Six Figure Mentors Review

Six Figure Mentors Review

Six Figure Mentors Review

Rating: [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”]

Cost: Test Drive – $25/month – Essential  Membership – Initial $297 plus $97/month. Up sells Range from $2500 – $20,000

Founders: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek

Business Model: Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing Training

Established: 2010


Welcome to my “Six Figure Mentor Review “ Throughout this Six Figure Mentors review I will break Stuart and Jay’s product down to give you my perspective into what the attributes and maybe some pitfalls that you may face as a member with the Six Figure Mentors program. I will give you my thoughts on what I like about the Six Figure Mentor program and what I didn’t like and ultimately my final conclusion on whether I feel you could make money with the Six Figure Mentors offer. Enjoy my Six Figure Mentors review and like always please leave me any thoughts you have on my review and if you have personally had any experiences with the Six Figure Mentors program please leave your experiences for others to read, enjoy the review!

I will start off by saying what Stuart and Jay are attempting to teach you through the Six Figure Mentors platform is a valid and effective way to earn income online. Affiliate marketing is something I have participated in for years now and has provided my family and I with a great income and lifestyle. I work from home or anywhere in the world we want to hang our hats.

Having covered off one aspect of the Six Figure Mentors offer already, does the program offer a valid way to make money online? Which we know the answer is “yes” I will look at the Ins and outs of the program and whether it’s a good platform to learn and thrive as an affiliate marketer.

What Is Six Figure Mentors?

Just as I mentioned above, Six Figure Mentors is an online training platform that you can work through that culminates into you participating as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is great because you never have to put up with the conventional business type issues like product returns, customer complaints, product shipping or holding inventory. Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek are the founders of Six Figure Mentors, both of which are successful affiliate marketers in their own right.

Along with Jay and Ross they are complimented with a staff of roughly 36 staff members which is a pretty sizeable work force for an online platform such as Six Figure Mentors. The 36 staff members are spread throughout the company to aid in 4 different sections, allowing for the optimal amount of support. These 4 sections are operations, content and design, support, and sales.

The “business system” offered through Six Figure Mentors comes with:

  • Need to know marketing education;
  • World class products;
  • Cutting edge tools;
  • Helpful support.

Six Figure Mentors provides everything you need to be successful online, and all you need to bring to the table is a working computer, and reliable internet connection, and your commitment to getting things done and yes from what I see a lotto money. Throughout the entire “about us” page on their website, you’ll notice disclaimers that are extremely transparent. They indicate that results will only be based on the amount of effort and commitment put into the program, which is true with affiliate marketing, as it takes time and commitment to build a successful business online.

Within the Six Figure Mentors program, Jay and Stuart also teach you how to promote their products such as the Six Figure Mentors offer. Their affiliate program is included with several different products and services that you can upsell on your site. Each product is a tool that will help expand and solidify your affiliate marketing knowledge and skills. I’ll go into more detail under training and tools.

Jay and Stuart supply you with templates to create your SFM promotional webpages, landing pages are also supplied completing the sale funnel which your prospective customers will be shuffled through.

Don’t start doing a happy dance quite yet, the unfortunate part about using generic content is that this content is used by the hundreds of other people following the same training, and may be flagged by Google as duplicate content. For anyone who has any experience with affiliate marketing you will know duplicate content infringements can kill your sites rankings if Google catches you using duplicate content. Not sure why experienced guys like Jay and Stuart would go this route bit of a head scratcher for sure.

That’s the first odd thing I noticed time to start digging deeper!

Tools, Training and Support Within Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors has created a step by step program based on a delivery model which they refer to as “micro-learning”. Basically all this means is your learning format has been broken down into a series of short videos and tutorials designed to help you avoid information overload and more retention. 

When you sign up for the Six Figure Mentor program you are assigned a personal Six Figure Mentors system consultant. Having what appears to be one on one help should make you feel special but like most program reviews that I do on programs that offer coaches these so called coaches are more like sales people who constantly push up sells on you which is the case with the Six Figure Mentor offer.

What I noticed with the sales pitches made by the personal consultant  were that they included tools and items that I assumed were included in the initial basic offer but to my dismay basic tools were not included!

Consultants in the Six Figure Mentor program are passed off as your “ personal trainer” and what they say should be followed if you hope to find success online which is why I find it a little disturbing that they would take your trust and use this opportunity to pitch up sells which you really don’t need in my opinion. 

The Digital Business Lounge platform is what you will be working with when you join on as a SFM member, which will include:

  • Websites;
  • Hosting;
  • Campaign tracking;
  • Customer acquisition tools.

What are considered to be necessary tools to perform affiliate marketing and achieve success using the SFM training platform I find out are not included in your membership but are extras that you will need to fork out more money for. The “Simple Lead Capture feature” will give you the ability to build your own landing page, instead of the pre-made template that Six Figure Mentors will provide. If you have a website I don’t know why you would need this feature, personally I have never used a capture page creation tool just as easy to create a website and posts.

The “Graphix Creator” is another up sell on the Six Figure Mentor website. This tool is utilized as a way to create a cover for any ebook or digital product of your own. By using this tool, you can create a cover from scratch in under 5 minutes.

“SimpleTrakk” will be your tracking device to see how your marketing efforts are going. It will track the clicks and conversations you get through your website and pages. It also has complete sales funnel tracking capabilities.

The above features I feel offer very little value and from my experience aren’t a requirement to get traffic or generate income from affiliate marketing. Google analytics and webmaster tools which are free can track website visitors right down to the type of demographics that your site is seeing in the way of gender, age and geographical locations of your visitors. Webmaster tools will show you stats on how well your posts rank and the type of traffic they are getting and click through you are getting from these posts. WMT will show you the flow of your visitors right throughout your website. With this knowledge you can create your own sales funnel quite easily.

99% of the time merchants that you affiliate yourself with will have stats such as how many clicks came through your site right down to how many sales impressions there were. Any major affiliate market place such as Shareasale, Click bank, Commission Junction or really any merchant will offer stats and tracking so the need for SimpleTrakk I feel isn’t needed.


Besides your personal Six Figure Mentors consultant that has been assigned to you, you’ll also have access to a few other forms of support with your membership.

Every week Six Figure Mentors offers webinars that feature a variety of successful leaders and members from Six Figure Mentors who teach and talk about their success, what works for them, and what you can do to get yourself to their level. Depending on the person speaking, this can be a pretty good venue for information gathering

Six Figure Mentors does offer live chat which is a nice option to have for support, as well SFM offers phone support and an ever expanding” knowledge centre” that gives you 24/7 access. In addition, upon joining the Six Figure Mentor program, you have access to the Six Figure Mentors private community.

SFM also offers a yearly conference for their top affiliates and leaders they call this conference “DEA Black”.

During the DEA Black conference, which is usually held at a 5-star resort, you will get the opportunity to chat one on one with many of SFM’s key players.  

Take note the whole conference thing sounds great but it comes with a hefty price tag, which I’ll talk about next.

What Is The Cost and Compensation Plan With Six Figure Mentors?

Where do I start? There are many potential costs associated with joining and reaching your full potential within the Six Figure Mentors program. To start, there are 3 different membership options, and a membership “add on”. As well, the option of going to the 5-star resort (which they call “DEA Black”) and chatting with all of the leaders and founders will cost you $20,000, ouch, really!

Free Trial – Affiliate Access

Cost: FREE

  • More so for an experienced affiliate marketer.
  • Does not include training of any kind.
  • Does not include support of any kind
Test Drive – Student Access

Cost: $25.00/month

  • Only includes affiliate tools for experienced marketers.
  • Live event recording.
  • Digital skills platform.
  • Platform introductory
  • Does not including training or support.
Essential Membership

Cost: $297 enrollment – $97/month

  • Affiliate Tools.
  • Digital Business platform.
  • Training and support.
Elite Add On

Cost: $2500/year

  • System setup certification.
  • Elite courses.
  • Exclusive webinars.
  • Increased income potential.

**Unfortunately the first 2 levels of membership include very little if any training or support, which means, if you’re new, you’d have to purchase the Essential Membership in order to really get anything useful out of the program in m opinion.


Six Figure Mentors was designed to teach you how to build a niche website and sell products off of it for commissions, but they really push for you to promote their products. They don’t really put the training focus on actually building your own niche website.

The tools I indicated above will be over and above costs that you need to account for, but if you promote these tools, along with the SFM memberships you have the potential to make commissions that may possibly offset your membership and tool costs.

 Take a peak below at the compensation payout structure:

Six Figure Mentors Compensation Plan
You’ll notice the above mentioned tools (Simple Lead, Graphix Creator, and Simple Trakk), first thought to be included with your Digital Business Lounge, have large monthly and yearly costs to both yourself and any customers you get to purchase them.

What I Like About Six Figure Mentors

  • The concept of building a website based on a specific niche audience is legit;
  • Lots of support and support comes in many different forms allowing you to choose what makes you more comfortable;
  • There is a free trial;
  • Company has been around for almost 8 years;
  • Six Figure Mentors website is very professional and easy to navigate;
  • Learning model is referred to “micro-learning” which does appeal to me. Breaking the modules down into small segments is a proven learning aid.

What Could Be Better About Six Figure Mentors

  • The SFM program promotes duplicating templates rather than teaching you how to create your own engaging, SEO rich content;
  • Way to many up sells and add ons pushed on you as “must haves” to succeed.
  • Free trial and even Test Drive ($25/month) don’t come with any training so I really don’t see what you are test driving, more of an open house type of deal;
  • The SFM program is geared towards teaching you how to promote the Six Figure Mentor offer but does very little in the way of teaching you how to promote your own niche idea. 
  • Consultant doesn’t appear to be assigned for helpful purposes more of a personal salesperson.
  • Not BBB accredited, no positive or negative reviews;
  •  The Essential Membership appears to be the only membership that offers any real value or opportunity. 
  • You have to pay to be their affiliate. I have never paid to be an affiliate for products that I promote, they pay me, thats what affiliate marketing is all about!

My Conclusion

The Six Figure Mentors program is touted by the creators as the” best out there” but the reality of it is this program is far from the best and comes with an insane sticker price two attributes that go together like oil and water.

You are coerced into buying tools that I myself have never used in a pretty successful career promoting products online as an affiliate marketer.

I have seen these types of offers before where you buy the rights to sell these tools to other people in the hopes that you will get commissions but very few are ever successful getting out from under the huge financial pressures they saddle themselves with.

I am giving the Six Figure Mentors program a [yasr_overall_rating size=”medium”].

I like the concept of what the Six Figure Mentors program is based on, affiliate marketing is a proven way to make a great living online, I have done it for years.

I don’t like the up sells and the personal coach thing this I feel is just a sales ploy that gets you to buy into products that you really don’t need. Not a fan of pre done templates in many cases these templates are overused and when trying to attract visitors to your site you want to stand out not look like everyone else.

So in conclusion I like the concept but not the delivery model it benefits the creators more than it will ever benefit you!



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