QuickSprout University Review- Neil Patel’s Baby!

QuickSprout University Review- Neil Patel’s Baby!

200px-NeilPatelProduct Name: QuickSprout University

Product Description: Traffic Generating Training Program

Website: www.quicksprout.com


Owner: Neil Patel

My “Quick sprout University Review” will encompass who Neil Patel is, What Neil has accomplished, what the Quicksprout University is, and who the Quicksprout University is for, and of course whether it is worth your time. Enjoy the read and hopefully at the end I will have answered all of your questions.

Who Is This Neil Patel Guy?

Neil Patel is no slouch when it comes to Internet marketing. Neil Patel is a Seattle, United States-based entrepreneur, angel investor, and analytics expert. Neil has worked as a analytics consultant for some of the big players in the business world such as, Amazon, NBC, GM, HP, Samsung, Mazda, Yahoo and Viacom just to name a few. Neil is best known for his work in digital marketing, and as the cofounder of the analytics companies KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg. I have read a lot about Neil’s exploits, unfortunately most has been written by Neil himself, little bit full of himself but with a track record such as his who can blame him.

What Can You Learn At Quick Sprout University?

Neil’s expertise is analysing traffic and how to maximise the traffic to your site. Neil uses his experience and knowledge in the analytics game to coach and mentor you into generating solid traffic from a variety of sources right to the front doors of your website. Basically Quicksprout uses Neil Patel’s knowledge to help you increase traffic to your website using proven marketing techniques and ultimately teach you how to turn that traffic into sales.

Who Will Benefit From Quick Sprout University?

This is kind of a tricky question with a tricky answer. In a perfect world this program was developed for small businesses,  startup companies, bloggers in general but not limited too. If you are looking to generate traffic or get into the Internet marketing business then you are what Quicksprout was designed for, hypothetically speaking of course.

What’s Inside The Quick sprout University That’s Worth The Money?

There’s a lot of information inside Quick SProut that I liked but I am an experienced marketer and have a good idea on how to generate traffic and on how to convert that traffic into sales, wow, and here I was dissing Neil for being full of himself!  What I am trying to say is if I were an inexperienced person, startup business, new blogger, basically a newcomer to the IM game you are going to struggle with this program.  The way that Neil’s program is delivered is a deal breaker for me.  I personally don’t think a newcomer or a person with limited experience at marketing has any hope of digesting and implementing Quick Sprouts training on their own, and believe me you are on your own! I will get back to this point in a minute, but first I will give you a quick rundown on what’s inside quicksprout and then I will explain what my glaring problems I see with the Quicksprout training.

quicksprout inside

Here’s a condensed version of what you will find for training inside Quicksprout.

Over 100  short video tutorials

→Transcripts to back up video tutorials


→Certification courses

→Search engine any Conversion optimization training

You look at what is included inside quicksprout and it looks like good value for your $97 but in actuality I found this material to be good but not near enough in depth. The videos for example all range under 10 minutes run time and when you are covering off topics related to SEO this isn’t near enough time to have an indepth discussion on the topic. If you have any questions you are out of luck, asking questions seems to be an oversight in the Quicksprout University curriculum. If you have a new subject and you have access to a video series but lack the avenue to bounce questions off someone how far do you think you will get? My guess is not very far! Neil’s videos had flashes of really useful material but always seem to leave me wanting more, a 30 minute video would have been closer to what I would have expected for some of the topics covered.

I also found the training material was cumbersome to navigate, you only had access to training via a search function which is time consuming.WaldoWhat You Won’t Find Inside Quicksprout University

For starters I felt Quicksprout university was more like “lets find Waldo” or Casper the friendly ghost sequel, I couldn’t find Neil anywhere except for his little introductory spiel at the entrance to his program. You will find that all the subjects that are covered off in his program are from individuals other than Neil. To me not having personal instruction or interaction with Neil at some point isn’t worth the money, I mean I am not asking for Neil to take a pile of time out of his busy schedule but a guest video tutorial would have been nice! I never got the feel that Neil had at any way left his mark on the training inside Quicksprout.

Let’s Talk Support & Interaction

I know the way I started this Quicksprout University review you thought it was going to be a hard sell on the Quicksprout University, nope!

Support within Quicksprout is to say the least disappointing. There was absolutely no available resource to answer questions, no forum of people going through the training that you could compare notes and draw experiences from, no help desk, literally nothing that I could see helpful in your time of need. The lack of support is the achilles heel of the Quicksprout University training platform. I know Neil is very accomplished at what he does but I have to question given his success if he even had a hand in designing this program, something so integral as support for his program was obviously an oversight on someones part, maybe he’s just used to doing things himself, being good at something doesn’t always make you the best teacher, I feel this is the case with Neil’s Quicksprout University.

My Final Take On Quicksprout University

Some good material inside, some great free resources, but overall I was very disappointed with what I found. This program isn’t a scam just not a program that I found to be user friendly and not a resource that I feel you could draw on to ensure success online, and really, isn’t that the ultimate goal!

Support which is an integral part of any learning experience was non existent. The training I found was incomplete and over valued at $97 bucks. The target audience that Quicksprout appeared to be intended for was in fact the group that I found would least benefit from the training inside. No forum to access and learn from. Forum members are usually one of the best training aids a program can have, there’s nothing like learning from a fellow members success and failures.

Lastly Waldo, I mean Neil is nowhere to be found! I was paying for Neil’s expertise, interaction with Neil Patel, Neil’s Guidance all of which was void from his program, what I did get was a training program with Neil Patel’s name and picture on it, that’s it! That was very disappointing.



23 Replies to “QuickSprout University Review- Neil Patel’s Baby!”

  1. I’am not very computer savy but I would like to try and make some money with my computer. I found your review while looking for info on Neil’s program, you seem to have a pretty good insight into what it takes to make money, do you really think I wouldn’t make money after doing Neil’s course?

    1. Hi Ludie, I am not saying you couldn’t make money using Neils course after completion but I have many reservations that the success rate would be low do to the factors I outlined in my review. Support, uncertainty of who your instructor and cost of the program are big question marks. You are paying for Neils expertise not just for his name sake!
      There are better programs for a lot less money where your chances of making money online are in my opinion much greater, I hope that helps, Mike.

  2. I tried Neil’s program but I didn’t last long, what you say is true about the program I didn’t feel like Neil played a big role in his program which was disappointing.

  3. Thank you for the heads up I was thinking of trying Neil’s program but it doesn’t sound like a good fit for a “newbie” such as I.

    1. Hi Marlene, I think you are right that this isn’t a newbie friendly program, I think Neil is an accomplished marketer but as I stated in my review it would be nice if he was the guy teaching you, cheers Mike.

  4. Spot on with this write-up, I love your website, very simple in design but you never fail to produce great content, thanks for the info!

  5. Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to help with Search Engine Optimization?
    I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very good results.
    If you know of any please share. Thank you!

    1. Hi Britany, I don’t find plugins for ranking under keywords are the best option. I have various techniques that I use and they seem to work quite well, you can read a post I did on SEO that will give you some ideas to try, let me know how you make out and you can drop me your websites name and I would be happy to give you some pointers if you would like, cheers Mike

  6. I love the design and layout of your website.
    It’s a very easy on the eyes which makes it much more pleasant for
    me to come here and visit more often. Did you hire out a designer to
    create your theme? Fantastic work!

    1. Hi Susan I am glad you like the looks of the site. This is actually a WordPress theme which I had up and running in about 30 minutes. I wrote a post on how this can be done very quickly no experience required, check it out HERE! , cheers Mike

  7. Very interesting! So great to discover someone with some genuine thoughts on this subject matter.
    someone with a bit of originality!

  8. You can learn a lot from this guy and his blog, I see several opportunities here. Thank you for a well stated review on Neils Program. I was considering Neil Patel’s course but I do want to benefit from his knowledge and that is what I was willing to pay for not some other persons perspective on IM.

    1. Hey Lien I am glad you stopped by. I think Neil Patel is a pretty accomplished guy but like so many programs just because his name is on it doesn’t mean you will have access to picking his brain and that is what you would want to pay for, have a great day, Mike

  9. I am looking for an internet marketing company that will actually do the work of “generating” traffic. I don’t have the time to do this on my own. I have two business going and a third in the pipeline. Any advice?

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