Pure Leverage Scam Review- A Network Marketing Scheme?

Pure Leverage Scam Review- A Network Marketing Scheme?

pure leverageWelcome to my Pure Leverage scam review.

If you’re seriously considering joining Pure Leverage and promoting their products then I hope you will find my review a valuable resource. I have personally taken a hard look at Pure Leverage as well as studied many other Pure Leverage reviews and their varying comments to get an overall picture of consumers views in regards to the Pure Leverage product.
Here are my findings, have a good read and by all means leave me your thoughts.

What Is Pure Leverage?

Pure Leverage is a MLM program or what they call a multi level marketing program. MLM work on the basis of earnings related to recruitment and the sale of in house products. In a MLM program such as Pure Leverage when you recruit someone to buy a membership and sell pure leverage products you will benefit from their enrollment and subsequent selling of in house products.

Pure Leverage has been around for awhile now, created in March of 2012 by Joel Therien an accomplished Internet Marketer. Pure Leverage is part of Joel’s group called ( Global Virtual Opportunities) founded in 1999 this program is in full swing and has many levels of recruitment in place.

Pure Leverage offers tools such as Auto-responders, squeeze pages, video email service and conferencing. If you feel that you can sell these services to the public this opportunity may be for you.

how-mlm-pyramid-scheme-worksWho will Benefit From A Program Like Pure Leverage?

This program is primarily about selling marketing tools and recruitment.  Anyone that is looking for a complete start to finish recruitment based program will find this program among the top prospects.

How Can You Make Money promoting Pure Leverage?

I  believe you can make some money with this program but you will have to be able to make enough to pay for your monthly membership fees which I feel could be difficult at times. The products that you are faced with selling have a decent price point but face much competition on the market.

Here’s a glimpse of some products that you will have to sell to make any money with Pure Leverage!
♦Easy Lead flow
♦Elite coaching program
♦Blogs or websites
♦Video email service
♦Conference meeting room

Alright, lets have a quick look at what these products are and the appeal they will have to your consumer.

-Easy lead flow is simply a ready for you squeeze page that is designed for MLM use.

-Elite coaching program is designed to teach you the basics in promoting MLM products.

-Blogs or websites are pretty self explanatory!

-Video email service

-Virtual conference room has competition with new technological releases.

-Autoresponder is a product that is useful but the Pure Leverage product is up against some stiff competition in this category.

My Final Thoughts

Pure Leverage is a solid program with some solid products but faces some stiff competition in the Internet Marketing tool niche so you will have to be on your game and have a good handle on the latest marketing techniques to make income with this offer.



10 Replies to “Pure Leverage Scam Review- A Network Marketing Scheme?”

  1. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for your informative review on Pure Leverage. I was about to do my own research about this product but fortunately I came across your review which was very helpful. With brief explanation you made, all my doubts are cleared. I will come back to your website to learn more information. Thanks once again!!! Wishing you great success!

    Your Friend,

    1. Thanks for stopping by Paul and thank you for taking the time to comment on my Pure Leverage review, have a great day Mike.

  2. I love that MLM picture. It has a great visual impact. But it should be “lose” not “loose.”

    I wrote a short essay (500 words) called “The Moral and Ethical Argument Against Multi-Level Marketing.” If you would like to read it, I am open to any feedback.

    1. Hi Chris, yes the spelling on the image is wrong, sometimes my spelling and grammar go sideways on me lol. Read you post you hit the nail on the head with your assessment of MLM’s and the difficulties participants face and even the legitimacy of MLM’s all together. Have a great day thanks for taking the time to comment, cheers Mike.

  3. Hi Mike,
    I found your website by looking for reviews of MTTB (you’re on Page 1 by the way). I was watching the MTTB squeeze page and feeling very drawn in, so I thought I’d do a bit of research. Which led me here. Your website is excellent. You are really doing the Internet a great service here.

    Regarding Pure Leverage, I have to agree 100%. The products are pretty rubbish. I wish I’d learnt a long time ago to check out people’s reviews of products BEFORE hitting the buy button. DOH.

    Regarding Wealthy Affiliate, I have to agree 100%. I’m a member too, and the training and support is second to none. What an amazing community!

    Thanks for enlightening me. I’m going to have a good look around your site. Maybe you’ll convince me to stop looking for the next shiny object and get back to my Wealthy Affiliate bootcamp. I think it’s the best place for me.

    1. Hi Sandi, thankyou for the nice comment. Sandi, if I can give you any advice at all I would stay at WA and definitely complete the boot camp. I found the training in the boot camp hands on and Kyle is there every step of the way to answer questions, if there’s one place that you have the best chance to learn affiliate marketing it’s WA’s boot camp. Hope to see you inside WA.

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