Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course – Is It Really Worth The Paper It Is Printed On

Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course – Is It Really Worth The Paper It Is Printed On

Simplilearn Digital Makreting Course

Classroom learning is slowly becoming a thing of the past with online learning taking front stage. Online training programs are popping up like weeds which raises the question, which ones are good and which programs are simply money and time wasters not worth the paper they are printed on!

Simplilearn and literally hundreds of online training platforms either offer specific Digital marketing training or incorporate digital marketing into their overall internet marketing training offer. Other training platforms that offer specific training on digital marketing are institutes such as Shaw Academy. Training platforms such as WealthyAffiliate incorporates all aspects of Digital marketing into their overall internet marketing training platform, offering up to date training in areas such as email marketing, SEO, video marketing, social marketing and many more disciplines that fall under the shroud of Digital Marketing. Wealthy Affiliate teaches all of this as you learn how to promote products from your profitable niche website that you build with them. If you are looking for specific training that will help your advancement at work for example, Simplilearn would be the preferred venue for your needs.

Simplilearn offers a “university style” delivery model that provides training in quite a few areas such as digital marketing which will be my focus for this Simplilearn digital marketing course review. I will answer a few background questions on Simplilearn’s origins and what you can expect from enrollment in Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing course, finishing off with my final thoughts on SL’s Digital Marketing course and whether I feel it offers value.

Enjoy my Simplilearn “Digital Marketing course review” and please leave any comments or questions you may have!

About The Company; Simplilearn

Based in San Francisco, California as well as Bangalore, India, Simplilearn is an online education provider of professional training.

Simplilearn offers over 400 courses in the areas of IT, programming, digital marketing, and project management. The company was founded in 2009 as a project management blog run by the founder and current CEO Krishna Kumar.

One of Kumar’s first ventures before Simplilearn was Tech Unified, which was acquired by ORG Informatics in 2017. Tech Unified is an IT solutions provider that delivers unified networks, systems and storage.

In 2010 Simplilearn introduced a blended learning approach to project management professional training, which implemented a mixture of classroom and online training.

Slowly, Simplilearn has been increasing their exposure in the online training industry. In 2013, the company acquired US based SAP training organization and added it to their training programs.

Simplilearn And It’s Online Training

Simplilearn partners with various companies and individuals to address their unique needs and provide training and coaching that helps achieve their specific goals.

Simplilearn offers over 40 global accreditation covering over 400 courses, with over 2000 qualified trainers. Currently Simplilearn is training over 500,000 professionals.

The training courses combine online classes, isntructor-led virtual live classrooms, project work, and 24/7 teaching assistants.

Simplilearn has done a pretty decent job to date with their training platform recognized as the 8th most influential education brand in the world by LinkedIn. This rank actually beat Warton, Harvard, and Stanford!

Although Simplilearn courses have many characteristics of major University and College courses they don’t hold the same academic equivalency.

Ok, enough with the everything nice stuff – How Does Their Digital Marketing Course Stack up?

Here’s What’s Included In Simplilearn’s Digital Marketing Course!

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Training
  • Social Media Training
  • Content Marketing Training
  • Email Marketing Training
  • Mobile Marketing Training
  • Conversion Optimization Training
  • Web Analytic Training
  • Google Analytic – Using analytic for your website
  • Google Adwords – effective ways to use GA
  • PPC marketing Training
  • Youtube and video marketing Training
  • Digital marketing strategies

Facebook Marketing and Advertising could be a little outdated do to the recent Facebook changes to their news feed!
You have two options when taking the Digital marketing course with Simplilearn, self paced learning or the online classroom flexi- pass. Simplilearn also offers the digital marketing course for businesses. Here is what you will get with the two different types of training packages.

As the screenshot shows you do get a free trial if you like, the free trial is for 7 days only so don’t forget to cancel well ahead of time or your credit card will be charged.

Key components of Simplilearns Digital Marketing course are as follows….

  • 48 hours of instructor-led training
  • 44+ hours of self-paced video
  • Instructor-led online project mentoring sessions
  • Instructor “Dream Team” of silicon valley authors
  • Preparation for OMCA, Google AdWords, Google Analytic, Facebook, and YouTube exams
  • 10 rounds of simulations to practice SEO, SEM, website conversion rate optimization, web analytic and email marketing

It’s really hard to find user experiences online that are credible. I found a ton of reviews by people who claimed to have taken the digital marketing course and just loved it, but this is where my skepticism starts to creep in! Most of these positive reviews are from affiliates, so you really can’t trust these types of reviews. I am a Simplilearn affiliate but I think you will find this a very objective review of their digital marketing course.

My take on Simplilearns digital marketing course!

I do feel the course is well laid out and offers everything you will need to know for a good leg up when it comes to working in the field of Digital Marketing, but if you are looking to this course to help your overall internet marketing skill set I feel you are wasting a lot of valuable time and a considerable amount of money for nothing.

The Digital marketing course at Simplilearn will demand a lot of your time and I feel the practical experience part is lacking in my opinion. You have “for the most part” knowledgeable instructors but you will experience quite a few instructors over the duration of the course that appear to lack sufficient knowledge on their subjects. Each instructor brings their own teaching style that may or may not enhance your learning experience.

The course is on the expensive side if you take the online classroom option. Just a note, the digital marketing course carries no academic accreditation so it will really boil down to your prospective employer recognizing Simplilearn’s platform. Like I said before, if you are looking to simply increase your knowledge in general when it comes to aspects of internet marketing you will find much cheaper, and frankly, better alternatives elsewhere online.

Support Offered Through Simplilearn

Simplilearn does have a community forum for both affiliates and course members. You have the option of asking questions of other members and course instructors, where you can gain support in regard to various courses.

There is also a customer service team available to be reached 24/7 via live chat or phone. If sending an email, tickets are normally answered within 48 hours.

If you have bought into the online classroom option you can get answers from your instructor as you move through your training.

What People Are Saying

Like I said earlier, it is hard to find “authentic” alumni reviews, but I did find a few comments after hours of digging.

Scouring for issues that past members in the digital marketing course may have had with Simplilearn, 2 issues seemed to take center stage. Course cost was a common complaint, participants stated that there were similar training options for considerably less. The next issue that was prominent was the fact that the digital marketing course held no academic value with perspective employers.

One concern I noted, which is a biggie for any internet marketer is, Simplilearn’s digital marketing (SEO) component is quite outdated, this is a pretty important aspect of digital marketing that really needs to be spot on if you hope to have success with search engines such as Google. Participants noted that the SEO segment of the digital marketing course was over 7 years old, not updated since 2010. If you know anything about internet marketing, SEO techniques can change weekly in some cases, depending on search engine algorithm changes implemented.

In some comments past participants made mention that a few instructors didn’t seem that knowledgeable on their particular subjects. Customer service can be an issue at times as one of Simplilearns offices is situated in India, language barrier issues were stated when trying to get support.

On the upside Simplilearn was accredited by the Better Business Bureau in October 2016 and currently holds an A+ rating based on their responsiveness to customer inquiries and refund processes.

What Does Simplilearn Do Well?

  • 7-day money-back guarantee. (this is void if more than 25% of content has been assessed);
  • Courses are comparable to post secondary education;
  • Free to sign up as affiliate;
  • 7-day free trial for a course;
  • Inexpensive $10 trail to try out any one of the courses for 10 days.
  • Good selection of courses to choose from.

What Could Simplilearn Improve?

  • Courses are VERY expensive;
  • Only get money back within 7 days if you haven’t assessed more than 25% of course;
  • Affiliate program not for beginners;
  • Support is minimal;
  • Certification is a printout from the website, not a recognized institution.

My Conclusion

Overall Simplilearn looks like a good learning platform for digital marketing but on the pricey side of the training spectrum. I think they are good if you just want some flexible training options, but if you are looking for digital marketing training that will give you the advantage when you are seeking employment I personally feel I would go with a program that would give me some academic standing, especially if you’re paying the type of fees Simplilearn requires.

Simplilearn is obviously doing something right to be recognized as a top training provider by Linkedin and does appear to have earned a solid reputation.

Is Simplilearn’s digital marketing course one that I would recommend? Yes, I think it offers decent training and for the most part good instructors. As an internet marketer/affiliate marketer would it be a course I would take, NO! In my opinion there are more comprehensive and less expensive training platforms available.

I welcome any feedback, comments or questions you may have, I value any opinion even if I don’t necessarily share your point of view!


14 Replies to “Simplilearn Digital Marketing Course – Is It Really Worth The Paper It Is Printed On”

  1. Hello,
    Your blog has a lot of valuable information . Thanks for your time on putting these all together.. Really helpful blog..I just wanted to share information about

  2. You actually make it look so easy with your performance but I find this matter to be actually something which I think I would never comprehend. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I’m looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    1. Hello, I have found a few programs that are laid out using a step by step platform that I have used myself in the past. I think you will find that its really not that hard to build an affiliate business online and make a nice income from it. With most everything we do you must be disciplined and have a good work ethic or you will just spin your heels and waist money in the process.
      The main thing I would tell anyone looking at making money online is to make sure you have really good support, this is the key to success online. Have a great day, Mike.

    2. Thanks for stopping by. Making money online isn’t a slam dunk by any means. You can succeed online but you need the right help. What worked last year may not work this year so you need to have a platform that keeps evolving, this isn’t something you can do on your own. Keep this in mind and you will do just fine. Have a good one Mike.

  3. Hi Mike, I don’t have any previous training in digital marketing. I plan on doing the Simplilearn Advanced Online Marketing Training, which does not come cheap but according to the syllabus will teach me the basics to the advanced knowledge that one could have.
    From what I’ve read I feel like even though it’s not accredited it’s still recognized which is okay for me. I’m looking for a course that will give me enough knowledge to actually create something into a really good practical. For this purpose would my investment in Simplilearns Advanced Online marketing still be good or should I be looking at other courses? And if so which courses? I appreciate the help. It’s such a big decision.

    1. Hi Lene nice to meet you. The first question I need to ask is, what are you going to do with your training? Do you want to work for yourself or someone else? Do you want to make money online promoting products as an affiliate marketer or work for a large company.
      If you want to work for a company in their online promotions department for example you will want to get your training through an accredited provider.
      If you want to make money for yourself promoting products for online merchants as I do, then you don’t need to have credentials that an accredited platform offers.
      To be honest when it comes to online marketing the whole accredited thing really doesn’t apply, if anything I feel it is a big money grab. Google for example is always changing their algorithms so training needs to be very current, more spontaneous. With accredited courses they have a course curriculum that is far from current.
      Many online marketers websites got hit hard in June do to a Google Algorithm change, some of this was corrected in September when another Google update was released. Courses through universities and colleges just aren’t that responsive. They will give you a sound foundation on mechanics of online marketing and give you the credentials that you would need to work in corporate for example.
      Simplilearn offers a good online marketing program, I wouldn’t say otherwise. Make sure that Simplilearns course has you building a website as the course progresses, it’s been a while since I received their offer.
      You want to be building a website and implementing what you learn, this is critical for your success online. Really look at how their support is these days. Doesn’t matter what their course is like, if you don’t have good support you will struggle.
      I received my training from Wealthy affiliate, they used to call themselves a university but they are not. Great training and even better support. They have a membership for $29 a month which gives you everything you need, websites, hosting, training and keyword tool all included. The $29 is for a yearly which is what you will want, takes about 4-6 months to build a good online marketing business.
      My answer is really dependent on what you want from your training. If you want to make money doing your own thing I would say Wealthy Affiliate. If you are looking at a job in a corporate environment I would look at getting training that offers some credentials. Reach out to a corporation and ask what they would want for a prerequisite for employment.
      I make money online and could get a job in a marketing department I am sure, if I ever learnt how to write proper English lol.
      Wealthy Affiliate offers a free membership that you can go in and look at what they offer.
      Let me know if I can be of more help. If you feel you are going to get into a program let me know and I will go and have a look at their curriculum for you and compare, have a great day Mike.

  4. Hello Mike,
    This is preetam.. I read everything in this blog.. I am a digital marketeer and have an experience of 3 years. I have run ex successful campaign for organic searches. I was wondering to join simplilearn to enhance my knowledge in digital marketing. I have been searching about the training institute. Can you suggest me some better Institute for some advanced techniques in digital marketing

    1. Hi Preetam, If you are on a budget I would also check out Udemy, they don’t offer complete A-Z training but do offer various individual courses, some are very good. They have a good refund policy if you end up not liking the program. Hope that helps, let me know how you make out, good luck Mike.

  5. Hi Mike, I’m a relative beginner to digital marketing (with a background in Corp. Comm.) and am looking for a good online certification program. Simplilearn was at the top of my list but you seem pretty convinced that there are better options out there. I would love to hear what programs you are thinking of! Thanks

    1. Hi Gwen nice to meet you, When I wrote my review on Simplilearn’s digital marketing course it was from the perspective of using the training for practical purposes, such as applying your knowledge to run your own online money making business. Feet on the ground training is which is quite different from taking courses to have something on your resume for employment.
      In saying that I do like the Digital Marketing Institute that offers a “Digital Marketing Professional Course”. This course is 30 hours includes 3 tests and you can do it all online, it’s also an entry level course. The Digital Marketing Professional course isn’t cheap at just under $2500, but it offers all the necessary components you would need. The Digital Marketing Institute from what I have seen is well respected and offers a recognized digital marketing diploma. There are also a few universities that offer digital marketing programs that carry some weight also, like Cornell University for example. I am not adding any links so you can be assures I am not benefiting from my answer, that’s affiliate marketing, lol.
      Simplilearn for the purpose of getting training for credentials looks decent, they offer a much cheaper training option.
      Personally if I were looking for a certification program that would carry weight with employers for example I would simply ask employers for their recommendations.
      Digital Marketing is still believe it or not an emerging discipline and what companies recognize as digital marketing experience varies considerably. I review from the perspective of a practicing affiliate marketer, I make money online by promoting products for merchants using digital marketing techniques such as content marketing, PPC, Email marketing ,social media marketing and I analyze data to create targeted campaigns, virtually everything you will learn in a Digital Marketing course, but I have used my training in a practical sense, to make money. I have acquired my knowledge over the years starting with content and social marketing and as my experience grew I branched out and added more disciplines to my arsenal.
      If you do reach out to companies and have a minute, I would be interested to hear what recommendations they gave you. Thanks for stopping by, good luck and have a great day, Mike.

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