Wake Up Now Reviews- Get Informed Before You Join” WUN”

Wake Up Now Reviews- Get Informed Before You Join” WUN”

Before you jump in and join “Wake Up Now” let’s pull back the rug and see what’s been swept underneath. There are many Wake Up Now reviews littering the Internet,  I can assure you that this Wake Up Now review isn’t a sales page or by any means an endorsement of the program. There are numerous companies sprouting up vying for a piece of the lucrative “work from home” market. Wake Up Now has launched itself using Facebook as it’s platform. WUN’S targeted audience is stay at home mom’s and dad’s, retirees looking to supplement their incomes and even the odd college student thrown in for good measure. As you will see there are easier and more guaranteed methods to make money online. Check out my #1 recommended way to make money online. 

What Is Wake Up Now?

You will hear me mention throughout my Wake Up Now review the words ” pyramid scheme” . WUN  personifies the true meaning of  pyramid scheme. This programs survival is based on recruitment for profit with a few useless services thrown in to make it appear legitimate. Basically what happens when you agree to join WUN  you gain access to services such as:

♣Tax preparation
♣Vacation booking and discounts
♣Identity theft protection
♣Coupons for various items and services
♣Corporate discounts
♣Free crap
These are some of the main offerings that you will have access to if you join Wake Up Now. Lord have mercy,  I hate doing reviews on programs like this! In my opinion you might as well sit in a mall in front of a Keno screen with the hopes that you might pay next months rent. Ok I vented!  So,  not only will you have to pay to gain access,   but to your detriment you will be afforded the undesirable prospect of  scamming your friends and family into joining WUN.  This cycle continues as long as you can find some family or friend with the same mindset, basically, a family member or friend who is willing to put an unlikely income opportunity ahead of reputation. As long as your recruits keep recruiting you will benefit,  in the meantime you can spend some of your hard earned money on your membership fees and purchase some limited products and services. As you can tell I am not a fan of programs like Wake Up Now!

WUN_PLANHow Does Joining “WUN” benefit you?

Without pulling any punches, which I never do, WUN is not technically a “scam” just a scheme. Like I stated earlier,  you persuade  your friends, acquaintances, old school buddies, family members and any other relationships that you are willing to forsake for the chance to make some pocket change. Wake Up Now promotes the concept that you can earn $600 a month by recruiting 3 friends who recruit three friends and so on. The problem with this concept is,  you are paying $100 a month for limited products and limited services that  you also have to convince your friends and family to do the same.
Wun’s incentive program pays out virtually squat until you reach the magic number of 12 and that is no easy task.
The services such as tax preparation and vacation planning can be found elsewhere for way better value and through companies that have the expertise and reputation to back their services and products. Identity theft protection is available through any major credit card provider as well as any financial institutions in many cases free of any fees. Loyalty cards through retailers offer great value at no cost. Coupons are everywhere if you choose to access them. Deals are everywhere on the Internet accessible with a push of a button! If I want to travel I can access numerous discount travel sites to find the best deals for travel with reputable carriers, I am not limited to Wun’s travel options. If I want to make purchases and be protected all I have to use is a major credit card such as Visa or Mastercard and I am protected against any fraudulent purchases and the benefit of product guarantees.
So where is the benefit in joining an organization like Wake Up Now? In my opinion there is absolutely ZERO benefit in joining WUN. The access to products and services can be found cheaper and in most cases FREE and the opportunity to make any meaningful income is limited. If you knowingly promote a product like WUN you will be essentially  perpetuating a scam on friends and family.
There are many clubs and pyramid schemes out there,  Wake Up Now is just another club that you pay money to join which forces you to buy their affiliated products. When you have to pay a monthly fee to join something this really puts you in a spot, if you don’t purchase from the program you are not utilizing your membership and if you do purchase from the program you are waving your competitive buying power as a consumer. When you agree to join and pay your monthly fee WUN has you by the you know what’s, you are paying them for the opportunity to buy from them on their terms, no shopping around, no price checking, but you could suck a friend into signing up for the same deal, I think you will be looking for new friends!

Can I Make Money With Wake Up Now?

You can make money in any scheme, but in reality, your chances of making money with Wun will be pocket change at best, there is no little Leprechaun leading you to a pot of gold with this scheme. Wake Up Now promotes the fact that you can make big money promoting their program, in fact only the top 4% of all members make any significant money. This is a hallmark trait of all pyramid schemes. With pyramid schemes the people who get in on the front lines are usually the winners if the concept takes off, such is the case with WUN, the top tier line their pockets while people wade in with the prospects of pulling in a good income from the comforts of their home.
wake-up-now-income-disclosure1Here is a little illustration of what I have been talking about. Wun’s income disclosure statement clearly shows that only the top tier members of their program make any significant income. Roughly a measly 4% off all Wake Up Now members make in excess of  $8,000, what do you think your chances are of becoming a member of the 4% club? Look at director 3, I could make more money returning my beer bottles on a regular basis!
Oh! Here’s a little snag in the rug we are looking under.  To get to the point where you can actually make some money you need to purchase a platinum package for $100 and so do your recruits, you may be an optimist but I wouldn’t  put money on your disciples forking out the $100.

My Final Thoughts

wake-up-now-pricingWake Up Now offers three package options, Silver, gold, and platinum. If you want to expose yourself to paying for limited services and products and Zero chance to make an income you will want to purchase the Silver package.
If you would like the option of paying for  a few more products and services with no chance to make an income then you will want to upgrade to the Gold package.
If you would like to have access to Wun’s full meal deal with a remote chance that you will earn a measly income at the expense of your friends then you will want the Platinum package. In my opinion you would need to have rocks in your head to buy into paying for limited products and services with very limited opportunity to realize any real income. Essentially WUN is a affiliate marketing platform, they get a cut from the products and services they offer under their umbrella as well as making a nice profit off people buying memberships.

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  1. Dear Mike,

    Thanks for sharing such a great, very informative and useful review on Wake Up Now. I think you done a great job on this review and walked me through the detailed information. Very good stuff. I’ll come back when I have more time and see what else I find here. Thanks and good site! Wishing you all the very best!

    Your Friend,

    1. Hi Derrick, yes it’s true Wake Up Now has gone under! This isn’t unusual for a MLM program they are referral based with little to offer and once the momentum dies off so does the program, cheers Mike.

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