Stack That Money Review 2018 – Is The STM Forum Worth $99?

Stack That Money Review 2018 – Is The STM Forum Worth $99?

I hope my Stack That Money review will equip you with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision before you decide to fork out $99 of your hard earned money. I am not an affiliate for Stack That Money, to be honest I never found enough value in the forum to stick around and become an affiliate. Stack That Money requires that you spend at least 6 months in their forum or $594 to qualify as an affiliate, mind you,  this still doesn’t guarantee your acceptance into their affiliate program.

To be honest, Stack That Money’s affiliation requirements kind of got me thinking that they were consumed with the almighty dollar which is never a good sign when I start looking into a program. This really made me dig down and write an in-depth Stack That Money review. Is this forum all about the money or does it really offer members value? Read on and find out!

What is Stack That Money?

Simply put, Stack That money is a forum design to help affiliate marketers network and learn from fellow affiliate marketers. STM offers discounted access to affiliate marketing tools such as tracking services and spy ware that can check on competitors affiliate campaigns.

Unlike most affiliate marketing forums,  Stack That Money offers more than a space to just shoot the shit with other affiliate marketers. STM offers tutorials on how to get started in affiliate marketing and actual case studies from high profile affiliate marketers such as Charles NGO. Charles is a very accomplished affiliate marketer whom I had the privilege of collaborating with as part of a free ebook on finding success with affiliate marketing. So STM does have its upside if you get to rub elbows with people like Charles NGO.

Here’s a quick video that will help you understand what STM is all about….

 Stack That Money,  Is It A Forum For Beginners?

If you watched that video above you get the message loud and clear from STM that their platform is great for beginners. I totally disagree with STM’s claim that their platform is beginner friendly. Yes,  STM does offer a  “40 – day newbie guide” but really that’s the only thing I saw that was truly beginner friendly. I would say if anything the Stack That Money forum is best suited towards the intermediate marketer.

What Kind Of Info Will You Find Inside STM?

Stack That Money is a forum that focuses on many aspects of affiliate marketing, not all. What I found with STM was the community is primarily focused on paid sources of traffic generation which if you are a beginner is not something I would recommend until you really understand who your traffic is and how to convert that traffic. Here are a few benefits of joining Stack That Money…

  • Opportunity to connect with traffic source and network reps
  • Hook up with affiliate network managers
  • Affiliate lawyers and tax consultants are present to answer questions
  • Access to tracking experts and vendor sponsored discounts on their tools and services
  • STM helps organize global hangouts where you can network with other affiliate marketers
  • Opportunity to view traffic source case studies ( I found important details were left out of most case studies I viewed)
  • Access to guides that help you with outsourcing certain aspects of your affiliate business. Once again this wouldn’t be something I would recommend for a new affiliate marketer. Sourcing out is for affiliates that have their business rolling and want to scale up their business.

What I do find of value are discussions relating to the “changing environment” that all affiliate marketers face on a daily basis. For example current Facebook changes to their news feed and advertising guidelines are discussed as they happen which could potentially save you some coin if you are looking at Facebook as a paid source of traffic. I still don’t feel this info is worth hanging around and paying $99 a month for when you can get current affiliate marketing related info and rub elbows with seasoned affiliate marketers on a  multitude of FREE affiliate marketing platforms.

 Would I Pay $99 A Month For A STM Membership?

Nope! Here’s putting the Stack The Money forum membership cost into perspective. I have been participating as an affiliate marketer for several years now, since 2010. I have had quite a lucrative career online to date with many offers to contribute my thoughts and tips to various promotions and ebooks offered to the public. I am considered an expert author on many writing and marketing platforms so I can say from experience that,  although STM does offer some great opportunities to network and gain some valuable insight into traffic generation techniques for example you can find much of what they offer fro free elsewhere online.

I feel STM is still a forum where you need to be vigilant on who you are linking up with and what their ulterior motives may be. Many affiliate marketers look at the $99 monthly STM membership as a cost of doing business with the opportunity to make that $99 back ten fold by selling you their services and affiliated tools.  Some affiliate marketers can predatory in nature and no fee is going to stop certain members from gaining access to a captive audience eager to make it rich online. I feel forums in general are bad places for newbies to source information do to the opportunity forums offer less than ethical affiliate marketers.

I hope there was something you could take away from my Stack That Money review, if nothing else just be cautious if you join and don’t believe everything you hear. You need very little tools to create a great living online, I personally only use two tools that I pay for and they are a keyword tool and an auto responder.





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