Shaw Academy; Offers Blogging & Content Marketing Course And More

Shaw Academy; Offers Blogging & Content Marketing Course And More


If you’re looking for an inexpensive way to gain an education without having to go to university, Shaw Academy could be the right fit for you. However, you’re probably wondering if the atmosphere and quality of training is good enough to allow you to actually get something of value out of Shaw Academies learning platform?

Although quite new to the education delivery industry, Adrian Murphy and James Egan of Shaw Academy have served notice that they are well-equipped to not only participate, but thrive in the online university arena. Offering over 50 courses’, covering a total of 10 different topics doesn’t make Shaw Academy a big player but as you read through this Shaw Academy review you will see they offer some unique features that ensure students will have a positive learning experience.

The Academy offers courses’ in areas such as professional development, notably blogging & content marketing, one of my personal favorites. The Academy also offers courses’ geared towards extra-curricular Image result for shaw academyactivities as well as personal development with more courses’ to come.

Enjoy my review, I look forward to your thoughts and any questions you may have. Your opinion is always valued, cheers Mike.

The What, Where’s And When’s Of Shaw Academy

Shaw Academy is an online education provider based in Dublin, Ireland. The Academy offers live and interactive online courses’ that include subjects such as photography, Financial Trading, Nutrition, and blogging & content marketing.

The Two founders Adrian and James established Shaw Academy in 2013, and have quickly found success. In January 2016, Shaw Academy was teaching roughly 55,000 new students. By November of that same year Shaw Academy was teaching over 400,000 students. Fast forward, Shaw Academy is currently teaching well over 1.84 million students, quite a meteoric rise and the reason that motivated me to start digging to see what is making them so successful.

Shaw Academy focuses it’s training on live online teachings combined with personal support. Recently, Shaw Academy launched its own personalized educational platform called Phoenix which allows students to receive a combination of live and online delivery more simultaneously than ever before!

Shaw Academy is really focused on their mission statement which includes:

  • Changing billions of lives by providing great education accessibility and affordability to everyone;
  • To re skill and up skill the world;
  • Make continuous learning a part of life;
  • Make personalized education accessible to all;
  • Focus on interactive education because it is engaging and better for learning.

At this time, Shaw Academy provides more than 50 online interactive courses’, in 5 different languages, covering 10 different subjects.

About The Shaw Academy Affiliate Program

You do have the option of joining Shaw Academies affiliate program and earn commissions from promoting their courses’ earning some decent commissions in the process.

In addition to receiving commissions with Shaw Academies affiliate program, you’ll have access to 95 – 98% off of your own courses’ you take through Shaw Academy. All fulfillment details such as order processing, shipment, billing and support is taken care of by Shaw Academy, allowing you more time to focus on promoting their products.

Banners, links and tracking is offered to help market their course line up and Shaw Academy claims to be committed to ensuring you start to make immediate revenue.

Because they have such a wide variety of courses’ to choose from, as well as skill levels, the audience you’re selling to is much larger.

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How To Get Started Today/Cost

Its completely free to join the Shaw Academy affiliate courses’, and you are eligible to receive commissions immediately.

After hovering your mouse over the “Partners” page tab on the top of the Shaw Academy website, you’ll notice two icons drop down, one being “affiliates”.

From there you can “Join Now”, which will give you access to the “Dashboard” where you can track your clicks, sales and other affiliates. You can also find banners, affiliate links, and other marketing tools for use on your website, blog or forum.

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The commission on sales of courses’ begins at 40%, and as mentioned earlier, courses’ are discounted for affiliates of up to 95 – 98% depending on the course.
Affiliates are paid on the 15th day of every month based on sales made in the previous month. You’ll be paid out when your account reaches a pre-set threshold (usually $100).

You also earn commission on any course you purchase yourself which is very unusual in the land of affiliate marketing.

What If I just Want To Take Some Training/Courses?

As a regular member you get 1 free introductory course, which gives you 30 days of access to an interactive course. It’s extremely easy to complete the enrolment form on the Shaw Academy website, simply select the course you want from the drop down of subjects and select “Enrol Now”, that’s it!

After the 30 days, if you haven’t completed the course, or would like to continue to do more advanced courses’, OR would like to try a different course and subject, you’ll pay $69/month for access to all courses’ that Shaw Academy offers and much more.

Although you may complete a course for free in the introductory 30-day trial, you will not receive an e-diploma or have the same engagement as you would if you had enrolled under a “premium” monthly membership.

Each course has a course description, course reviews, and a complete course breakdown to view before enrolling in a class.

What Is The Training Like If You Decide To Enroll with Shaw Academy?

When you sign up you don’t actually get to start right then and there.

Each course is offered live at a specific time and day. Because the classes are live, there are set times periods for the course to start and end. However, when signing up you get to decided what time slot suits you best. Although for some live training can be a good thing offerring personal interaction and that one on one training that so many thrive under, but for others that have a busy or demanding lifestyle, having to work your training into your schedule can be quite challenging. You will need to take the demands of your job/household into consideration before you decide to enroll.

The courses’ delivery times vary, but they usually run twice a week for a month, giving you roughly 6 – 10 lessons to work through in a month. This is highly dependent on the advanced level of your chosen course and the depth of the subject matter covered.

The course delivery model allows you to view and replay a course if you are unable to attend, however, you eliminate the ability to be interactive with the instructor and class (I.E asking questions, sharing ideas’ etc.).

Each week you can expect a practice test in order to test your comprehension. At the end of each course you have a few weeks to complete a final exam.

Some, if not all, of the courses’ come with bonuses that include tools and different materials to help you achieve a desirable result (pass) lol. For example, the nutrition course offers instructional aids such as meal planners, recipe cards etc.

The introductory courses’ are very much for beginners, and not in my opinion recommended for someone who has a basic understanding in the subject they are enrolling in.

Who Is Shaw Academy Best Suited For (Courses/Affiliates)

Shaw Academy has one of the most basic, done for you, affiliate programs that I have seen in some time, you simply up sell, promote and take in the cash. Not saying it would be simple task for a beginner with no affiliate marketing experience, and so Shaw Academy does suggest their affiliate program for someone who has a website, blog, forum access, is managing an email list, and/or particpates in social media with high traffic or followers.

Shaw Academy will not have training on how to build your own website or blog for affiliate marketing. Although they will have web design courses’ to take.

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What People Are Saying About Shaw Academy…

Ok this is where my, so far positive, Shaw Academy review takes a bit of a “right turn Clyde”.

I will be honest and say that I did sign up as a Shaw Academy affiliate but not without some reservations. I like the fact that Shaw Academy’s low cost offering has obviously had a mass appeal judging by the skyrocketing membership numbers.

Here’s the but!

The but is, when I do a review I don’t just look at my own experience but the experience of others to come to my conclusions. What a number of past and current members are saying about Shaw Academy’s program offers a different perspective than my experience with Shaw Academy.

I have read a few complaints of “not so live training”, some members state that some of their live training has actually looked taped with dates showing up in live training sessions appeared to be days old. One example was a screen shot of a facebook lesson that had an instructor supposedly putting on a live class and the facebook page was 2 days old.

I read complaints from members regarding billing issues, not being able to access their training, support was non – existent for some people and getting a hard copy of their diploma was hard to get.

Keep in mind Shaw Academy does have over a million and a half students so there are going to be some issue especially taking into consideration their rapid growth.

On the other end of the spectrum once I sifted through all the” positive affiliate reviews” I have read many good comments about current and past members experiences ranging from, great program delivery to quality of training. If you read this post and it looks older then I would hope that shaw Academy has solved any of its growth issues.

What I Feel Shaw Academy Does very well!

  • Offers free introductory course for 30 days to try;
  • Has different levels for each diploma offered;
  • Affiliate program is good;
  • Free to become an affiliate;
  • Affiliates get almost 100% off of courses’ they take;
  • Over 50 courses’ across 10 different subjects;
  • Courses are internationally approved and EQF accredited.

What Could Be Better…

  • Courses/Diplomas do not hold as much merit as a regular college or University course would;
  • Because courses’ are based on interaction, and are live, you must work around the course schedule;
  • Looks like they may be experiencing a few growing pains by the number of complaints.


After completely reviewing, signing up and trying some courses’, I do believe that Shaw Academy is worth investing some time and money into, it’s a credible program.

The company is less than 5 years old but has achieved quite a bit in that short period of time. Shaw Academy has done an excellent job of establishing a solid reputation as a learning platform for people looking to save a few bucks and still receive a quality education.

The education is interactive, engaging.

Although the courses’ are not university or college degrees, the learning achieved through Shaw Academy is beneficial to those who take the courses’. They are inexpensive, and easy to try on a trial basis. Few hiccups with relation to growing so fast and I don’t feel the blogging course goes deep enough into the actual monetization of a blog ( how to make money with your blog).

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The affiliate program is extremely easy to use and for an experienced affiliate marketer offer some really great commission opportunities.



8 Replies to “Shaw Academy; Offers Blogging & Content Marketing Course And More”

  1. hi Mike; After reading through your article on Shaw Academy I applaud you for a good job done and I hope that the owners will be paying you for this. Maybe this don’t cross your mind yet.

    The stand that Technology and Internet marketing take is growing broader daily. Therefore the need for good quality Internet marketing training is great.

    Do you think that Kyle and Carson should embark on a Affiliate academy likewise?

    1. Hi, I think Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate have put together a pretty detailed business building platform, not many platforms have roughly 1.5 million people so that says something. Thanks for the comment, cheers Mike.

  2. Hi Mike
    You’ve done a great job on your review of Shaw Academy.

    There’s a saying that goes: One never stops learning and that’s probably what those guys thought when they started Shaw Academy.

    Your article is very well written and I believe a lot of people will be positively influenced to join them.

    Well done!

  3. There’s a saying that states: One never stops learning. That’s probably what those guys thought when they started Shaw Academy. They achieved remarkable results in a short period of time and they seem like the real deal.

    You’ve done a great job with this article on them and you sure deserve the applause. I believe many people reading this post will be positively influenced to join Shaw Academy. Good job.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Nicolaas and offering your feedback on my Shaw Academy Blogging and Content post, much appreciated, cheers Mike.

  4. Quite interesting article about Shaw academy,
    I didn’t know about it until I read your article, you did a great review about it.
    It has reached great success in just 5 years, I see some of their courses have a good number of students, as I’m interested on learning about affiliate marketing I would like to take a look at it, and check on its course, the free month you mention on your article would be a good opportunity to check at it.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Alejendra and leaving your thoughts. Yes Shaw Academy has grown substantially over a short period of time that’s for sure. I like their program but it’s not for everyone. When I started in digital marketing I used a program that worked around my schedule and had multiple learning delivery tools, video, text, webinars just to name a few ad the cost was really reasonable, less than $50 a month for everything I needed to build a website and promote products. click here to learn more about this program

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