screw 95 review

screw 95 review

Screw95_ImageName: Screw95
Type of Business: Online marketing program
Owner: Jay Wessman
Cost: One time fee $97
Visit screw95 Here

Screw95 is a video based tutorial on starting a money making online business. Jay boasts that he can help anyone with little technical skills but with the drive to change their fortune. Jay is quite the zaney character with a laid back demeanor, maybe do the fact that his alias within the online community is the “Lazy ass stoner”.

Is The Creator Of Screw95  Just Another Stoner?

The first part of the question “is this guy just a stoner?”   Yes, Jay is a self professed stoner, no, I don’t think he is just a stoner. I am sure jay has made some great money online, but in my opinion not all is what it appears with Jay’s persona. I am sure Jay’s laid back image is very helpful in marketing his products while downplaying his obvious marketing skills, Quite ingenious I might say.  With Jay I don’t believe what you see is what you get, Jay has craftily created a brand, hey! If a stoner can do it anyone can right?

How many stoners do you know go out and start a thriving online marketing business, not to mention the development of an online marketing program that I am sure has sold quite well? Jay reminds me of a couple of guys that I followed for some time, Will Skinner and Frank Kern. Will and Frank would video tape Themselves with the “I just got out of bed look” and act like the cameras weren’t rolling, they had great screen presence that made their image look effortless.

Will and Frank would talk like they really didn’t care that you were even watching their videos and then would offer up training on how to make money online. Frank Kern for example,  promoted himself as this reckless longhaired surfer dude but in actuality was a very experienced marketer with millionaire status. Frank may have used a surfboard now and again but I am sure he put very long hours into his successful online endeavours, doesn’t quite give with a guy just looking for the next big wave. Will on the other hand played the part of a guy who had just come off a bender and would lose his train of thought now and again, but Will had an agenda to sell you everything under the sun, and for the most part I am sure he did!

The whole image thing I feel says a lot about Jay, he’s one smart dude from where I sit!  Out of all the programs that I have reviewed I feel Jay has created a product that I would say has some very good content and is laid out in a user friendly format.

dvdstage1screwCan Jay Wessman And His Screw95 Video series Teach You Anything?

Ok, now that I have poked a few holes in Jay’s made for tv character,  let’s look and see if Jay could teach you anything from his altered state!

Jay offers a good product for a video series and like I have mentioned earlier it has a nice flow to it. Jay offers some valid marketing techniques such as viral marketing and Social media marketing that are commonly used by Internet marketers today, so the material itself has some really good value.

This course does walk you through setting up Niche websites and engaging in social media marketing  such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to drive traffic. In saying that in my experience relying too heavily on the use of social marketing isn’t that effective, I know you are saying, Facebook and twitter are huge! Just here me out, Yes, everyone uses social media platforms with some success but I honestly find a balanced approach is the best way to go, not only will this serve you in the long term but you will find you are situated nicely when Google makes any algorithm changes which it does on a regular basis.

What is an algorithm update? Algorithms are essentially criteria that Google and other search engines put in place to, for lack of better words,  control or reward content that is published on their search engines. Google for example is continually moving towards giving their users a knowledge based experience,  rewarding authoritative content based websites with high rankings. This is why I feel putting too much emphasis on too heavily on the viral marketing in my opinion is short sighted and not something that a long term business model should be relying on.

What do you get for your $97 investment?

  A 34 video series which includes such topics as…

 Choosing a Niche

Creating a website

Viral marketing or social marketing

Basic SEO training

These are just a few topics that Jay covers in his video series. You also get access a few live case studies and access to a private members area where Jay  frequents now and again to answer questions. This is a nice twist to be able to interact with the creator of the program so I will give full marks to Jay for his interaction.

no-support-480What You Don’t Get With Jay Wessmans Screw95 Program

One of the biggest oversights with this program I feel is the lack of support. It really doesn’t matter how technically good a product is,  without adequate support it’s going to be a tough go.  I have had correspondence with a few past members who haven’t achieved the outcome they were looking for do to the lack of support.  Screw95 offers step by step instruction but without a responsive mechanism to have your questions answered this is a frustrating and slow way to build an online business and slow usually adds up to failure.

It’s Good Material But Does It Work?

Many times when you purchase a product to make money online it doesn’t include everything you need to actually generate income online, I feel this is the case with the Screw95 program. You will eventually need a website and hosting which will cost you close to $30 monthly. You don’t have access to a keyword tool which is essential to finding competition for keywords and achieving high search rankings which means traffic. Take for example one of Jay’s strategies,  find popular news releases and re-write them, I can assure you that without the ability to find keywords that rank high with little competition rewriting material, albeit popular,  won’t necessarily add up to favourable search engine rankings that will allow people to view your post, no traffic, no money!

To me it appears Jay is the only real knowledgable guy that can offer quality support,  the community is small and quiet in comparison to many of the bigger players and experience of the members seems to be limited.

screw-95The Final Verdict On Jay’s Program

There are numerous products like Screw95 on the Internet but  I will say for what it offers screw95 is one of the best,  one of the more straight up products which comes with a Clickbank money back guarantee.

Jay’s a likeable dude and I don’t feel his product is a rip off by any means. Do I think you can find online success with Screw95?  Yeh,  I think it is possible but being an internet marketer myself I feel you can’t just buy a product and off you go, you step by step ongoing support. Making money online internet marketing comes with a steep initial learning curve, this does pass with time but you need someone there to hold your hand in the early stages.





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  1. Hey Mike, I have been reviewing everything I can find on Affiliate Marketing until I am blue in the face. I have read comments from yourself as well as others and have made the decision to go with Wealthy Affiliate. I don’t need the money right now, but I am retiring in about six months, so I have time to learn as a beginner. I am starting from the ground up and looking forward to it. Thanks for the reviews. I will post in the future as to my experiences.

    1. Hi Richard glad to hear you are getting a start now before you retire, smart move! I don’t think you can go wrong with WA they are a big outfit that offer a ton of training. I would recommend going in under their free membership and doing as much as you can while on the free membership offer. Find your niche, find affiliate merchants and build your affiliate relationships and create your website structure while on the free membership. If you do all this you will be a head of the game big time and you won’t have any financial pressure at all. They only have one paid membership offer for $49 a month which you will want to upgrade to down the line but by then you will have everything in place and you won’t need the premium membership for that long, works out to be pretty cheap affiliate marketing training. Best of luck Richard, let me know if you have any questions while learning affiliate marketing, cheers Mike.

    1. Unfortunately for many that is an assumption that many will make and that’s why so many lose money online everyday. Like I said in the screw95 review Jay is a great marketer right down to his image. I think his product is good but it is getting old in internet years, and we all know how fast the internet changes. Just a few days ago Google came out with another algorithm change that has affected how they rank sites once again. Like I mention in the review authoritative content will always be the constant that Google is looking for and that is quite evident with the new standards this latest algorithm change has shown.
      Jay’s product is one of the good ones as I state but if you surf the net thinking that just because someone created a ” how to product” this means they are good at it, then you are opening yourself up for a rude awakening, in most cases a costly one!
      Thanks for taking the time to comment, cheers Mike.

    1. Hi Helen sorry for the late response, I did a review on the WAH Paycheck program unfortunately it doesn’t get very good marks I found that it used fake news releases and stock photos to represent a single mom that found success with their program this photo I have found on many questionable websites offering money making programs. One time fees are in many cases associated with very poor support because there is no incentive to keep you enrolled in a monthly membership they have your money and as long as they make it past their refund time frame they are free and clear.
      Support is probably the singular most important aspect to finding any form of success online, it doesn’t matter what you buy into there will be some sort of learning curve associated with that program.
      screw 95 is a legitimate offer I can’t say that I am comfortable saying the same for WAH Paycheck. Hopefully that helps clear things up for you, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike, i been an ex WA member and i think lets be fair when comparing apple to apple.

    LAzyassstoner course is great.its simple ,straight to the point,no bs no hype. i ve learnt the tactics well and its definitely applicable.Social media is damn powerful if its utilised and your followers help you to reshare your post is a great strategy.Yes content matters but do you know jay also focus on it when he talked about posting on social media to make sure your content is worthy to share?aint any crap with affiliate links content but controversial ones which can be viral.

    WA is more of a conventional methosd which its focus is on Content,Content,Content.
    Hey do you know how long it takes to rank for a compettive keyword with good content without any backlinks?its a long long long time.So what if u have great content wihout promotion?

    And with Jays method its doable in 3 to 6 months.Why?Google Bing all see thet your contents beinfg shared all over by real ppl from social media.Hey WA also encourage google plus right?

    To conclude lets b fair.Screw 95 is micro niche with a lot of sites to make money.
    WA is about gving valiuable cntents to reader in the long term.
    So it all depends on whether one is looking for some quick bucks or trying to be in for the long haul in their niche.

    Dont forget there are plenty of desperate ppl who needs to pay bills with a deadline vesus those who are just looking for online training for the long term but wih money to pay a monthly subsciption.

    SO i will say its Wrong to compare Screw 95 to Wealthy Affiliate.Nope.Its not apple to apple.screw 95 is about strategy but WA is about long term success though not guranteed.NOt even bu Kyle or Carson or other ambassdors.

    SO it all boils to the individual:”Are you looking for a strategy or education?”
    My answer:”DEpends on desperate i needed the money.”

    I Am je88 in WA

    1. Hi Jeff where do I start? Well I guess I will start by saying you are right you can’t compare a learning platform like WA to a one time purchase product with little to no support. Just to set the record straight I am not making that comparison because there is no comparison which you pointed out.
      I did look up your profile, I was a little confused because you mentioned you were an ex WA guy but you are an active premium member but I did notice you haven’t listed any websites, I am guessing you actually haven’t even created a website yet which makes me wonder how you can even comment on the effectiveness of WA’s method or the earning timeline?
      You talk about earning money quickly and in a pinch with the Screw95 product, have you? You also state that it will take 3 to 6 months to realize income with the Screw95 product a lot of bills can pile up in 6 months Jeff! I have helped many people over the years at WA that have created websites, added content, engaged in social media promotions and made money building in less than the time frame you say it will take the screw95 product to produce.
      WA is the full meal deal that offers a variety of marketing techniques that complement content marketing which it is quite obvious that you haven’t utilized yet!
      I utilize social platforms to promote my affiliate products but only for extra traffic this traffic tends to be very untargeted and doesn’t result in near the sales conversions that content marketing does, you should try it some time.
      I have a memeber that I am helping right now that sells cigar products, cutters,etc and he already in a very short time has numerous 1rst and 2cnd page rankings and all the traffic that goes with it so it doesn’t take long to have your content rank if you follow the training and implement it!
      If this is the type of impression you get about how WA works I would go back to the beginning and enroll in the getting started course which is free by the way, you don’t have to pay $200 bucks to find out if it works or not! I would say you need to get a website going before you can really comment on the effectiveness of WA.

      Thanks for your comment but I think you really need to have more experience before you can truly comment and offer advice on any type of marketing strategy unless you have actually done it, have a great day Mike.

  3. I see, that your blog has some unique content. I know it’s hard to write posts did you get any formal training?

    1. Hi Eugenia, thank you for leaving a comment. I haven’t had any formal training with writing in general but I have training in how to write engaging content for a blog. I always work from the perspective to keep it real be genuine and write like I am talking to my buddies. This seems to appeal to my readers, hope you enjoy the content here on my site and my screw95 review, have a great day Mike.

  4. Your review of Screw 95 appears to be very honest which I greatly appreciate all I read these days are people pitching programs and just tearing other programs up in the process, never know what’s real anymore.

    1. Hi Louie you’re absolutely right when you say that people are just bashing and selling because that is happening. Like I say in my review I think Screw 95 is a decent offering but I don’t see it getting me to the point that I could use Jay’s marketing techniques to build a long term business online. I do have my recommendations because I feel I need to offer something and not just send people away searching. I know what worked for me and I have been Internet marketing since 2010 making a great living online. It takes very specific training and foremost great support. I feel affiliate marketing is the only consistent and lucrative way to make money online I haven’t found after reviewing multiple programs that offer the same opportunity to make money online, thanks for the comment, Mike.

  5. Hi I just wanted to put my experience out there. I bought Jay’s product and although I did like his training and found many aspects to be applicable to making money online I found the one point about support to ring true in my case. I was fairly new and found that I struggled getting the help I needed and that is why I am here still searching for a way to make some money online, I will check out the program you recommend seeing it is free to get started, thank you for your review, just wanted to see what your take was on it, Carmela.

    1. Hi Carmela, There are a few decent programs online that can teach you how to make money, my top choice is the one I used to start my online career and I made it my top choice because all the pieces were there, I didn’t know it when I first joined but after time and my first Clickbank paycheck I realized I had made the right decision, look me up inside I will be happy to help where I can, cheers Mike.

    2. hi carmela, my name is antwan, i was thinking about buying the screw95 but i cant find one single person on the internet that said they made money from screw95, everybody is always saying how good the product is and how its the best way to make money, but i cant find a single person that actually made any money at all, how long did u use it screw95?

  6. I gave the Screw95 program a go and it wasn’t that hard to follow but I didn’t make any money with it so now I am out looking again, just wanted to see what your take was on Screw95, wooo! I guess it wasn’t just me.

    1. Hi Clifford, to make money online you need to have all the pieces to make it. I think screw95 makes an honest effort but I know what it takes and in my opinion it does fall short of that goal, check out my recommendation, it has all the pieces, cheers Mike.

  7. I’m sure that Screw95 isn’t a completely terrible product, but the problem with it is exactly that: it’s only a product. Just a few video lessons without any additional support. What if you get hung up on a certain topic? What if you need assistance with a specific issue that isn’t covered in the videos?

    This is why I think Wealthy Affiliate is the best SERVICE there is to build an online business. It’s more than just video lessons. They offer interactive tutorials, live chat, forums covering various topics, owners that are available to assist you, and best of all a community of both expert & beginner affiliate marketers dedicated to achieving success online.

  8. Thanks for the great review. I really like affiliate programs who have a good course on how to generate income. I will not pursue Screw95.

  9. Great review! It seems to me from your review that he has some good material, but nothing that really stands out above other programs out there. You can find much of this basic information for free if you really look for it online, so I don’t think I’ll be buying from the lazy ass stoner any time soon.

  10. Hi, I read your review and it made me laugh. Firstly respect to him for creating an image/brand – the most valuable thing anyone can do.

    Secondly you cannot get a dripping tap fixed for the price of the Screw95 course – and you complain that you wont get a fully working business.

    I was a senior consultant for PSINet since the beginning of the internet so I know a bit about this and have made a tonne of money from it. This course has some real gems and the support is good if you know how to use a forum.

    Remember – without 1. a brain and 2: a good niche, drive, enthusiasm and hours of effort this course will be useless, but then again so will any course. – with the above, $95 for Jay’s excellent course is loose change – and you are doing nobody any favours suggesting otherwise.

    1. Hi Oliver, Thanks for leaving a comment. As a veteran Internet Marketer as you are I find your comment puzzling so I think I need to respond. I have no problem when someone creates a brand to market their business, Jay has done a great job at that, but when it crosses over to be a selling feature that’s when I have a bit of an issue. It doesn’t mean squat to me that Jay has created an image for himself, I only care if the product itself is good and that image doesn’t make an association that isn’t realistic! As I have stated in this screw 95 review this is a common trait in the online training game and I feel an obligation to point that out.

      Even a stoner can make money at this while baked!

      As you have pointed out a brain, clear for most parts, drive, enthusiasm and hours of effort are needed to achieve success.

      why does Jays character image suggest the opposite?

      Why push the stoner gig?

      I will tell you why

      Jay in my opinion is trying to get across the selling point that it’s easy to make money online, so easy even a baked guy can do it, clearly a marketing tactic. I am not saying people can’t perform under the influence, I will let other people debate that subject, but I don’t see the attributes that you clearly stated are needed in a few of my buddies that indulge on a regular basis. The last thing I get from them is a sense of enthusiasm, drive and commitment, maybe an appetite and some vegetation time on my deck is in order, but building an online business, not so much, sorry Gerry & Jim, lol.

      The next point you make is the reference to $95 bucks for a course. I don’t know about you but when I have a leaky faucet fixed for my $95 bucks at least I get something useful for my $95 bucks, I don’t have a leaking faucet anymore! Not to mention $95 bucks to many is more than a drop in the bucket!

      The common theme I see repeating itself over and over again with one time payment deals is they lack the incentive to keep members and this is a fact my friend. One other fact I would like to state in the majority of the one time payment offers training material is stagnant and outdated making it useless in the modern day Internet marketing game! From my years of experience and now close to 100 reviews I find the best support by miles is offered by monthly membership programs because people need to see continual progress or they give up and their goes the monthly membership. I feel to see continued progress you need support when you need it, not tomorrow or two days from now and I would want help from professionals on staff that have a track record.

      I will let the readers compare our experiences and they can make the decision on Jays offer and whether the $95 bucks is disposable income, thanks again for the comment I do appreciate it, cheers Mike.

  11. I seen your review on Jay’s course, very good. I bought Jays product and I can say I liked some of the videos, Jay did a good job presenting material but you are right in saying this program has very little support and like so make money online products it falls well short of leading you to an online income, Jake.

    1. Hi Jake, support is one of the downfalls of Jay’s program in my opinion. Support is a big cost to running a legitimate training platform that is why it is so hard to find a program that offers great support. In my opinion if you don’t have great support you will ultimately fail in your attempt to make a living online and only the top Internet marketing programs offer adequate support. Thanks for your comment Jake, cheers Mike.

  12. Hi Mike, I bought into screw95 and to be honest I didn’t have too much trouble with the video format but I found the support not good at all and I never made a single dime, I am off to check out your recommendation.

    1. Hi Sarah thankyou for leaving a comment. Screw95 video based learning has some good content as I have mentioned but video learning solely isn’t optimal for my learning needs. I guess the point I will always refer back to is the support aspect which you have brought up. You can have the best content on the market when it comes to starting an online business, current techniques and course material but as I have found with many Internet marketing courses that support comes as an after thought in their course design which is a huge mistake.
      The starter course that you are going to try for free is built around support and as you will see when learning about such topics as building out a website, achieving top rankings in Google, adding images to your site, adding plugins, finding a profitable niche, how to connect with your audience, targeting the right point in the buying cycle, and so much more valuable techniques and training you will need a ton of support to compliment the most extensive Internet marketing platform on the Internet.
      In the program that gave me my start online you will find tons of support from a community of members with varying experience levels, from some of the most successful online marketers to people who are at your level passing on their experiences so you don’t make the same mistakes or so you may benefit from their successes. You will also benefit from direct access to the owners of my #1 recommended program, most programs offer this at a substantial added cost but with this program access to the owners is part of your membership.
      I had access to all the training I needed to make a living online and without the support element I can honestly say it would have been much more difficult, maybe even impossible to succeed. There’s lots of ways to make money online and you have access to all of them there, please look me up when you are inside I will be happy to lend a hand, cheers Mike.

  13. Hey
    Sorry if i look too newbie but yes i am
    i am looking to start my affiliate marketing
    carrier as soon as possible just about to purchase
    screw95 before reading your article. thanks for this.

    Kindly help me to get started if you could thanks again wih regards

    1. Hello Shekhar,

      Did you ever get started with the new program? If so how are things going for you?
      I’m curious to know.


  14. I am going to give you recommendation a try, can’t go too wrong with free. Also I have tried different programs with little success and what you say about support being so important is very true. I need a program that will get me to the making money stage, I am tired of learning all this stuff just to fall short of making a paycheck. I guess I we will see if this is another time waster.

    1. Hi Cecil, This program worked for me and I get a good paycheck today because of it. The support is great with a community that has a ton of experienced marketers that are willing to help. What helped me when I started with Wealthy Affiliates program was that there were so many people at different stages of learning that I was always learning from members mistakes and successes. When I needed to ask a question 99% of the time someone had already asked it for me which really made my learning that much faster. The community and owners at WA held my hand right to my first sale online. Look me up when you’re inside I will be happy to give you a hand when you need one, good luck Mike.

    2. Hello Cecil,

      I’m eager to hear from someone that tried the recommendation.
      How are you doing? How did the program work for you?


  15. Nice review but you did not say that the keyword tool that Wealthy Affiliate provides is missing some feturtes (half of it is blurred) and we must pay a monthly fee to see the whole thing… and you did not say that the free site provided by WA is connected to them; i.e. they own it and they can lock it any time, there are many other things about them … anyway, the WA is OK but you should say every thing about them, not just the “nice stuff” … I dare you to post my comment 🙂 … good luck to all of us …God bless…

    1. Hi Rebaa, you don’t have to dare me to post your comment I am happy to. In regards to your comment about the keyword tool, you are most likely referring to “Jaaxy” which you do get access to as a member but it is not free or is it pushed on you as something you need to start an online business, it is simply a tool that you can access through Wealthy Affiliate.
      In my comparison table I do mention a keyword tool which you do have unrestricted Free access to, this not Jaaxy but is still a great keyword tool, so when you’re inside WA hopefully this will help to clear things up for you.
      While we are on the Jaaxy subject, which I might add is a great tool that I use daily. You can get a FREE TRIAL of 30 searches. I use Jaaxy on a regular basis to help my articles rank high in Google’s searches, just like my Screw95 review, You wouldn’t even have seen this review if I hadn’t used Jaaxy to search out keywords, few other tricks you will learn at Wealthy Affiliate that complement Jaaxy and help me consistently rank high in Google, bing and Yahoo .
      If for some reason my communication skills are rusty Rebaa let me simply state “there are Zero upsells inside Wealthy Affiliate”. It’s very simple, you can have a FREE membership for as long as you like and start building your online business “no pressure” or you can have a premium membership for $47 monthly and access to everything WA offers which is the largest offering out there in my opinion.
      I am not sure what other things you refer to because they offer a FREE membership no strings attached, anyone can access them without giving out payment info, no surprises, what you see inside is what you get. Tell me a program where you can go and talk to members and ask their opinions on what they are learning and whether it is worth your time, risk free!
      I would say that Wealthy Affiliates FREE chance to create websites and start building an online business is by far the most transparent Internet Marketing Platform on the Net, which is why I have no hesitation in my endorsement of their program.
      I give a few recommendations for Internet Marketing programs on this site but they are by no means perfect.
      WA is my #1 recommendation for a reason, they are as close to perfect as perfect gets, their honest, upfront, offer great support, if you need some one on one help with Kyle and Carson the owners as I have, you pay no mentor fee or garbage like that, you are part of a family and are treated as such.
      In summary there are” no hidden costs”, and what they teach works, I am proof of that! I make great money online and it is all because I was fortunate enough to follow through on their teachings. WA doesn’t offer up claims of untold riches, you work hard and you will be rewarded, if you think it’s a “I am going to do a Youtube video” and get rich thing like Screw95 you will be disappointed. In WA you will learn how to create Youtube videos amongst other various marketing techniques that are used to complement each other, not meant to be used entirely on their own as many other programs falsely promote.
      Thanks for your comment Rebaa and the chance to reply, Mike.

    1. Hi George sorry for the late reply you were in a spam file. Yes I did quickly look at Chris Record products such as ” Take massive Action” which Chris and a few members with the Empower Network created. Right out of the gates when I see the affiliation with the likes of the Empower Network the hair on the back of my neck start to stand up. I have written reviews on other products associated with the Empower Network such as “Pure Leverage” which is a scammy product. Empower Network is a scam in my opinion and any product that is associated or created within the Empower Network takes on their teachings, that are in my opinion and many past customers are scammy.
      Chris Record has also developed a series called “Darkpost Profits” which are promoted in the same deceptive way that Empower Network promotes their program. Darkpost Profits video series is promoted with a value of $500 – $1000 but guess what? you can have this for the low cost of $100. Really! I hate this type of snake oil sales pitch and I am always leary of the product when the sales pitch has a scam ring to it!
      Listen to Chris’s videos and he comes across very genuine but his association with a group like the Empower Network usually doesn’t end well for the customer. I didn’t dig down on his product because I recommend that people stay well clear of the Empower Network and any products with Empower Network roots.
      Have a look and you will see that there are no actual reviews of Chris Record products only Empower Network groupies selling his products under the pretence that they are actual reviews, hmmmm, smells scammy! Cheers Mike.

  16. Thank you for the review. I’ve been on the fence about Screw95 for about a week now. While I’ve been trying to pull together what I can in terms of getting started with IM using what free resources I can find, I of course am looking for more in depth and concrete information/guidance. I’m not afraid of failing, however, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that you first should learn from others mistakes and don’t start from scratch. Anyway, with the free information that’s out there, that’s what I feel like I’m doing. (I’m also a member with KingHuman Elite… which is sort of a joke, I’ve learned nothing useful really… it’s mostly fluff without any real direction in my opinion) I’ve heard of WA, but also have been on the fence about it. What you have to say about it being an active community (unlike others such as Screw95 as you say, or KingHuman from my experience) I find hopeful. I have a question. You mentioned that they have live webinars… I’m curious if you know if I can reference these after the fact? I have 3 kids and there is pretty much no way I could schedule in “dedicated” time for such things…. however, if I can hit a “Play” button, watch/listen and pause as needed… well, that could be tremendously helpful in terms of educating myself on my “crazy diaper changing/I need a nap/snuggles/MILK/ GIVE ME A SNACK” schedule…. 🙂 Hey!… Thanks for your help and what looks like an honest review. Given the free trial, I think I might go ahead check out WA before I make any decisions.

    1. Look forward to seeing you inside Heather, and to answer you question can you access live webinars after the fact? yes you can! The live webinars are taped for your convenience. Cheers Mike.

  17. I have looked at this program and what you say is true, I hope that your recommended program will work for me. Thankyou Karrie

    1. Hey Karrie, I endorse Wealthy Affiliate because I know first hand how it works and the program took me from zero online experience to making a living online, for me that is all the proof I need to put my reputation on the line and that’s what I do when I endorse a product, so I don’t take that lightly. The nice part about WA is you don’t even have to take my word for it, sign up under their free starter membership and ask the members how they like it and if they are finding success, can’t beat that. Look me up inside I am more than willing to help you get started, good luck Mike.

  18. Just wanted to say thank you for the honest review on Jay’s program, it’s good to find a different perspective on it for once. I recently finished my 7 day free premium membership with Wealthy Affiliate and was considering purchasing Jay’s Screw 95 too but your review has prompted me to perhaps upgrade to WA instead. Just wanted to ask though, is there any unique content on Jay’s program that isn’t found on WA?

    1. Hi Chris, I am glad you stopped by to read my review. Theres a ton of programs out there that promote the fact that they can teach you how to make money online and very few that actually have the ability to deliver. I am honestly trying to find Internet marketing programs that I can endorse but I continuously keep finding programs like Screw95 that lack so many essential components to creating a successful online business.
      To answer your question ” Is there any unique content on Jay’s program that isn’t found on WA?”
      I can honestly say NO!
      WA is a leader in delivering Internet Marketing training, their offering is extensive to say the least. Components such as live chat, access to Kyle & Carson the owners at anytime, combined with a forum full of experienced members. WA has an impressive arsenal of training delivered by varying methods to meet your learning needs, live webinars, text, video training all easy to reference, unlike Screw95 that offers a time consuming delivery model using just DVD’s. As you must know with your experience at WA, learning a new skill is overwhelming at the best of times, without the proper support your chances of success are slim. WA’s business model consists of so many critical elements necessary to achieve success online but none more important than their commitment to member support.
      Why run all over the place trying to pull all the pieces of building an online business together when you can get absolutely everything all under one roof, just doesn’t make good business sense to me.
      Your best chance to learn Internet marketing and succeed at starting an online business in my opinion is hands down WA!
      Good luck in your online marketing endeavours, Mike

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