure earners such as Gerry and Rob and a few top earners. This is a unique opportunity to create ads that will generate some great incomes for you.
  • Learn how to get ads built for you for under $5, these ads will translate into a huge profit for you!
  • Learn how to start with a very small budget and as your business and income grows scale up your business as the income rolls in.


There are 3 bonuses that you will also get with the special edition Profit Engine…..

Bonus #1

  • Work directly with Mark Ling
  • 6 live workshops where Mark reveals a new niche idea and shows you offers that convert. Mark takes any questions you may have on these live calls. You will get recordings and the opportunity to ask questions if you can’t make the live calls.
  • Mark reveals his proven traffic generation techniques
  • Access to a niche content generation tool that you create original content with ease
  • Email boot camp will help you build your email list and show you how to convert your email recipients into sales
  • Much more valuable info is included in this bonus to list

Bonus #2

  • Live 1 on 1 coaching calls form Gerry and Mark
  • Once you have completed the Profit Engine Blueprint training Gerry or Rob will have a 30 minute 1 on 1 call with you to go over  and directly help you with your ad campaign
  • Get 1 on 1 advice from Gerry, Mark and Rob in person. These guys will help you fine tune your funnel for maximum results

Bonus #3

  • Get free tickets to a seminar in Las Vegas
  • Learn directly from Gerry and Rob while attending the conference in Vegas
  • Sessions will be taped and you will have access to the material covered if you can’t attend
  • These bonuses are a great addition to an already superior course and a great opportunity to make an insane living online.

My Parting Thoughts On Profit Engine

I am really selective on programs I approve or recommend and it looks like originally I missed the mark on this one. As you read my review it really looks like there is a ton of info and training which there is,  but where participants are saying the programs falls down from their experiences  is that the Facebook advertising element wasn’t working for them as advertised and they were also stating that by the time they applied for a refund they were strung out so long that they couldn’t get a refund. These aren’t my findings, these comments are from people who gave the program a try and forked out some pretty good money in the process.

Membership transactions for the Profit Engine program are processed through a market place called “clickBank” which offers a really good refund policy which I have never personally had any issues with in the past and would recommend their market place for that reason.  I assumed this would be a huge plus for participants, but it turns out from feedback that I have received that the 30 day window that ClickBank offers for refunds is exceeded by the way the Profit Engine program is laid out. One participant told me by the time you get to the 30 day mark you really don’t have much to complain about because you really aren’t into the meat of the program,  you really don’t have a sense that you want to bail on the program at the 30 day mark. Once you have passed the 30 day mark you are out of luck.

One of the reasons I felt ok with the profit Engine opportunity is they do offer a “30 day money back guarantee” which if you think about it gives you roughly half the course for free and a wealth of free knowledge and marketing techniques! The 8 week program comes with a 30 day money back guarantee which does work out to trying about half the course before you have to make the decision to actually risk any money, this is a crazy offer when you think about it, gives you a great look at the program and a really good idea if it is going to work for you, turns out from feedback this isn’t the case.

What had me initially excited about the Profit Engine offer was that the creators must have felt pretty confident in their offer and your chances of making money because they also bolstered the refund policy with a “double your money back” guarantee if you follow their instructions to the letter.

I am a fan of Mark Ling and products he has been involved in, but so far from the feedback I have received it appears Mark is behind the scenes with very little if any live participation in the program.

I welcome any feedback or your thoughts on this review, cheers Mike.

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