Udemy Scam- Or Just Poor Internet Marketing training?

Udemy Scam- Or Just Poor Internet Marketing training?

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What Is Udemy?

Udemy was launched in 2010 so as the Internet world  goes it’s been around for a while. Udemy is a video based tutorial platform that offers a variety of material covering a broad range of topics. Udemy outsources all of it’s material in other words it pays people on a commission basis to produce video tutorials which the providers set the price for their services and Udemy and the providers split the proceeds.

 Cost For Internet Marketing Training at Udemy?

Unfortunately the answer to the question of “what Internet Marketing training will cost you at Udemy” is not that simple. The courses I took varied from $15- $99.  There are many great individual courses offered at Udemy which vary in cost from free to $499 in the Internet marketing category.

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 What I Didn’t Like About Udemy

One of the hang ups with learning Internet marketing at Udemy is consistency in products offered.  Quality of content, support and delivery may vary drastically,  you might get a well delivered course by a real pro or you might get a dud that’s the downside of training offered at Udemy. You’re on your own at Udemy when it comes to planning out the courses you will need to start building an online presence. There is no chronological order you can follow, it’s basically a game of “pin the tail on the Donkey”, I knew what I was looking for but a newcomer to online marketing may find themselves stumbling around for some systematic pattern to follow, some step by step guide that would bring them from one discipline to the next, that isn’t going to happen at Udemy.

I can say from experience, you can’t find success at Internet marketing taking random courses. You need to have a step by step guide that you can follow, if you’re learning techniques that are intended to be applied in a specific order as basic Internet marketing training techniques are, then these techniques won’t make sense to you if taken randomly, it’s the old adage, “don’t put the cart before the horse” at Udemy I feel there is a great chance of this happening.

I talk to many people through this website that have joined programs and still struggle to make sense out of Internet Marketing,  the reason for this is you need to start from the very beginning and build out your skill level until all the pieces of the puzzle fit together and you achieve that ah,ha moment.

Do The Internet Marketing Courses At Udemy Have Value?udemy course layout

You can’t paint all the Internet Marketing courses at Udemy with the same brush,  I found individual components of some courses were presented in a user friendly format with some very useful content.
In one course that I critiqued the instructor offered some very detailed instruction on choosing a domain name ( website name) and the importance of choosing a niche specific domain name. The instructor also made reference to  Namecheap as an option for a domain registry, accompanied by a very thorough explanation into why Namecheap would be his #1 choice and in my opinion he was bang on, he also went on to explain the importance of keeping the domain registrar and hosting separate, of which I agree is also important.

Building out a wordpress website was another very good module in the Internet marketing course that I enrolled in. The fact that the presenter recommends using a WordPress site was a good sign for me, the instructor went on to demonstrate a proficient ability to communicate in detail the setup process for a  Wordpress site.  Wordpress sites are known for their user friendly applications,  set up a free WordPress site in less than 30 minutes. There is a volume of content in Udemy when it comes to learning Internet marketing,  the problem I found was sifting through the material and determining what was useful and what wasn’t. You have to remember I make money online so I can tell the difference between the useful training and the training that will waste time and potentially money.

Here are a few examples of material that I found in various Internet marketing courses offered at Udemy that I was not impressed with.

The promotion of Squidoo lenses as a traffic generating and sales generating venue is absolutely obsolete and is not a method to generate sales in this day and age, they’re actually closing squidoo down do to the bad rankings Google has imposed on Squidoo, that’s what poor content will do to you!

Backlinking was encouraged and promoted for traffic generation, which is an absolute no, no!

Software purchases were pushed as essential for running an online business which in my opinion is totally inaccurate, all you need to run a successful online campaign is some training and access to WordPress sites, you will find with a WordPress site that you have all the plugins ( accessories)  you need to offer viewers a positive experience, and generate sales.

The use of Weebly for providing website templates for online business applications in my opinion is a mistake, I personally reviewed Weebly’s website builder  ,  although I think it is good for the novice or hobbyist, I don’t feel It has the capacity to evolve as your online business grows. Plugins for Weebly sites were very limited in comparison to a WordPress site, with a WordPress site you have access to 1000’s of plugin options that are regularly  updated and added to,  giving your website multiple options to improve and grow with your needs, I can’t say the same for Weebly sites.

 What’s Up With The Course Rating System At Udemy?

The course rating system at Udemy is suspect to say the least, I participated in a course based on a 4/5 star rating which in hindsight makes me scratch my head and ask the question, How in the hell did that course get a 4/5 rating? It was just a quick $9 course that offered ” how to generate $500-$1000 monthly” which I found to be a total bust in my opinion. The course was salesy and had what I consider the typical “scam tactics” that I dislike so much, even the course cost was pitched as get in at $9 going up to $45 at the end of the month, scammy sales tactic to get you to act now.

After I was done with the head scratching I had a quick look at the various courses and how the achieved their rankings. It turns out if you only have two members give a review the course can still achieve a 5/5 rating, the course I took had over 2500 participants of which only two reviews were given, one said the course was good the other said a waste of time which for some odd reason equated to a ranking of 4/5, I don’t know,  I do the math and that tells me it should be 2.5/ 5 stars!

Support For Your Training At Udemy?

Support is undeniably in my opinion the most critical component to finding success in Internet marketing field. I found support to be inconsistent during my training experience at Udemy. One course had a small Facebook group of roughly 3000 that you could join to get help from fellow participants,  but other than that you were dead in the water if you had difficulties grasping the material.

You’re saying to yourself 3000 people isn’t bad! I am used to having access to roughly 300,000 people of all experience levels where through live chat I can get immediate answers to questions I may have. The key isn’t only the 3000 members compared to 300,000,  it’s also the experience level, I have access to Internet marketers that are making money and still honing their skills, that’s something you won’t find in a facebook group of 3000 newbies!


Obviously Udemy isn’t a scam,  used properly Udemy is a great resource if want to get some knowledge on topics such as SEO or formatting a website or used as a tool to gain the basic knowledge of how Internet Marketing works,  used in this manner I feel Udemy is a great resource. Search for some inexpensive or free Internet Marketing courses and go to work on them,  it will give you a good idea of what is involved in the world of online marketing,  it beats the alternative of  finding some snake oil salesman selling his proven money making system which there are many of!

Udemy is credible and they offer some very good course content if you can find it.  The standard of training is mixed leaving you with a less than optimum learning experience in some cases. Support within Udemy sponsored Internet marketing training programs depended solely on the teaching skills and the ability of the instructor to communicate effectively in their chosen topic, just because a person excels in a particular field doesn’t always make them the best teacher.






47 Replies to “Udemy Scam- Or Just Poor Internet Marketing training?”

  1. Nice article on Udemy. I’ve bought quite a few courses on Udemy, mostly related to learning to code. But I have also bought a few courses on affiliate marketing.
    One such course I purchased was a highly rated course by many of it’s students, so I thought I would give it a go too. While I thought that the way it was taught was quite well done, informative and easy to follow, the content missed the mark in my opinion. It wasn’t what I expected at all.
    The good thing was, Udemy refunded me for this course as it didn’t meet my expectations. I don’t recall exactly, but do you know the circumstances Udemy offers refunds?

    1. Hi Andrew nice of you to share your experiences with Udemy. I think Udemy has a very good refund policy and just like you I think if the course doesn’t meet your expectations they will reimburse you no questions asked, thanks again for leaving my readers your thoughts, cheers Mike.

  2. Hey mike,

    I have also tried udemy before on a different course and I have to completely agree with you it is a difficult place to navigate alone, I was a beginner then and I found my self studies things that were extremely difficult only to later realize i should not have started that way, so for me Udemy is definitely not a good idea.

  3. I understand perfectly the point of not having a chronological order of the topics/courses on Udemy. Yes, this could prove challenging for a beginner. I, however, use them to see if I will be interested in a course/topic or for a refresher. I also find them useful when I need some targeted studies. But I appreciated the chronological order I received from Wealthy Affiliate, your number one place to learn Internet Marketing.

    Yes, I sure hated the fact that the value of some courses was lower because maybe the facilitators are at varying levels of success, competence, and maybe methodology.

    Thanks for a lovely, eye-opening review.

  4. Hi Mike! I am so glad that I found this post as I am new and seem to be stuck a bit. I had no idea that there are so many videos explaining internet marketing. Thank you for the write-up. I appreciate you mentioning that for us newbies it is essential to have some starting place and work our way through. If I were to go to that site, I would not know where to start. Do you have any suggestions on when to add your affiliate links? I still do not have any traffic. I am trying to build a reliable website about the beaches of San Diego, Thank you for the heads up!

  5. Hi Mike
    I understand from your post that Udemy is not useful for beginners.Newbies should always undergo step by step tutorial to learn.I never took a course from Udemy. I think taking a course for a specific subject might be helpful in Udemy. Can you tell few topics which will be useful from
    Udemy, in traffic generating aspect and the cost?

  6. Thanks Mike. Good information here. Ive done a few courses at Udemy and I do like their platform and value, some of the courses offered are really reasonably priced. However, they can also be a bit outdated as the internet world changes quickly. Also, most of the courses are for beginners so it’s hard to be part of a community of experienced marketers. Thanks for your article and recommendations.

  7. Hi Mike
    Chanced upon this site when I was checking to see if Udemy has an affiliate program. I have recently purchased some great courses from Udemy & signed up for a couple of free ones too. The courses I purchased are piano & vocal courses, which I am finding pretty useful as I have the basics but wanted to learn more. Choosing wasn’t too difficult as they had “previews” of a few lectures, so I could suss out the instructor & the content before buying.
    Happy so far but I would also like to make some money from IM, hence the search for affiliate opportunities. I am also marketing products for a couple of MLM companies & would really like to take that online to move on from being a door to door salesperson!
    I’m interested in your free 7 day course & will sign up soon as I will not be free over the next few days. Does it have to be done in 7 consecutive days or is there a certain time limit to complete the course?

    Thanks for your helpful & fair reviews!

    1. Hi Suz, I am glad you have found some good courses on the Udemy platform, Udemy does offer some very good courses if you know what you are looking for that’s for sure.
      In regards to the 7 day course it does have unlimited access as long as you like, no expiry date. The only catch with this course is your communication is cut off after 7 days but you still have your two free websites and all the training available to work through at your leisure. If you get stuck on anything after the 7 days I will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have, just ask me here through this site. I am sure we can build some pretty nice sites that could really boost your sales on your MLM products.
      I think you are making a very smart move looking into affiliate marketing/internet marketing. I totally get the door to door salesman thing with MLM. If you don’t have IM experience or a website to promote your offers you don’t have many options, maybe a little facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and G+ but these are more for a compliment to your website, combine all these marketing techniques with a website and you have a really nice well rounded marketing approach for your MLM products.
      Let me know if I can help in any way Suz, cheers Mike.

  8. Mike i like your reviews , explain everything so well.
    i found very helpful your content. and the way you write is an inspiration for me.

  9. I paid for one course, completed about 5 percent of it, and then was informed by the website I could no longer watch the videos without paying again.
    The fact that they put a short expiration date on my ability to watch the videos is a bit if a scam. It’s not mentioned on the screen where a course is selected. Maybe it was in the small print when I paid, but for $30, I expected to be able to watch the videos at my leisure.
    I felt cheated when I went back to continue the course and found out my time for watching it had expired.

    1. Hi Larry thanks for the heads up! Never heard of that one so it’s nice to know that they put expiration dates on some of their course content that really sucks for people who are working and need to work at their own pace which in many cases is just when they get the time you would think that once you pay for a course that you will have access to it as long as it is incomplete.
      I guess that brings up another point I missed in my Udemy internet marketing review. I should of eluded to the fact that it doesn’t offer a person in most cases the ability to work at their own pace and also once they have completed the course reference the material as a refresher, I believe that a downloadable course option costs more. Thank you once again for helping fellow readers, cheers Mike.

  10. Hi there Mike,

    Interesting perspective you have on Udemy, I totally agree with you – taking random courses wouldn’t help you understand about internet marketing. You’ll only get sparing knowledge here and there and don’t know how to put it all together and apply it in an actual situation.

    There’s also one course in Udemy that you probably should know, one that teaches about Black Hat SEO – super expensive course. Not sure if it’s still there, but if it is, then it reflects negatively on Udemy’s integrity as an online education platform.

    1. Hi Cathy, great that you found the time to leave your thoughts and let my readers in on some of your experience with Udemy in particular the Black SEO course which isn’t the type of course any platform should be promoting, cheers Mike.

  11. I thoroughly enjoyed this. Interesting perspective on udemy. I think the same of most MOOC’s. Are you going to come out with a guide on which courses and pros within certain MOOCs are the best? I think your readers (us) would benefit from that. Good writing and will be back to read more.

    1. Thank you for your comment, I would love to review more Udemy courses and give my readers my take on their usefulness in different applications. Various Udemy individual Internet marketing courses I am sure would be useful in supplementing or advancing one’s knowledge of basic Internet Marketing techniques. If you have any Udemy courses that you would like me to take a look at please let me know, cheers Mike.

  12. Thanks for a great read on udemy, It’s interesting to read your opinion about it. I once visited this site to see what it was all about but never signed up.
    I don’t like the fact that there is no chronological order you can follow, So i don’t think it’s for me. But think that others will find it useful.

    1. Hi Jenny, I think Udemy can serve as a valuable tool to learn some aspects of Internet marketing but yes I too believe that learning Internet marketing as a whole needs to have a start and steps that lead towards a goal I don’t believe that making money as an internet marketer can be achieved by taking random courses you will never be able to put it all together for the single purpose of making money online. Thank you for your comment, have a great day Mike.

  13. Hi the Mike,

    I actually found Udemy to be quite good for finding training courses related to internet marketing. I did only buy a couple of courses from a well respected Udemy trainer. Perhaps I got lucky. I do agree with you that with udemy, for most topics to learn you have to trail through a lot of sh*t before you smell some roses.

    Even the guy I took training from has a god awful facebook PPC training program, entirely about cheap clicks from iIdia, Bangladesh etc etc..not exactly buyer traffic.

    1. Hi Derek thanks for your valuable input. I agree there is a lot of good subject matter mixed in with some less than useful material so it is buyer beware but it is a solid platform in a sea of scam products, cheers Mike.

  14. Thx for the scoop on Udemy for IM. They do have a lot to choose from. Is certainly hard to guess for yourself which of their trainings might be useful. Good to know the more specific courses are more useful. Would be nice if you could post any specific titles you recommend.

    Thx again for the write up and continued success to you.

    1. Hi Barry , I think Udemy really is set up more for the advanced Internet marketer who can tell what course will complement their core training. I don’t feel Internet marketing can be learned piecemeal, I honestly feel you need to participate in a step by step course where you have consistent support and are heading towards an established goal. Once you have a handle on what you might want to compliment your core training you can then start digging for extra courses by that point you will know what you are looking at and will know by reading the course content whether that course will meet your needs, cheers Mike.

  15. It’s always a shame when products are offered that end up being a scam. With so many people who are trying to make money online, there are so many others who are willing to scam and either charge outrageous prices. Either that, or they charge reasonable prices but they courses are absolutely no help at all. Thank you for your honest assessment on this company.

    1. Hi Jessie, Udemy is by no means a scam just not the right venue in my opinion for someone trying to break into Internet Marketing. You need to have a set curriculum in place with really good support to make a go of it in the IM game it’s really tough if you don’t have it laid out in a step by step format. Thank you for taking the time to voice your opinion, cheers Mike.

  16. Great review. I didn’t know anything about Udemy’s courses that’s why I came to your site, but after reading your Udemy review I have an entire view of how their system operates and when to use it. You’re doing a great job with your reviews, keep up the good work. Do you have a recommendation for starting a business online?

    1. Hi Alfred thank you for visiting my site I hope you found some of the content helpful and thank you for the kind words. I do have a recommendation, this is actually the same course that I gave me my start online. This course gives you a free chance to build a website and learn all aspects of turing that website into an income generator. You can read my full review of this course here!

  17. I personally don’t like Udemy as the tutorials in it did not give me the confidence or support I needed. I am now learning a lot of online marketing strategy and the biggest key to success is action. Sometimes enrolling in too many separate courses may hold you back from taking action. So before investing time and money into these courses I would say invest your time and money into a complete program that starts from the beginning and walks you through step by step with support.

    1. Hi Cyril thank you for leaving my readers with your thoughts on Udemy’s course offering, cheers Mike.

  18. Hi Mike,

    I always see courses for Udemy online. Now i understand what it is. I did not know it was subcontracted. That’s important.

    You are dead on with the plan. In anything I have ever accomplished took a step by step plan. It’s very difficult to hit and miss as I miss more than I hit.

    Sounds like it’s great to pick a topic use the course and then move on. But I wonder how do you know if the course is a good one or a bad one without going through it? I guess from your post you don’t. I like to know before I buy.

    Next time I see it I’ll know what it is.

    1. Hi Barry, yes it is a bit of a crap shoot whether you are getting the course content you really need and who knows what support you will receive and the evaluation system seems very suspect so I don’t think you can rely to much on that, from time to time they offer some free courses which you always could try out but you never really know what your next experience is going to be like because you have random people putting on different courses. Thank you for your comment, cheers Mike.

  19. Udemy scam? Certainly not – used them many times in the past to great results. I have to be honest – if people are going there to look for internet marketing training they must have rocks in their heads. There are plenty of online schools dedicated to that at the moment. Udemy is more effective for more mainstream education niches – programming, accountancy, woodwork etc etc

    1. Hi Chris thank you for leaving me your view. I feel the same way as you do I think Udemy offers a great service but is more focused I feel on task related subjects not a complete a-z type of offering, have a great day Mike.

  20. Thank you for a great article on udemy, I have had my share of scams online in the past and appreciate your honest opinion and giving the facts. I know you don’t refer to Udemy as a scam but you do point out the inconsistency in their offering which to me is a big drawback to say the least. If I want to learn Internet marketing and be making some type of income before I am finished, I noticed you offer a free 7 day course could you explain what that entails, thank you Jacob

    1. Hi Jacob, yes I do offer a 7 day free course which provides two free websites and free hosting and all the required training that you will need free to create a website that will have earning potential galore. You can use these sites to promote merchants products as an affiliate marketer or learn how to create a high functioning website designed to promote your business or product.

      The websites you will learn how to create are very easy to build, in most cases in 1 hour or less you will have a fully functional site and then you are trained to find affiliate products to link to, you don’t buy any products or pay any fees to be an affiliate. As an affiliate marketer all you have to do is learn how to direct traffic to a merchant’s website and when a sale occurs you will get a commission ranging anywhere from 75% of the product retail. This is a growing industry with tons of potential where you can potentially make thousands of dollars a month from anywhere that you can get Internet access, your only tool is a computer, thanks for your interest, cheers Mike.

  21. Instructor support is very bad. They don’t answer emails and support tickets. Can’t get an approval for the Facebook group. If you want to be an instructor and put a lot of time into developing a course, I suggest you test their support first. It’s horrible.

    1. Hi Frances thanks for the comment I am sure it will help readers make an informed decision on whether to use Udemy. Like I said in my post Udemy offers a ton of courses but what you get for a delivery model can vary drastically from course to course, once again thank you for paying your experience forward, have a great day Mike.

  22. You are totally right about Udemy being a good resource in general but not for a complete resource for learning a discipline in its entirety. Quality of instruction varies greatly. I feel in the case of Internet Marketing that you need to have all the resources in one place and have a step by step format, thank you for a well written article.

  23. The review system is skewed. As a student, I think the reason is that people do not want to discourage the instructor. You get 30 days for a refund. You can take a couple of lectures from that course and act accordingly.

  24. Absolutely excellent post on Udemy. I’ve been on Udemy a few times and I have had a similar experience to the one that you describe. It’s hard to figure out which course to take next because it’s all scattered. Is there some good iformation on Udemy? Yes, but if you can’t find it, you can’t use it!

    Wealthy Affiliate on the other hand has step by step lessons which guide you along the entire way! Not to mention it’s so much cheaper…

    Thanks for the great review and I think you are doing a great service in referring people to the superior IM educational platform. Cheers! 🙂

  25. I am so glad you put in a lot of work, research and time into your review of Udemy. I am also glad that I never signed up for this program. I am a Wealthy Affiliate member, and it by far surpasses all other programs like it (and much cheaper too!) I hope everyone interested in Udemy reads this first! I will share this with anyone who even mentions Udemy to save them the trouble. Thanks for this post!

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