Super Affiliate Network – Super Or Not So Super?

Super Affiliate Network – Super Or Not So Super?

Welcome to my super affiliate network review. Hopefully by the time that you have finished reading this review you will be equipped with the knowledge to make an informed decision on whether the super affiliate network offers any opportunities for your online money making aspirations or if it’s just another one of those super hyped up offers.

 Some Background On The Founder Of The Super Affiliate Network

The creator of the Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate marketer that goes by the name Misha Wilson. Misha got his start in affiliate marketing in his early twenties and by the time he hit his mid twenties was reportedly making a nice 6 figure income from his affiliate marketing endeavours. Through Misha’s Super Affiliate Network training platform Misha hopes to pass on the knowledge that he has acquired en route to a healthy annual income.


The Cost To Participate In The Super Affiliate Network?

The cost to participate in the Super Affiliate Network offer varies considerably.

  • Basic: entry without a trial will cost you $37 a month
  • Basic monthly with a $1-30 day trial: monthly membership plus trial is $47 .
  • Premium membership: $97 one time fee plus monthly basic membership fee. 
  • Yearly membership $297: This membership option can be made in 2 payments of $175 or 3 payments of $133.
  • Lifetime membership $497: Pretty self explanatory.

I will be honest the whole sign up process was a lengthy exercise in up selling. You will need a lot of patience to get through the sign up process and be vigilant to click on the “I am not interested in making millions” prompts at the end of every lengthy sales video and text.

What Do You Get With The Various Membership Offers?

Basic monthly membership $37 month:  includes a few little goodies such as access to the Profit Boosting Bootcamp, Done For You sales funnels designed to help you promote SFN  and monthly immersion coaching, one on one mentoring and the option to join the inner circle calls.

Basic monthly membership $47 a month: This is the same basic membership as the $37 membership they just tack on $10 a month if you take advantage of the trial offer.

Yearly membership $297: Super Affiliate Network also offers a yearly membership that includes all the previous components that a basic membership offers but works out to be a little cheaper, saves you roughly $100.

Lifetime membership is just that, lifetime access to SAN. With your lifetime membership you will receive a free pass into Super Affiliate Networks conference which takes place at SAN’s headquarters in Hawaii.

There are many more membership upgrades that you can tack onto your monthly membership option with varying price tags, not sure if these change but when I signed up there were quite a few.

Could You Make Money Using the super affiliate network?

The Super Affiliate Networks money generation technique uses a proven marketing technique called “email marketing”, SAN has primarily utilized a lead generating outfit called Solo ads to create the traffic you will need for you email campaigns. The programs primary focus is to give you the skill set to sell the various  Super Affiliate Network offers in the form of “rights to sell”,  in saying this the training that you receive at SAN  will work to sell any offer you decide to get involved in. In a nutshell yes you could make money using the training that the Super Affiliate Network offers.

How Does It All Work?

This is going to be a very simplistic explanation. Simply put SAN teaches you how to send out emails to prospective buyers which are given to you in the form of leads by an outfit called “Solo ads”. If a prospective buyer clicks on your email they are directed to a sales page which is created for you by the Super Affiliate Network. Sounds simple, well it’s not quite that simple but if you are new to affiliate marketing this gives you a very basic description of what you will be doing in the pursuit of an online paycheck with SAN.

Some of the Things I Did Like About SAN

  • Email marketing is a proven marketing technique commonly used by affiliate marketers.
  • One on one support usually via skype with a mentor.
  • Training could be used to sell any product not just the Super Affiliate Network.
  • SAN offers a pretty decent commission structure if you are willing to make a healthy investment to promote their program.
  • Very professional Training Videos offering some decent training in the area of Email Marketing.
  • Liked SAN’s Bootcamp

Some Of The Things I Didn’t Like About SAN

  • Too many upsells during the signup process
  • Lessons are locked until your mentor deems you are ready to advance, if you work fast you will more than likely find yourself waiting to start the next lesson until you can hook up with your mentor.
  • Relatively small facebook group used for support, less than 2000
  • Program focuses on a singular marketing technique not utilizing other valid and productive marketing strategies such as content marketing and social marketing.
  •  The SAN program can become costly if you want the opportunity to maximize your profits, you must use caution when deciding what licensing package you are going to buy into.
  • If you want the support of your mentor this will come in the form of skype sessions which can be difficult to coordinate in different time zones, I have heard from some past members that this was an obstacle and a reason why they quit.
  • There are many layers to the SAN offer, can be very confusing with an opportunity to get yourself into some financial difficulties if you don’t have a complete understanding of what you are doing.

 My final thoughts on the Super affiliate network

The Super Affiliate Network is a credible program that utilizes a proven marketing technique in the form of email marketing. Misha Wilson is a real life affiliate marketer with a proven track record,  not some fictional person behind an offer. Although I do feel this is a credible program and does offer some opportunity I would be hesitant to fully commit to a singular approach to marketing online. Not utilizing the power of Google and reach of social platforms I feel puts all your money making aspirations into one marketing basket and is something I wouldn’t feel comfortable relying on as my sole source of income.

Lastly I don’t feel this is really a program that I would recommend to beginners. It’s my opinion after joining SAN that you should have a solid background in Internet marketing and traffic generation in particular to optimize your full potential with this program.

It would be nice if SAN provided more of a balanced approach to making money online, one that incorporates email marketing with content marketing and social marketing, culminating in an effective marketing campaign that you could rely on and benefit from for many years to come.









50 Replies to “Super Affiliate Network – Super Or Not So Super?”

  1. Hi Mike,

    Super Affiliate Network sounds an interesting program.

    When I wanted to set up my first email campaign, I was looking to find information on Youtube videos. So, it could help me.

    I want to ask only one question:

    Does it recommend or teach any specific way to get targeted traffic?

    1. Hi Illias, yes Super Affiliate Network does offer training on using paid traffic sources such as Solo Ads to generate traffic. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment, cheers Mike.

  2. There are so many affiliate programs out there that the information and choices can be daunting. Thankfully, we have you to do the research for us and provide with some helpful information to make an educated decision on which company to go with. This Super Affiliate Program sounds ok for someone more experienced but it has too many levels and choices. As a newbie, I need a lot of support. Great information and very easy to understand.

    1. Hi Annie thanks for taking the time to leave your thoughts on my Super Affiliate Network review, have a great day MIke.

    2. Wow sorry to hear of your bad experience with the Super Affiliate Network. I hope you can take measures to get back the money in your PayPal account and clear things up. PayPal is usually pretty good with these types of things so that would be a good place to start. I had an issue like this while trying out a program and PayPal literally freezes the ability to do business on their platform until the problem is rectified to everyones satisfaction, that’s why I like using PayPal.
      This just doesn’t sound like good business to me, I am not high on the Super Affiliate program but I find it hard to believe SAN would risk a pretty profitable business by allowing this type of thing to happen. Wish you luck Diana, let me know how you make out and if I can help at all, cheers Mike.

  3. One of the things that really turns me off is upsells at any point.
    I like to know what the program offers and what I’m getting for my money.
    It costs money to make money but it really has to be worth it.
    I’m not so sure I could make money with this program so I most likely would not try it.
    What incentive is there to join?

  4. the program is a bit of the lower end in terms of quality. Email marketing is one way of making money online. It works fine as the people behind are interested in your products and want more information from you in the future.

    Email marketing work because the more you interact with your email subscriber the more they will trust you and will buy from you for this very reason.

    The Facebook members are low. This is the indication of 2 things they are not so successful as they claim to be. The members remaining there are just waiting to get more people in. A sort of a pyramid scheme.

  5. I’m always on the lookout for good content and training about affiliate marketing and making money online. Super Affiliate Network sounds like it may have some decent info and help, but specializes in mainly teaching affiliate marketing with email marketing. I think that is a great way to make money affiliate marketing, but there are many ways you can amplify your success with affiliate marketing outside of just email marketing.

    Having said that, i’ll take a peak at super affiliate network to see if its worth some good info on email marketing to grow my success with affiliate marketing.

    Great and informative info, thanks!

  6. Mike, I find SAN’s approach interesting. The focus on email marketing as a primary source of driving traffic to your offer is a true and tested means of making a sale.

    What I understand about solo ads is that this is paid traffic. Is it part of your SAN’s membership or do you need to pay solo ad vendors to drive traffic to your offer?

    1. Hi Dean, any ad activity that you engage in is on your dime, not part of your SAN’s membership cost.

  7. I have never heard of Misha and the Super Affiliate Network seems legit but the amount of upsells is too much, in my opinion. As someone who has been scammed several time on make money online products, there is no way that I can give SAN a chance if the signup process alone is bombarded with upsells and paying such a high price for one marketing strategy is not worth it at all, in my opinion

    1. Hi Rab thanks for stopping by. Since the time I signed up I get deluged with daily emails on different offers through Misha and Super Affiliate Network. Just for the record, Misha is a very accomplished internet marketer and does have a lot to offer experience wise,  but his program for me is pricey (as you work through it) and I really don’t think there is value the way the program is set up, I personally would like to know my exact path and total cost I am looking at,  I don’t want to get into something and run into the typically scenario I see happening with offers I review online,  and that’s up sells after up sells and extra costs for tools. Its quite typical to see low entry fees suck people in and then the outfits just start tagging on extra costs and before you know it you have invested a sizeable amount of cash for results that have no guarantee. Have a good one Mike.

  8. Misha Wilson is a really renowned internet marketer. I don’t understand why he would create such a product, making people to pay to become affiliate and force them to promote his product. A legit program should allow its members to apply the skills and promote any product they want.

    1. Hey Jerry thanks for stopping by! Misha Wilson is a very accomplished marketer but as I have seen played out over and over being a great marketer and helping people be great marketers doesn’t always follow the same path. On the topic Misha “forces them to promote his product”. If you join the Super Affiliate Network promoting it is the premise of your enrolment in the program so you do have a choice so I wouldn’t characterize it as forcing anyone, people have the choice to participate or not. I 100% agree with your comment you should be able to promote any product that to me is the essence of affiliate marketing and the only way in my opinion you will have the opportunity to make a crazy living.
      Having options and rolling with the next best thing is a great way to capitalize on trends and if you’re trying to flog something that is dying in popularity for example your business dies with it, I am always looking for quality products to promote online, why tie yourself to one product and hope that it has some shelf life!
      Nice site by the way Jerry, keep up the great work, cheers Mike.

    1. Thanks for your input Caroline, that’s a few billing concerns raised by people commenting on this review. If anyone else has experienced billing issues or any other issues or maybe even success with the Super Affiliate Network please leave your comments for others it may help someone.

    2. Hi Mike,
      I was a member of SAN for about 5 months back in 2016. I joined with excitement after being in another affiliate program for a couple of years after spending far too much money than any returns.

      SAN was sold as really making money on autopilot and getting 100’s of leads. I did the bootcamp training and had my coach….yeh right! the coach wasn’t a coach, they were just there to get you to up sell to PRO. I have to admit that PRO sounded really promising and in all honesty I did feel that it was something that could really work. So much did I believe in PRO that I even paid for a member who could not afford it. I’m not saying I was flushed with money but I honestly thought that I’d see a return from the member up selling PRO. Mad and BAD mistake on my part. It’s not that they weren’t promoting, it’s they too found that there commissions were pending and you ended up with more pending than you actual received.

      After feeling abandoned by my coach and spending even more money on the co-op marketing only to have your leads being assigned to other members and then your commissions pending on the majority of your leads I decided it was time to jack it in.

      I stopped promoting SAN because one thing for sure is to use ‘You get a coach’ as a selling point is in my opinion not a reason to join.

      Their support team is via email only and half the time they don’t reply or say they don’t have your email. (Please also note it’s was only one person on support)

      So, I wouldn’t recommend anyone to join

    3. Thanks for taking the time to pass on your experiences with the Super Affiliate Network Annie. Unfortunately in many cases that I have seen with programs that offer a personal mentor or one on one support they are quite often used as salesman for the company up selling company products to the members instead of actually assisting members without any alternative motives like selling products that may not actually be needed. Have a great day Annie thanks for stopping by, cheers Mike.

  9. Hey Mike. Thanks for the review.. saved me from buying this program.. I really would like to work from home but I’m drifting away from affiliate marketing… I read that if you have to pay for it, it is probably a scam. Also all the ones I look up I research and it states don’t try it.. I was wondering if there are any email processing jobs or link posting jobs legit or those are scams too??

    1. Hi Karissa I will start by saying don’t give up on trying affiliate marketing it is the most proven method to make money online all the online merchants need affiliates to get their products infant of as many customers as possible, I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2010 and it has provided me with a great living nothing scammy about that.
      Yes you are right you shouldn’t have to pay to promote any product there are literally hundreds of thousands of online merchants willing to pay huge commissions and huge affiliate market places that you join for free that offer hundreds of online products all under one roof. Market places like Click Bank, Commission Junction, Shareasale, JV Zoo, Rakuten Linkshare, Market Health and so many more, the ones I listed I belong to and have done quite well selling various products from.
      Before you give up on affiliate marketing try out some free training and see what you think you will work with me to find a niche that you can make money in and build a website to promote your niche products. If you still feel you want to go another route then you simply leave no strings attached.
      I do advise against link dropping that is a real farce as far as I am concerned same as the email processing opportunity. I have reviewed a few of these site now and they are more hype than actual opportunity and they end up costing you money for the opportunity.
      Back to affiliate marketing, to participate as an affiliate marketer there are costs but very minimal costs. You will eventually need to pay for hosting services for your website and access to a keyword tool and register a domain name (website name). Domain name registry is roughly $14 a year, hosting and keyword tool runs around $50 a month but that’s it nothing else is required and you can make that in a minute in commissions once you are up and running.
      Here’s access to the free training have a look and see if it will work for you and like I said I am there to help free of course!
      Free Training Click Here
      Have a good one Karissa and if you find another opportunity that interests you by all means stop by and I will give you my opinion on the program or product, cheers Mike.

  10. I just cancelled my Super Affiliate Network account. This is my review:

    No I don’t think it’s a scam. From what I can see it is legit. However…they will try and sell you the up sell to go to pro membership. Throughout their “training” they put in plugs for pro membership. They give you a “business coach” to help you along the way. My coach didn’t do anything for me but give me passwords to my training videos. The second call I had with him I was told would be a call about how I am doing in the boot camp and about where my focus is and my goals and the who 20 mins phone call was an up sell to the pro membership. Unless your a pro member they don’t help you with anything. I was an annual member for nearly 2 months and had to figure everything out on my own. They tell you to tune in the the webinar calls. Which is pretty much and top member’s motivational speech about not quiting. Has no real value in the actual marketing of anything although they claim it does.

    I’ve spent over $1,700 in advertising for them. That’s two months pay for me. I spend an average of 5 hours a night 5 -6 nights a week in advertising and training. In 90 day’s I made a total of $318.19. $317.49 of which I made just before they changed platforms and it somehow got lost because it didn’t transfer to the new account. They tell you to go to support for stuff like that which makes sense but from my experience and from comment’s I’ve read on their Facebook from other members, any emails that have to do with commissions and not getting paid don’t get answered.

    Yes, people are making money with this program. But if your a little guy like me don’t waste your money or your time. They don’t care and you’ll be better off not joining.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a much better program. Although you can promote them they aren’t an MLM like Super Affiliate Network. I used to be a member of them too but I had to leave. They give you the training you need to be an affiliate marketer but it’s up to you to find companies to be affiliates with and promote their products. They also give you a free website. Having no success with Super Affiliate Network or Click Bank, I decided I didn’t want to waste time with wealthy affiliate either.

    1. Hi Chris pretty good review! Super Affiliate Network is a pretty pricey program if you need to go pro for any opportunity of making some decent money that’s for sure. In my review one of the negative aspects, actually the main reason why the Super Affiliate Network ranked as low as it did was simply their up selling of the pro membership was over the top in my opinion. Assigning a coach to you sounds like a very good deal who doesn’t want one on one coaching but like most programs that do this sort of thing it really is just an opportunity to have a direct link to put pressure on you to buy into their upgrades.
      You mentioned Wealthy Affiliate in your comment which is a program that has received “approved program status”. To date I have about 10 programs that have met what I consider to be the minimum requirements for giving you an opportunity in some fashion to make money online.
      Wealthy Affiliate tops that list with the largest and most diverse internet marketing training platform in the industry and yes you are correct they are not an MLM you don’t join WA to promote them, you absolutely can promote WA many do and make a great living at it but they are all about teaching people to promote any product online as well as MLM’s or even the Super Affiliate Network if you so choose.
      You also mentioned that its up to you to find affiliate companies to promote while you are very correct in saying this it’s not the case if you join WA under a member who knows what they are doing.
      Finding a niche (product to promote) is by far the hardest part of what WA teaches in my opinion. I am actually a member at WA and work with quite a few new and experienced members. To help people I work with I have created some resources to help in the ares of finding profitable niches as well as work directly with members while they make their way through what I consider to be the most critical process to finding success online.
      I help with keyword research to determine what niche has potential and follow members I work with throughout the whole process.
      Once you have a niche it’s as easy as taking your niche for example “pet supplies” and just doing a quick Google search by adding “affiliate programs” to your niche which in this case is pet supplies which looks like this “affiliate programs pet supplies” anyone reading this comment give it a try!
      What you will find are tons of affiliate programs offered by merchants looking for affiliates, what their payouts are and what their terms of promotion are from there its a simple process of determining what merchant or merchants you want to align yourself with.
      You can do this with any niche/product you want.
      I have pooled together quite a bit of supplemental training that will offer WA members a more streamlined training option. If your interested Chris try out the free starter membership, you don’t pay a dime and in your case who wants to through away more money. Check out my profile which shows my real time engagement with members I work with, free or premium members they all get my full attention. Unlike most internet marketing programs Wealthy Affiliate has a zero up selling policy your either a free or premium member with no other fees or tools required other than a domain registry (website name) which is roughly $14 a year.
      If you still don’t think WA is your thing check out some of the other programs on my approved list, cheers Mike.

    1. Robert, Robert, Robert!
      The Internet my friend is the wrong place to come if you are in need of cash fast best way to do that is find some type of job offline, definitely don’t be looking online.
      The internet is full of people that are very good at telling you what you want to hear, make money fast no effort required that sort of stuff but it’s not real. Making money online takes effort and time and that I am certain of. I have reviewed hundreds of programs and products to date and there are just a handful that can actual deliver on what they promise and those are the ones that do tell you upfront that it takes time and effort to make money online, so unless you are willing to except those conditions then you have better odds of getting from point “A” to point “B” on the subway with a 100 dollar bill hanging out of your back pocket than you do not losing more money than you make online.
      Have a good one Robert and good luck. Feel free to run any offer by me first and I will give you my perspetive cheers Mike.

  11. I have not requested or approve you taking funds from my account above the 37.00. Please refund all of my funds immediately. D. Taylor

    1. Hello D, I think you want to submit that request to the Super Affiliate Network this is just a review of their program but I and I am sure my readers would love to hear the circumstances that led to the situation you find yourself in. Always contact the company first through the appropriate channels and if you still have an issue drop me a line and I will help you find the right channels cheers Mike.

  12. Thanks for the detailed review.
    Has anyone got scammed in this system.
    I am in the system and want to know some honest opinion if they have been scammed.

    1. Hi Matthew I don’t think you will get scammed from the Super Affiliate Network but what you need to stay clear of is up sells, stick to the basic offer and see where that takes you. Internet marketing programs will suck the money out of you if your not careful. If Super Affiliate Network can’t produce results with their entry level offer then cut your loss and move on don’t gamble on more is better or will produce better results, it won’t!
      Have a great day, Mike.

  13. well done
    the design is good and simple , i liked that brief learning about affiliate marketing ,This is a really good overview of what affiliate marketing is. It seems like this platform covers everything for a beginner to start seamlessly as they even provide two free websites
    best of luck

  14. Hey, thanks for your feedback on this affiliate network program. I have never heard of this network in particular, but this seems to be the run of the mill cash grab. Your review was very helpful in spelling out pros and cons of this particular network.

    For any newbie wanting to make money online it does seem to have the tools and training needed. Yet they focus on up selling right out the gate so this is what I dislike. It makes the newbies feel that they’re getting hustled before they make any income. If the newbie desides to stay with this network the email training will definitely help them out in the long run.

    1. Hi JJ, Up selling is a pet peeve of mine for the simple reason I feel it plays on the lack of knowledge that newcomers to the online money making game have. Up sells are in many cases pitched as you got to have this when the reality of making money online is that you need very few tools, I personally only use a keyword tool and a website to make money online. Thanks for the comment JJ have a great day, Mike.

  15. I’ve been involved with several ‘Make Money On Line’ sorts of schemes, and they’ve all leaned heavily on upselling me, the enticement being something like, ‘you’re now ready to advance’, or ‘for the specialized training you need, we’ll schedule you with our leader’. All of these upsell events were moderate to really expensive. Super Affiliate Network sounds like another one I’ll avoid, due to their attitude towards their buyers. In my searches for the information I’d need to begin making money on the net, I’ve stumbled across Wealthy Affiliate, the group you mentioned, and I like very much that there are zero upsells, and you can stay at their free level as long as you like. Thanks for your review!

    1. Thanks Bobby for your comment. You have raised some very valid points about up selling in programs. Not knowing your end cost is upsetting to say the least which is the reason I do endorse Wealthy Affiliate and their no upsetting policy, you get everything you need to create an online business and start making money. Have a great day Bobby, cheers Mike.

  16. Hi Mike

    Interesting program, seems like their main method of earning is email marketing. I truly believe you need a website for a sustainable long-term online business.
    Emails can become annoying, I am on so many lists and some of these marketers email offers to me 3 times a day!! Way over the top. And despite what they say, you need a massive list to earn a really good income. Although I do email marketing, I prefer building websites and providing value through that medium.
    All the best

    1. Hi Minhaj, yes getting on someones email list is almost a given these days you should see the ones I get I join these programs then get put on their up sell lists where they pitch more products and must have items pretty frustrating for sure. On the flip side if you are a marketer they do have some effectiveness but you are right they need to be used with some discretion just spamming people will not lead to much success or sales to be more exact.

      Many new marketers jump right into emailing and put very little effort into a website when the proper way to utilize email marketing should be undertaken by investing the time into creating a good website right from the start and then from their offer something free or a newsletter subscription for example, something that will capture an email address and then offer related products but first you need to capture email addresses from visitors that are targeted not random internet traffic that isn’t interested in your offer. Have a good one Minhaj thanks for stopping by!

  17. Hi Mike! Really intriguing review on the super affiliate network. I totally agree with you especially the part where there is a lot to marketing other than email marketing such as SEO and social platforms! Overall, I find it really easy to understand and looking forward to your next post!

    1. Thanks Fernglow, I am glad you enjoyed the review and got something out of it, cheers Mike.

  18. I’ve been doing internet marketing for only a few months. It takes a while to weed through what I believe to be scams. I wasn’t sure if super affiliate network would be something that I would be interested in because I was too worried about having to purchase up sells to get the real value out of a program.

    Thanks for spending time investigating for me. It makes my work much easier.

    1. Hi Brian, unfortunately Up selling is a big part of online training programs they get you in with a cheap introductory price and then when you are hooked they start to charge for everything under the sun there is only one that has a no upsetting policy and that’s Wealthy Affiliate that’s why I have supported thereby giving them my endorsement over the years, good luck Brian, cheers Mike.

  19. While there are a lot of scams out there this does not sound like one of them. However, knowing what I know about internet marketing from ten years of being in the business, this doesn’t sound like a great fit for most people.

    I think anybody with some experience under their belt would shy away from this program. To many upsells can be a real turn off.

    Now, clicking over to your personal pick for online work, Wealthy Affiliate, sounds like a much better program. Anybody reading about Super Affiliate Market should just clock over to your Wealthy Affiliate review and sign up. Hard to beat a free start up program and only one upsell to a premium membership.

    1. Hey TD, thanks for your thoughts on the Super Affiliate Network offer, couldn’t agree with you more, cheers Mike.

  20. Thanks for the in depth post, I was always wondering, if those make money online offers are a scam or not. Also thanks for your honest article including both the pros and the cons as well! The prices and the option of a trial seem to be quite ok as well, I might give it a shoot!


    1. I am glad you found my Super Affiliate Network review helpful, have a great day Niklas, cheers Mike.

  21. Gotta love those, “I’m not interested in making millions” prompts, Mike. LOL

    I do like the focus on email marketing. It is an area that I could probably do a little bit better on. But as a comprehensive online marketing course, it does appear to be a little lacking. The website / landing page seems to be done for you, so there is no training on website building, content creation, SEO, etc.

    As you said, Mike… there are better options out there.

    1. Hi Andy, Thank you for leaving your thoughts on the Super Affiliate Network program. Have a great day Mike.

  22. I know why companies like this love upsells- to get more money out of you, but I think they’d do a lot better by offering one simple high value package at one price. It’s less confusing and a more honest and upfront way to do business.

    As a beginner I’m looking for step by step and systamatic training course that will help me build a new online business from the ground up. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Simon I appreciate you taking the time to comment. Unfortunately up sells are a big part of the revenue base that internet marketing training programs rely on for their survival, yes it is a little shady when you get hit with all the extras and you can almost count on this happening. There is one program that I recommend that I actually used my self to build an online income that has a zero up sell policy. The program I am talking about is called Wealthy Affiliate. WA offers only two levels of membership, free and premium which costs $49 a month for everything they offer no extra costs and every thing you will need to run an online business.

  23. Hi Mike!

    It seems that on the surface is a pretty ok training program and I have now read both positive and slightly negative reviews on the product.

    My alarm bell rings a little when I see multiple price tags for various training options, who knows where your costs Will actually bottom out at, that’s scary to me on a limited income.


    1. I totally get it Steen you need to know what your total costs for training or any money making opportunity especially if you have a tight budget it could make the difference between success and failure. Learning how to create an income online shouldn’t cost you much at all if anything. Paying for help that you should get for free with training or paying for a tool that is a necessity for success online isn’t right.

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