Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content That Ranks!

Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content That Ranks!

writingDo you want to have a successful website? Follow these simple tips for writing website content and you will be well on your way to generating high traffic and a loyal following.

What is the importance of writing quality website content? Website content is the backbone of your online business. If you don’t have easy to read meaningful website content then you will not keep people coming back for more!

Here are a few tips for writing website content.

Give Your Readers What They Came For!

Stay relevant to what you have advertised with your title. Nothing turns people off more than clicking on a link and getting to a site just to find a selling page or content that has very little relationship to what your title suggests. In my mind I have given you a promise with my title, ” Tips For Writing Website Content”. My job now is to deliver on my promise and at the end you will be the judge!

Strategical Use Of Breaks

Probably  one of the most important tips for writing website content that I can give you is the implementation of breaks in your text. If I would have just lumped the last 150 words all into one big paragraph I would of lost your attention . Breaks in text allow the writer the opportunity to keep the reader’s attention.  Look around the web and check out some popular websites. Some of the good websites keep your attention unlike some of the crappy websites that you land on all you see is a sea of text, I know what I think when I see a mass of text, WOW! I don’t have time to read all this stuff.  In reality you are reading all that stuff just in a different format when you incorporate breaks into your post.

Use keyword Rich Headers

This topic ranks right up there in my tips for writing website content. The use of keyword rich headers not only helps to organize thoughts but helps your post rank with search engines (SEO). The use of keyword rich headers to organize your content offers many uses such as creating breaks in text with style.  Keep to a header size no smaller than a h1 or h2.  I also suggest the odd time jazzing up your headers with a little italics, colour and underlining.


red buttonPay special attention to this tip for writing website content.

When to use color and when you should avoid color is difficult. The rule of thumb that I was taught is RED MEANS STOP! Red will draw attention but red has always been associated with alarm and will trigger a negative impulse studies have shown.

If you want to draw attention to a scam or something negative then red can be used,  but use it sparingly. Blue is a soothing color, but once again should be used in moderation. The bulk of your text, 99.9% should be black text on white. Simple black on white text will keep your reader’s attention without the distraction that a bright colour will bring, bright colours will actually irritate your readers which has also been proven in many studies. Color is used in links so that they stand out. If you used masses of colour in your text then all text will look the same and call to actions would lose their intended effect, your reader would have a hard time differentiating what is important and what isn’t.

Bold Is Beautiful

Bold is beautiful and should be used when you really want to draw attention and make a statement. This once again is a great technique to utilize when writing content for a website that ranks but should be used in moderation. Overuse of bold or italics will not achieve the desired effect it will actually have the adverse effect and cheapen your content. The debate is still on whether bold will help your SEO I am on the side of the non believers when it comes to the effectiveness of using the bold option as a SEO tool, I look at it more of an awareness tool.

Give Your Paragraphs The Wow Factor!

Using descriptive headers for your paragraphs captures your reader’s attention and spurs them on to want more! Use at the minimum a h2 header font and give it some style with italics,  also make it bold, this has the tendency to make your header look meatier and gives it that little bit of pop. I prefer h1 headers when they fit nicely, I don’t like to use a big font when it spans your header over two lines, looks a little clumsy. Yes, just like the one above lol! If this happens maybe do like I did and centre the header.


I guess all these tips for writing website content are important but this is in the top three! Not only will images stimulate your readers and really bring a message home,  but Google also loves the use of images on your websites ( if you add a description or a caption when you are in edit mode and downloading your image) This will add some SEO to your images. Like your writing,  try and keep your images relevant and stay clear of cartoons if possible. Cartoons although humorous for the most part will take away from the effectiveness of your post and usually have royalty issues associated with using them on your website.

Overuse Of Keywords In Writing Content That Ranks

This is hands down my #1 pick for the most important of my tips for writing website content!

Any new Internet marketer will struggle with this one. Even seasoned marketers struggle with how and when to get their keys words in their blogs. I have read many posts on many websites and some are just ridiculous! These post may rank high and get you to the site because of their position in Google but once you get there and start reading there is nothing but a rehashing of keywords that don’t even complete a thought and quickly lose the reader. Guess what? I never go back to that site. You must implement your keywords strategically. They must be added so that your message flows and makes sense, this is the hardest part for writers on the web.

Ask For Comments, You Need Comments!

Comments are probably single handedly the most underrated traffic generation tool that can quite easily be utilized if you only knew about their effectiveness, well today is your lucky day! Always ask for reader engagement not just for the simple reason you should want to know what you are doing well and what not so well,  but because comments have huge ranking or SEO power and spur on even more visitor interaction.

Comments in Googles eyes are the best type of content which demonstrates that your readers are being engaged and that you are offering content that interests readers, Google will reward your content with favourable rankings. Not only does Google see comments as content,  but in most cases your comments that are being generated are very keyword rich and very relative to the topic your discussion.

Using Keywords To Write Website Content That Ranks

Let’s be honest,  for anyone to get a chance to read your post you need to optimize your content with keyword usage, but it needs to be done tastefully and with meaning. My keyword phrase for this post is ” Tips For Writing Website Content” My challenge was to implement this keyword phrase in a way that I could give you the reader my knowledge on writing quality website content that ranks without you realizing that I was using a certain phrase. Well, did I achieve my goal? If you would like more on how to use keywords check out my post on ” How To A Use Keyword”

I hope this post on Tips For Writing Website content will help you build a following. Any questions or comments are always welcomed. If you would like to learn all aspects of blogging you might want to check out the program that I used to gain my knowledge on blogging and create websites like the one you are on now. Read more on the program that will make you into a star blogger here!







13 Replies to “Tips for Writing Awesome Website Content That Ranks!”

  1. Great post, Mike! I’ve been writing for 5 years or so, but mostly freelance. Only recently have I begun working on my own websites, which are still a work in progress. What you said about using breaks makes a lot of sense, as I tend to struggle with that. I think I do it because I have a tendency to ramble longer on a particular topic than I probably should. As a result, my paragraphs are often longer than they should be. I’ve been working on that and I think I’m getting better, but I’ve definitely seen better writers.


    1. Thanks for commenting Mark, I have also been writing content for years and the urge to keep writing when you are on a roll is hard to get past but in the end you want someone that comes to your site to look at your content and feel they can read it quite quickly. People see large blocks of text and they feel they don’t have the time to read it.

      If you spread the text out it still has the same word count yet looks more inviting.

  2. Mike: Nice web page on writing good content. I agree with everything you have written about on this page. I think the hardest thing is incorporating keywords that will get the page ranked in google. I have tried to do this as you point out in your web page. I need to go back and look at some of my text to make sure I haven’t over used bold words or the use of any red text. You made a good point of this in your text. I think your web page is a must read for anybody starting out writing content. Good luck with your website!

  3. Thank you for the advice! I always forget about using color in the text itself – I’ll be reviewing my blog posts and proofing them with your advice in mind. Keyword integration within the post IS difficult, but I’m glad to hear I’m not alone. What is your recommendation on how long the articles should be? And should you really use red in the text? I know it means “stop,” but I feel it could make things seem awkward if there are too many colors within the text. Any help would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Chase, for SEO purposes your post should be between 1000 and 1500 words. You can use red and other colts for your text but use as minimal as possible, the bulk of your text should be black on white. Hope that answered your questions Chase, have a good one Mike.

  4. Mike; your post is awesome! I enjoy reading every word in it. I must admit that it is helpful if the principles you pointed out is followed.

    I agree with you to give to your reader what they visit your site for.

    And of course like anything else, people need to catch their breath when reading. It will be in the writers benefit when keywords are used through out the post. Great article.

    Are you saying that there is no stopping to making money online when these principles are followed?

    1. Hi Dorcas, yes, that’s exactly what I am saying. There is no limit to how much money you can make online if you can create and produce quality content on a set schedule. this will drive traffic to your affiliate offers for many years to come.

  5. Hey Mike,

    Thanks so much for your tips on writing website content! I often forget about stuff like red letters and strategic breaks.

    Also, I didn’t realize how much Google likes comments. I’ll definitely be providing more ways for comment engagement on my website. Do you know if comment length matters to google? I tend to have a lot of people who come in with longer comments as responses to my posts and I’m wondering if those rank different than shorter responses.

    Thanks for sharing your expertise!

    1. Hi Lizzie just want to say thanks for stopping by. In a way length of comments is relevant because Google sees comments as content so the longer the better. Have a good one Mike.

  6. Hey Mike
    I enjoyed reading your article. I liked the most the part about the use of colors in the post. I didn’t pay attention to it before but it does make sense. I think I need to rethink the colors on my website as I love bright colors but this is overwhelming for my visitors. I just wanted to create vivid and joyful blog but when it comes to bright colors I think less is definitely more 🙂 thanks again! I hope I will improve the experience of my users.

    1. Your welcome Arta I am glad you stopped by and got something out of this post, have a good one Mike.

  7. I have struggled trying to get my content to rank to know avail, I will give some of your tips a go and let you know how I made out.

    Great blog, continue the good work!

    1. By all means Denis apply some of the techniques that I have mentioned and see how they work for you. You can get more free info from the program where I received my training here, won’t cost you a penny, cheers Mike.

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