Unicity – Make Money With Unicity If You Know This!

Unicity – Make Money With Unicity If You Know This!

Website: www.unicity.com

Everyone wants a better life but Unicity has taken it one step further and made it their motto! While aiming to help people live better lives, Unicity supports all kinds of supplemental health and wellness products to purchase. As this is a very saturated industry with other prominent MLM offers such as, Advocare, and JuicePlus and many more biting and pulling hair to get their share of a multi billion dollar supplement industry.

Unicity is lucky to be the offspring of two very popular and large drug store companies, Rexall and Enrich, which have been in operation for roughly 30 years and have built a solid reputation as leaders in their respective industries which offers more opportunity if you are set on making money as an Unicity distributor.

With that being said, Unicity has created quite the name for itself within the MLM (multi – level marketing) community. Unicity now actively sells over 400 products in more then 50 countries worldwide!

Within my review of Unicity I will talk about how Unicity came to be, what products than carry, and how to become an Unicity distributor and how I feel you can find success selling Unicity. I’ll also touch base on the compensation you can expect to receive working as an Unicity distributor, as well as training that you will receive. I will also touch on what tools and support are offered by Unicity.

Here’s some more info on Unicity…

The Creation Of Unicity

As I mentioned above, there were two major companies that came together to create Unicity. Rexall, in 1990 had been pushing a new product of theirs called Bios Life off their shelf in store, this was not as successful as than had hoped it would be. Being a revolutionary product for cholesterol management, Rexall was determined to make it work, and began selling the product through a network of independent distributors.

Que Enrich, a herbal supplement and natural product company with a very high revenue stream. By 2001 Enrich and Rexall had merged together to build Unicity; a science-based natural product company out to “make life better” for its customers and of course turn a profit. As Unicity grew into a sizable company, and the Bios Life product line grew to envelop many product lines, not just cholesterol. As Unicity expanded their offer than needed someone to guide their expanding venture so Stewart Hughes was named as CEO of Unicity in 2006.

To this day Unicity has a very diverse and experienced team of doctors and scientists that continue to develop and improve products that are sold by a network of independent Unicity distributors.

Unicity Products

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Starting with a few basic products from their Bios Life line, Unicity grew quickly to envelop a wide range of health and wellness related supplemental products. Unicity offers a core line of products that “Complete”, “Cleanse” and “Balance”.

They also carry product lines such as:

  • anti aging;
  • bone and joint health;
  • daily health;
  • digestive health;
  • fitness;
  • heart health;
  • immune health;
  • Men’s health;
  • personal care;
  • weight management; and,
  • women health.

The ABC’s Of Becoming A Unicity Distributor

Unicity has implemented a very simple sign up process, one of the easiest that I have seen in some time. When you visit their website you will find a simple 4 step process that allows you to sign up as an Unicity distributor.

Unicity has a presence in over 50 countries, so you will need to start by selecting your country of origin or the country you wish to participate in, and then your preferred language. You can either sign up as a distributor, or preferred customer, the choice is yours.

Although there is no membership fee, you are required to purchase a package of some sort. The minimum package cost is $40 for the “start up package” that will give you access to:

  • Introduction to Unicity and its products;
  • A guide on starting your business and becoming successful;
  • A few samples.

You can expand the starter kit by choosing additional products which will be added to the $40 cost.

You also have the option of investing a little more money into your business start up and upgrade to the following packages:

  • Prime Health Package – $273;
  • Transformation Package – $1795.

The most cost effective option in my opinion is to get the starter package of $40, and add on anything you may be interested in trying or selling.

Another bonus to Unicity is that you are not required to generate an auto shipment like many other MLM companies.

Unicity offers a 30-day money back guarantee on the $40 starter kit if you change your mind. In addition, than offer a 90% money back offer on any products purchased within the first 30 days of signing up (10% restocking fee).

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Compensation Plan With Unicity

There are 8 different steps broken down into convenient slides for viewing. Unicity makes it easy to understand what and how to make money with them. As always, there is an income disclosure indicating the struggles some people have to earn with any MLM style company.

The average yearly income of distributors was $3300, however, only 1% of Distributors made over 40k in 2015. In addition, 10% made $2300 and over half made just over $125. It isn’t huge, but such as any MLM company, than emphasis that your success is dependent on yourself and how hard you push.

Unicity puts an equal focus on selling, and recruiting.

The ranks are split into categories of Managers, Directors, Presidents Club, and Chairmans Club.

Step One: Retail Profit

As a distributor, one of your main tasks (and sometimes only task) is to sell wholesale priced items at retail for a commission. On regular off the street customers, you can make anywhere between 30 – 100% profit. With preferred customers who are already getting a discount on their products, you can make up to 15% commissions.

Step Two: Personal Rebate
At the end of the month, the personal volume of sales made determines if you get a rebate. If you have sold/purchased $125 in personal product volume, you can expect to see a 5% rebate back to you. Once you hit $5000, you’ll see that rebate jump to 30%.

Step Three: Fast Start Bonus

This bonus is paid only within your first month, and is based on how quickly you’ve started to rank based on people recruited and product sold.

Step Four: Director Lifestyle Bonus

Once you’ve hit the ranks within the Director category, you’ll be required to stay within that ranking for 2 consecutive months to earn a lump sum. You’ll then see a monthly bonus paid after those 2 months for up to 12 additional months. It will be determined depending on rank, but starts at $200/month.

Step Five: Infinity Share Bonus

Depending on your rank and how far on a down line you have, this will entitle you to a share of the company profits.

Step Six: Presidents Club Bonus

These are one time payments when you qualify for the Presidents Club for 3 consecutive months.

Step Seven: Addition Distributor

When you hit the Presidential positions, you’ll be eligible to create a second distributor account that starts at the same rank you are in. This will allow you double the income.

Step Eight: Chairman Club Bonus and Recognition

At this point you are awarded with a lifestyle bonus. It won’t be cash, but it will be something based on a cash value tailored to suite the recipient.


What I personally liked about Unicity thus far is their training. Unicity’s training program has enlisted the help of a well-known figure named Dale Carnegie. Stewart Hughes actually worked for the Dale Carnegie foundation where he studied directly under Dale. I am actually a bit of a fan of Dale Carnegie, well-known for his success in developing courses on self-improvement, salesmanship, corporate training, public speaking, and interpersonal skills.

Stewart actually purchased part of the Dale Carnegie foundation and has leveraged several day courses for Unicity distributors to learn from.

From all the MLM offers I have reviewed to date, I feel Unicity offers its distributors some of the most comprehensive training I have seen. In saying this it pales in comparison to affiliate marketing training platforms such as WealthyAffiliate that teaches you how to promote any product/products, even MLM products online for some pretty nice commissions. The training component that I feel is missing is training that will equip you with the skills to sell to the internet public. This training is sadly missed and I feel you really need affiliate marketing training to help you reach the internet consumer and reach your maximum income potential as an Unicity distributor.

Tools and Support

Support is where Unicity follows the status quo in the MLM industry, it’s just not adequate in my opinion! Support for Unicity distributors is reliant on your sponsor and one general telephone number, you will also have access to the Unicity’s Office. The “office” platform helps manage sales and your business, helps keep track of qualifications, order history, and keeps you updated on company news and events.

What I Like About Unicity

  • You’re not required to apply for auto shipments;
  • Low start-up costs;
  • Dale Carnegie inspired training;
  • Wide product selection;
  • 30-day money back guarantee;
  • Appeals to multiple demographics.

What Could Improve With in Unicity

  • Expensive products;
  • Participates in a saturated industry;
  • Very little one on one support offered;
  • Only 90% money back on products purchased in first 30 days;

What Distributors Are Saying About Unicity

I will be honest it’s hard to find much that is negative about Unicity, distributors aren’t saying anything negative which I find odd considering the bulk of distributors, over half made less then $125. You could make $125 just selling to a family member so that’s not encouraging.

If there was one comment that stuck out it was, it’s an extremely effort based program and you need to be good at selling if you are going to make money as an Unicity distributor. This is a pretty standard comment if you want success with any MLM company, that’s why roughly only 1% of all MLM participants actually make any significant income.

Unicity has been in business for just over 16 years, and are not BBB accredited yet. However, than do have a “A” rating as there have only been 5 complaints within the last 3 years, all of which has been successfully resolved.

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Unicity is not at all a scam, just a regular direct selling company. Your success is always dependent on yourself.

The feature that sells me on Unicity is their training. I am a big believer in Dale Carnegie’s approach to selling, having worked in retail management I understand the challenges of dealing with potential customers. Dale Carnegie’s training can be applied to any sales related jobs, including MLM offers.

The biggest downside to Unicity and one that is common in the MLM industry is their reluctance to train participants to promote their products to the masses online. I know that the cost to offer affiliate marketing training (promotion of products online) can be steep but I feel it is necessary to allow you to break out of that 1% group and actually make some money with Unicity.


8 Replies to “Unicity – Make Money With Unicity If You Know This!”

  1. Hello Mike:

    Thanks for the extensive review of the Unicity Program. It sounds like so many other MLM programs. It’s something you have to be very committed to if you want to be successful. The challenge is that after most of us sell to friends and family, we lose interest. Quite honestly, that would probably be me as well. For me personally, I found affiliate marketing and it’s something I have committed to and hopefully will succeed at in time. Take care and best to you.


    1. Hi Mike, thank you for your feedback and thoughts. The systemic problem that keeps raising when I review an MLM offer is their training and lack of training to promote products online. Without training that will allow you to reach the internet public it is only a matter of time before you lose interest because of the lack of sales.

  2. Hi Mike!

    I used to be apart of Amway which sold products like Unicity does. I love the products but they were too expensive.

    However, it was the last MLM I’ve been apart of. MLM ‘s aren’t really my thing. I feel you need to have the money already to make money with these programs.

    Anywho, your recommendation of Wealthy Affiliate is definitely something I can get into. I’m setting up my free websites now! Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Jamie thanks for stopping by.  MLM’s are a hard nut to crack when it comes to promoting them effectively, you really need to know the basics of internet marketing and how to reach the masses.

      Wealthy Affiliate offers the most advanced and easy to follow training that will help you promote any MLM with success, have good one Mike.

  3. Great informative article on way’s to make money online while being enriched with knowledge on how to avoid scam tactic’s, As well as grasping some very healthy product’s.Your posts are very well written with authority to ascertain information in a knowledge grasping relevance. My wife and I are getting into the latter part of our live’s now so we are interested in a more healthy food supplement, what you recommend for a person that has chronic pain? I will see you soon on your next post’s, and look into the distributorship aspect as well, sincerely, Jack

  4. Here we go with the dreaded compensation plan layout once again – you’ll need a degree in astro-physics to get through that one!
    This just sounds like another MLM setup to me – and the product is probably no better than what you can buy for half the price on the supermarket shelf!!!

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