Secure Home Profits – Link Posting Scam?

Secure Home Profits – Link Posting Scam?

Secure Home Profits

paydays at home

“Is it just another link posting scam?”


When you look at the Secure Home Profits website you will see a well put together website boasting a very nice compliment of training resources inside their offer. Freeze frame,  let’s back up for a moment, when I first started looking at the Secure Home Profits offer I realized there were quite a few search results that hosted the Secure Home Profits sales pitch, I found search results under domains such as,, then they moved to just dropping the (s) from profits and doing the whole thing over again with a host of domains revolving around the
“secure home profit” domain name.

What’s this say about the Secure Home Profits offer? well it says they are getting smarter at reaching out to an audience, they are starting to understand the power of SEO and wrapping up all relevant search results with .com, .net, .org. The first and second page are littered with Secure Home Profits websites which means they have a captive audience, not a good thing as you will see when you read the rest of my Secure Home Profits post. If link posting is so effective why not just drop links all over the place with a quick blurb like, wanna make money online fast with no training? I can tell you why,  most venues such as forums don’t allow link dropping anymore, Facebook for example is massive but link dropping on facebook doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to reach your targeted audience. Link posting on Facebook is like another scheme where Internet marketers get sucked into buying email lists to increases their exposure but these lists in 90% of the cases aren’t relevant to what they are selling, sort of like getting the email address of a 90 year old couple and bombarding them with high performance car parts offers, how well do you think that will go over!

Here’s what you find when you get through the signup process, another sign that Secure Home Profits is just a cover for a much larger ring. secure home

Cash From Home also known as Excel Cash flow consistently show up when you move through the signup process when you go through storefronts such as Secure Home Profits and the rest I mentioned earlier in this post, you see this heading you know you are in the middle of a ring.

Red Flags Galore!

When I started digging I found that Secure Home Profits has an affiliation with a multiple of other work from home offers all link dropping jobs. Clones such as Internet Careers Online, Extreme Profits, Home Income Flow, Replace Your Job   I have written reviews on all these programs and many more clones that fall under the umbrella of the Cash From Home group.

secure home profitsOnce you are accepted , given there are spots available, lol you have access to a sales page that contains fake testimonials, fake owner, fake guarantees the list goes on. Here are a few fake security badges that mean absolutely nothing other than to give the Secure Home Profits a sense of authenticity to unsuspecting wannabe online money makers.

Limited spaces available, Say What?

Really, a link posting gig with limited spots available, that’s absurd! Why I think it’s laughable is do to the concept behind link posting. Link posting is all about volume and exposure, the marketing concept is based on the philosophy the more the merrier, the more people dropping your links the more presence you will have on the Internet so the thought that it would have limited availability once more is a shady marketing tactic to make you jump at the opportunity in front of you.

Link Posting As A Money Making Opportunity

As I have stated in past posts that expose link posting scams for what they are, they use very outdated marketing techniques such as link posting as a viable opportunity to make income online fully aware that the practice of link posting is ineffective and very unlikely to produce results as they clearly state in their link posting sales page disclaimers.

My Final Thoughts On Secure Home Profits

Save you money and valuable time on this one! Link posting is archaic and ineffective as a money making tool online.


6 Replies to “Secure Home Profits – Link Posting Scam?”

    1. Hi Mugabi, you made a wise decision WA is a reputable training platform that shows results. I am a current member at WA so if you need any assistance whatsoever don’t hesitate to look me up, cheers Mike.

  1. this is great,I’ve loved the warning and tricks of identifying scam stuff, cause I’m actually connected to some guy’s link of changing lives by earning a great deal from home, so am still doubting whether i should give him my money or not, he says the money is for lessons and in just 2weeks,earning. He has shown us guy’s and babe’s whose lives he has transformed.. all those videos and what note.

    1. Hi Mugabi, Any online money making program that says you can make enough money after 2 weeks to make a significant difference in your day to day life I wouldn’t trust at all, that’s pure B.S. I have reviewed countless products and programs offering huge paydays in short time frames which have all proven to be scams, video clips and testimonials are all part of a scammers tool box which can be created quite quickly and inexpensively using resources from “” so this type of stuff must not be trusted.
      Yes you can make really good money online but it takes some work and realistically a few months to generate consistent online income, there isn’t a push button system that does it for you, that’s the biggest scam going right now next to the link posting scam that is pitched as a money generating technique, you would make more cleaning windshields at traffic lights than you ever could at link dropping.
      Don’t do it Mugabi, money in 2 weeks is not how it works online, good luck Mike.

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