The Guaranteed Profit System – High Priced Trap?

The Guaranteed Profit System – High Priced Trap?

Cost: Free/well not really free

Founder: Multiplex System Inc

Established: 2006


Today I’ll be reviewing the Guaranteed Profit System, better known as the Guaranteed Profit System Funnel. I’ll give you my usual unbiased, and unfiltered perspective on GPS and determine if the Guaranteed Profit System Funnel is something that is worth your investment in time and money.

In this Guaranteed Profit System review I will dig into how this offer technically works and how you may benefit or maybe lose by investing your hard-earned cash.

GPS has a parent company called the National Wealth Center which I reviewed some time ago so you can check it out through that link I just dropped or stay here and I will give you a quick recap on what that program is all about.

I hope you enjoy my Guaranteed Profit System Funnel Review. Like always I welcome any questions or comments that you have which you can leave me at the bottom of this review. If you have a private question you can always contact me one on one through my “contact me page”, have a great day and I hope you enjoy my Guaranteed Profit System review, cheers Mike.

What Is The Guaranteed Profit System.

The Guaranteed Profit System is actually a crafty marketing system, or what we affiliate marketers call a funnel, for a company called National Weath Center.

National Wealth Center promotes and sells a robust library of digital products on disciplines such as self development aids, digital fitness products, and the digital products for the entrepreneur. Ideally, they sell audio and video educational products that are designed to equip you with the tools and skills to run a home business.

Multiplex System incorporated is a different company owned by the same CEO as National Wealth Center, Peter Wolfing. Multiplex System Inc focuses on developing products for people involved in multi-level marketing or Network Marketing opportunities.

Long story short, Multiplex Systems created Guaranteed Profit System funnel to help capture or funnel traffic into the National Wealth Center program. It’s a RCA system designed to drive prospects to join National Wealth Center. The company calls it a rotator funnel which is a common term used in the MLM industry, really just a techy name for sales funnel.

When you buy into into the Guaranteed Profit System, you’re really just buying into the National Wealth Center, so I figured you’d want to know a little about where your eventually going to wind up when the smoke clears.

Who Is National Wealth Center?

National Wealth Center has over 300,000 registered students, and they sell membership packages for self development starting at $25 a month.

As I mentioned earlier NWC offer products such as the Fitness Advantage for $50 a month and Digital Entrepreneur which comes with a steep price tag of $100 a month.

NWC also offers a few products for people who like to live in the fast lane and don’t mind throwing out some hard-earned cash, here are a few more products that NWC offers:

  • Relationship Edge for $250;
  • Wealth Advantage for $1000;
  • Network Marketing for $3500; or
  • The Vault for $7500.

National Wealth Center also offers an affiliate program, which is really their end game and what you would use the Gaurenteed Profit System funnel for, people wanting to make money by referring people to NWC with the hopes that they will make purchases of NWC courses and recruit more people into the NWC program.

In order to be an affiliate, you do have to purchase the associated product that you’re want to sell. And in order to utilize the funnel, you have to buy into at least the $25 package. This is quite typical of offers like what NWC promotes. Usually you get what they call 100% commissions off products you purchase, basically you are buying the licensing rights to these products and will get a full commission.

In my opinion this is the worst type of affiliate offer. People get sucked into buying these products that they really wouldn’t use themselves but buy in just for the right to earn commissions. The problem with this type of offer is, affiliates for companies that offer these types of higher cost products don’t discriminate on who they suck into thinking they are going to make huge commissions by buying into these high priced products. If you aren’t a very skilled affiliate marketer going into a program like NWC and buy these pricey products with the hopes of reselling them you are going to lose your shirt and maybe even your pants!

NWC affiliates make it sound so easy but trust me it’s not, to sell high ticket items like NWC offers you need to be very convincing and really know how to market online, if that isn’t you then I would advise to get some affiliate marketing training first, I actually advise you acquire some marketing training if you are looking to make any money online, it’s the best investment you will ever make.

Get Your Free Affiliate Marketing Training Here!

National Wealth Center Courses

Self Development

This course is all about pursuing personal development and understand what a small amount of your own time, money, and energy into yourself will give you in return in terms of more courage, self-discipline and a better life.

Fitness Advantage

You’ll receive life essentials and complete fitness and lifestyle healthy meal plan, workout plans, fitness empowerment and motivation to help you in your health journey.

Digital Entrepreneur

This course comes with e books, audios, videos, affiliate programs, membership sites and more to learn how to leverage the power of the internet and generate the income necessary to create a better life.

Relationship Edge

You’ll learn how to shift your operation system and get the training you need to reinvent and elevate your understanding and performance today.

Wealth Advantage

This comes with e book library, ability to browse topics such as house flipping basics, home business taxes, the best investment ideas and so much more. You’ll gain access to advanced trading strategies and learn how you can benefit from market trends and fluctuations as well as 15 traffic generation video training modules.

Network Marketing Edge

This course will teach you the A-Z of how to achieve massive success on and offline in the network marketing industry.

The Vault

This course contains a muscular library full of e books, software, hundreds of hours of audio and video training modules. There is 2 decades of wisdom and knowledge in several billion dollar niches, including self development, fiances, network marketing, health and fitness, building your credit, the stock market, investing, real estate and so much more.

These products are decent but like I said earlier, if your intention is to sell these products you need affiliate marketing experience, if you are buying these for your own personal development then there is some good info and value in the NWC products.

Back To The Guaranteed Profit System.

As I mentioned above, The Guaranteed Profit System is what is referred to as a rotator funnel.

A rotator is when a sale / sign up occurs within the system and it’ll constantly rotates to another member within the system instead of sign under a specific person.

Everyone that buys into the rotator system gets a fair share of the sales/sign ups.

The Guaranteed Profit System is exclusive to a specific group within the National Wealth Center program and is not for just any NWC members benefit.

The Guaranteed Profit System rotator funnel has no cost itself, but in order to utilize it within the National Wealth Center program you do have to purchase a course with National Wealth Center.

National Wealth Center Compensation Plan

Remembering that NWC uses a rotator style sign up process which affects how their compensation plan works this is how it all plays out for its members.

To put it simply, once you have bought in, for every odd numbered person you recruit (1,3,5,7…), you get commission from these referrals. For every even person you recruit (2,4,6,8….) it gets passed up to the company or your sponsor.

You have to have purchased a course to gain access to commissions. If one or your recruits purchases a course that you have yet to “unlock” the commissions pass by you until they hit either the company or a person in your down line who has “unlocked” that particular course. This is where NWC sets the hook, who wants to pass up a possible commission? Most will get bitten by the greedy bug and buy in with the hopes of not missing out and this is where you stand to really lose money. Instead of being patient and seeing how it all works people feel they need to go all in when they are only holding a pair of 2’s, see where I am going? People new to NWC should just collect commissions and build up their war chest first and once they see how it all works and gain knowledge first then expand your offer, remember you need to sell these products.

Of course NWC highly encourages you to unlock most if not all courses where possible to avoid missing out on commissions, go figure!

What Can You Expect For Support

When you sign up, if you don’t already have a sponsor, they will provide one for you, typical of MLM’s. You can find their name and email address on your dashboard.

They also have a free Facebook Group where you can ask questions, get support, and get updates on events and other Member benefits. Facebook groups aren’t the best form of support, not even close to be honest.

NWC also offers training calls, where you can join a weekly call to find support with regard to questions or concerns, as well as updates within the company itself.

In addition, National Wealth Center has Freedom League Events, and a calendar to display when they take place. It includes some affiliate training, team calls, live events, and business opportunity presentations. As I mentioned earlier you are best to go into offers like NWC with affiliate marketing experience before you start paying out large sums of money for the right to resell.

What I Like About The Guaranteed Profit System

  • 100% commissions if you have the knowledge and experience to move sell these products online;
  • Support is decent;
  • Income potential is good if you have affiliate marketing background;

What I feel Could Be Improved

  • Have to sign up with National Wealth Center to utilize the Guaranteed Profit System;
  • Focus is predominantly on recruitment, and doesn’t really focus on selling their products;

  • Have to purchase courses with NWC to even be eligible to make commissions.
  • Misleading to think that the funnel is free, but you cannot use the funnel without purchasing courses with NWC.
  • Most courses with the pricing structure are going to be a tough sell.

My Guaranteed Profit System Review Wrap Up

All in all, what I really see is a funnel that looks good on the surface but in the end hooks you into trying to flog high ticket products that have limited appeal and will be a hard sell. I have promoted and sold countless products in my affiliate marketing career over the years and I know how hard it is to sell a $7 product never mind a product that is going to cost people hundreds of dollars. Ask yourself this question, what does it take to make you open your wallet for someone you don’t know?

By using a rotator formula, they are able to disguise what would originally be a network marketing system with a somewhat lineal system. Instead of recruits stacking directly below, they stack to the side and then below. I don’t see how this can really be helpful in the end, regardless of how large the system grows, when one person stops paying the monthly dues, the down line quickly begins to deteriorate.

Compared to building your own online business organically, The Guaranteed Profit System doesn’t really match up or offer long term financial security in my opinion.

I welcome your thoughts, comments or any questions you may have. You can leave a comment or question at the bottom of this page or contact me in private through the “contact me page” on this site, have a great day Mike.

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